Ahmed Shah Durrani

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Ahmed Shah Durrani

Ahmad Shāh Abdālī (c. 17231773), also known as Ahmad Shāh Durrānī, was the founder of the Durrani Empire and is therefore often regarded as the founder of modern Afghanistan. To Pashtuns, he is also known as Ahmad Shāh Bābā.


  • Suddenly the breeze of victory began to blow,
    and as willed by Allah,
    the wretched Deccanis (Maratha's) suffered utter defeat.
    • Excerpt from Ahmad Shah's letter to Madho Singh Raja of Jaipur, cited from M. J. Akbar The Shade of Swords: Jihad and the Conflict Between Islam and Christianity p. 129


  • I capture every province with the aid of God; It is with his help that I go everywhere without failure. Yet I, Ahmad, consider the world worthless and unimportant. I shall leave the world behind and go the next, armed only with my faith.
  • I come to you and my heart finds rest.
  • Away from you, grief clings to my heart like a snake.
  • I forget the throne of Delhi when I remember the mountain tops of my Afghan land. If I must choose between the world and you, I shall not hesitate to claim your barren deserts as my own.

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