Der Fuehrer's Face

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Der Fuehrer's Face, also known as Donald Duck in Nutzi Land, was a popular wartime cartoon released in 1943.

Donald Duck[edit]

  • Heil Hitler! Heil Hirohito! Heil Mussolini!
  • Oh boy boy am I hungry, oh boy oh boy I am so hungry!
  • Am I glad to be a citizen of the United States of America!
  • I cant stand it, I cant stand it!! I am going nuts, nuts, nuts!!!



  • Heraus, Schweinehund!
  • Here! Improve the mind! Heil Hitler!
  • Welcome, workers of Nazi Land! Where the glorious privilege is yours to be a Nazi! To work forty-eight hours a day for the Fuehrer!
  • Get to work! crusty ballsack
  • Mach schnell!
  • Is this not wunderful? Is not the Fuehrer glorious? Heil Hitler!
  • What's that you say, Schweinehund? Verdammter Esel! Heil Hitler!
  • Attention workers! Through the kindness of the Fuehrer now comes the vacation with pay!
  • And now... the vacation is over! By special decree of the Fuehrer... Heil Hitler! You have been chosen to work overtime!

The Song[edit]

Ven der Fuehrer says, "Ve iss der master race"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Der Fuehrer's face
Not to luff Der Fuehrer iss a great disgrace
So ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Der Fuehrer's face
Ven Herr Goebbels says,"Ve own der vorld und space,"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Herr Goebbel's face
Ven Herr Goering says,"Dey'll never bomb dis place
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Herr Goering's face
Iss ve not der Supermen?
Aryan-pure Supermen?
Ja! Ve iss der Batman!
Super-duper Supermen!
Iss der Nutzi Land so goot?
Vould you leave it if you could?
Ja! Dis Nutzi Land iss goot!
Ve vould-a leave it-a if-a ve could!
Ve bring der world new order!
Heil Hitler's new world order!
Evry'one of foreign race
Vill luff der Fuehrer's face
Ven ve bring to der world disorder!

The Factory Song[edit]

These parts weren't in the original Spike Jones version; there were added in the Disney version.

Ven der Fuehrer says, "Ve never vill be slaves!"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, but still ve verk like slaves.
Vile der Fuehrer brags, and lies, and rants, and raves,
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, and verk into our graves.

Ven der Fuehrer yells, "I gotta have more shells!"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, and for him ve make more shells.
Iff vun little shell, should blow him right to [hell],
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, and vouldn't that be swell?