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Doolittle was the Pixies' 1989 bestselling album:

  • "I remember the first thing we did was, after we made the demo, I went over to Joey Santiago's apartment. We just sat around playing the demo tape over and over again. We were just like, fuck. This is good. If they don't get this, fuck 'em."
    • Black Francis, on the Doolittle demos - Doolittle 33⅓ by Ben Sisario
  • "I remember the band coming up and Charles handing me a white envelope that had a cassette or a DAT in it of Doolittle. And I remember putting it on and being amazed at my own good fortune. "Debaser" is track one, and I had no reason to suspect that the new album would be that comprehensible in the face of the other records. The other ones were more inscrutable, and this one was positively obvious, and deliciously so. And I remember sitting in my chair thinking I was the luckiest A&R guy in the world."
    • Peter Lubin of Elektra Records, on Doolittle - Fool the World by Josh Frank and Caryn Ganz
  • "[They were becoming less excited] when they were mixing down Doolittle. Kim would come home and be like, "Ugg, it took us forever to do this one song". They were taking more time with everything instead of just whipping them out. [...] It definitely went from just all fun to work.
    • John Murphy, Kim Deal's husband, Fool the World by Josh Frank and Caryn Ganz