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Blood Feast is a 1963 American horror film in which a Egyptian man kills women for serve their body parts in a catering.

Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Written by Allison Louise Downe, David F. Friedman and Herschell Gordon Lewis.
Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror! Taglines

Police Captain[edit]

  • Call the Fremonts, fast! And for Pete's sake, don't let them eat anything!
  • [the killer is crushed to death in a garbage truck] He died a fitting end for the garbage he was.


Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: Good day, are you Mr. Ramses? I'm Dorothy Fremont. Well, I heard about you from a friend of mine, Annette Dupree. I'm giving a dinner party in two weeks for my daughter, and Mrs. Dupree says that you cater to just about the type of thing I'm looking for. I want something unusual, something totally different.
Fuad Ramses: Yes, Mrs. Fremont. I do cater to unusual affairs. What do you consider to be unusual?
Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: Oh, I don't know. What do you recommend?
Fuad Ramses: Have you ever had... an Egyptian Feast?
Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: My, that would be fun. That would be perfect.

Suzette Fremont: Do you think we should park here? Do you think it's safe?
Det. Pete Thornton: On second thought, you might be safer with the killer than you are with me.

Police Captain: Ramses was the killer we've been looking for. Mrs. Fremont, I'm afraid this feast is evidence of murder!
Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: Oh dear! The guests will have to eat hamburgers for dinner tonight.


  • Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror!
  • Adult Horror!
  • A Weird, Grisly Ancient Rite Horrendously Brought To Life In Blood Color
  • You'll Recoil and Shudder as You Witness the Slaughter and Mutilation of Nubile Young Girls - in a Weird and Horrendous Ancient Rite!
  • A weird and grisly ancient rite horrendously brought to life
  • A nightmare of pure gore in BLOOD COLOR


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