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Eureka Seven is a manga and an anime series by Bones. It is set in a fictional universe. There have also been video games based on this series.



Adroc Thurston[edit]

  • Don't beg for it, earn it! Do that and you will be rewarded.


  • Did you know? The world is full of hate and there isn't any reason for it?
  • I would dance and be merry if I only had a brain...
  • So many faces looking like they're thinking even though they're not. So disgusting.

Episode 48's monologue-

  • Well, you know, a lot of different things happen in life. Any regrets? Of course, if I said that I didn't have any, it would be a lie. I'm still very, very young. I want to go out shopping and eat a lot more of the different yummy foods out there and listen to music and stuff, you know? Oh, yes, and, of course, even a wonderful romance. If I could have that, it would really be the best. Really... the best. But the way I feel right now, "Oh, brother," is all I can say. Really. Oh, brother.
  • Someone on my mind? I had someone. Yeah, past tense. I think about how I should have told him how I felt. I kind of hate myself a bit for that, but there's nothing I can do about it now. The next time I'm born into this world, if that's even possible, I'd like to be born as someone who's more clever than I am now. Well, I really can't do anything about it. I feel this self-hatred.
  • If, even after this battle, they tell me I can live on, I'll go and buy a small mirror somewhere and practice smiling. I'll practice over and over so that I can see him once again. If they tell me that I can live without hurting anyone else, I'll let my hair sway in the wind, take a giant step onto the earth and go see him. I want to live, to say my thanks. I want to live, to give so many feelings to people. I want to live! I wish I didn't realize I had feelings like this! But I'm in so much pain! He's nowhere where I can see him! And that's... and that's why!

Axel Thurston[edit]

  • Listen to me Renton. I don't care what fascinates you. You can even ride those boards if you want, too. But you have to face reality. Even though your father died and became a hero, and even though Diane left this house in search of her impossible dreams, nothing at all has changed in this world! Those who believe in their dreams and ideals are all idiots!
  • This thing! I'm sick of it! It's got you living in a dreamworld!
  • My family was torn to pieces because of this damnable thing. If you want it, take it. And then..and then, do me the courtesy of never coming back!
  • Look at this! It hasn't even been 5 years, yet we're the only ones who still bothered to come out all this way to visit his grave.I don't know if he's a hero or the grand spirit of our society, but they used him as much as they could and then they simply threw him out. This is where those who follow their dreams end up. I certainly didn't raise your father to make him into someone like that. And yet, here he is, long dead and gone. He brought so much misfortune to his parents! It's far better not to dream at all then to work yourself into the grave for the people who wont even help themselves.
  • That may be so. But then who's going to compliment him for what he has attempted to do if not for me? It may have been reckless according to the common sense, but I'll praise him for what he did. Because, after all he is my family.
  • Goddammit! That's how you always manage to make my life into one big mess! You bring me nothing but trouble!
  • Because, you idiot, it was my son who built it! To tell the truth, you're not qualified to have it! The only one that should have it other than myself is Renton! Understand, I have no intention of forgiving you! But unfortunately, at the moment, you're the only one available that I can trust the damn thing to! I've had enough! Please, go home!
  • To leave something like this behind that's capable of causing such an event, and then getting your son involved in this, well! You bring great misfortune to your parents. This is a light that destroys us and that guides us all to death. However.. it is so beautiful!
  • It's not nice to make an old man cry!
  • I'll thank you not to dig up stories from the past! I thought I had raised them so that they wouldn't go through the hardships that I went through. Yet Adroc, Diane.. now Renton, they all left.They turned out like me in the strangest of ways. It's too bad... Adroc and Diane never came back, but I know in my heart that Renton will. Even if he loses his way, Renton has his father looking over him right now. And he will guide him home.

Captain Jurgens[edit]

  • What you mean why did I fire? I don't think we were ordered to protect type zero or were we?
  • Watch your mouth,information officer Dominic! Up in the sky orders from air force officers are given higher priority. Didn't you learn that at cadet school?
  • That's enough! In case you have forgotten, you're supposed to be a mere observer aboard this ship! I think information officers should 'act' like information officers!

Charles Beams[edit]

  • Freedom, is something that you need to actively acquire. It’s not something that’s given with no strings attached. To be free means to take responsibility, and to prepare yourself for what’s to come. Understand, Renton?
  • Don't worry about being so considerate of Adults. You can only be a kid for so long, so you might as well enjoy it.

Dewey Novak[edit]

  • Ten thousand years ago, the peace of this planet was shattered by the Scub Corals. Individual bodies were lost, and human dignity was destroyed past the point of no return. What reason does this planet have to live on after receiving such treatment?!
  • I'm Sorry, but I'm someone who gets rather lonely
  • You see, I have a special karma imbedded within me. To purge this recklessly distorted world and protect its dignity! Observe…my karma!
  • By doing this, I’ve become one with the world, and with this sacred planet. My life is this planet’s life. The two of us are one and the same. If you want to resist, then go ahead! However, I will die together with the dignity of the planet! So cry! All you want! This is the beginning of a BRAND NEW EARTH!

Diane Thurston[edit]

  • Remember this, Renton. As long as you believe we will see each other again.
  • If you can truly believe in something, then the power of your belief will make it real. Then I know you will be able to fly into the sky, help the people dear to you and see me at anytime you want. So, please... just believe in me. Believe in me, and be a good boy..


  • There goes little Ren on his way. Guess it runs in the family, huh?
  • No doubt about it. He sure takes after his predecessors. He's got your blood, old man.


  • Hey... This little one needs help. Can you fix it?
  • If you don't believe in anything, it no longer has the power to hurt.
  • Hey...let's go together. Because it doesn't work without you.
  • Like this. You raise your hand up towards the sky. Now you try it.
  • What's cool?
  • It's true, I was a military dog.
  • Let's go back together.
  • What is love?
  • Oh, Renton...I want to see you.
  • It's all right. You see, I believe in you, Renton. I believe in you with all my heart, no matter what happens, so please, Renton, talk to me about everything. I want to know all there is to know about you.
  • If I'm with you, I can do anything.
  • Please, hold my hand.
  • These are...outward proof that I've lived to this day.
  • I...I love you so much, Renton.
  • I have people dear to me. Linck, Maeter, Maurice, and Renton. I like them a lot. I love them. People dear to me, my family. They taught me all sorts of things when I didn't really know anything. They accepted everything about me before even I did. They let me be who I am. I want to be with those that I love, that I want to protect. I want to be with Linck, I want to be with Maeter, I want to be with Maurice, and, of course, Renton. But if wishing so causes those that are dear to me to be lost, if wishing so makes the planet where they all live disappear, I will stop wishing. But, if it can be allowed, I would like to see them one more time. I want to see you. I want to see you...Renton!


  • I see... so, this is the kid that made Eureka laugh, huh!


  • He's really not what I was expecting!


  • He looks so normal!

Holland Novak[edit]

  • One thing... Please, let me say just one thing. Thanks a lot.
  • You don't believe any of what you're saying, do you? No, you've been just fooling yourself as to what you really believe.
  • That's something you have to decide. What it is you believe in, and what you decide to do with that belief is all your own responsibility. It's up to you whether to ride the waves or to let'em die. That is the motto that all lifters live by, isn't it ?
  • You believed in the waves. If you didn't there's no way you could have pulled off a cut-back-drop-turn. And that means, you believed in the world. And so, the world kindly answered your belief.
  • Just get the hell out of there! It's that kid! That little kid was somehow able to deliver the Amita drive into the Nirvash! It's coming... The seven swell!
  • Alright! Follow my lead.
  • I never get what women are thinking!
  • There's nothing wrong with a guy walking around in just his underwear when he's at home, is there?
  • He's had no adults to supervise him. And there were no adults who'll really punish him. So, that's why we're gonna have to do it! As the adults in his life, we have to make sure that Renton is properly punished.
  • Higher than the sun! (points finger forward)
  • Brother, Don't No!
  • Heh! If You want to Hurry up your, Death, do it all by yourself!
  • Brother, You couldn't have.
  • Forcing Kids into Decisions like that, and Eureka chaning her shape into something strange is this what adults should be doing?! DEWEY!!!!!!!!!

Lieutenant Dominic Sorel[edit]

  • Wait, is west the direction of the hand you hold your fork with?
  • To save the people of this planet, I first need to face the truth.
  • What's wrong with personal interests?!


  • Hey! Fearless leader, can't we get out of here yet?

Master Norb[edit]

  • Meetings are sudden but through them we change and move forward. Farewells are also sudden, but you can't linger on the moment.
  • If some have learned something that is fine. If others have learned nothing that is fine as well, more importantly... it was fun, right?


  • It's been said that the trapars speak directly to the human soul and then alter the soul's emotion. But, if that really is the truth, is it logical to assume that the reverse could never happen, that the soul can never change the trapars? I wonder!

Renton Thurston[edit]

  • It all sucks. This town sucks, my life sucks, but as long as I got waves, everything's okay. As long as I can lift, it's no problem. So you see, I'm okay sis! I got my lifting and as long as I can keep lifting, no matter where I'm everything's great...
  • But you know what Holland says about that. 'Where you were born, doesn't matter much. The spot a person really needs is always right in front of their eyes'.I'm gonna get big, right here on this spot. You see I'm gonna earn myself a really big name and then I'll pull off a cut-back-drop-turn on an LFO just like Holland!
  • This totally sucks. That's right. This city completely sucks. It's a hopeless city that's like the definition of sucks. Even if I wanna lift, you don't get any decent waves here. If you want any kind of life, you gotta join the military. But then, I don't know how it is I'm gonna be able to get out of this city. I'm too young to know that. I mean, I've only been alive for 14 years. So all I can do is stay here in the city that's totally sucks.
  • This just... this just... this city just... SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!
  • I understand. You're lot more worried about what'll happen to you after you retire than about what I want to do with my life, Grandpa. Well, don't worry about it ! I'm gonna make tons of money and make sure to put you in a nice retirement home!
  • Come baaack! Crazy old man, what do you think you're doing? That's a replica of the one Holland uses. You can't get'em anymore.
  • She's so cute!
  • I'm so smart!
  • Amazing! She's so nice!
  • It's alright! I may not look it, but I'm a professional mechanic.
  • See, when you become a mechanic of my caliber, you can sense that machines have feelings, too.
  • Sis, this is amazing. She's the ideal girl that doesn't think that the things I say are strange! Sure, she's a little weird, but she's so worried about having trashed my room that she wants to use a flamethrower to burn... burn... burn!?
  • I know what you're thinking, sis. But it's not like I'm trying pull off this crazy stunt just because grandpa told me to. It's just.. it's just, I had to tell that girl what I wasn't able to say to her before. The things you told me way back then and the things I have come to believe in now. So, let's go, Renton! Come on, let's go! I'm taking off after that girl.
  • Wait! Was this really a good idea? Am I gonna be alright? Aren't I a little too high? Am I really alright?
  • You see, I did it because of you and I can't do it without you! I guess that I'm totally in love with you!
  • Oh no! Why can't I move the controls? How come? What do I do? Those are missiles! Wait, why won't this move? No way this is happening! Why? What's going on? No, wait just a minute! This is how my life is gonna end? No way! At 14 it's all over? Wait! Wait a minute!
  • I don't get it!
  • But, at that moment, all I wanted to do is rescue her. And then, it was like, Nirvash told me to trust it, to trust that feeling. That's why I finally decided to believe in it. By believing it I thought that just maybe I would be able to rescue her. Because I thought that it would be the proof of what I believe in.
  • It's true that it was the first time a girl said something like that to me. But, sis, the real reason was something different. I thought that it was my job to protect the Amita drive in place of grandpa. And I thought that, I wanted to trust this girl, one more time. That's why I took hold of the hand that reached out to me.
  • So, I'm gonna stop running away now. I'm gonna stop. I'm not gonna run, anymore. I'm gonna get some training. I wanna train so that, someday I can become a mechanic, just like you, grandpa!
  • I guess, maybe I should have taken some time and given this whole situation a lot more thought. And I really should have tried to imagine exactly what kind of life I was getting myself into and what kind of experiences were waiting ahead for me. But sis... I was just so happy about finally finding something I could really live for, and I was so engrossed by the clear eyes of the girl who's next to me. I used to feel like it was wrong, to even be thinking about this sort of thing!
  • Sis, we have a problem.
  • Grandpa used to always tell me that reality is different from my ideals. He's right about that, but that was something I already understood and have been totally prepared to accept! But something isn't right! There's something wrong about all this! Why did it have to end up like this? It's depressing..
  • A hot kiss from Talho? Well if.. if there's gonna be a prize, I'd like it to be her smile. Alright, as if!
  • To tell the truth, I'd been disappointed by Holland and the others because they didn't seem to be cool at all. They didn't do anything, they didn't even tried to do anything. But now... now I'm seeing Holland and the others lift right in front of me! And that's enough for me. Gekkostate is awesome after all, sis.
  • Whoever said that first love is both sweet and sour is dead wrong; it's only bitter.
  • Well, I suppose that even something like love needs some sort of a lesson! So, please just be gentle with me, OK!
  • Well, you see, I don't think I have much of a chance with her anyways so... it all seems pretty hopeless.
  • I'll show you guys how to pull off a real practical joke!
  • Right. I won't let go even if I die! And I don't want to let go either.
  • Because I'm Renton Thurston. And that's what I do.
  • It's this 'urban camouflage'... Don't you think that it kind of makes me stand out?!
  • See, I made a decision when I came to live aboard the Gekko... that even if I had to make an enemy of the whole world, I would be there to help Eureka! Thanks to you, I'm finally confident in my decision, that kindness rests within discipline! Thank you so much, Brother Doggie!
  • That's too strict! You're being too strict, Brother Doggie!
  • No, it's okay. It's better if you don't know right now. Just stay who you are.
  • Damn it... Damn it... DAMN IT!!!
  • You are uniquely you.
  • You like me, Eureka?
  • I love you, Eureka!
  • The worst of the worst person!
  • Never beg... you earn, by winning, or else you won't get anything... that's right isn't it Holland?
  • I can fly![1]


  • In other words, that which we call memory, no way exists on its own. Which means it's inexorably connected by environment surrounding it. Do you know who it was who said that, Matthieu?
  • Man, you are really uneducated.
  • Like a god of destruction!
  • Hap's doing an emergency disposal of hazardous waste.
  • When you think of music or movies, instead of remembering what they are about you’re more likely to be reminded of the memories you have of that time and the people you knew then.

The refboard seller[edit]

  • It's not the first time I've said it. Renton,you really don't believe in the waves, do you? And because you don't believe in them, you can't ride them well. And so it's impossible, impossible for you to do a cut-back-drop-turn.
  • Yep, I'm getting out of this place. (Renton - What? Where are you going?) Out to a bigger city to catch more waves. Let's face it, I'm not doing any business here at all. You are my only customer and you only look at the stuff. You don't buy anything.

Talho Yūki[edit]

  • I can not believe that you can't even lift one or two refrigerators. What's wrong with you?
  • Oh.. I'm not harassing you Renton, just making fun of you!
  • Is this God’s punishment for falling in love with an angel? As the gossamer floats ever eluding my grasp, it weighs heavily upon my heart.


1) Blue Monday[edit]

  • Talho': Holland, did you copy that? Holland:I don't want to go. Talho: What? What are you talking about? You're the one who suddenly announced you were going to Bellforest. That's why everyone tagged along. Holland: Yeah, yeah. Fine, fine, I'll go already. (Look out window) Geez, what a Monday.
  • Renton: Fourteen years have passed since I was born. It's already been fourteen years. It's been fourteen years since I was born, and nothing exciting has happened to me. But, then again, I don't get the feeling that anything will ever happen. My life just sucks.
  • (Smiles and blushes at Eureka)Renton: She's cute!
  • (Eureka leaves; Renton talks to himself)Renton: Sis, this is amazing. She's the ideal girl, but she's so worried about having trashed my room that she wants to use a flamethrower to burn...burn...BURN?! (explosion; Renton heads up to check on Eureka)Renton: Wha-wha-what exactly do you think you're doing?! Eureka: A funeral. Renton: A funeral?! But nobody here has died. Wait a minute! There is still some things I can use in there - (tries to put out flames by stomping) HOT!! Oh, no, my clies are being sent to heaven! My clies! My clies! (Renton cries; Eureka smiles and laughs at him)

=2) Blue Sky Fish[edit]

  • (At Adrock's grave)Axel: (to Renton and Diane) Look at this. It hasn't been 5 years yet we're the only ones who still bother to come all the way here to visit his grave. I don't know if he's a hero or the grand spirit of our society, but they used him as much as they could, and then they simply threw him out. This is where those who follow their dreams end up. I certainly didn't raise your father to make into someone like that. And yet, here he is - long dead and gone. He brought so much misfortune to his parents. It's far better not to dream at all than to work yourself into the grave for the sake of people who won't even help themselves. (Axel turns to leave) Diane: Our dad... Renton: Huh? Diane: When he left our house for the very last time, he said to me, 'Don't beg for things. Do it yourself, or else you won't get anything.' I know what Grandpa says, but I still believe in those words. Someday, you'll understand what Dad meant.

3) Motion Blue[edit]

4) Watermelon[edit]

5) Vivid Bit[edit]

6) Childhood[edit]

7) Absolute Defeat[edit]

8) Glorious Brilliance[edit]

9) Paper Moon Shine[edit]

10) Higher Than the Sun[edit]

11) Into the Nature[edit]

12) Acperience 1[edit]

13) The Beginning[edit]

14) Memory Band[edit]

15) Human Behavior[edit]

16) Opposite View[edit]

17) Sky Lock Gate[edit]

18) Ill Communication[edit]

20) 19) Acperience 2[edit]

21) Substance Abuse[edit]

22) Runaway[edit]

23) Crackpot[edit]

24) Differentia[edit]

25) Paradise Lost[edit]

26) World's End Garden[edit]

27) Morning Glory[edit]

28) Helter Skelter[edit]

29) Memento Mori[edit]

30) Keep On Movin[edit]

31) Change of Life[edit]

32) Animal Attack[edit]

33) Start It Up[edit]

34) Pacific State[edit]

35) Inner Fight[edit]

36) Astral Apache[edit]

37) Fantasia[edit]

38) Raise Your Hand[edit]

39) Date of Birth[edit]

40) Join the Future[edit]

41) Cosmic Trigger[edit]

42) Star Dancer[edit]

43) The Sunshine Underground[edit]

44) It's All in the Mind[edit]

45) Don't You Want Me?[edit]

46) Planet Rock[edit]

47) Acperience 4[edit]

48) Ballet Mechanique[edit]

49) Shout to the Top![edit]


  1. He use the english language for said this in episode #50.

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