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Everclear is a post-grunge rock band formed in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 1992. It has been noted for its humorous-cum-emotional lyrics which often provide a modern-day political commentry.

World of Noise[edit]

"I call you once a year just around the holiday, I still see you in the night lying above me in the grass I can't smile." - Fire Maple Song

Sparkle and Fade[edit]

"I am sick again- just plain sick to death, Of the sound of my own voice." -Summerland

"Don't fall down now you will never get up."- Metaphor for quitting drugs, Strawberry

"It's hard on a girl when the blood won't come when it ought to come, Hey, hey, daddy's going away>"- Pale Green stars

So Much for The Afterglow[edit]

"You do what you do, you say what you say, You try to be everything to everyone, You know all the right people, you play all the right games, You always try to be everything to everyone.

"You say they taught you how to read and write, They taught you how to count, I say they taught you how to buy and sell, Your own body by the pound, I think you like to be their simple toy, I think you love to play the clown, I think you blind to the fact, That the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down." - Everything to Everyone

"The prozac doesn't do it for me anymore"- Normal Like You

Songs From An American Movie Pt 2[edit]

"Something bad is
Going to happen
I can feel it deep inside
There are shadows
All around me
Like a bad moon on the rise." - Out of my Depth

"Out of my depth
Right from the start
I feel like I was born
With an invisible heart
Out of my depth
Seems like everyday
I can't find the words
To make the good things
Come my way." - Out of my Depth

Slow Motion Daydream[edit]

"This is your American dream
Everything is simple in the
White and the black
You will never need to see the grey anymore
You will never have to be afraid
When you are happy with the blackjack." - Blackjack

"I don't want to hear you say you're sorry
I don't want to hear you say we can start all over again
I think you must think that I am stupid
Well I might be stupid for the rest of my life
But I'll never be stupid to you again
I just want it all to go away." - Blackjack