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DragonForce is an English power metal band from London, formed in 1999.

Quotations by Album[edit]

Sonic Firestorm (2004)[edit]

  • Into the fires of forever
    We will fly through the heavens
    With the power of the universe
    We stand strong together
    • Fury of the Storm
  • Fly across the high seas and mountains

Rise above the golden horizon Far away beyond the gates of space and time Through the wastelands forever and on Still we fight on for our freedom The cry of the fallen souls bleeding Forever journey through the lands of ice and snow Will we face all the fears of the world? The cry of the brave

    • Cry of the Brave

Inhuman Rampage (2006)[edit]

  • Rise over shadow mountains blazing with power
  • Fight for the truth and the freedom gloria!
    • Revolution Deathsquad
  • Our steel will shine forever
    • Cry for Eternity
  • On the wings of a dream so far beyond reality
    • Through the Fire and Flames
  • Forever hold the dream inside, the chance to fight another fight.
    • Operation Ground and Pound

Ultra Beatdown (2008)[edit]

  • And the morning light will hide the darker days gone by
    And the sun will shine again across the blazing sky.
    • The Fire Still Burns
  • Rise above the universe tonight,
    • Heroes of our Time

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