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Apple TV is a media extender manufactured by Apple.


Comments from Reviewers[edit]

  • Geeks are more likely than anyone else to hate the Apple TV out of the box...almost everyone else who witnessed the Apple TV in action in our presence fell in love with it instantaneously (about half of which were not Mac users).
  • suited for iTunes addicts only.
  • ...comes up very short. It's as if Apple had launched an iPod that sounded like a cassette player.
  • ....won’t follow in the world-altering footsteps of the iPod...clear that the Apple TV isn’t for everyone...decision will be based on whether you have enough computer-based media files—and a fast enough network.
  • ...for those who want to use a proven, easy-to-use interface to play a huge and diverse iTunes library through a home-entertainment system.
  • ...people who live in iTunes will enjoy the simplicity of just plugging it in and never having to fuss with anything...anyone should be able to use it with ease. For users who don't want to concern themselves with media library management, disparate home media serving and libraries, and the more complex bits about digital media in your home theater, there simply isn't an easier, more enjoyable way to get content from your computer to your HDTV.
    • Ben Drawbaugh, Engadget[7]
  • ...only for those people who have drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and decided they really like the taste and can afford the upscale lifestyle.
    • Paul Thurrott, Windows SuperSite[8]
  • ...the first media streaming device I could imagine recommending to a non-geek.
  • Overall, it does a pretty damn good job, despite some limitations.
  • ...does so much and works so well...Apple TV is an amazing first-generation product.
  • Apple TV offers a gracious, delightful experience — but requires fidelity to Apple’s walled garden.
  • of those products that you either love or'll undoubtedly appeal to a great number of TV and home-video enthusiasts. On the other hand, it seems to truly be a niche's not necessarily something I absolutely need to have or use all the time. I don't see it revolutionizing my world.
    • Jason Tomczak, Digital Trends[13]
  • ...good, but not great, and suffers from a few flaws...
  • ...a partial solution in need of being completed...a somewhat impressively executed but ultimately niche product.
    • Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge[15]
  • long as you're content living and playing in an iTunes world, Apple TV more than lives up to its hype. It's the most elegant digital media adapter yet, and one that we assume will only get better with age.
    • Stewart Wolpin, Laptop magazine[16]
  • ...If you buy a lot of content from the iTunes Store, then the Apple TV is a great way to experience your purchased content on your TV...The best set top box depends on your usage patterns, if and where you buy DRM media from, and desire to modify the unit.
    • Anthony Fiti, The Tech Lounge[17]
  • ...a very elegant solution to a sometimes difficult problem: getting all that media from your PC to your TV...If you are trying to get the latest technology and HD content from your PC to your TV, the Apple TV has a few hurdles you'll have to deal with...has great potential and opens a lot of doors for the digital home for everyone.
    • Ryan Shrout, PC Perspective[18]

Comments from Apple[edit]

  • Making a component for the living room is easy to do, but it is the go-to-market strategy that is difficult. It's not a technical problem.... I don't think the convergence of television and computer is going to happen.
    • Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., at Apple Expo Paris, 2005[19]
  •'s Apple TV. You can buy great content on iTunes... and you can put that content on your iPod. Now you can buy a widescreen TV and hook up an Apple TV to it, and wireless transmit that content to your bigscreen TV. It's that simple.
  • ...We think this is pretty cool. Movies, TV shows, music, and photos all on your widescreen TV. Priced at $299. And, we'll be shipping them in February, we'll be taking order starting today. Enjoy your media on your bigscreen TV, we think this is really going to be something special.
    • Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., at Macworld 2007[20]
  • ...We're in two busineses today, we'll be very shortly in three business and a hobby. One is our Mac business, second is our music business, third business is the phone business, handsets. And the hobby is Apple TV. The reason I call it a hobby is a lot of people have tried and failed to make it a business. It's a business that's hundreds of thousands of units per year but it hasn't crested to be millions of units per year, but I think if we improve things we can crack that...I use the word hobby because it's provocative, but the iPod started this way.
    • Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., D 2007[21]
  • ...That's a good idea! Let's do it! No... these ideas will percolate up, we'll have a collection of ideas of what we can do with this stuff. I think a normal web browser is not necessarily what people want in their living room.
    • Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., D 2007, after being asked about having Apple TV go anywhere to get video, not just YouTube[21]
  • ...Apple TV was designed to be an accessory for iTunes and your computer. It was not what people wanted. We learned what people wanted was movies, movies, movies
    • Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., at Macworld 2008[22]
  • ...well again I think the whole category is still a hobby right now. I don't think anybody has succeeded at it. And actually the experimentation has slowed down. A lot of the early companies that were trying things have faded away. So I have to say that given the economic conditions, given the venture capital outlook and stuff, I continue to believe that it will be a hobby in 2009.
    • Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., during Apple's fourth quarter 2008 conference call[23]
  • ...there was a tremendous tickup year over year [for Apple TV]. In fact unit sales were up over 3 times vs the year-ago quarter. However let me be clear, we still consider this a hobby.
    • acting chief executive Tim Cook, Apple Inc., during Apple's first quarter 2009 financial results conference call[24]


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