Dimitris Lyacos

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Dimitris Lyacos

Dimitris Lyacos (born 1966) is a Greek poet and playwright.


  • This is continuity, you travel, perhaps in your mind, a paper world real, God reeling up and down landscapes and buildings, knocks down, opens new roads, doesn’t like it, changes again, but there isn’t a seam, His world is onefold, and you perceive neither seam nor contradiction, continuity only.
    • From: Poena Damni Z213: Exit, Shoestring Press, 2010.
  • [...]your own are burning and your memories and you don't want to leave them. Everything will burn to the end, you suffer, but nobody is punishing you, they are just setting your soul free. Don't be afraid because while you fear death they will rend your soul like demons. Only calm down and you will see the angels who are setting you free and then you will be free.
    • From: Poena Damni Z213: Exit, p. 88, Shoestring Press, 2010.

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