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Ben 10, created by Man of Action [a group which consists of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle], is an original series from Cartoon Network Studios that aired as part of Cartoon Network's Sneak Peek Week on December 27, 2005. On a camping trip with his cousin and grandfather, a boy named Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson finds a device called the Omnitrix, which looks similar to a watch. The Omnitrix attatches to Ben's wrist and allows him to transform into alien heroes that have different powers.

First Season[edit]

And Then There Were 10[edit]

Heatblast: I know I look weird, there's no reason to be scared of...
[Gwen hits him with a fire extinguisher and sprays at him, causing him to cough]
Gwen: I don't know what you are, but you'll stay down there if you know what's good for you. [Heatblast puts her shoe on fire and laughs as she puts it out] I warned you.
Heatblast: Don't even think about it, freak.
Gwen: [recognizing Ben by the way he talks] Ben? Is that you? What happened?

Vilgax: [to Robot Lieutenant] What do you mean: it's not there? This battle nearly costs me my life, and you say the Omnitrix is no longer aboard the transport?!

[Ben destroys Vilgax's robot]
Vilgax: Failure?! Unbelievable! The puny earth being that is keeping the Omnitrix from me will soon hang on my trophy wall.

Grandpa Max: Where's Ben?
Gwen: Haven't seen him since breakfast. [XLR8 came to the RV] Ben?
XLR8: Yup. Hey, check this out. [uses his super-speed to get the bags faster] Pretty fast, huh?

Washington B.C.[edit]

Grandpa Max: [realizing that Heatblast's ambient heat is burning the seat] I should have gotten those asbestos seat covers when I had the chance.
Heatblast: Sorry, Grandpa, I can't help it. I'm hot
Gwen: [trying to keep the blaze under control with a fire extinguisher] Ten superheroes in that stupid watch, and you pick the one with the flaming butt.
Heatblast: Jealous?
[Gwen blasts him in the face with the fire extinguisher]

Gwen: Ben? [comes to an aisle of cereal boxes and finds it is a mess]
Grey Matter: Oh man, another red card.
Gwen: Gotcha! What are you doing?
Grey Matter: Uh, looking for the gold Sumo Slammer card, duh.
Gwen: You're supposed to use your powers to help people, not find some stupid trading card.

Grandpa Max: Being a hero isn't about letting others know you did something good, it's about you knowing you did something good. Being a hero is it's own reward.
Ben: What were you just doing, reading greeting cards back at the Mega Mart?
Grandpa Max: Well....yes.

Ben: [regarding Dr. Animo] Does this guy come with subtitles?

Gwen: I think I'm gonna be sick.
Stinkfly: Spew on me and you better learn to fly quick.

Stinkfly: [spotting a golden Sumo Slammer card] Wow! I scored Sumo Slammer gold! [realizing someone is about to get eaten by Animo's T-Rex] Oh, man. This hero stuff ain't easy.

The Krakken[edit]

[Ben jumps into the Chesapeake Bay and invites Gwen to come in too.]
Gwen: Please. Who knows what nasty slimy things are slithering around in there? [shines her flashlight on Ben] I rest my case.
Ben: Aw, come on! What's the fun of camping out near a lake if you're afraid to get a little wet? (splashes Gwen with lake water)
Gwen: Aah! Knock it off, midget!

Fourarms: I can't believe she fell for it. A monster in the lake. How dumb can you be?
[Krakken attacks Fourarms]

Ben: Ripjaws to the rescue.
[jumps overboard, activates the Omnitrix underwater]
XLR8: [rising to the surface] Hey! I said Ripjaws, not XLR8! Stupid watch!

Jonah Mellville: Thanks for the hand. And the feet.
XLR8: Just what's in that box that's so important you'd risk your lives for it?
Jonah Mellville: Umm... Our lunch.
XLR8: You almost got munched for a few sandwiches?

Ripjaws: [to Jonah Mellville] If you wanna mess with a monster, try me on for size.

Permanent Retirement[edit]

Ghostfreak:(Upon seeing an old woman jump up onto the celing and snatch a fly in her mouth) Whoa. Ninja old people.

Ben:[Powers up the Omnitrix and it shows Heatblast, he is going to push it.] You guys really burned me up!

Vera: (giving Gwen the seashell) Listen. (Gwen puts the seashell to her ear and hears, not the ocean, but raspy breaths; Ghostfreak appears behind her)
Gwen (gasps) Ben?
Ghostfreak: (waving to Gwen) See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.


Ben: I've kicked so much alien butt, my feet hurt! [Ben puts his feet on the table in front of Gwen, who pushes them back onto the floor.]
Gwen: Yeah, well, one of these days you're gonna screw around and get your own butt kicked! And I hope I'm there to see it!

Ghostfreak (to Gwen): Whats the matter? Look like you seen a Ghost..Freak!
Gwen: You don't scare me anymore!
[Giant robot destroys the door.]
Gwen: But he does!

[Gwen is hidihg from the giant robot (see above) with Ben.]
Gwen: Remember when I said I wanted to be there when you got your own butt kicked? {see above} I take it way back!

Tourist Trap[edit]

Upgrade: Okay, don't go after an electric guy when you're made of living metal.

[After Gwen tries an experiment to ground the Megawhatts which failed, Ben looks to Gwen and grins.]
Gwen: Ben Tennyson, do not say anything.
Ben: Hey, it just feels good to know that I'm right for once.

Kevin 11[edit]

Kevin: Ha! So much for your gang! [Heatblast's power dissolves] Uh, what's going on?
Fourarms: Your powers are gone.
Kevin: Looks like you're about to give me some more, Ben.
Fourarms: I don't think so.
Kevin: You don't have a choice. I still got enough juice to fry these guys.

Kevin: This is gonna be real fun.
Fourarms: Tell me about it.
Kevin: I'm taking all your alien powers.

Kevin: [smiling] If they thought I was a freak before, [uses Heatblast's fire powers] just wait.

The Alliance[edit]

Ben: [as Heatblast] Great. I need muscle and I get an alien candle instead.

Ben: This is my fight. My weird watch, not yours.
Gwen: Yeah, but you're my weird cousin.

Last Laugh[edit]

Gwen: Can we go [to the circus] Grandpa? I love the circus.
Ben: That's because you belong in one.

Upgrade: Didn't your mom ever tell you it's not polite to spit?
Acid Breath: Who do you think taught me in the first place?

Ben: [as Upgrade, getting ready to go inside and face Zombozo] Okay. He's just a guy with a red rubber nose and some makeup. Nothing Upgrade can't handle.
[Omnitrix powers down]
Ben: [yelling at the Omnitrix] Whose side are you on, anyway?

Ben: [turning into Ghostfreak] Oh, you're funny. But I'm gonna get the last laugh!

Zombozo: [Clearly unimpressed with Ben's transformation] Nice try, kid. But I sell the tricks, I don't BUY 'em.

Ghostfreak: Aww. Now don't tell me you're afraid of old Ghostfreak.

Gwen: [pops up wearing a clown mask] Boo!
Ben: Hi, Gwen. Trying on some new makeup? That's a good look for you.
Gwen: Aww, you're no fun anymore.

Lucky Girl[edit]

A Small Problem[edit]

Ben: [Turned to Grey Matter when he wanted Ripjaws] No! Anything but the micro-munchkin! [under the circumstances he should have at least appreciated not getting Heatblast]

Grey Matter: [attempting to get revenge on the attendant who wouldn't let him on a ride] Time to tie up some loose ends.

Gwen: Grandpa's not going to like going alien just to sneak on a ride.
Grey Matter: That's why I'm not going to tell him. In a few minutes, I will be back to normal, and he'll never know. [glares at Gwen] Will he?
Gwen: We gotta towel off. Or in your case, napkin off.

Grey Matter's kidnapper: Amazing! A perfect miniature alien being!
Grey Matter: Who you calling miniature!?

Gwen: [answers the phone] Hello?
Grey Matter: Gwen, it's me.
Gwen: Ben? You're still Grey Matter?
Grey Matter: Yeah, the watch still won't work.
Gwen: Where are you?
Grey Matter: Uh, there appears to be a mountain peak 13.2 miles due West with a verticle angle at 45 degrees.
Gwen: Brainiac, how about a street?
Grey Matter: Oh, yeah, it's Ripley.

Grey Matter: [taunting a cat] Here, kitty, kitty. I taste just like chicken.

Grey Matter: [talking to the Omnitrix] What is your malfunction? Probably something stupid like the DNA splicing replicator copying a fragment of amino acid sequence. [Pause as Ben's mind starts to catch up] So this is what it feels like to be smart.

Howell: Hey! Back off! Aliens are people too! (pauses) Well... sort of.

Grey Matter: [Gasps] Ahhhh....fresh air! Fresh is so gross....

Side Effects[edit]

[After a long chase, Gwen finds Ben sneaking a snack inside an ice cream truck.]
Gwen: Maybe now you'll think twice about having snacktime inside an ice cream truck.

[Gwen pulls out a lot of medicines.]
Gwen: Decongestant, cough supressant, hospital mask...
Ben: [wipes his nose] I don't need all that junk.
Gwen: They're not for you, dweeb! They're for me. Once a bug like that gets out, there's no stopping it.
[Ben grabs a shirt that Gwen left on the couch and wipes his runny nose with it.]
Gwen: Hey! That's my new blouse!
Ben: Maybe now you'll think twice about leaving new clothes lying around.

[Ben, as Fourarms, grabs Max and Gwen in his bottom arms while breaking out the ceiling with his top ones. Gwen, noticing Ben's smelly hives, covers her nose.]
Max: It's your hives. The cold must have turned them into pus-filled pockets of...
Gwen: ...Pure putridness!
Fourarms: I can't help it! I'm sick!


Vilgax: The Omnitrix. Wasted on pointless heroics!
Robotic Lieutenant: Should I dispatch more drones to retrieve it?
Vilgax: No. '[leaves the storage tank]' I'll see to this task myself.

Vilgax: The Omnitrix has been activated. Pinpoint its location [the location of the Omnitrix]. I have you now.

Gwen: [after her laptop malfunctions] Hey, what gives?!
Upgrade: Sorry, you are a loser. And always will be.
Gwen: Aah! Ben, get out of my computer!
Upgrade: What? I'm just entertaining myself.
Gwen: This is my private property and you're getting your cooties all over it!
Upgrade: Huh? What's this? A diary! Dear Diary, my cousin Ben is such a--
Gwen: Doofus! Knock it off!
Grandpa Max: Ben, now it's not the time to go alien. You might attract some attention.
Upgrade: What attraction could I attract in here? '[reverts back to Ben]'
Grandpa Max: Nevermind.

Heatblast: Who are you?
Vilgax: I am Vilgax and I have come here for the Omnitrix.

Grandpa Max: Things is gonna be a lot worse if we don't get to Mount Rushmore.
Gwen: Why? What's at Mount Rushmore?
Grandpa Max: Gwen, this is not the time to explain. You gotta have to trust me.

Vilgax: I grow tired of this. [touches the button to deactivate the Omnitrix]
Ben: Hey, how'd you do that?
Vilgax: A child? The Omnitrix is in the hands of a mere child?! [blasted by the Omnitrix] It appears the Omnitrix already merged with your own DNA.
Ben: Don't suppose that means you're gonna let me go, does it?
Vilgax: Hardly.

Vilgax: A child. I should have suspected as much. The Omnitrix being used as a play toy.
Ben: Hey, I saved a lot of people by going hero.
Vilgax: You hold the key to a power struggle so ancient, so vast, it is beyond your feeble comprehension. Picture an entire army, each in command of an Omnitrix at my command, I will be invincible. I will rule the universe. And the only thing standing between me and my destiny is you.

Grandpa Max: Paws off my grandson, Vilgax!
Ben: Grandpa?
Vilgax: Tennyson. '[Grandpa Max hits Vilgax with an energy blast]'
Ben: Grandpa? '[about Vilgax]' You know this guy?
Grandpa Max: It's a long story.

Vilgax: [to Grandpa Max] Your weapon won't help, Tennyson. As you can see, I'm much stronger than our last encounter.

Gray Matter: [inside one of Vilgax's drones] A little alien know-how and the toaster is toast.

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