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.hack//Roots (ドットハック ルーツ Dotto Hakku Rūtsu?) is a 26-episode anime series, animated by studio Bee Train, that sets as a prologue for the .hack//G.U. video games. It is the first .hack TV series broadcast in HDTV (1080i). It is set seven years after the events of the first two anime series and games. .hack//Roots revolves around an MMORPG game called The World R:2, also known as The World Revision:2 and serves a sequel to the original version of "The World". Its original Japanese television run aired from April 5, 2006 through September 27, 2006

Welcome to The World [1.1][edit]

Phyllo: Tell me do you know what the difference between mysterious and ecentric is?
Haseo: Is Ovan, ecentric?
Phyllo: What else do you call a guy who spends all his energy searching for something which most people believe doesn't exist

Ovan: You have a gift, Haseo.
Haseo: A gift?
Ovan: Something completly unique that only you possess

Twilight Brigade [1.2][edit]

Haseo: I heard you're looking for something.
Shino:The Key of the Twilight, but that's not all. So, will you answer my question now? You don't have to answer right away.

Shino: ...When talking with others, you should look them in the eyes.
Haseo: Eyes? This is just a game. Who wants to look at CG eyes?
Shino: Perhaps it's because it's a game that you should. People don't feel like talking to you if you're looking away.
Haseo: I don't get you.

strong>:Shino': Babies can't speak, so they watch their mother's faces closely. Are you saying you can't do what even a baby can?

Join [1.3][edit]

Ovan: Plants are strange things. Even if you've forgotten about the seed, when the season arrives they bud. They drop a seed and it buds again. Water, light and nutrients: as long as they have those, they grow.
Tabby: What color of flower do you like?
Ovan: Black.

Ovan: I'm just spreading the seeds.


'.hack//G.U. is the second .hack game series released. It consists of three volumes, each telling of different chapter of a single storyline. G.U. continues Haseo's story from .hack//Roots, and is a Playstation 2 game.

General .hack//G.U.[edit]

Haseo: Do you know Tri-Edge? (The CyberConnect2 .hack//G.U. Vol.1 slogan)

Ovan: Do you wish to know the truth? (The CyberConnect2 .hack//G.U. Vol.2 slogan)

Haseo: That's why I'm here. (The CyberConnect2 .hack//G.U. Vol.3 slogan)

Haseo: Alright... Come on, come on...! I'm right here!! SKEEEIIIITH!!!!

.hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth[edit]

[Haseo walks up and kicks a Player-Killer to the ground]
Negimaru: "The Terror of Death".... It's Haseo! The PKK!!!

Bordeaux: So, you think you can go up against me, the great Bordeaux and just walk away like nothing hap-
[Haseo kills her instantly.]
Haseo: Yeah, I think I can.

[Haseo is defeated by "Tri-Edge".]
Haseo: Damn... What the hell... What the hell are you?!

Ovan: It was such a small seed... I needed to find out what was growing inside. And there was only one way to find out. So I decided to raise it.

Bo: 'scuse me.
Atoli: Yes?
Bo: You're Haseo's friend... Right?
Atoli: I... umm... Yes, I am Haseo's friend.

Gabi: I'm Gabi! :)

[Haseo screams as he transforms into Skeith for the first time]
Bordeux: What are you doing?!?
Haseo: Say "good-bye".
[Haseo kills Bordeux and her team with Skeith's power and stands over them laughing like a lunatic shortly after in his normal state.]

Pi: Haseo... You have to run!
Haseo: Sorry, lady... but I think I've had just about enough of your lessons!
[Haseo transforms into his "Avatar"; Skeith]
Haseo: I'm going to save you. I swear!

Alkaid: Now you see? You and I are on totally different levels.

Kuhn(In reference to Skeith going berserk): I guess... I really wasn't prepared for this kind of thing.

Haseo(Skeith):Move! Get out of the way! Or I'll eat you alive!!!

Yata: Atoli is also a Chosen One.
Haseo: W-What?! Why didn't you tell me this before?!
Yata: You only wanted information on Tri-Edge and Shino. You weren't interested in our affairs.
Haseo: You bastard!
Yata: Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment.

Atoli: I wanted you to look at me!
Haseo: What are you talking about? I'm looking at you right now!
Atoli: You didn't see me... You only saw Shino.

.hack//G.U. Vol. 2//Reminisce[edit]

[Haseo sees Atoli fall to the ground and screams her name.]
Haseo: Hey, Atoli. Atoli, are you okay? c'mon, speak to me!
[Haseo growls in frustration.]
Haseo: Dammit! Not this again. This isn't happening.
[Kuhn sees that Haseo is frustrated and sighs.]
Kuhn: Oh, Haseo... Just leave everything to me! Come on! My Magus!!!
[Kuhn uses Magus to carry the unconcious Atoli back to Raven's @Home.]

Ovan: Do you want to know the truth?
Haseo: The truth?
Ovan: Yes... The truth about Tri-Edge... The truth about why Shino...[quote is ended]

Haseo: What is it you want from me?!
Ovan: To become stronger. To consume all happiness and sadness... and make that as your stepping stone.

Shino: There is no such thing as a voice that cannot reach someone.

Haseo: (After seeing Alkaid fall over): Alkaid!
Alkaid: Haseo...I...
Haseo: Try to hang on!!
(Alkaid begins to fade away)
Alkaid: What... What is this...? My character is fading...No...my conciousness is...fading...
Haseo: ...No.
Alkaid: Haseo...?
Haseo: No...Alkaid...! Don't go!!! (Has a flashback to Shino's death)
Haseo: I don't want to lose any more friends... Not ever again. .
Alkaid: Haseo..
Haseo: Please...don't go. Alkaid! I'm begging you...
Alkaid: Hey...
Shino: (In flashback) Don't cry. Boy's don't cry.
Alkaid: Now don't you cry...Boys don't cry, do they? Stand tall...and proud...Haseo...Find Endrance...he'll...take over...for me...
Haseo: Alkaid. You...
Alkaid: I said...don't cry. You're...a...strong...man...
(Alkaid vanishes)
Haseo: Ah...ah...ah...Alkaid...! Alkaaaaaaaaaaiiiiddd!!!

Ovan: Let me show you how those scars are made.
(Video start)
Ovan: Do not be afraid... Burn this into your eyes!
Ovan: Look closely, Haseo!...This is...The truth you have been searching for!!

Ovan: Become stronger, Haseo... Strong enough to destroy me!

.hack//G.U. Vol. 3//Redemption (Tentative quotes)[edit]

Endrance:You have come to like me so much, what do you plan on doing with me, Haseo?

Haseo: I have realized that everything that's happened... is because of me.

[Haseo tries summoning Skeith, but finds that he can't.]
Haseo: Dammit! I've still got to much damage.
Kuhn: Haseo!
Atoli: Haseo!
[Haseo looks up.]
Kuhn: Don't forget about us.
Atoli: We will always be together. For all time! No matter where we are in this life, nothing will ever be able to separate us!
[Haseo smiles.]
Kuhn: Take this, Haseo!!
[The powers of Innis, Magus, and Macha amalgamate within Haseo, giving him the power he needs to summon Skeith.]
Haseo: I am...
Atoli: ...and I'm...
Kuhn: ...and I'm...
Endrance: ...and I'm...
All: ...right here...!!!
All: Skeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith!!!
Sakaki: Haseoooooo!!
Haseo: This is the end for you!! Sakakiiiiiiii!!!

Ovan: Now, Haseo. Defeat me with your fully developed Avatar! Your Grim Reaper! Come, the Rebirth! Corbenik!!!
[Ovan summons Corbenik the 2nd, Haseo summons Skeith in response, and the two begin their final battle. Ovan is seen after the battle holding his sister Aina in his arms.]
Ovan: Wake up, Aina!! The time has finally come to be set free!!!
[Aina awakens after Ovan activates the "Rebirth".]
Aina: O-van?
[Ovan sighs happily as he fades away and the "Rebirth" resets the entire internet, causing all AIDA to vanish as the screen blacks out.]

Haseo(Speaking to Skeith): I'm not leaving anyone behind... Even you.

Ovan: With this, it all comes together.

Haseo: It isn't anything like when I went after Tri-Edge all by myself. I've got friends to stand by me..... thanks. Thanks, everyone. I'll do this with his memory in my hand and his will in my heart.

Haseo: This is it! We're putting an end to it all! Let's go!

[Haseo tries a final attack on Cubia's core, but his arm starts to crack.]
Yata: It's no use. Without the Epitaph of Rebirth, we are all...!
Haseo: O-van!!
[Shadowy apparitions swarm out of the spot where Haseo attacked.]
Haseo: DAMMIT!!!
[Haseo ends up in an empty white area and hears Aura's voice.]
Aura: Little Children of Morganna. Pray now, as hard as you can. Only a strong prayer can change the world.
Ovan: And now, you have them all.
Haseo: O... Ovan!
Ovan: Can we do it, Haseo?
Haseo: Yeah... Of course we can.
[Haseo has a flashback of the events leading up to that moment. After which, the scene shows Haseo again standing alone next to what appears to be a pile of feathers.]
Haseo: Alright, this is it. It's time! All of the feelings that I've carved... deep into "The World"… are going into this ONE ATTACK!!!
[Haseo tries the attack again and Cubia's core starts to crack.]
Haseo and Ovan: GOOOOOOO!!!!!

Ovan: One ending, you know, is really a new beginning. We're not done; our journey will still continue. Don't you think that's true?

Shino: Haseo.
Haseo: Shino...
Shino: I have been watching... so, be honest with yourself..(Haseo ran out of the cathedral to cheer Atoli up since Atoli ran away because she saw Haseo with Shino)...You're watching, aren't you? Ovan.

Endrance: [after credits rolling on the wedding ending with Haseo] I pledge everything I have to you for as long as I live.

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