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Sean Connery at the 2008 Edinburgh International Film Festival

Sir Thomas Sean Connery (born August 25 1930) is a Scottish actor and film producer who is perhaps best known as the first actor to portray James Bond in cinema, starring in seven Bond films. He is a campaigner for Scottish independence.

Dr.No: The Americans are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can both pay for their mistake. James Bond: World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they’re Naploeon. Or God.

James Bond: Both hands on the wheel, Mr. Jones, I’m a very nervous passenger.

James Bond: Don’t worry. I’m not supposed to be here either. Honey Ryder: Are you looking for shells too? James Bond: No, I’m just looking.

James Bond: Good evening, sir. M: It happens to be 3 a.m. When do you sleep, 007? James Bond: Never on the firm’s time, sir.

James Bond: How about a cigarette? Donald ‘Red’ Grant: Not a chance. James Bond: I’ll pay for it. Donald ‘Red’ Grant: What with? James Bond: Fifty gold sovereigns.

Personal quotes: More than anything else, I’d like to be an old man with a good face, like [Alfred Hitchcock] or [Pablo Picasso]. Some age, others mature.


  • I suppose more than anything else I'd like to be an old man with a good face, like Hitchcock or Picasso. They know that life is not just a popularity contest.
    • Interview in the Saturday Evening Post (June 6, 1964).
  • An open-handed slap is justified – if all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning. If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I'd do it.
    • Playboy magazine, 1965.
  • There are women who take it to the wire. That's what they are looking for, the ultimate confrontation. They want a smack.

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