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Anatol Rapoport (May 22, 1911January 20, 2007) was a Russian-born American Jewish mathematical psychologist . He was one of the founders of the general systems theory. He also contributed to mathematical biology and to the mathematical modeling of social interaction and stochastic models of contagion.


From the George Washington University web site[edit]

  • The outstanding feature of behavior is that it is often quite easy to recognize but extremely difficult or impossible to describe with precision. [1]
  • On the question of whether a behavioral science can in principle be constructed, we shall take no sides. That some kinds of human behavior can be described and even predicted in terms of objectively verifiable and quantifiable data seems to us to have been established. [2]
  • To gain knowledge, we must learn to ask the right questions; and to get answers, we must act, not wait for answers to occur to us. [3]


  • One cannot play chess if one becomes aware of the pieces as living souls and of the fact that the Whites and the Blacks have more in common with each other than with the players. Suddenly one loses all interest in who will be champion.

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