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Brandon Ralph DiCamillo (born November 15, 1976) is a founding member of the CKY Crew and has risen to fame through appearances in the CKY video series and MTV's Jackass and Viva la Bam shows.


  • The most important element of breaking into a house is a flashlight, a flashlight will keep ya' on target. You don't wanna be stummblin' around, and it will make it alot crista-crystal-cleaner and crystal like surranwrap you S.O What?, and I'll never tell you a lie 'cause we're gonna get you through this successfully and you wanna have all the stuff were givin' ya now.
    • From the CKY Documentary
  • I'm gonna get to the bottom of this, and I don't give a fuck if you're at the top!
    • From Landspeed: CKY AKA CKY 1 - Why did you do that to my wife prank phonecall
  • I will better the film, [Honking car horn] For the good, [Honking car horn] Of the film.
    • From Landspeed: CKY AKA CKY 1 - Car song
  • "Ralph could you please sit down and behave yourself or we are going to have to throw you out. As a matter of fact Ralph can you leave right now?....Ok sit down."
    • From Brans Icelandic Gameshow
  • "Sir Henry you haven't been asked a question for a while. And I'm not going to ask you one."
    • From Brans Icelandic Gameshow
  • "Well that wraps up another episode, let me tell ya, balls are good and eels are delicious and I'm sitting here with two hot ass bitches, I'll see ya next week if my name is Norm."
    • From Brand Icelandic Gameshow
  • "Lunch special 8.99, kids eat free.......shit."
    • From Viva La Bam
  • "Well I couldn't just fly there, Ape..."
  • "[Brandon farts in Bam's face, and Bam runs away.] What? do you run for fun?"
    • From Viva la Bam
    • From Viva La Bam
  • "Oh it's Parked Teriffically, for PT"
    • From Viva La Bam, on Ape's PT Cruiser

"See that guy in the corner? He whacks off to pictures of dogs"-CKY 4

  • "have you ever seen a brazillian zorse?"
    • From viva la bam
  • (Brandon) "I would do anything for corn." (April Margera) "Well I think corn just did something for you."
    • From Viva La Bam(when Dico farts while eating corn)

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