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Blind Guardian are a power metal band from Krefeld, Germany.


Follow the Blind (1989)[edit]

  • Valhalla - Deliverance
    Why've you ever forgotten me?
    • Valhalla

Somewhere Far Beyond (1992)[edit]

  • Tomorrow will take us away
    Far from home
    No one will ever know our names
    But the bards songs will remain
    • The Bards Song (In The Forest)

Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998)[edit]

  • Nightfall
    Quietly it crept in and changed us all.
  • How long shall we mourn in the dark?
    The bliss and the beauty will not return
    Say farewell to sadness and grief
    Though long and hard the road may be
    • Nightfall
  • I've heard the warning!
    Well curse my name
    I'll keep on laughing
    No regret
    No regret
    • The Curse of Fëanor
  • High's the fee
    Soon my spirit will return
    Welcome dawn
    Your light will take me home
    • The Eldar

A Night at the Opera (2002)[edit]

  • Proudly it stands
    Until the world's end
    The victorious banner of love
    • The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight
  • Day after day we've been fixed in this bowl for so long
    For ages we're captured in shells and crystallized walls
    • Age of False Innocence
  • Well we all know there's no other side
    It's good and evil
    I know right between, there's no borderline
    This is the punishment divine
    • Punishment Divine
  • May my weary soul find release for a while
    At the moment of death I will smile
  • Still the wind blows
    Calm and silent
    Carries news from a distant shore
    • And Then There Was Silence

A Twist in the Myth (2006)[edit]

  • And from the sea you'll feel me
    And then you'll breathe out gently:
    Leave me
    • Lionheart
  • Your soul's like water but
    Your fate is like the wind
    • The New Order

At The Edge Of Time (2010)[edit]

  • Let them curse my name
    On these bloodstained pages of misery
    Let them call me a tyrant so cruel
    Let them curse my name but remember the truth
    • Curse My Name

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