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Andrew John Hurley (born May 31, 1980, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is best known as the drummer for the pop-punk band Fall Out Boy. Before Fall Out Boy he was the drummer of Project Rocket, Arma Angelus, the Kill Pill and Racetraitor.


The Boys With the Car-Crash Hearts (March 8, 2007)[edit]

Rolling Stone

  • Ultimately I am an employee of a corporation, and that’s weird, and does contradict some of the things I believe in. But at the same time, I have to make a living.
  • Music would probably go. A lot of art would. That’s what I’m saying – I’m really into comics and movies and video games, and I don’t want to give that stuff up. At the same time, I think it’s filling the void for the stuff we’re missing.
    • On if rock bands would ruin civilization
  • My whole thing is I’m not into civilization as a whole. The only actual solution is the eventual collapse and demise of civilization . . .I think it needs to happen, but no one, not even me, really wants it to happen.[edit]

Razzi Exclusive with Andy Hurley, June 2007[edit]

  • I just like not having a dependency on other forms of life. I like having a compassionate way of life. I am into a lot of human rights stuff and whatever I think, it is important for me to follow through with my diet and the way I live.
  • I think that in the confines of civilization being vegan is a really positive thing to do because it has less of an impact on the earth. But, ultimately, it’s not going to solve anything because it’s still dependent on the system of agriculture, which I think the problem is inherently.
  • Go vegan because you want to change something in yourself or in the world and then do more. Eating a certain way isn’t enough; we have to do something about the world we live in. Anyone who wants to be vegan or cares about the earth or the life on earth should read a book called Endgame, Volume 1: The Problem of Civilization

My Heart Will Always be the B-Side to My Tongue DVD[edit]

  • I'm in Good Charlotte. I have tattoos so I was cool for them.

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