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A collection of powerful lyrics from Canadian punk-rock band Billy Talent

Billy Talent:

"Forgive me father why should you bother" -From the song Try Honesty

"Burn your family tree down" -From the song River Below

Billy Talent II:

"Whisper, whisper don't make a sound, your bed is made it's in the ground" -From the song Devil In A Midnight Mass

"Boy who always did what he was told, was promised to be king when he was old" "Time to shake the hands of fate!!!" -From the song Burn The Evidence

Billy Talent III:

"Dissect me till' my blood runs down into the drain. My bitter heart is pumping oil into my veins" -From the song Rusted From The Rain

"All the friends that I've ever known are the street lamps I follow home, and I'm in the crowd but I'm all alone. Oh Lord I just can't....." -From the song Tears Into Wine

"White Sparrows fell from heaven and carried her away. Black Arrows cut the strings of my heart I kneel and pray they gave her one more day To say the words I couldn't say, I'm crying in pain" -From the song White Sparrows

"Swimming in the dark, we're bound to drift apart" -From the song Don't Need to Pretend (only available on the German Bonus Tracks edition)