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Heading text[edit]

Final Fantasy is a media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, and is developed and owned by Square Enix. The franchise centers on a series of fantasy and science-fantasy console role-playing games (RPGs), but includes motion pictures, anime, printed media, and other merchandise.

General Quotes[edit]

  • Old-school Chocobo: Wark!
  • New-school Chocobo: Kweh!
Heading text[edit]
  • Any Moogle: Kupo!
  • Any Cactuar: Geka *runs away*
  • Any Tonberry: Doink!
  • Any Malboro: *Bad Breath*

Final Fantasy[edit]

  • The world is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild, and the earth begins to rot.
    The people wait, their only hope, a prophecy....
    'When the world is in darkness Four Warriors will come....'
    After a long journey, four young warriors arrive, each holding an ORB.
    • The introduction.
  • WARRIORS! Revive the power of the ORBS!
  • This is a well. You might think that there is something to it.... But in fact it is just an ordinary well.
  • Here lies Erdrick.
    • On a headstone; reference to a character from Dragon Warrior. Quote appears in the original NES release of the game
  • Here lies Link.
    • On a headstone; reference to the main character from the Zelda series of video games. Quote appears on the GBA remake of the game.
  • Garland: No one touches my princess!! LIGHT WARRIORS?? You impertinent fools. I, Garland, will knock you all down!!
  • Farmer: I'm a farmer.
  • Garland: Do you remember me? I was once known as a knight of Cornelia. Two thousand years from killed me. I am Garland. Oh, you did defeat me. But the four great forces saved me by sending me back through time! Once here, I sent the four Fiends into the future...where they shall once again use the force great forces to send me into the past! In two thousand years, I will remember none of this.But I will be reborn again here. So even as you die again and again, I shall return! Born again into this endless circle I have created!


  • ending text:

The time loop was severed at last... The endless struggle that raged over two thousand years had ended, and peace prevailed once more.

The light of the four Crystals restored the forces of wind, water, earth and fire.

It was a mere trick of fate that had given rise to the chain of Garland's wrath.

But magnified by the four forces meant to guide our world, that trick of fate also gave birth to the Fiends.

Monsters ran rampant and the world sank into darkness...

But all that is now past.

With the four forces flowing as they were meant, the Warriors prepare to cross time and return to the world they knew- a world where Princess Sarah, Queen Jayne and even Garland himself await.

When was it that time fell into its spiralling loop?

When was that fatefal day?

None can say.

It seemed the cycle into which time had fallen would last forever.

But the bravery of the four young travellers prevailed. They grasped the forces that filled the world with darkness, and used them to restore it to the light.

No one will ever recall the struggles the four endured, for the breaking of the chain means that it never existed.

But in the tales of fantasy that people tell one another, the memory of their deed will live on...

Tales of dwarves and elves, of dragons and shining civilizations that reached for the very heavens even as they fell.

Now the return to us.

With the memory of their struggle buried deep in their hearts, they will quietly watch over the world.

Remember always that the forces of the world must be used as they were intended- that the power of light must never be used for dark, and that the true Crystals reside in your heart.

For you are the warrior who crossed time.

You are the bringer of light...

Final Fantasy II[edit]

For the North American SNES release of Final Fantasy II, see Final Fantasy IV.
The following are taken from Final Fantasy Origins.
  • Guy: Guy speak Beaver.
  • Imperial soldier: You've come a long way from Fynn, but your escape ends here.
  • Imperial soldier: By imperial order, all who defy us shall be put to death.
  • Imperial soldier: You've brought this upon yourselves. You peasants never learn, do you?
  • Imperial soldier: Haha, of course you do not learn, you are a fool to challenge me, may your head count as a victory to our nation!
  • Sergeant: Heh, Rebels. Never thought I'd have to deal with your kind down here. Well, if you think you're getting Mythril, you're right. My Mythril blade through your heart!
  • Maria: The imperials attacked, and our parents... our parents...
  • Minwu/Minh/Mingwu: All those who live must some day die. It is our fate.
  • Dark Emperor: (before the final battle) You have braved the depths of Hell to reach me. But the hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat the lord master of Hell!
  • Emperor Mateus: Reluctance to forgive has long been a human failing. It is man's nature to sin, yet you answer sin with violence upon violence. Is that not itself a sin?"

Final Fantasy III[edit]

For the North American SNES release of Final Fantasy III, see Final Fantasy VI.
Most are taken from the fan translation by Neill Corlett and Alex W. Jackson.
  • Woman in Ur: Hey, where are you four brats off to now? What...? You're going to go save the world...? Did you get hit on the head or something!?
  • Bard in Dastar: The shadow of the lake... Leviathan. He awaits the time he can be freed from the bonds of darkness...
  • Bard in Dastar: Odin feared the use of his own power. And so he sealed himself...
  • Bard in Dastar: The Dragon King Bahamut. When one who can defeat him appears, his heart will grant the ultimate power...
  • Xande: You've come far. But the darkness is three steps ahead of you. You're too late! Perish!!


  • Cloud of Darkness: We are the Cloud of Darkness...None shall stand before the flood of darkness. With it, we will bring the Void to this world, and your world of light as well...
  • Luneth: We won't let you! Not if we have anything to say about it!
  • Cloud of Darkness: Hah hah hah...This is the world of cannot defeat me with only the power of light!
  • Cloud of Darkness: You may have destroyed the dark crystals...but that is of no consequence. We shall devour your light, and use it to return this world to the Void!

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

See: Final Fantasy IV.
  • Tellah to Edward: You spoony bard!

Final Fantasy V[edit]

  • Galuf: Whose idea was it to steal that pirate ship, anyway?

Bartz: Yours, you old coot!

Galuf: ... Oh, my head! I can't seem to remember anything!

Bartz: And his amnesia oh-so-conveniently returns.

  • Bartz: Oh crap.
    • Upon Exdeath's awakening.
  • Bartz: Kids. Who needs 'em.
  • Galuf: Bull, you know you just have the hots for her.
    • Exposing Bartz' real reason for joining him and Reina.
  • Galuf: Oh my stars and comets he's a she!
    • upon finding out Faris' true gender.
  • Cid: That lobster just got served!

Bartz: With cheese biscuits and mashed potatoes!

  • Gilgamesh: Starkle, starkle little twink... Now it's time that you guys SINK!!
  • Gilgamesh: I was wrong, I cannot fight four people... [casts Haste, Shell and Safe on himself, then jumps] ... HA! Did you really believe me?
  • Gilgamesh: Enough expository banter. It's time we fight like men. And ladies. And ladies who dress like men. For Gilgamesh...IT IS MORPHING TIME!
  • Exdeath: I cannot be defeated by anger or hatred!

Galuf: This is not anger...nor is it hatred!
Exdeath: Then what is it...?

  • Neo Exdeath: I am Neo Exdeath... All memory, existence, and dimensions...All that is shall be returned to nothing. Then I, too, can disappear...Forever!
  • In the beginning there was Void. Then four spirits came together in this Void...
    The crystals were born and the world was created.
    Thus, Hope gives the earth blessings, Courage lights the flames,
    Kindness makes water the source of life, Pursuit lets wisdom ride the wind.
    When the time comes that Void shall again envelope the world
    if within people live the four spirits, Light shall again be born.
    Four spirits, Wandering through Void Shall once again give birth to light.
--Beginning of the epilogue.
  • Random Drunk Guy: Knights do it two-handed
  • Exdeath: Turtle!
  • Galuf: Bartz! Stop that!
  • Bartz: But it's fun! poke, poke, poke...
  • Bartz: Jumping Christmas!

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

See: Final Fantasy VI.

Kefka : "Life...Dreams...Hope...Where'd they come from? And where are they headed...? These things...I'm going to destroy!!"

Edgar : "That's Shadow! He'd slit his mama's throat for a nickel!"

Kefka : "This is sickening! You sound like chapters from a self-help booklet! Prepare yourselves!"

Locke : "Hey! Call me a TREASURE HUNTER, or I'll rip your lungs out!"

Edgar : "If something were to happen to me, all the world's women would grieve!"

Setzer : "My life is a chip in your pile. Ante up."

Kefka : "There's sand on my boots!"

Kefka : "Son of a submariner!"

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

See: Final Fantasy VII.

Aerith: This guy are sick.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[edit]

Reno: Hey partner (looks over at Rude) This thing uh.. it got any bite to it? (talking about the bomb)
Rude: ShinRa technology at its finest.
Reno: Oh! So you made this.
Rude: If nothing else it's... flashy
Reno: Ohh, good.
Rude: You love it. I know.
Reno: Looks like today we're clocking out early.

Loz:(holding his hand out) Wanna play? I guess that's a no. Where's Mother? (looks around and cringes) Gross. Hey, where's Mother?
Tifa: There's no one here.
Loz: Fine, play with me.
(Tifa pulls her gloves from her pockets and puts them on)
Loz:This'll be fun.
(They go through an acrobatic fight, ending with them both going into the air and Tifa throwing Loz into the benches below. She lands on her feet, and Marlene runs to Tifa. Then, they hear a phone go off.)
Loz: (with phone to his ear) She's No, I'm not crying! (growls, then turns to Marlene) No, I've got it, I'll bring the girl. (shuts the phone) Where were we?(tosses a bench at Tifa, she shatters it with one hand while he runs behind her. He shocks her with a charge from his electric gaunlet, holds her against a pillar, explodes it, then tosses her into the flowers. He lifts her up, then a ball of materia hits his head. He turns to Marlene and approaches her.)
Marlene: (Holding a bandage) Cloud….
Tifa:( Sits up) Just run!

Cloud: [Talking to Zack] I said I'd live out both our lives... easy to make that promise.
Cloud: But... I let you die.

Zack: Hang in there. Hey, you okay? Well, what are you going to do once we get to Midgar? We're friends... Right? Cloud! Run!!
Cloud: See. I knew I'd be no help. Vincent, what do you know about this?
Vincent: I come here often. I've seen what Kadaj's group is doing. [Grabs Cloud's arm] The stigma... its a symptom of alien matter infesting the body. The body tries to eliminate it and over compensates. Inside our bodies is a current. Much like the Lifestream. That current fights off any malevolent-intruders.
Cloud: What do you mean by 'intruder'?
Cloud: Are sins... ever forgiven?
Vincent: I've never tried.
Cloud: .....

Rufus Shinra: The Lifestream courses through our Planet back and forth across the borders of life and death. If that cycle is the very truth of life then history, too, will inevitably repeat itself. So go on - bring your Jenovas and your Sephiroths. It won't matter. We'll do as life dictates and stop you every single time.
Kadaj: Mother!?
Rufus Shinra (Before dropping Jenova's head): A good son would have known.
Kadaj: Look at what brother was hiding from us. [Picks up a Materia] Powers forged in the Lifestream. Heheh. With this Materia... Those powers will be ours.

Aerith: You came. Even though you're about to break. [Touch's Cloud's arm] Hm? That's a good sign. So, why did you come?
Cloud: I think... I wanna be forgiven. Mmm, more than anything.
Aerith: By who?
Sephiroth (final words): I will...never be a memory.

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus[edit]

See: Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus.
  • "And so the hound weaves the final chapter in this tale of life..."
  • Vincent: The sewers... How appropriate is that.
    • After being told about the secret way into Shinra Manor.
  • Vincent: It was you, Shelke. You were her reason to live.
  • Yuffie: Imagine that — me, saving the great the great Vincent Valentine! Do I get any thanks?
  • Lucrecia: I'm so sorry.
  • Lucrecia: Soul wrought of terra corrupt, quelling impurity, purging the stream to beckon forth an ultimate fate. Behold mighty Chaos, Omega's squire to the lofty heavens. I came across this passage while studying the scriptures of the Ancients. The Chronicles of Yore. Omega: The end.
  • Lucrecia: Just as all other sentient beings, he too, is born of the Lifestream. However, his only purpose is to cleanse the planet of all things living and lead their immortal souls through the abyssal aether to a new beginning far, far beyond the never ending sea of stars.
  • Lucrecia: Just as life circulates through our planet, so too, does our planet through the universe. Or at least in theory. However, what I can be certain of is, if Omega awakens, then all life as we know it will end. And when Omega has embarked on his journey to the cosmos, our planet will wither and die.

Lucrecia: [From inside crystal] I'm so sorry.
Vincent: Why? I'm the one who should apologize.

Reeve: We'll discuss this later. WRO troops have arrived and commenced rescue operations. We could use your help, Vincent.
[Reeve begins to walk away.]
Vincent: Reeve.
[Reeve stops and partially turns around.]
Vincent: I don't know what you are up to, but I want absolutely no part of it.
Reeve: But... You fought alongside us three years ago! We need your help once mor—
[Reeve gets shot from behind by an enemy soldier; Vincent shoots down the enemy soldier before running to Reeve's side.]
Vincent: Reeve!
[He goes to pick up Reeve, who falls apart into several pieces. Out pops Cait Sith.]
  • Cait Sith: That was a close one! Never was good at fighting. Luckily, I came out wearing "Reeve."

Vincent: Reeve. Who were those men?
Reeve: Deepground soldiers.
Vincent: Deepground?
Reeve: Yes. The shadow of the Shinra Company, constructed by the former president and completely hidden from the rest of the world.
Vincent: Constructed?
Reeve: His goal was to create an army of superhuman warriors--not once letting morality interfere. The man you met earlier, Azul, is also a member of Deepground. But, he belongs to an elite unit known as the Tsviets."

Rosso: So you're Vincent Valentine. Keeper of the Protomateria.
Vincent : Protomateria?
Rosso: Yes. The key to controlling Omega. We know you have it.

Past Vincent: Talk! Why did you let this happen!?
Hojo: Silence.
Vincent: You!
Hojo: Silence!!!
[Hojo shoots him; Past Vincent falls down, staring at Hojo's boots as his vision blurs.]
Hojo: Why can't these people just keep quiet?

Weiss: Vincent Valentine. And so we meet again.
Vincent: What?
Weiss: Still in the dark? Three years ago, while I was still running about looking for Sephiroth, I took it upon myself to distribute my data-- my mind, my knowledge, my inner being, across the worldwide network. And even though my body had died, and the world had been left in ruin, I survived in a virtual reality. When the network was restored, the scattered data regrouped and I was reborn. A neo-Reunion, you could say.
Vincent: You...
[Weiss laughs, but his voice begins to morph to someone from Vincent's past.]
Weiss: That's right, boy. It's me...Hojo!

Vincent': Hojo. I said I've heard enough.
Hojo': What!?
Vincent': It's time to end this. Right here. Right now.
Hojo': You insignificant fool!

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

See: Final Fantasy VIII.

Squall: I dreamt I was a moron...

Seifer: Great, I have one chicken-wuss and one kid who just entered puberty in my team!

Squall: ...Whatever.

Laguna: I feel a draft on my butt...

Squall: I'm more complex than you think.

Squall: Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side. Just two sides holding different views.

Squall: Even if the world becomes your enemy... I'll be your knight, I'll protect you.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

Zidane: You don't need a reason to help someone.

Garnet: Someday I will be queen, but I will always be myself.

Steiner: Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?

Vivi: How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist...

Freya: To be forgotten is worse than death.

Amarant: The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty.

Quina: I do what I want! You have problem!?

Eiko: I don't wanna be alone anymore...

Final Fantasy X[edit]

See: Final Fantasy X.

Small boy from Kilika: I wanna be a blitzball when I grow up.

Auron: This is it. This... is your story. It all begins here.

Auron: Outside the dream world, life can be harsh, even cruel, but it is life.

Auron: Every story must have an ending.

Auron: Don't look to others for knowledge, this is your story.

Auron: Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!

Auron: The red carpet has teeth.

Kimahri: Only those who try will become.

Kimahri: Pick spot. Shut up. Wait.

Lulu: No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.

Lucil: When there's a will, there's a way.

Rikku: Memories are nice, but that's all they are.

Seymour: Pitiful mortals...your hope ends here. ...And your meaningless existence with it!

Seymour: Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal.

Seymour: But there is no salvation for the damned! Rest in peace in eternal darkness.

Seymour: I have saved him. He was a man who craved power. And great power he had, but he feared losing it. Trembling at unseen enemies, he spent his days scheming petty schemes... chased by his fears, never knowing rest. You see... now he has no worries; he has been granted sleep eternal. Death is a sweet slumber. All the pain of life is gently swept away... Ah, yes. Don't you see...if all life were to end in Spira, all suffering would end. Don't you see? Do you not agree?

Tidus: Listen to my story... This may be our last chance.

Tidus: People die, and Yuna dances. When will she stop dancing? When will it stop? Yuna won't stop dancing, not until Sin is gone.

Tidus: This is my story! It'll go the way I want it to, or I'll end it here!

Yuna: Everyone... Everyone has lost something precious. Everyone here has lost homes, dreams, and friends. Now, Sin is finally dead. Now, Spira is ours again. Working together, now we can make new homes for ourselves, and new dreams. Although I know the journey will be hard, we have lots of time. Together, we will rebuild Spira. The road is ahead of us, so let's start out today. Just, one more thing... the people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded... Never forget them.

Yuna: It would be so let my fate just carry me away...following this same path my whole life through. But I know...I can't. What I do, I do...with no regrets.

Yuna: I will live with my sorrow, I will live my own life! I will defeat sorrow, in his place. I will stand my ground and be strong. I don't know when it will be, but someday... I will conquer it. And I will do it without... false hope.

Yojimbo: You are a fading dream, but one that has been touched by reality. Run, dream. Run on into the daylight. And walk into reality.

Yunalesca: It is better to die in hope than live in despair.

Yunalesca: Will humanity ever attain such purity?

Tidus: Dad?
Jecht: Yeah...
Tidus: [voice faltering] I hate you.
Jecht: [chuckles] I know, I know...

Tidus: Guys. This is the last time we fight together, okay?
Wakka: Huh?
Tidus: After we defeat Yu Yevon... I'll disappear.
Lulu: What are you talking about?
Tidus: I'm saying goodbye!
Rikku: Not now!
Tidus: I know it's selfish... but this is my story!

Fayth: Hello.
Tidus: Where are we?
Fayth: Silly. Don't you recognize your own home?
Tidus: Wait, this is a dream?
Fayth: Precisely.
Tidus: Are you crazy? This is no time for dreaming!
Fayth: It's not that you are dreaming. You are a dream.
Tidus: What?
Fayth: Long ago, there was a great machina war between Bevelle and Zanarkand. The summoners of Zanarkand knew they didn't stand a chance against Bevelle's machina. They wanted to preserve Zanarkand, if only in a memory. They summoned the buildings, the people...
Tidus: Me... too?
Fayth: Yes.
Tidus: I don't care if I'm a dream. I like my life now.
Fayth: We've been dreaming for so long, we're tired. Will you and your father... will you let us rest?

[Tidus begins disappearing, Yuna shakes her head 'no']
Yuna: No.
Tidus: Yuna, I have to go.
[Yuna shakes her head 'no']
Tidus: I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand.
Wakka: Wha?
[Tidus walks away]
Tidus: Goodbye.
Wakka: Hey? Rikku: We're gonna see you again?!
Kimarhi: Yuna!
[Yuna runs after Tidus, but goes right through him and falls to ground]
Yuna: [stands up] I love you.
[Tidus turns and hugs Yuna, walks through her and runs and jumps into air and disappears, joining Jecht and Auron, already gone. He gives his father a quick low five before they fade to black.]

[Random battle dialogue-only heard by having Yuna, Lulu and Wakka in your immediate fighting team]
Yuna: A lotta fiends here, ya?
Lulu: [Plainly] Don't talk like that.

[The party prepares to face a giant monster trying to destroy the airship they're riding in.]
Auron: Open the hatch. We fight.
Rin: Evrae is truly mighty. Be well prepared.
[The merchant proceeds to sell the party supplies.]
Wakka: We gotta pay?
Wakka: If we lose, you die too, buddy!
Rin: I have faith in your victory.
Wakka: Gee, thanks.

[Before the fight with Yunalesca]
Auron: Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!
Kimahri: Yuna needs Kimahri. Kimahri protect Yuna.
Rikku: Well I'm fighting!
Wakka: I can't believe we're gonna fight Lady Yunalesca. Gimme a break!
Lulu: You could always run.
Wakka: Ha! I could never forgive myself. No way! Not if I ran away now! Even in... death, ya?
Lulu: My thoughts exactly.
Tidus: Yuna! This is our story. Now let's see this thing through together.
[Yuna nods]

Yuna: I thought this would be easier some how... with all my friends together beside me. I've been trying so hard.

(In Al Bhed's home)

Pacce: Hey, what's sacrificed? The Al Bhed said summoners were being sacrificed." That summoners shouldn't have to do a pilgrimage... Tidus: Why couldn't they trust guardians to protect the summoners? The Al Bhed had no right stopping their pilgrimage! Rikku: The pilgrimages have to stop! If they don't, and they get to Zanarkand... They might defeat Sin. Yunie could...but then, she...Yunie will die, you know? You know, don't you? Summoners journey to get the Final Aeon.Yunie told you, didn't she? Rikku: With the Final Aeon, she can beat Sin. But then... but then... If she calls it, then the Final Aeon's going to kill her. Even if she defeats Sin, it will kill Yunie too, you know? Tidus: Was I the only one who didn't know? Tell me why! Why were you hiding it? Why didn't I know? Wakka: We weren't hiding it... Lulu: It was just...too hard to say. Tidus: Lulu! How could you? How could you? Isn't she like a sister to you? I thought you were family! Why don't you do something, Wakka? Lulu: Don't you think we tried to stop her? She follows...her heart. Wakka: Yuna, she knew what she was doing when she chose to become a summoner. To face Sin, ya? Yuna knew! Rikku: But, Wakka, that's just totally wrong! Summoners shouldn't have to sacrifice themselves... just so the rest of Spira can be happy, right?

Isaaru: But that is our choice... Dona: We all live in fear of Sin. You know that.

Isaaru: A world without Sin... That is the dream of all Yevon's children. And we will use that power even if it means our lives!

Tidus: And I've been telling Yuna... Let's go to Zanarkand together! Let's beat Sin! I told her all the things we could... we could... And all along, the whole time, I didn't know anything! But Yuna, she'd... just smile.

Final Fantasy X-2[edit]

See: Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Yuna: I don't like your plan. It sucks.

(Zanarkand before fighting boss)

  • Rikku: Do you think we need a password?
  • Paine: How about ''s..ass'

  • Brother: Who is the leader? I AM! I give the orders around here!
  • Paine: We're listening.
  • Brother: Let's go! Party! Party!

  • Brother: Gullwings, report to the bridge!

  • Shinra: I know everything.

  • Shinra: I'm just a kid.

  • Shinra: My last mission with the Gullwings.

  • Yuna: "Better to leave things lost." He said.

  • Paine: The hardest person to know is one's self.

  • Baralai: The world is changing and there are many who are finding it difficult to keep up.

  • Brother: Rikku! What's your status?
  • Rikku: (pulling up Yuna) Disasterific!
  • Brother: Disasterific is not a word! Say disasterous like the rest of Spira!
  • (YuRiPa falls down elevator)
  • Brother: Status Report!? Yuna!
  • Yuna: Uh.. everythings'... OW! ...disasterific.
  • Brother: Disasterific?! I am on my way!
  • Rikku:...What about me?
  • Yuna: I don't like your plan... It sucks.

(Rikku, Paine and Nooj turn to look at Yuna)

  • Yuna: Your plan is awful. Think about it. Its no different then what we did two years ago. We destroyed our own allies, we destroyed the Aeons who fought together with us at our side. We didn't have a choice then. We believed that was the only way we could save Spira. Do you know what it felt like to watch them die, right before my eyes? It was the only thing we could do, it was the only choice we had. I gave in. I accepted. I believed. I allowed it to be true. I thought.. I'd be able to go through with it without ever doubting myself. But I... It hurt so much.
  • Fayth: Forgive us.
  • Yuna: Everyone was so happy. "Great job Yuna. You did it. You saved us... all." There were to many smiles to count. And I know, that I was smiling too. But now... When I look back... The people who should be here aren't. The ones who should be smiling with me aren't here.
  • Auron: We had no choice.
  • Yuna: "We had no choice." Always "We had no choice." Those were our magic words. We repeat them to ourselves again and again but you know... The magic never worked! The only thing we're left with is... regret.
  • Jecht: Yuna, I'm sorry.
  • Yuna: No... I don't want this anymore. I don't want friends to die or fade away. I don't want battles where we have to lose in order to win. [Yuna sighs] Nooj, I know that what you say is what you mean to do. Give me your resolve. Believe in Yuna.

Final Fantasy XI[edit]

  • Honoi-Gomoi: Here's a linkshell, tell somebody who cares!
  • Naja Salaheem: Forever! Always! Until death! You mercenaries are my pawns.
  • Raogrimm: People are capable of kindness beyond angels, yet we also commit sins that would put a demon to shame...
  • Lonely Chocobo: Warkkkkk!!! Gweh!!!! Warkkkk
  • Shantotto: Ohohohohoho!
  • Prishe: C'mon <Your Name>, time to laugh in the face of oblivion!
  • Prishe: If you guys don't get your act together, I am ganna kick you into next watersday!
  • Prishe: Ah! It's the dead lady/man!
    • Referring to the player, whom was presumably dead earlier.
  • A Young Mithra in Kazham That tall guy in weird clothes says hes from some place called sandy-oreos
  • Naja Salaheem: (After Abquhbah faints when he realizes that he's speaking to the empress) Nothing to be concerned about, Your Magnificence. Mercenaries are trained to sleep anywhere, anytime if the opportunity presents itself.
  • One-eyed Gwajboj: (During the signing of Jeuno's surrender in the Crystal War) You press seal here. Then all your Jeuno are belong to us!
    • A reference to the opening cutscene of Zerowing. (All your base are belong to us.)

Final Fantasy XII[edit]

See: Final Fantasy XII.

[As Balthier picks Vaan up and leaps off palace and jumps on to Balthiers hover craft of which Fran is driving. Balthier holds Vaan’s arm trying to get the godess's magicite from Vaan's hand.]

  • Vaan: Let go of me!
  • Balthier: Keep this up and I will!
  • Vaan: I'm Captain Basch!

  • Ashe: You're sky pirates, aren't you? Then steal me!

  • Balthier: (spits) I said it's you who stinks, hamshanks. Hear me now?

[As the group prepares to leave from the Eruyt village]

  • Vaan: Fran!
  • Fran: Yes?
  • Vaan: I was wondering—what Jote said, you know? About how you said the same

thing 50 years ago?

  • Fran: Your point?
  • Vaan: Uh, how old were you again?

[As the others move on.]

  • Balthier: (sighs and sarcastically says) Nice, Vaan.
  • Ashe: (makes a kinda hmph sound)
  • Larsa: Surprisingly rude.
  • Penelo: Try to grow up, please.
  • Ashe: The Nethicite!

FF XII: Revenant Wings[edit]

  • Balthier(Tossing Auracite to Vaan): A little something to welcome you to our humble profession.
  • Llyud: We Aegyl are not complete. We lack the heart that makes you Humes whole.
  • Balthier: Yes, Feolthanos. I'm beginning to dislike our gods.
  • Mydia: To live without one's anima is not truly to live.
  • Fran: Don't worry. I know who to trust and who not to trust.
  • Vaan: Which side am I on?
  • Filo: No...No...NO!

Final Fantasy XIII[edit]

See: Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Lightning: (to soldier).Nice gun.
  • Vanille: (narration) When I couldn't see a future and I was afraid. When the future was clear and it hurt to see, I'd just close my eyes and lose myself in happier days.
  • Lightning: (to Hope) To them, we are just pets. I've been so blind! I was born into a Fal'Cie world, raised on a Fal'Cie leash, without a master to follow... My life had no purpose.
  • Yaag Rosch: (to Palumpolum GCs) Who do you think it is terrified of Pulse and begging us to kill the l'Cie? It's not Sanctum. It's not us. It's the people.
  • Galenth Dysley: (to Lightning) L'Cie? You mean me? Oh child, perish the thought.
  • Sazh: All this dampness is damp.
  • Sazh: (to Vanille) You think you die and that's that? Hmm? You think you die and everything'll be sugar and rainbows?!?
  • Sazh: Run! (Battle occurs) I meant away!
  • Vanille: (to Sazh) What do you want from me? If I can't live or die, what do you want me to do?
  • Vanille: (narration) It's easy to lose sight of things in a world as wide as this one, but if you keep going you are sure to find what you are looking for sooner or later.
  • Lightning: Worst birthday ever.
  • Sazh: A lot of things are excusable...but shooting kids ain't one.
  • Hope: (To Snow) Nora Estheim. She was my mother. And she died because of you!
  • Lightning: (referring to Snow) He's too stubborn to die.
  • Lightning: It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do.
  • Vanille: (narration) When it comes to home and family, we never keep either as close as we should. Who ever stops to think that this time could be the last?
  • Lightning: Control your emotions. If you want to survive you forget about sympathy. Think of it like a strategy- focus on your ultimate goal, shut out everything else, steel your mind, move on instinct. Let doubt take over and despair will cripple you.
  • Fang: (narration) When prayers turn to promises, not even fate can stand in their way.
  • Lightning: Lightning. It flashes bright, then... fades away. It can't protect. It only destroys.
  • Vanille: We have to keep our dreams alive. Something to look forward to.
  • Lightning: We live to make the impossible possible! That is our focus!
  • Hope: Sometimes everything you know in the world turns out to be a lie. But at the end of the day the lie isn't what matters, it's what you do after you tell it. If you work hard enough you can make it true.
  • Vanille: Wishes can come true, but not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves, here and now.
  • Lightning: Concentration is important, but never lose sight of what's around you.
  • Orphan: Have you ever paused to consider our reason for making l'Cie of men? We fal'Cie are crafted for a single purpose, and granted finite power to that end. With men it is not so. Men dream, aspire, and through indomitable force of will, achieve the impossible. Your power is beyond measure.
  • Lightning: Find your own road to hell!

Final Fantasy XIII-2[edit]

See: Final Fantasy XIII-2.


(About Snow's pendant) It's mine. It's a reminder of a promise a good friend made me.
I decided. Snow was always putting himself in danger, trying to save others. So, I'm going to save him. When I became a l'Cie, he did everything he could to help me. Now it's my turn.


(to Serah) One more thing...Don't ever lay down and wait to die!
Humans aren't strong. They die easy.
(to Serah) I lived at the end of days. I was the very last child to be born. As I grew up, everyone I knew died, one by one, until eventually it was just me. All of their dreams fell on my shoulders. I was their last hope.
(to Serah) Let's keep telling ourselves that every time we go through a gate, we're getting closer to Lightning. Sound good?
Can you see me now, standing here in this place?


(voice over): That time was lost. Yet time continued onwards. Divine Etro.Go peacefully to your rest. I will stand guard over your legacy. This endless realm is awash with sadness. Life and death lose all meaning under the rolling waves of chaos Valhalla. The currents of time do not touch its shores. In this world of lost moments, I begin my life anew.
(voice over): More than one miracle took place that day. Cocoon was saved by Fang and Vanille's sacrifice. We awoke from our crystal sleep, and our brands were gone. Our fight had just ended. But I couldn't relax. A new battle was about to begin. The events of that day tore open a portal to another world. And from the depths of the rift appeared a darkness that had no place in our world. An irresistible force that dragged me away to the edge of time. The darkness caught me in its embrace and wrote me out of history.
(voice over): Time flows without pause. In a world where I no longer exist, the future is about to change. Serah...The truth still survives, but only you remember it.
(voice over): When reaching for the future, we sometimes fall into the past. As we gaze upon events that can not be changed, our hearts grow bitter with regret. My dear Serah. How will you choose to deal with that pain?
(voice over): Each reunion is a twist of the knife. The joy is ephemeral; it leaves fear in its wake. A fear that all too soon the time will come when you must bid farewell again. Yet you cannot help but long for the next encounter. Humanity's great frailty...We prefer past happiness to future uncertainty.


(to Lightning) Warrior goddess...Now we cross swords!


(to Serah) You and I are the same. You too can show others the way.
(to Serah) Why do you want to change time? Why do you try to stand in his way? As you change the timeline, you come closer to death.


(To Serah) It all began back then. I remember, Serah. Weren't you the first one who said you wanted to save Cocoon?
I wanted to change history. Make things better. Not just bring Lightning back. But Vanille, and Fang.... and my mother.


[As Dajh is reunited with his father, Serah runs towards Snow.]
Serah: Snow!
Snow: Serah.
[Serah looks around for Lightning.]
Hope: It's her knife. I found it near the base of the pillar.
[It's the dagger Serah gave Lightning for her birthday.]
Serah: Snow...?
Snow: Serah, I'm sorry. She must be inside the pillar. Lightning's holding up Cocoon along with Vanille and Fang.
Serah: Wait, what are you talking about?! She was right here a second ago! I saw her. We talked. She gave us her blessing...
Snow: Serah...
[Serah cries]
Serah: (Narrator) I won't forget that moment. Lightning was happy--happy that Snow and I were getting married. She laughed, and said, 'Congrats'. But then, all of a sudden, Lightning disappeared. She was gone, like she was never there to begin with. No else else remembered her smiling and laughing. No one but me.


Noel: Caius!
Caius: Did you get one?
Noel: Yeah. All by myself.
Caius: You're improving. It must have been a difficult hunt.
Noel: Naw, it was as easy as anything. No problem. Too easy, in fact. I got bored
Caius: Yes, you are ready to become the one true Guardian.
Noel: Why does there have to be one 'true' Guardian? I don't get why I have to replace you.
Caius: Because, Noel, that is the way. You are ready to challenge me to a duel. If you defeat me, the sacred pact passes to you. Just as I once defeated my predecessor.
Noel: What happened to him, anyway?
Caius: I killed him. That is the law of the Guardians. There can only be one. Noel. If you wish to succeed me... you must kill me.
Noel: There's no way, Caius. I want to fight you, not kill you.


[After Serah and Noel fight a group of destructive miniflans]

Noel: Where do they get all that energy from?
Serah: [to Noel] This has gone too far... [to the miniflans, screaming] THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!! [The miniflans freeze in terror] I've about HAD IT with your mischief! You should be ashamed of yourselves for behaving like this! You should know better! Well?! What do you have to say for yourselves?!
Noel: I don't think a good scolding is going to solve anything...
Mog: [goes up to the miniflans] They said they won't do it again, kupo.
Noel: Huh? No way.
Mog: They also said, "She's scary! We don't want her to get mad at us again so we'll be good from now on," kupo.
Serah: All right, that's a promise! Now, it's time for all of you to go home! [The miniflans turn away and leave]
Noel: (narrating) It was then that I remembered Serah had been a teacher back then in New Bodhum, and the kids called her "Meanie Miss Farron." I'd completely forgotten about that until now; I'll bet she was one of those teachers that was nice when you were good, but could scare you when you weren't. As quick as lightning, she could turn from smiling angel to angry ogre. Yeah, no doubt about it. They're sisters all right.


Noel: Hey, I'm back!
Yeul: Hi, Noel. How was the hunt?
Noel: I bagged a huge one. I wanted something special for tonight.
Yeul: You mean for my birthday? So you remembered.
Noel: How could I forget? Tonight's feast will be the best yet. Although, I wish we could have more people, like in the old days. Maybe a party with just three peopled will be kind of depressing
Yeul: No, it won't. It'll be lots of fun. As long as you and Caius come, it'll be great.
Noel: Well, okay. If you say so.


Caius: Well? Are you ready to kill me?
Noel: No, I'm not. Today's Yeul's birthday, Caius. It's not the time for this. Look. I will fight you, but not to the death, and not until tomorrow. After I win, I'll receive the power of the Guardian. Then we can leave this place, and protect Yeul together.
Caius: Leave and go where?
Noel: To where other people are living, of course. I know. I know there are more people out there, somewhere. If we find them, Yeul won't have to feel so lonely anymore. She'll feel happy again.
Caius: That is a vain hope, and you of all people should know it.
Noel: But, there must be something we can do.
Caius: There is one thing. Kill me.
Noel: Not this again.
Caius: The Heart of Chaos beats in my chest--a manifestation of Etro. Should this heart stop beating, the goddess will die once again. When the goddess dies, the chaos of Valhalla is unleashed. The chaos has the power to warp the timeline and destroy the past.
Noel: I don't know what you're talking about. I don't care how many times you ask, I'm not killing you!
Caius: If you must die instead.
Caius: It's as I feared. You are too weak.
Noel: I don't understand you, Caius. This talk of killing you, and destroying the past. You think any of that will make Yeul happy? Do you really?
Caius: I don't want to please her. I want to save her.
Noel: Where are you going? You're going to leave, just like that?
Caius: I shall go to Valhalla. I will kill the goddess, and set Yeul free.
Noel: Hey, Yeul! Are you okay?
Yeul: Noel. It's strange. I knew all along this day was coming. But, I'm still not say goodbye. I wish we could stay together. I'll miss you Noel.
[Sees Noel shedding tears.]
Yeul: You don't have to cry. We will meet again

[dies] ---

Caius: This eternity--it was never your desire. Is that no so, Yeul?
[He yells as his army emerges, facing towards Valhalla and Lightning.]
Caius: Warrior goddess. Now, we cross swords.
[The two prepare for battle as their armies fight each other.]
Caius: Lose yourself in battle, and rejoice!
[The Shiva Sisters fight Caius. However, he grabs one of them]
Caius: Embrace the terror.
[He throws the Eidolon at her sister while Lightning charges at him.]
Caius: Dusk of the wandering comet... I summon thee!
[Both sides are hit as Lightning dodges the comets by leaping off Odin; her back facing Caius.]
Lightning: Caius Ballad!
[Lightning dodges Caius's attack.]
Caius: Impressive.
Lightning: Save it.
[The two clash, but Caius has the upper hand.]
Lightning: Damn you….
Caius: Enough. Let's end this.
[He points Lightning's blade at his chest,]
Lightning: That glow…!?
Caius: Cast your shadow over all. Wings of night!
[Caius transforms into Bahamut, knocking Lightning away. She comes to as she defends.]
Lightning: Odin!
[Rides her Eidolon to outrun Chaos Bahamut in a boss fight.]
Lightning: Not kidding around, huh?
[Eventually Lightning is cornered.]
Lightning: Come on, then!
[Lightning uses Zantetsuken on Chaos Bahamut, causing him to seemingly retreat.]
Lightning: What's he up to?
[However, Lightning ends up being hit by a point-blank range Mega Flare. Luckily, Odin saved Lightning as Caius returns to his usual form.]
Lightning: Right….
Caius: Let's not waste time.
[Lightning deflects his energy orb back at him, unleashing her own attack at debris falls on him.]
Caius: The goddess made a wise choice. Power of chaos, bend to my will!
[Caius conjures a gravity field, creating a new battlefield from the falling debris.]
Caius: Keeping up?
Lightning: So you want to destroy everything?
Caius: Oblivion is the fate of all things.
[They charge each other, with Lightning landing the first hit.]
Caius: Now it is my turn!
[Lightning attacks, but Caius counters]
Caius: Pathetic!
[She barely dodges as they clash.]
Lightning: We're done here. Say good-bye.
Caius: I must thank you. In these final moments, I have met my finest opponent.
Lightning: You're finished, Caius!
[Lightning defeats Caius, negating his spell as he is burried under debris. Lightning surveys until she sees a light and a figure emerging from it.]
Lightning: Etro's gate? Of course. The one from the vision. I know your name. Noel Kriess
[Summons Bahamut to save the just reawakened Noel with Chaos Bahamut in pursuit.]
Lightning: Quickly!
Noel: What in the...?
Lightning: I'm here!
[Noel lands on Bahamut.]
Noel: Where am I?
Lightning: Valhalla. You prayed for a miracle, and that brought you here. Or am I wrong?
Noel: How did you know?
Lightning: From Valhalla, I can see everything.
Noel: But...who are you?
Lightning: Lightning.
[An aerial dogfight begins between Lightning's Bahamut and Chaos Bahamut.. After evading him, the two jump off of Bahamut to the top of the building...]
Noel: How do we fight him?
Lightning: This is not your battle. There's something else I need you to do.
Noel: What?
Lightning: Bring my sister to me. Her name is Serah.
Noel: Okay?
Lightning: You'll need to use the portal. Your time-gazing friend should have told you how it works.
Noel: That's a gate? But, why me?
Lightning: Because you're the only one who can. You crossed the Void and made it to Valhalla. You can find Serah, and together you can change the future.
Noel: Wait? I can change the future?
Lightning: Yes.
[Lightning creates Mog.]
Mog: Kupo. Kupo.
[Mog turns into a bow.]
Lightning: A good luck charm. Give him to Serah.
Noel: Right. You got it. I'll track her track her down.
[The ground starts shaking.]
Noel: What's happening?
Caius: Enjoying your little chat?
Noel: Caius?!
Lightning: Get to the gate. I'm counting on you!
Noel: Okay!
[Caius changes into Chaos Bahamut and flies upward after conjuring another meteor spell.]
Lightning: Not this again! Odin! Do it.
[Lightning is flung upward as she collides with Caius's spell, causing a massive explosion.]
Noel: Lightning.... Gotta go!
[Noel jumps into the gate as Valhalla crumbles..]
Lightning: (voice): My hopes go with you, Noel Kriess. Became an arrow through time, and speed your way to Serah. Be there for her...because I no longer can.


Snow: Serah, I believe you. Here, you hang on to this for a while. When I come back, it'll be with Lightning


Caius: Will they ever find the dawn?
Yeul: It depends on what lies in their hearts.


Noel: Give it up, Caius!
Caius:You can not kill me. Not now.
Episode 1[edit]
Serah (waking up from a dream of Lightning's fight with Caius): Lightning... She was fighting. I guess it was just a dream. Such a strange dream...
[Suddenly, a crash is heard.]
Serah: What? What was that?
[Serah notices her attire changed.]
Serah: Where did these clothes come from? What's happening out there?
[She goes out to find out, finding the area change into a wasteland. [Serah wanders around, frightened by the sight before she. Coming to back in her time, Serah finds Nora fighting monsters.]
Serah: Gadot!
Gadot: Serah, come on!
Yuj: Everyone, this way!
[Gogmagog appears]
Maqui: What is that?
Gadot: Take that!
[Gadot shoots at Gogmagog as a Mekoton appears before Serah.]
Serah: No. Please, no...
[Serah trips over a soldier as a monster lunges towards her.]
Serah: Lightning Help me!
[Lebreau shoots the monster away.]
Lebreau: Get a hold of yourself! Lightning can't help you anymore. You have to look after yourself now. Do you hear me. Your sister's dead. She can't help you!
[Lebreau is struck down.]
Serah: Lebreau!
[Arrows rain down on the monsters.]
Noel: You want her? Then you have to go through me!
[Noel jumps and lands next to Serah.]
Noel: Get up, Serah.
Serah: You were in my dream. I saw you.
Noel: Save it for later. Can you fight?
Serah: If I have to....
Noel: You're gonna have to. One more thing... Don't ever lay down and wait to die!
[After killing off the swarm of monsters, Noel takes Lebreau to safety]
Maqui: Hey Serah, you okay?
Serah: Yeah.
Yuj: Maqui!
Maqui: Yeah. Gotta go.
Serah: Okay.
[Maqui and Yuj join Gadot.]
Gadot: All right, everyone, listen up. The meteorite hit over there. We're gonna check it out.
Yuj: Team Yuj, ready to roll
Maqui: And careful. That area's crawling with monsters.
Gadot: So stay close. C'mon.
[Back with Serah...]
Serah: You're okay.
Noel: She took a hit, but she's gonna be fine. She just needs some rest.
Serah: Thank goodness. And thank you...Whoever you are.
Noel: Noel. Noel Kriess.
Serah: Okay.
Noel: And before I wasn't just me. You should probably thank this little guy, too.
[The bow turns into Mog.]
Mog: Tada! Kupo!
Serah: Wow. Is that a toy moggle?
Noel: He's supposed to be your lucky charm. Your sister gave him to me.
Serah: Wait. You know Lightning!?
Noel: She's the one who told me to come here.
Serah: Where? Where did you see her? Was it...Valhalla?
Noel: Yeah. How'd you guess?
Serah: I was it in a dream. I saw my sister. She gave you the moogle. Then the meteorite came...
Noel: ...and dragged me along with it, I guess.
Serah: Do you mean, you actually rode here on that meteorite?
Noel: Maybe, I don't know. Damned if I can remember. Why' don we go and check it out?
Serah: Okay.
'Moogle: Kupo.
[They leave New Bodhum, joining Gadot's group.]
Gadot: Serah! Still in one piece? We're seein' lots of unfriendly critters around that meteorite. Oho...Who's this?
Serah: This is Noel. He helped Lebreau and me out of a tight spot.
Gadot: Is that right?
Noel: Hey.
Gadot: I'm Gadot.
Noel: Okay, take it easy, big guy. I'm not here to make trouble for anyone.
Gadot: You better not. Anything happens to Serah and boss'll string your caress out to dry.
Noel: Aren't you the boss? You sure seem like one.
Gadot: Ah, gee, thanks, but I'm his right hand man.
[Suddenly Cocoon fades.]
Noel: Cocoon is gone.
[Gogmagog appears. After Boss fight, Gogmagog sinks into the void with Serah and Noel reaching the meteorite.]
Serah: What is that place? Noel, do you know?
Noel: Yeah.
Serah: Wait. What happened to Cocoon? It's not there
Noel:'re looking at a different time. That's the world I come from. In my world, Cocoon doesn't exist. When I was born, the sky was already empty. Tell me, how many years has it been? Since Ragnarok appeared and Cocoon fell?
Serah: Well, it's 3 AF. So, that was three years ago.
Noel: For me, all that happened 700 years in the past. I was born and raised in another time, 700 years in the future.
Serah: Yes, I knew it. I knew you weren't from this world.
Noel: I'm the last of humanity.
Gadot: Hey!
Noel: Serah, I can take you there. We can find Lightning together. I know she wants to see you.
Gadot (Grabs Noel by his cuff): You're full of it!
Maqui: Yeah, that's impossible!
Yuj: Lightning's gone, man.
[Serah motions Gadot to leave Noel alone.]
Serah: Do you know where my sister is?
Noel: Come with me.
[He shows her the falling rock and activates it.]
Serah: What's happening?
[It morphs into a time gate]
Maqui: Whoa, far out.
Noel: You see? It's a time gate.
Gadot Whaddya mean, 'time gate'?
Noel: It's like a portal. Lightning is in a place called Valhalla. She's waiting on the other side.
Serah (Narrator): I couldn't turn my eyes away. I know the answer lay beyond that gate. The answer to my doubts and dreams. On the broad plain beneath Cocoon, my sister once celebrated my marriage to Snow. I remember her smile like it was yesterday. But sometime, when I wasn't looking, she disappeared. She was gone as if she'd never been there in the first place. Lightning, are you out there? Did I dream that day on Pulse, or did it really happen? Noel says he can find you. But is he telling the truth?


[Next day]
Noel: Serah, wait up for me.
Serah: All this talk about artefacts and gates and time travel...To be honest, I don't know if I'm ready to believe it.
Noel: Serah. There's still so much I don't understand myself. If we can actually find an artefact, then I'll know what I've been saying is true. And once we open the gate, you'll be able to put some of your doubts to rest as well. So, what do you think? Will you search for answers with me?
[While looking, Serah finds Lightning's knife.]
Serah: What?
Noel: Is that the artefact?
Serah: This is Lightning's knife. I keep it in my room, but how did it get here?
[After telling her story...]
Noel: All your friends think your sister is inside that pillar.
Serah: I was scared. People said I was dreaming. They said...They said I was just making up stories so that I didn't have to face the truth.
Noel: Listen, Serah. Your memories are the truth. Lightning is alive. The question is why are you the only one who remembers?
Serah: Perhaps I saw a different future?
Noel: You're talking about another possibility. A world that might have been.
Serah: Does such a world exist? A place where my sister is still alive?


Marqui: That's the kid I was looking for! I knew my eyes weren't playing tricks on me!
Rhett: It's Maqui! I better get outta here.
Noel: Hey, what he's get there?
Serah: Let's follow him.
[After catching up to the kid...]
Rhett: Miss Farron...
Serah: Why did you run away? I promise I won't get mad if you tell me.
Rhett: I know you say you won't get mad, but I can't tell you. I don't wanna get yelled at.
Noel: The kid was trying to get away from Maqui. I bet you anything he was up to no good.
Serah: I hope you're not misbehaving. It makes me sad when my students don't be
Rhett: I'm sorry. Guess I'll own up. The truth is, I stole something from Ma
Noel: And that why he was chasing you?
Serah: What did you take?
[He reveals Snow's necklace]
Rhett: This necklace. It belongs to you, doesn't it?
[He gives it to Serah and runs off.]
Serah: Hey, wait! What was he doing with this, anyway?
Noel: That belongs to Maqui, doesn't it?
Serah: No. It's mine. It's a reminder of a promise a good friend made to me.
[After Serah tells about her last meeting with Snow...]
Noel: Lightning and Snow re long gone, but you still sit here and wait. Why didn't you go after them?
Serah: I have faith in Snow. He is the hero, after all.
Noel: And has that faith been enouugh? Neither of you want to be apart. Yet, here you are alone.
Serah(upset): Don't you think I know that?
Noel: Sorry, I shouldn't have aid that. But you tell me, what good is a hero if he's never around?


Noel: No artefact, yet, huh?
Serah: No, instead, my things showing up in place they shouldn't be...
Noel: I wonder if someone's trying to mess with us
Serah: I doubt it. No one here would do something like that
Noel: I guess not. Unless they think they're doing the right thing.
Serah: It might not be a person at all. I mean, with time and space being warped everywhere, anything could happen, really.
Noel: Right. And that's how your things ended up out here? It's not a bad theory Okay, so maybe we should ask if anyone else is missing stuff.
Serah: Let's head to the house and find out.
[Once inside Serah's room, they find a strange mirror.]
Noel: Hey, check it out.
Serah: Wait. Okay, what is that?
[The strange mirror glows]
Moogle: Kupo-kupo-kupo!
Serah: How...Ho did that happen?
Noel: It's...a twist in time. Something that doesn't belong. I think this is an artefact.
Serah(Narrator): We found the artee, just as Noel said we would. Does this mean everything else he said is true? Did he really meet Lightning in Valhalla? Maybe. Once I step through the fate, I'll be leaving my friends, my students, and the village, for who knows how long. Can you tell me, Lightning? Do I dare believe this man?
[Once outside]
Noel: I'm going to take this artefact and open that gate. But you still don't trust, do you? I can see it in your eyes. If there's anything you're wondering about, or don't believe, just ask and I'll try to explain.
Serah: Well.. There is one thing. What is it that you want, exactly?
Noel: A future that has people. I lived at the end of days. I was the very last child to be born. As I grew up,everyone I knew died, one by one. Until, eventully, it was just me. All their dreams fell on my shoulders. I was there last hope. It was too much, so I left. Sure, maybe I couldn't go home again. Maybe I couldn't make everyone happy. But at the very least, I could rebuilt a future where everyone could survive. So I went through the gate. I wasn't thinking very clearly then. I had a dream, but I didn't think it all out. I didn't know what it really meant. But once I got here and saw how you and your friends live in this village, I know my dream could come true. In Valhalla, your sister gave me a chance She gave me hope. The future can be changed. That what's she told me, and I believe her.
Serah: I understand. Thank you, Noel. Thank you for telling me that.
[After reaching the time gate...]
Noel: Are you sure you're ready? You know, once we go through, there might be no coming back.
Serah: Yes, I'm ready to go. It's not a dream, or a lie. I know my sister is alive out there

I'm sorry I doubted you. Of all people, I should know how bad it can make you feel when no one believe what you say. Snow put all his trust in me. Now it's my turn to do the same for you. I've made up my mind. You and I, we go together.

Noel: I won't let you down. We'll find Valhalla, I promise.


[As Serah and Noel enter the time gate.]
Lightning: (voice): Serah, you set out on your journey for my sake. You believed in a promise. You believed in a future you could not see. I will keep fighting here, at the end of the world. I know you will come. I believe in you.


[Flying through time.]
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: This place is incredible.
Noel: It's the Historia Crux, the crossroads of time continuum.
Serah: So, this is how you were able to travel backwards from the future?
Noel: Right. Just floated through this nowhere space. And now it's yours turn.
Mog: Kupo...
Episode 2[edit]
Lighting (voice): When reaching for the future, we sometimes fall into the past. As we gaze upon event that cannot be changed, our hearts grow bitter with regret. And you, my dear Serah, will you encouter your past here? How will you choose to deal with that pain?
Serah (Narrator): Strange word. Stranger events. Unfamiliar faces. An uncertain future. They speak of anormalites--of a strange energy that warps time itself. Things that shouldn't exist here are appearing near the gates. Things that shouldn't happen are happening. They call this phenomenon the 'paradox' effect. And if you think bout it, that term could apply to our existence in this age as well. Lightning....How will I find you when I don't even know when or where I'll end up next?


[Serah and Noel arrive.]
Serah: This is Cocoon...
Noel: Really? Are you sure?
Serah: Yeah, check it out. You can see the ground above us.
Noel: Wow. So this is how Cocoon looks from the inside.
Serah: That's right; I forgot. This is your first time here.
Noel: Yup.
[The two walk out. Suddenly a hand-like structure comes to life.]
Serah: What is that?!
Noel: Look out!
[The arm attacks Sanctum soldiers as Noel helps Serah up.]
Serah: An arm?!
Noel: Yeah, and not looking to shake hands, I'm guessing...
[The arm knocks Noel down.]
Serah: Noel!
[Moogle assumes weapon form for Serah to use. Boss Fight: Paradox Alpha. Eventually...]
Noel: You okay?
Serah: Yeah.
[Noel attacks the arm head on, only to find out it's attached to something much bigger.]
Noel: An invisible giant!
[Eventually, reinforcements arrive in the form of Sanctum ships.]
Commander: Hostile located. Engage at will!
Pilot: Paradox effect confirmed. Targeting Altas.
Commander: Fire!
[The ships hit Paradox Alpha/Altas, deactivating it.]
Noel: That was exciting.
Serah: Guess it's over.
[The ship hovers over them.]
Serah: It's the army!
Noel: Friends of yours?
[Suddenly, PSICOM soldiers surround them.]
Commander: Attention, intruders. Surrender immediately.

[Serah and Noel comply]

Moggle: Kupo...


Alyssa: Sarah, is that you!?
Sentry: Watch yourself
Alyssa: Thanks. Serah! It is you!
Sentry: You know them?
Alyssa: Uh-huh. Alyssa Zaidella I'm an Academy intern. I heard you apprehended our two observers, so here I am.
Sentry: Observers?
Alyssa: Yes, they're invited guests of the Academy. I was showing them around, and forgot to give them thei communicators.
Sentry: Back up a second. These guys--er, these 'observers' are V.I.Ps? Ahhh...I hope we can forget this little mix up.
[Later, after being freed.]
Serah: Rain?
Alyssa: I'll supply you both wit comm devices. Right this way, please.
Serah: Thank you for you help. I was just wondering: have we met before?
Alyssa: Oh, no. Sorry about all of that 'observers' nonsense back there. Lucky for us, that soldier was quick to believe me. You need an ID to travel any further into the ruins. Here, take this communicator and keep it with you at all times.
Noel: So, I'm curious.Just why are you helping us, anyway?
Alyssa: I saw you two. I saw how you got here through that thing.
Noel: What, you mean through the gate?
Alyssa: Yes. It is a kind of gate. It links to another world, doesn't it? Nice to finally have clue what these things
Noel: So basically, helping us out was almost like part of your research. But you still have questions
Alyssa: I do have questions, yes. About the gate, and about the paradox.
Noel: But with Altas throwing his weight around, the ruins'll be closed off and there goes your chance to get answers.
Serah: Noel.
Noel: No problem. We'll take care of the giant for you.
Alyssa: You will? Great!


[Venturing into the ruins.]
Serah: Why did you offer to stop that giant?
Noel: Because we can't let Atlas shut this place down. We need to search the ruins. There might be other gates we can use.
Serah: Like the gate to Valhalla?
[A monster attacks before being defeated.]
Serah: What? The monster turned to crystal!
Mog: Servant of time. Daughter of chaos. Unto the world unseen, the untamed your guide.
Noel: Huh. Whaddya know? It talks.
Serah: Wait, what do you mean? 'Guide the untamed?'
Mog: Your power over monsters, kupo.
Serah: Over monsters?
Noel: Now that you mention it, Lightning had monsters fighting with her in battle.
Mog: You can do the same, Kupo.
Serah: Okay. This power, can you show me how it works? I want to learn how to protect myself. Might as well start now.
Mog: Kupo!


Mog: Kupo!
Noel: It's Atlas
Alyssa (intercom): We've detected a large energy surge in the center of the ruins. Another unknown device has appeared.
Serah: Did the device appear along with Atlas? If Atlas is a weapon built by humans, they' must've designed a way to stop him.
Noel: And that machine showing up is no coincidence.
Serah: Right!
Noel: Two choices. We try that new device and hope it controls Atlas, or do it the old-fashioned way, and fight him head-on. No regrets, no looking back.
[The two find the machine, only for Mog to sense something wrong.]
Mog: Kupo...
[Altas's arm appears and grabs Serah & Noel]
Mog: Kupo!
[Mog follows after his friends into the Temporal Rift]
Serah: Where are we?
Mog: A time labyrinth, kupo.
Noel: I think we're inside the paradox
Serah: Oh, no.
Mog: We have to figure the labyrinth and it's puzzles before we can get out, kupo!
[They return to their world once solving the time labyrinth.]
Serah: The machine's working!
Noel: Let's see what it does, yeah?
Serah: Let's. Hope this actually lets us control Atlas....
Noel: All we can do is pray.
[Noel starts the machine.]
Noel: Here goes nothin'!
[The machine weakens Altas.]
Alyssa (intercom): Ugh, finally! Can you hear me now? It looks like Altas is starting to slow down a little.
Noel: Yes! This could be our chance!


Serah: Hey, Noel. Is Atlas used in some war that happens in the future?
Noel: Hmm, let me think...Yeah, I remember this.
Serah: Are you forgetting stuff?
Noel: My...memories are unreliable There are events I should remember, but my memory is hazy. Like I'm seeing them through fogged glass. But not this time. I remember this. There was a war hundreds of years before I was born. That's when Cocoon crashed into Pulse.
Serah: Wait, you're not talking about what happened five years ago? That was the day my sister disappeared into the pillar.
Noel: The Day of Ragnarok is recorded as a separated event. The final fall of Cocoon happens much later.
Serah: If we travel to the future, maybe we can stop it.
Noel: Who's to say what's possible? That could be the reason we're here in the first place.


[The two find the giant.]
Serah: There he is!
Noel: And not looking too happy.
[BOSS: Altas.]
Noel: So, how'd we do?
Serah: We did it!
[Altas conjures a pillar to smash them with.]
Serah: Noel!
Noel: I'm on it.
[Their attack is ineffective as they suddenly end up on Altas's shoulder.]
Noel: Off Hey!
Serah: What the...
Noel: How did get here?
Serah: Noel, look out!
Noel: Move!
[Serah ends up at Altas's collar, seeing the crystal on its head.]
Serah: I think I found his weak spot! Ready?
Noel: Do it!
Serah: Wait for it...!
Noel: Now!
[The two shatter the crystal, shutting Atlas down as it starts to fade.]
Noel: Whoa! Now what!?
Serah: The paradox is dissipating!
[The cementry reforms]
Serah: I wonder what caused the paradox effect
Noel: This is just a theory, but I think there derailing history and bending the timeline. That's why Atlas and these gates are appearing out of no where.
Serah: Who would do something like that?
Noel: I don't know. Someone who has the power to change history. And since we can use the gates, we'll have to him.
Serah: This ability to control monsters nd use the gates...could it be a gift from Lightning?
Noel: We'll just have to find her so you can ask her yourself!
[Noel looks at a grave.]
Noel: There's an epitaph. 'Here lie the innocent victims of chance, cast out and cast down. May their souls find the path that leads them home'.
Serah: Cast out...These must be victims of the Purge?
Alyssa: This is it! This is the place!
[She looks at the grave.]
Alyssa: I thought I might be...But that's not my name.
Serah: Then, whose is it?
Alyssa: It's my friend's. She died here. Running from the Purge. And me? I'm one of those who survived. Five years ago, the entire town of Bodum--it was wiped out by the army. I was there, visiting m friend. Then everything went to hell. We ran and hid with the other fugitives. But just as the troops were pulling out...That's when the ceiling of our hiding palce collapsed. Ever since then, I've had the same dream I'm trapped under rubble. It's dark, I'm in pain, and I can barely breathe. The next thing I know, I rise out of my body and I'm standing before this grave. And the name written on the's mine. After seeing that image so many times, I started to think that maybe I did die back there. And the life I'm living now is just an illusion
Serah: Alyssa, you feel that way, too
Noel: seem real to me.
Alyssa: Real enough, I guess. Even if they all forget...I never will.
Serah (Narrator): And neither will I. I can never forget. The events that scarred Alyssa were started by l'Cie. If I had never become a l'Cie...If I had never made those mistakes...Then the Purge...well, it may never have happened. Lightning. Is there any way to make up for the suffering we've caused. Can we ever give back what we've taken?

[The next day]
Noel: Okay then. I think that wraps things with Alyssa. Now for our little quest. Let's find an artefact, and open a gate.
Serah: So, where should we look?
Noel: Well, now we've cleared up the paradox effect, it's possible those sneaky artefacts have come out of hiding. Let's try searching those areas we couldn't reach.
Mog: Time for some Moogle magic. Kupo!
Serah: Mog, you can help? You're a lifesaver!
Mog: Kupo, kupo!
[Once finding the artefact, they activate a gate.]
Noel: Yes, it worked!
[Serah nearly fainted.]
Noel: Serah? Are you okay?
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: It's nothing. I'm fine, really. Just tired, I guess
Noel: Hm, right. Somehow, I kinda doubt it's 'nothing'.


Serah (Narrator): We unraveled the paradox, and continued on to another time, another place. But why had these gates appeared? Who had tangled the timelines, and fr what purpose, we still don't know. Why am I able to fix these temporal anomalies? Bend monsters to my will? Why do I have this power at all? I'll keep traveling with Noel, knowing that we'll find you eventually. So, Lightning? If you're watching, do what you can to guise us to your side.
Lighting (voice): Serah. Forgive me. That was a past you never should have to deal with. But now, became of your courage, the timelines have one less knot to unravel. If I could, I would thank you for what you have accomplished. But I can't. Not just yet.
Episode 3, Part 1[edit]
Lighting (voice): People always say the future will be better. They believe the hardships of the present fade with the passage of time. And so we hope, waiting for a future brighter than today. But Serah, remember this.. As you walk towards a brighter tomorrow, you have to look back to your past. The path you have walked to the here and now will give you the courage you need


Serah: It's so dark.
Noel: In ancient times, the fal'Cie devoured the light, darkness cloaked the sky, and the earth knew only night. This must be the eclipse.
Serah: You know what this it is?
Noel: They said five hundred years ago, a massive fal'Cie appeared. For a while, it blotted out the sun and turned everything dark.
Serah: If that happened five hundred years in your past, then this must be two hundred years in my future.
Noel: Right. But something's wrong. Look, the eclipse is only affect this small area. That shouldn't be possible.
Serah: Okay, so you're saying, this could be... paradox?
Noel: That's what I'm saying.


Serah: Are we not allowed to go in?
Academy Lady: I'm very sorry, Only official persons on official Academy business are permitted beyond this point.
Serah: Look out!
[Aloeiai appears]
Academy Lady: S-security!
Noel: Maybe this'll counts as official business!
[Boss fight: Aloeidai]
Serah: Is it dead?
[Aloedai stirs to life and creates a black hole.]
Noel: We're being dragged in!
[A boomerang hits Aloeidai]
Hope: When monsters like these are cornered, they cause a spacetime vortex to appear. An electromagnetic shock usually shuts them down. It's been a while, Serah.
Serah: Hope, that you?
Hope: I'm grateful you remember me.
Noel: Who's this
Serah: Well, huh...
Hope: Director of Academy Research, Team Alpha. Hope Estheim, at your service. And you, you must Noel.
Noel: Nice guess. Who told you?
Hope: You appeared here with Serah some yeas ago, at the Bresha Ruins. Subsequently, we analyzed the gate and forecast your reappearance at this location. To be honest, I didn't really believe that time travel was possible. But here you are. I'm really glad you're safe
[Hugs Serah.]
Hope: For me, it's as if time has stopped. Everything I knew is gone.
Serah: Hope...I
[He lets go of her.]
Noel: From your point of view, it's been years since you last saw Serah.
Hope: Not just Serah. Snow as well. And Sazh and his boy. You all disappeared from my life. It's been ten years now.
Serah: I never thought...
Hope: When the paradox occurred some years ago, I thought if I could solve it, maybe you would all come back.
Alyssa: Director Hope! There you are! What were you thinking? Taking off and leaving me all on my own.
Serah (Narrator): It was a shock seeing Hope grown older than me, but he was still the same Hope I knew. Lightning, Hope listened to my story without saying a word. I told him about how I'm the the only one who remembers your smile on the plain of Gran Pulse. I told him how Snow set out to try and save you and Vanille and Fang. And I told him about Noel. Noel from the future.
Hope: There's something I want to show you both. We can continue out
Alyssa: (Holding Hope's arm): I'll show the way.
Hope: Shall we?


Mog: Kupo...
Serah: This is some kind of ancient city, right?
Hope: The city of Paddra. Or so we believe. It was the center of a great kingdom built by a nation known as the 'Farseers'.
Noel: The Farseers? You're telling me there used to enough of them to build this entire town?
Hope: According to our research, we believe they constituted an entire nation, a polity that was ruled by a seeress.
Noel: Can you see me now? Standing here in this place..

Hope: You've traveled through time. I suppose it's not surprising you know about this. The power to rule was passed down from one seeress to the next. She was always called 'Yuel'.
Serah: If they could read time, why did they die out? Surely they could see the danger coming, do something to avoid it.
Alyssa: No, they were destroyed because they could see the future.
Serah: Why?
Hope: The seeress Yeul foresaw the future destruction of this city. Some citizens wanted to try to avert it. Others felt that they should simply abandon their homes and run. A few fell into despair, and took their own lives. The divided populance clashed. The nation was torn apart by v
Alyssa: Being able to see the future is awfully dangerous. It can mess with people's
Noel: Tell me about it. The nation fell apart, and the survivors fled into the wildlands, avoiding contact with others.
Hope: So you know the story?
Alyssa: Come on, Director Hope! I want to sow them! It's okay to show them, isn't it?
Hope: This way. Here, this is what lies at the heart of our paradox. The Oracle Drive. We've been giving it careful study.
Noel: But, how do you-
Hope: Wait, you know of these devices?
Noel: Oh, uh...yeah. I've heard of them. In...books and stuff.
Hope: The Oracle Drive appears to be some king of recording apparatus from ancient times. We've excavated a number of the devices. However, the recordings depict...thing that cannot be possible. Perhaps you should see your yourselves.
Noel: This is how it works.
[Images of the Day of Rangarok.]
Hope: The device was excavated from an ancient part of the ruins. We used carbon dating methods to determine age. The device and the recording stored within are several centuries old.
Serah: But it shows Lightning...
Hope: Someone in the past recorded this vision of the future. Perhaps it was the seeress, Yeul, herself. What we're concerned about, however, is this. You have to excuse the image quality

[Images of Lightning's fight with Caius and end of Valhalla.]

Serah: Was that my sister?
Hope: Yes, I think so. We need to conduct further analysis to be certain.
Noel: Is it broken?
Hope: No. We've tested both device and data and everything is nominal. Yet, when we try to view the recording, we get this. Perhaps it's not the recording that's's the immediate spacetime in which we are located
Serah: You mean it could be the paradox. Because the surrounded spacetime is twisted, that might be directly affecting the device. So if the paradox is eliminated, spacetime will return to normal. Then we could see the prophecy and find where my sister is!
Hope: Yes, I believe so... (unveils an artefact.)
Serah: An artefact.
Hope: This object serves as a key, is that right? We tried to make it work ourselves, but with no success.
Noel: Yeah, we can use that to travel
Hope: Then you may have. I think it'll be more useful to you than us. Here.
Serah (Narrator): During the three years that passed as we traveled outside time and pace...Hope had devoted himself to his research, trying to unlock the mystery of the paradox. If the gates are the cause of the puzzle, they might also be the key to unlocking it. But I wonder, am I getting closer? Will I find Lightning in the end?


Serah: Here. This must be the gate Hope was talking about.
Noel: Maybe. (notices Sera staring at him) Yeah? What?
Serah: There's something on your mind.
Noel: Yeah, well, huh... Sure. But it's just personal stuff.
Serah: Is it about the seeress?
Noel: That's right. Nice guess.
Serah: It must be so strange, to be able to see beyond your own present
Noel: That reminds me of something Lightning told me. She said that from Valhalla you can see all of history.
Serah: If that's true, then the Paddra seersess and Lightning have seen the same things. Which means, Lightning already knows what's going to happen to us.


Serah (Narrator): Something had been bothering Noel. And it had been ever since we heard the story about the Paddra seeress, Yeul. But, of course, he wasn't the only one who was troubled. Was it really Lighting I saw in the flickering images of the prophecy. The only way to find out is to go through this portal and solve the paradox.


Serah: What's happening? The world is..falling apart.
Noel: Is this a future where everything has been destroyed? Or is it a distant past, before the world has even come into being?
Mog: Spacetime has doubled and twisted on itself. The past and future are tangled together as one, kupo.
Serah: The paradox is affecting spacetime itself.
Noel: Right, and we to find out what's causing this. Okay...


Serah: It looks like an Oracle Drive
Noel: Yeah.
Yeul: Stop
Serah: Huh?
[The Oracle Drive's light hits Serah.]
Noel: Serah?
[Image of Lightning reunited with Serah]
Serah: Lighting?
[The scene alters to one without Lightning.]
Serah: My memories...They're real...aren't they? But how can they be?
[The image ends]
Serah: The prophecy...It's been changed!
Noel: But, that's impossible.
[The image changes to Caius]
Caius: If you change the future, you change past.
Serah: It keeps changing?
Caius: Change is the constant.
[Caius enters the timeline.]
Noel: Caius
Yeul: I have seen you. I have seen you both.
Noel: Yeul!?
Serah: What? You mean the seeress?
Yeul: I am not the Yeul you know.
Noel: But...
Caius: You must understand. There are many Yeuls.
Noel: Caius...
Serah: Wait. I saw you. My sister was fighting you.
Noel: What are you doing here in this time?
Caius: I learned of your journey, leaping back and forth long the timeline. Yeul has been watching everything you do.
Noel: No, she's been watching us?
Caius: Yes. I see you understand the significance of that. Then you must also understand that I am here for a reason. Your actions have necessitated the strictest sanctions.
Serah: Hey, hold for a second. What do you mean "sanctions"?
Caius: I must protect the sanctity of the timeline.
Noel: Caius!
[Boss: Caius]
Caius: Face your fear! You shall pay for your crimes in blood.
[Unleashes barrages, knocking Serah and Noel down.]
Noel: Stop this, Caius. I am not going to fight you.
Caius: Times have changed. I am not the Caius you once knew. To change history is a sin.
[Before Caius can land the death blow...]
Yeul: It's too late. The timeline has already changed.
[Caius bows before Yeul]
Caius: But, must we accept this, Yeul?
Yeul: If you change the future, you change the past. You can remold history as your heart desires.
Caius: Let's go now, before you are made to witness more. Come.
[Caius takes Yeul away.]
Noel: Yeul...
Mog: Kupo...An artefact, kupo!
Noel: What does Caius want?
Serah: Noel...That man, Caius. Who is he, exactly? I've seen his face my dream.
Noel: I thought I recognized him. But I don't think he's the man I used to know. He couldn't be here...not in this time.
[Once at the gate...]
Noel: She was the same. The same face, the same voice. But even so...She didn't know me at all.
Serah: You mean Yeul?
Noel: Yes. Well, no questions?
Serah: Seems to me that if I ask, you'd have a hard time trying to answer. I know what it feels like, not being able to explain how you feel. So I won't ask.
Noel: Thanks, Serah. We'll talk about it soon.
Serah: Sure.


Serah (Narrator): Lightning, Noel and I traveled to Oreba. You wouldn't believe how much happened to us there. We found a prophecy that the seeress of the Farseers has recorded. We saw a young girl called Yeul, just like the seeress. And we met a man named Caius...The man you were fighting in my dream. I guess what worries me the most, though, is that Noel looks sad---sadder than I've ever seen him. And there's something else, too. The strange thing that both Caius and Yeul said...about the past. 'If you change the future, you change the past.' I'm afraid of what that might mean for us. When Noel and I solved the paradox, we changed the future. Does that mean the past of Hope and the others has also changed?


Yeul: Welcome home.
Mog: Kupo!?
Noel: How did you...?
Serah: Yeul...Did you come through the gate, too?
Yeul: The one you met was a different Yeul, a Yeul from the future.
Serah: What?
Noel: So, you don't know me, either?
Yeul: I know about you. I've been watching you both.
Serah: You can see the future, right?
Yeul: I can trace the timeline. I see the future, and lead others along the correct path. I came here to confirm something I already know. You and I are the same
Serah: What do you mean?
Yeul: You, too, can show others the way.
[Yeul walks off.]
Serah: Wait, I don't get it. How are we the same?
Noel: It looks like Yeul lives in this time, too
Serah: Noel, are you okay?
Noel: Yeah. It was just so..unexpected. Threw me for a loop
Serah: She said I was the same as her. I wonder what she mean by that?
Noel: She also said you can 'show others the way'.
Serah: It sounded like I'm supposed to do something. Like a mission or destiny?
Noel: Maybe your job is to show us the true timeline.
Serah: You mean like what I'm doing now? Changing the future and all that?


Serah (Narrator): In a world where the paradox was solved, the eclipse never darkened the sky in the first place. No one remembered that Noel and I had been here. But even so, Hope was there, waiting for us. Of course, his memories had changed. We had our ten-year reunion all over again, as if out last meeting had never happened. When we explained his memory had changed because the paradox has been dissolved...Hope believed us without question. And then...
Hope: I have something I want to show you.

[Image of Lighting's fight with Caius.]

Serah: It is Lightning
Hope: This is a recording of the future. We're unable to identify the location or circumstances. There is one thing we are sue about, however. And remember, we don't know what era this is. Lightning is alive in that place. In my memory, Lightning disappeared after the battle with Orphan. But she's living somewhere in the future.
Serah: So it's not just a dream, is it?
Hope: She's out here.
Serah: Then I'm going to find her.
Hope: And you will find her, Serah. After all you, you traveled through time and found me. Many years of research have finally bore fruit. It all began with the Oracle Drive. We excavated it from ruins many centuries old......yet it recorded an image of Cocoon supported on a pillar of crystal. It was an impossibility, an enigma. Impossible...but a reality nonetheless. This is when I learned what I must do. If it was possible to journey through time and look into the future.....then it must also be possible to travel backwards and change the past. I wanted to change history, make things better. Not just bring Lightning back. But Vanille, and Fang..and my mother.
Serah: So that's what your research was about.
Hope: Chasing the impossible, you might say. But you've made me realized something. It's clear to me now we are not the only ones who are intervening in history. The past has already been changed. Serah, you are the only one who remembers a time when Lightning survived the fall of Cocoon...
Alyssa: Director!
[More footage, showing Cocoon's fall.]
Noel: Caius!
Alyssa: What happened? Did the prophecy get rewritten?
Hope: Not necessarily rewritten. It could be the original prophecy, rest as it once was. Perhaps a continuation of the first recording.
Serah: If this is showing us the future, that someday Cocoon will fall. Noel, you told me in your time Cocoon didn't exist like it does now.
Noel: Yeah, It came to ground long before I was born. After it happened, the whole world fell apart pretty much.
Serah: But who made it fall? Could it have been Caius?
Noel: No. He couldn't
Alyssa: When is Cocoon supposed to fall? How many years? Is it soon?
Noel: No. Not for a couple of centuries
Alyssa: Oh, that's a lone time from now. I mean, none of us'll even be alice to see it.
Serah: But others will. Cocoon will fall into Grand Pulse. Imagine the catastrophe. Think how many lives will be destroyed
Noel: Right. That's the future I lived .
Serah: It doesn't have to happen. Noel, we can change the future. We can stop Cocoon from falling and make your world a better place.
Alyssa: Yeah, but how? You think you can go to the time when it falls and hold it up yourselves? Do you even have a gate to take you there?
Serah: Well, we..
Hope: It might not be necessary to travel to the specific time and place.
Noel: How so?
Hope: The future depends on what we do now, right? Yes, there is a chance Cocoon will fall, but we can start working now to prevent it from happening.
Noel: Right. But what if you can't, Hope?
Hope: We can at least work to mitigate the damage. If we begin our research now, we have time. Then, should Cocoon indeed fall, we can help protect the planet and save the victims.
Noel: Okay, let's do it. We can try to solve things at other end, in the future...While you start preparing in the here and now.
Hope: Yes. Let's change the change the future?
Serah: If you change the future...
Hope: Serah?
Serah: It's nothing. Hope, thank you for the help.
Hope: Time will separate us, but we share a common goal.


Lighting (Voice): Hope dreamed of changing the past. The weight of history drove him forward. But now, he's turns to face the future, a future even more frightening than the past. Serah, do you believe, too? Do you believe in your own past?


Serah: Noel, we can change the future, can't we?
Noel: We can, and we will. Then we can go back to homes that we've made safe.
Serah (Narrator): Lightning, thanks to Hope, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. He told us that if we solve the paradox, we can save the future. Meanwhile, in his own way, and in his own time, Hope is working towards the same goal

Together, we can can keep Cocoon safe. And if we do, then I know......I'll be able to bring you home. I believe this with all my heart.

[No sooner did Serah and Noel leave, then Yuel dies wit Caius holding her.]
Caius: How many times must I see this?
Episode 3, Part 2[edit]
Lighting (Voice): Each reunion is like a twist of the knife. The joy is ephemeral; it leaves fear in its wake...A fear that all too soon the time will come when you must bid farewell again. Yet you cannot help but long for the next encounter. Humanity's great frailty...We prefer past happiness to future uncertainty.
Noel: So this is what the end of the world looks like.
Serah: Are they going to destroy the planet?
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: I don't know. But if the world does future should never have happened .Which means there must be a way to
[Serah collapses]
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Serah? What is it?
Yeul (Voice): The daughters of the sundered cocoon are sacrificed to beasts that warp time itself.
Noel: Serah?
Serah: The pillar crumbles to ashen sand, and down to earth the cocoon does fall
Noel: What? Serah...Serah? Serah!
[Serah sees Snow being killed.]
Serah: No! (runs off)
Noel: Wait! Serah! What's wrong? What did she see? Was it a vision? Does Serah have the sam power as Yeul? But why? Why did she react the way she did?


Snow: Serah!
Serah: Snow! Is that really you? I-I can't believe it!
Snow: Serah? Am I dreamin' again? Dream or not, you gotta get outta here!
[Noel arrives]
Serah: Thanks, Noel!
[Snow runs to Noel's side.]
Snow: I'll give you a hand!
Noel: No! I'll hold it off, you get outta here!
Snow: Hey, you kiddin'? With Serah watching? I don't think so.
Noel: Fine. We'll do it together!
[Boss: Royal Ripeness]
Snow: Get close. I'll cover you!
Noel: Don't be a fool.
Snow: C'mon on, trust me!
[Blocks Royal Ripness's attack]
Snow: Not bad, eh?
Noel: This jelly bean's ticking me off!
Snow: C'mon all together! Now!
Noel: With ya!
Snow: Yeah, do it!
[Snow chucks Noel into the air]
Noel: See if you like this?
[As Noel attacks from above, Snow lets looses a punch.]
Noel: Serah!
Snow: Shoot
Serah: Got it! Hit!
Snow: Yeah!
[Royal Ripness breaks into hundreds of Miniflans. However the Miniflans gather back together.]
Snow: It just won't stay dead!
Noel: Let's go!
Snow: Yeah. We'll hit while it's down and...
Noel: No! I mean, we get out of here! Look, that way!
Serah: Come on, Snow. Let's go.
Snow: Hey, Serah.
[Once safe...]
Noel: Listen. Hotheads who can't back down don't last long on this planet.
Snow: Maybe. But sometimes, you've gotta make a stand.
Noel: You're not listening to me. Human aren't strong. They die easy.
Snow: Well, some of us are tougher than other. Anyway, thanks for the help. You got a name?
Serah: Er...This is Noel. And this is Snow. We're getting married!
Snow: It's on hold for now.
Serah: Yeah...
Noel: You know, somehow I didn't expect you to be such a hothead. All I hear is what a great guy Snow is. And look where you are, all the way in the future.
Snow: I'm sorry, who's the hothead? What were you thinkin', bringing Serah out here?
Serah: Listen, Snow...
[After explainations...]
Serah: ...And that's how we got here.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Now it's you turn. Why did you up and leave Serah? What are you doing, fighting here in the future?
Snow You really want to know?
Noel: I asked, didn't I?
Snow: Lightning appeared in my dreams, too. Can you believe it?
Serah: You saw Lightning?
Snow: She told me to protect Cocoon. So I started jumping through time, checking things out. I learned that the jelly bean back there knocks Cocoon down.
Noel: You mean the flan we just fought. According to the stories I heard, back in my own time, Cocoon was brought down by war.
Snow: Well, there's more than just one cause. Did'ya see what it was doin', that flan? It's melting the crystal of the pillar, bit by bit.
Serah: But Vanille and Fang, they're inside it.
Snow: Yeah. So Cocoon starts to get unstable. People fell the tremors and begin to panic. Next thing you know, everyone's fightin' each other.
Noel: It's consistent with what I know...sort of.
Serah: I can't believe Lightning appeared in your your dream as well. She told you to protect Cocoon's pillar, so she must want you to save Vanille and Fang.
Snow: Like I said, sometimes you've gotta make a stand. I don't have a choice. My mission is to stop that thing for good.
Serah: Hope confirmed it for us. He said Lightning is alive
Snow: Okay, no way. You met Hope. Well, if he says she's doing all right, you've got nothing to worry about. He's a smart kid. Listen Serah. I've got an idea. How about putting your search on hold for a spell. Right now, it's Fang and Vanille who really need our help.
Noel: And if the pillar continues to be damaged like, this, Cocoon will start to wobble and shake.
Serah: We have do something about that flan. Hope told us to try and protect Cocoon. I think that's what my sister would want, too.
Noel: None of this makes sense. There's thousands of flan appearing out of nowhere, and they're fusing and creating a beast that shouldn't exist.
Serah: Could it be a paradox?
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: If it is, we'll need to do some traveling to fix it.
Snow: Which means you've gotta find an artefact first
Serah (Narrator): Lightning, did you meet Snow in his dreams? Is there a reason why you only talk to us when we sleep. Snow hasn't changed one bit, even though it's been years since I last saw him. He's still as hotheaded as the day we said good bye. It makes me so mad. But it's a relief, too. I've been caught up in the fate of the world. It's feels good to worry about the simple stuff. Being with Snow helped me forget about what the future might hold.


Serah: There are so many little flan. Where are they all going to?
Snow: We follow them straight to the artefact. Well, maybe.
Noel: It could happen. They may be drawn by the spacetime disturbance. Let's find out.
[After following the Miniflan and defeating them, Mog gives Serah the artefact]
Serah: Thank you, Mog.
Snow: He's a weird little critter. Looks like he stepped right out of Nautilus. Hey there, feller.
Serah: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. He's like a theme park mascot.
Noel: What's a theme park?
Serah: Well, it's a place where people go to just go on rides and have fun.
Mog: Kupo.
Serah: I guess you only have them when times are peaceful and prosperous. Not like where you're from.
Snow: Where do you come from, anyway?
Noel: A place doesn't have much in the way of fun or civilization. That's where I'm from.
Snow: Kind of reminds me of Vanile and Fang.
Serah: Yeah

Snow: Come to think of it, he's a lot like 'em.

Noel: Really? How so?
Serah: They were born on Gran Pulse, just like you. Back then, on Cocon, that was really unusual.
Noel: We have things in common.
Snow: I'll make sure to introduce them to you. One of these days.
[Once at the time gate]
Serah: We have to do this. We can't afford to fail. If we don't find a way to defeat that flan...
Snow: Hey, don't get too wound up now. People start to make mistake when they stress out too much. If you know
Serah: Yeah, maybe you're right.
Snow: Okay. Let's do this!
Noel: If you want to try, be my guest.
Serah: What do mean?
Noel: For every road, there's a different gate. If you try to use a gate that's meant for someone else, well...

[Snow hits a barrier around the gate.]

Noel: See?
Serah: Does that mean Snow can't come with us?
Noel: Yep. He stays.
Snow: Guess I drew the short strwa.
Noel: And don't you do anything foolish behind ou back, like trying to take on giant flan single-handed.
Serah: Yeah. You behave yourself, or else. You go it. I'm serious, Snow.
Snow: I'll be good.
[Once Serah and Noel are gone...]
Snow: And...back to business


[On Grand Pulse in an unknown year...]
Serah: A beast that can swallow dozens of Flan in one go? Noel, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Noel: If there are flan here......I'll bet you my favorite bow that there's some connection to the giant flan back in Sunleth.
Serah: Maybe the flan are being swallowed by the monster here are being sent through time to Sunleth.
Noel: It's a definite possibility
Serah: So we should check it, right?
[They see Faeryl sucking Miniflan in.]
Noel: Look. There's no other explanation. They're being sucked into a time rift.
Serah: And then, they're reappear back at Sunleth.
Noel: Right. If we can take down this beast, we can stop the flan from getting any bigger.
[After killing Faeryl, obtaining the artefact it swallowed...]
Serah: Do you think this will fix the paradox?
Noel: Yes. Now let's head back before Snow gets himself into more trouble.
Serah: Why, are you worried about him?
Noel: What? No, I just figured you'd be itching to see him
Serah: If there's one thing I know about Snow, it's that he's as tough as a behemoth. I don't worry too much when he's off on his own.
Noel: You know, I couldn't do what you two do. Staying apart and doing your own thing, even though you love each other. You never know when someone might disappear from your life. Take it from me, you have to make every moment count.
Serah: Noel..
Noel: But it's okay. I believe we can change our fate. If I didn't, I wouldn't be here.


[At the Collessuem]
???: Travelers of the Void Beyond. What are you seeking in this bloodstained place of war?
Serah: Who said that?
Noel: That guy!
???: My domain exists outside the march of time. It is unseen and unknown, beyond life and death. Until the day the bell of the goddess tolls, this realm welcomes not the living. Begone from here. You bring naught but calamity. My hall already plays host to an omen of time-shattering misfortune.
Serah: An omen of misfortune? Something that doesn't belong here.
Noel: Okay, then. We'll make you a deal!
???: Begone, I say! Heed my words...Or face judgement at my hands
Noel: You want this omen gone from here, right? Give it to us, and we'll leave you and your realm in peace. What do you say to that?
[The being fades, leaving an artefact behind.]
???: Take it, and leave this place! The Day of Reckoning has not yet come.
Noel: Job well done, I guess.
Serah: Yeah, and Snow will be waiting.
Noel: I hope he's still okay back there......but I bet won't waiting by the gate for us.
Serah: No, I suppose not. He's just like my sister. Always just charging.
Noel: Charging ahead into an early grave. He acts like he's everyone's boss, just marches ahead and never things how much danger he's putting himself in. Idiots like that, they're all the same. Their heads in the clouds thinking self-sacrifice can somehow save everyone. But people die anyway.
Serah: Noel, I hope you don't get yourself killed.
Noel: Huh?
Serah: After all, you risked your life a lot of times. To help me, I mean
Noel: But I an tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I'm not like Snow.
Serah: I didn't say you
Noel: He just took off and left you alone. He did what he wanted. Didn't care who he left behind, or who he hurt.
Serah (Narrator): I understand why Snow made Noel so angry. Once upon a time, someone Noel loved left him behind. It hurt him almost more than he could bare. It still does. He didn't have to tell me. the pain on his face made it clearer than words ever could.


[Once they return to Sunleth -300AF-...]
Serah: Huh? Where's Snow?
Noel: I knew. He's gone off to fight on his own.

[They two find Snow fighting Mutantomato, the reduced Royal Ripness.]

Serah: Snow! That's enough!
Noel: You really don't know when to quit!

[Boss Fight: Mutantomato. Soon after...]

Snow: Looks like I needed the cavalry after all.Maybe going solo ws a bad idea
Noel: You know you had no chance of winning. Why did you even try?
Snow: Fang and Vanille, I guess. I knew it was stupid. But the pillar is getting' eaten away, bit by bit. I can't just stand by and watch. Not when those two are in danger.
Noel: You couldn't just sit still and wait for help? Typical!
Snow: Hey, I do what I do, all right?
Noel: You're the worst of them all. I hate your kind! You think your everyone's protector-everyone's-but who do you save, really? Do you even realize how useless you are!? Do you realize what you do to the people you're supposed to protect!?
Snow: Now wait just a damn minute. You've been looking after Serah. and back in your own time, you protected your village and your friends. Am I wrong? Seems to me, you and I are pretty much the same.
Noel: No! don't get it. You don't know anything. You're wrong, we're not the same. I couldn't protect anyone.
Snow: Noel...You know what, forget it. Maybe you're right. But you've gotta survive. Because if you don't, then neither will anyone you love. Listen, I'm sorry I charged in on my own.
Noel: Snow.
Snow: I guess what I'm sayin' is, you keep looking after Serah for me, okay?
[Snow starts to fade.]
Noel: Huh? Snow? What's happening!?
Snow: My time is up.
Serah: No, wait! But we resolve the paradox!
Noel: Maybe that's the reason. The timeline is correcting itself. Things that don't belong in this era are disappearing. Snow is a contradiction. He comes from a past that no longer exists.
Serah (grabbing Snow): No! Stop it! I won't let you go!
Snow: Sorry, Serah. I can't be with you here.
Serah: No! Please don't leave me! I can't lose you over and over.
Snow: It'll be okay. Heroes never die.
Serah: A l'Cie brand...But how?
Snow: See ya.
[With that, Snow is gone.]
Serah: Why did he have the brand? Who made Snow a l'Ce? Why?
Noel: He might not have been forced. Maybe it was something he asked for it.
Serah: Not in a million years! Who would be insane and stupid enough to
Noel: What if you needed to protect someone? And you could only do that with the power of l'Cie.
Serah: But, everyone knows that happens to l'Cie! Succeed or fail, they're doomed.
Noel: Snow only cares about the people he's trying to prtotect. Damn the consequences, damn himself. 'If it means helping my friends, I'll gladly become a l'Cie.' Sounds like something he'd say?
Serah: And hate him for that?
Noel: Yes, I hate him. But...I understand him, too.
Serah: That's it. I've decided. Snow is always putting himself in danger trying to save others. So, I'm going save him. When I became a l'Cie, he did everything he could to help me. Now, it's my turn. I swear, I won't stop until I find him again.
Noel: Okay. And I'll make sure you do. He asked me to look after you,
Lightning (Voice): When two people part and go their separate ways, their memories split as well. Some people wish they could go back and be be together like before. Others look forward to the day they can meet again. Serah, the future is yours. Follow your path. Don't stop now.
[Once Serah and Noel are gone...]
Caius: Yeul. Will you allow this?
Yeul: It is not for me to decide.

[Ending up in the Void Beyond]

Serah: Is this where I think it is?
Noel: What? You mean Valhalla?
Serah: Could Lightning be here?
Noel: No. Something's different. This isn't Valhalla. It looks like it , sure. But it's not the same.
Mog: This is the rift between gate and gate. It's the Void Beyond, kupo!
Serah: So, are you saying we're lost?
Mog: Kupo...
Serah: Great...Well...I need a break. Finding my sister isn't gonna be easy.
Noel: We had a legend back home, about a goddess...
Serah: Huh?
Noel: We hunters passed the story down from father to son. It gave us strength when times were tough.
Serah: What was it?
Noel: 'Never give up, for the goddess Etro watches always, and helps those who help themselves'.
Serah (giggles): It's not much of a legend really, is it? It sounds more like common sense to me.
Noel: Yeah. But when the going get rough, you don't need anything complicated, just a reminder to stick things out. Let's just keep telling ourselves that every time we go through a gate, we're getting closer to Lightning. Sound good?
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Sounds good.
Noel: Say, Serah. You remember when you told me that you saw Lightning and me in a dream?
Serah: Yeah?
Noel: Are you still having them?
Serah: No. The last time I saw Lightning was the night become we met. Although, I've had lots of dreams about what happened the next day.
Noel: Okay.
Serah: Why do you ask?
Noel: I was just curious.
Serah: Hmmm. All right, my turn. I want to know about Yeul.
Noel: I don't know anything about either of the Yeuls you met.
Serah: What do you mean? She could be a time traveler, right? Just like you and me and Snow.
Noel: I don't think so. She's like a reincarnation, a new Yeul born over and over. In each generation of the Farseers, a girl with the same, the same power is born. That girl is always called Yeul
Serah: So you're saying, every age we travel to, there's a a different Yuel waiting. A Yeul from Oerba, and aYeul from Yaschas Massif...
Noel: But they're all different--and neither are the Yuel I knew. Although, it took me a long time to actually start believing it.
Mog: Kupo...
Serah: Noel, I've been thinking. If we keep traveling through time, and resolving paradoxes and changing history...Doesn't that mean the future you come from will change along with everything else?
Noel: Perhaps it'll become a future where I never existed.
Serah: Is that possible?
Noel: Sure it is. But it's okay if it does. There's too much sadness in my world, your future. It'd be better if it never happened at all. Well, come on, let's go. We've got a date with Lightning, remember?
Serah: Yeah.
Noel: Okay
Mog: Kupo!
Extra Episode: Prepetual Battlefield[edit]
Arbiter of Time: From the farthest reaches of time they come, guided by paradox. Souls, burning for battle, drawn to this arena of blood. Unleash every weapon at your command, and seize victory! Wandering hero of the Void, speak your name!
[Arriving, Gilgamesh is about to introduce himself when...]
Snow: Oh yeah! Snow Villers is here!
Gilgamesh: What? You! My introduction! I can't believe you ruined it!
Snow: Heh, sorry. Got bored of waitin'
Gilgamesh: You'll pay for that! Prepared to be thrashed! For you face the mighty Gilgamesh!
Snow: You the guy that collects weapons. I got a fist for you right here!
Gilgamesh: Come, then!
[Snow charges while dodging Gilgamesh's gunfire]
Snow: You aim sucks!
Gilgamesh: We shall see! Perhaps you extra arms!
[Snow grabs the missile and throws it back at its owner]
Snow: Was that a joke? Ice one!
[Gilgamesh gets the upper hand until...]
Lightning: Off your game, hero?
Gilgamesh: That's not fair! I was winning!
Arbiter of Time: Warriors seeking to claim supremacy gather from beyond the continuum Now is the time for glory!
[Ultros arrives]
Ultros: I'll octo-punch any one who gets in my way! After all, I am an octopus! Mr. Typhon, come on down!
Typhon: Fugaa!
Arbiter of Time: The universe stretches into infinity! What life can survive its expanse? Dare you face the envoy of the stars?
[The Pupu and Omega show up.]
Arbiter of Time: Those lost to the shadows of history, will defy reality and be reborn!
[Jihl Nabaat arrives with her PSICOM Wardens]
Snow: You can't be!?
Nabaat: What do you suppose I am? A ghost made flesh? A servant of chaos? I am your waking nightmare!
Lightning: A puppet of the fal'Cie?
Amodar: You gonna call me that, too? Is that any way to talk to your commanding officer? Maybe I need to reteach you your basic training.
Snow: Well, looks everyone's here.
Lightning: Not everyone
Arbiter of Time: Behold! Travelers of the timeline, come to join this fateful contest!
[Serah and Noel arrive to join the fray.]
Noel: This is my lucky day. I've been waiting for this chance!
Serah: Hope you're ready, Sis!
Arbiter of Time: A battle unlike any seen in history looms bloody on the horizon! Prepare yourselves, warriors of time. Prove is the strongest among you!
[The One you Love match, versus Snow.]
Snow: So, are you sure? Are we really gonna do this?
Noel: Second thoughts?
Snow: She's my fiancee!
Serah: I want you to...I want you too see just how strong I've become since I started looking out for myself.
Snow: Alight, fine. If that's how you feel, I'll give it my best shot. Bring it on!
[Final match...]
Arbiter of Time: Foolish children of Man. The crime you commit is grievous indeed.
[turns into energy that surges to the sky and reforms into his true form, Valodr]
Valodr: The Arbiter of Time serves the goddess of death in all her merciless splendor. All moral stand as equals when they receive their ultimate judgement. Only the most powerful is chosen to pass the sentence. Your sin is your arrogance. Such hubris, to think you could challenge me! Drown in seas of blood, writhe in infernal flame, and suffer eternal torment! Your punishment awaits!
[After defeating Valodr...]
Arbiter of Time: Travelers of time. Your skill at arms is unrivaled. You have earned the right to dec;are yourselves the ultimate victors. Go now. May the light of your spirits guide the progress of time, and give rise to a new future.
[The Arbiter fades.]
Serah: You can't come with us?
Snow: I'd love to, but...

[A dark mist emerges from Snow]

Serah: What is that? Are you okay?
Snow: Don't worry. It doesn't hurt at all, but it won't let go either.
Noel: So, is that why you can't get of here?
Snow: Yeah, looks like. It's not easy being popular, you know
Noel: It might not be friendly. Have toy done anything bad lately? Cross anyone?
[Serah sees Yuel]
Snow: What's up?
Serah:'s nothing
Snow: Anywho, that's the way it is. I gotta stay.
Serah: Snow...
Snow: But hey, I'll be back. Just...gimme me some time
Serah: Okay then. But listen, if you take too long getting home...If I get tired of all this waiting... I'm coming to get you.
Snow: Heh, that's my girl

[Gilgamesh, Ultros, Typhon, and the Pupus]

Snow: I guess until you come to collect me, I'll be hanging out with these guys.
Serah: Huh? So while we're saving the world, you've gonna hang out ad play?
Snow: Opps. Busted
Serah: Snow!
[Everyone laughs]
Snow: See ya soon...I hope.
Episode 4[edit]
Lightning (Voice): The power to influence the future...The power to alter destiny... Such an ability may, if one was not careful, change a person's fate for the worse. Such power was never meant for mortal man. There are none who possess the wisdom to wield it. Serah, you must seek out your own answers as you waver at the edge of despair.


Computer: Two entities from different times cannot coexist. If this were to occur, history would be infused with contradictions. This would lead to a distortion causing the entire world to collapse. The Subjects require further analysis. Hypothesis: Their existence has initiated a distortion in history...and the entities are a living paradox.
Noel: I'm not very good with all this fancy machinery. What's going on here exactly?
Serah: The system that controls this facility has been hacked by someone from the outside. Wherever they are, they're trying to use the network in an attempt to override the system somehow.
Noel: So basically, some bad guy snuck in and took over the tower? Well, there's an easy solution for that. We just need to find him and solve this whole problem. Case closed.
Serah: The security system's been hacked, too, so the security bots are just pieces of metal. And, I don't think the person behind this is actually physically here.
Noel: Hmm...
Serah: It seems like culprit isn't even in this time at all. They're accessing the system from somewhere in the future.
Noel: Lucky for us, we have the means to get here. Let's give them a piece of our mind! Come on!
[after fixing things...]
Noel: And our work here is done. No more intrusion from the future, right?
Serah: It looks like we're safe. The network's back up and running.
Noel: We never got to find out who was behind this whole thing, did we?
Serah: Yeah, I don't know who it could be. Who would go through all the trouble to take control of a tower from the future without a demand of some sort?
Noel: It really makes you wonder what they were after, huh?
Computer: Analysis complete. Due to actions taken by the Subjects, a possible future has ben deleted from the timeline. The Subjects pose a serious threat. For the security of future operations, precautionary countermeasures are being initiated. Subjects will be eliminated.


[Arriving in Academia -400 AF-]
Noel: Wow. How do you build something like this?
Serah: A little bit at a time, I guess. It probably took a lot of people working together over decades, maybe centuries, o make this city what it is now.
Noel: They had a vision for the future, and it grew from there, huh? You know what, Serah? I used to think the only way to make a better future was to change something right way, in the here and now. But creating something for people to build on, that's not a bad idea. Right? Even if it can't be completed in one lifetime, it's still worth starting.If you believe that someone in the next generation will take up the same ideal, then the dream lives on.
Serah: That sounds like Hope's way.
Noel: I wish she could've see it.
Serah: Yeul, you mean? She's very special to you, isn't her?
Noel: She was. But I couldn't protect her.
[After an object scans Serah, detecting where her l'Cie was, people suddenly transform into Cieth]
Serah: Noel!
Noel: Who did this?
Serah: Not human, only fal'Cie have this power.
Noel: We gotta stop it.

Noel: All, right, all right. We give up. We won't fight anymore. so why don't you show yourself. Caius..
"Caius": Pretend to capitulate and buy yourself time. It's not a bad strategy
Noel: You've got no reason to fight me, Caius.
"Caius": Wrong. You are the enemy. You are contradictions in the timeline. I have every reason to eliminate you. Two hundred years ago, you learned the forbidden history, and were entombed in that tower as a consequence. But now you stand before me, alive and will once again. What can can that be, if not a paradox?
Serah: Towers and forbidden histories? What's he talking about? Could it be something from the future?
Noel: Could be. Maybe at some point we travel two hundred years before this time, and encounter Caius. But I don't plan on letting him kill us
"Caius": There is no mistake. You ate one and the same. A distortion. A contradiction.
Noel: Caius, this isn't like you. If we're in your way, why not just stop us yourself?
"Caius": A fitting sacrifice was required for you to comprehend your transgressions. To that end, I enlisted some...assistance.
[Summons more Cie'th]
Noel: Serah
Serah: Right.
Computer: Threat level 'Omega'.
Noel: They're killing everyone? But why? Why would you do that?
Serah: Coccon's fal'Cie were like that too. They wouldn't think twice about sacrificing human life.

[The two attempt to take cover, but Caius uses his powers to have a flying destroy a bridge.]

"Caius" (Voice): You have seen the true history. I cannot let you escape.
Noel: True history? Which part was that?
Serah: He thinks we're his enemies, because of something that happened in the past. So, we travel back in time and find out why.
Noel: You mean, go back 200 hundred years and look for this tower. Okay, let's find a gate and figure it out.


[Serah and Noel see Yeul as she is attacked by a Cocytus. After saving her...]
Noel: Yeul! Are you okay?
[Without warning, Yeul is grabbed from above by Zenobia's tentacle and flung to the side as the Cieth jumps down.]
Serah:: Noel?!
[Enraged, Noel runs at Zenobia. After defeating Zenobia, Noel runs to Yeul. However...]
Serah: Noel, look out

[Serah disables the tendrils.]

Serah: Noel!
Noel: I've got it!

[Noel stabs Zenobia, killing it before reaching Yuel]

Noel: Yeul! Yuel, why?
Yeul: I saw death. If I were to live, it would bring contradiction the timeline.
Noel: But why!?
Serah: It's because of us. Just like Caius said. We're causing a paradox. Because of that, Yeul has to...She has to...
Yeul: Caius? Caius is not here.
Serah: You mean, he's not here in the city?
Noel: Yeul, hold on. Please!
Yeul: Noel, I am not the Yeul you once knew. But thank you.
[she dies]
Noel: For the love of Etro, don't thank me....An artefact from Yeul.
Serah: She's showing us the way
Noel: Yeah.
[Augesta Tower]
Serah: Yeul wanted us to come here.
Noel: The gates link places and eras that are connected somehow. Do you remember the forbidden history, the one Caius was talking about? I'll bet we'll find some clues here.
Serah: Could this be the tower?
[Access computer.]
Datanet: Welcome to the Academy Datanet. The Proto fal'Cie Project was begun in 13 AD, under the direction of the Academy. The objective was to develop an artificial fal'Cie, in order to re-levitate Cocoon. The project was proposed by Alyssa Zaidelle, and directed by Hope Estheim.
Serah: Do you realized what this means? The Academia fal'Cie must have been built be Hope.
Noel: He needed the power to float Cocoon
Serah: Vanille and Fang...he did it all for them
Noel: But then Caius took control of the artificial fal'Cie. And we need t find out why.
[Another image]
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Was that us, from before? This machine can show different era
Noel: He might have been watching us from here the whole time.
Serah: Do you mean Caius?
Noel: If that's who he really was. The Caius we met in Academia seemed different to me I don't think he was the real Caius.
Serah: How could you tell?
Noel: We used to spend a lot of time together. We were both Guardians. Warriors who are charged with protecting the seeress. Although I was young back then, just starting out. Anyway, he took off, left me and Yeul on our own. I couldn't protect her, not by myself. Then, when it was just me left, a portal appeared. I when though it, and next thing I knew I was in Valhalla.
Serah: You met them there, didn't you? My sister...and Caius.
Noel: I don't know why I keep running into him wherever I go. But I know he wouldn't sacrifice the seeress. It's not in him There's no way he'd allow Yuel to come to harm.
Serah: Well, we've got to find him. Yeul brought us, and have to help.
Noel: Yeah.
[As they are about to go...]
Noel: Not again..
Serah: What's wrong?
Noel: I'm missing some of my memories. I'm tying to think about what happened after Caius left us, but I can't remember how Yeul died. But I remember her face. I remember it like it was yesterday.


Serah: Hey, that girl. Isn't that Alyssa? What's she's doing in this time period?
Noel: She does look like Alyssa, but it can't be her. Let's find out fur sure.
"Alyssa": Nice to you.
Serah: 'Nice to meet you'? She doesn't know who we are. I guess she's not Alyssa after all
"Alyssa": Alyssa?
Noel: We used to know a girl who who looked like you, but that was a long time ago now.
"Alyssa": Ah, my apologies. I must recalibrate my previous greeting It appears that you are acquainted with the Original.
Noel: Original?
"Alyssa": I am a duplicate of the Alyssa Zaidelle entity. My design is based on her biophysical data.
[She disappears]
Noel: How'd she?

[She reappears.]

Serah: She's a machine!
"Alyssa": A fabricated life form...or a living machine, the semantics are irrelevant.
Noel: Alyssa, you haven't had any other visitors recently, have you? Like someone called Caius, for example
"Alyssa": The Caius entity came through recently, accompanied by a greed-eyed girl .They were proceeding to the top of tower.
Noel: Yeul as well? Why is she here?

--- [After fighting their way, learning the truth of the Academy being taken over by the AI...]

"Alyssa": You two have seen it now. You've seen the forbidden thistory. Peple who know too much have to buried.
[The elevator stops.]
Serah: It stopped moving.
Noel: Hm. Looks like they closed the door on us. Well, now we've seen the forbidden history. Does that mean we're stuck here for good?
Serah: Do you remember what Caius said? In his memory, the next thing that happens is...we die
Noel: That's why he acted the way he did. As far as he was concerned, we supposed to be dead. He was us two hundred years later, assumed it was a paradox and tried to get rid of us.
Serah: But there's a way out. If we can survive now, instead of dying, that will automatically change history. We can save the future.
Noel: Agreed. Alyssa and Hopes fate are in our hands. It's not over yet. Not by a long shot.
[As they take the elevator to the top, a Greater Behemoth jumps in.]
Noel: We're getting close. Let's take it down!
Serah: We can do it. For Hope. For Alyssa. For Academia.
[After defeating Greater Behemoth, they arrive to the top floor.]
Serah: This must be the heart of the system. I know it's a machin, but it seems like it's lmost breathing...
Noel: If what Alyssa was telling us is true, Yeul and Caius should be up here as well.
Serah: But are they with us...or against us...


Noel: Yeul? Are you on your own?
Yeul: I brought you this.
Serah: Why? What should we do with it?
Yeul: You must protect the timeline. I saw you in Oerba. I trust you. I believe in you.
Serah: We're in the same time as when we met in Oerba. So, you're the same Yeul.
Yeul: Yes.
Serah: But, who are you? Who are the Farseers?
Yeul: I am the seereess of the oldest tribe on Pulse. My visions of the future are recorded and stored in Orcle Drive. But long in the past. There is no more need to record the prophecies. I have Caius now
Serah: What do you mean?
Yeul: He is tasked with protecting the seeress and remember her visions. Now and forever,he will remember the entire timeline. Caius, he is beyond death.
Noel: What? You mean he can't die, ever?
Yeul: The seeress possesses the Eye of Etro. And inside Caius beats the Heart of Chaos. The goddess has gifted him the curse of eternity. He is a Guardian and his mission is to protect the seeress. The power to see the future is a terrible weapon. It can turn history into chaos
Serah: But then, I don't understand. Why are you helping us? I mean, you do we're trying to change history, right?
Yeul: History has already been broken. The timeline had been twisted before I met you. The distortion leads to a future of death and destruction. If you change the future, you can change the past and correct the distortions. The miracle that saved Cocoon has already has already been altered. Someone who was meant to survive did not come home
Serah: Someone who meant to survive? You mean my sister? You do, don't you!? You're saying that Lightning shouldn't have disappeared that day...It was because the future was changed. So, if we keep traveling through the gates, and resolve all the paradoxes that are happening...
Noel: Yeah...
Yeul: If you change the future again, the true past will be restored. The past that you still remember, Serah. Together, the two of you can correct the timeline.
Serah: Did you hear that, Noel? We've been doing the right thing all long!
Noel: Yes. Can you tell us something else? Someone has been lying traps for us inside this tower. Do you know who's behind it?
Yeul: Your enemy. It is here inside the tower It has the generated the contradictions that threaten you. The machine is sentient
Noel: Machine!? So the Caius who we met eariler in Academia, he was...
Yeul: An imitation created by the machine.
Serah: And what about the other Caius? the one we saw in the tower.
Yeul: He is real. He brought me here. And when we are finished, he will take me away
Serah:Let's go.
Yeul: Yes, go. And please, let me see a new future.
Noel: We'll do it.
Yeul: Good.
[Once they're gone...]
Yeul: Everyone is smiling This is the future...I wanted to see.

[dies. Caius arrives to take her away, shredding a tear.]

Caius: I shall remember your pain. It will be carved in my heart. Together with the memories of every other Yeul, cursed to die this way.


Serah: I'm worried about Yeul.
Noel: Yeah. But...if we're going to fight, we can't afford to have doubts. She's hoping for a better future, and believes we can make it.
Noel: Look! The fake Caius was sent out from this place.
Serah: But where's the enemy that Yeul warned us about?
[Proto fal'Cie Adam appears.]
Noel: The Proto fal'Cie! So this is what Yeul meant bt 'sentient machine.'
Serah: This thing has been behind everything. It's the one who turned the people in Cie;th...and it's been the one that has been trying to kill us in the tower!

[After destroying Adam...]

Serah: I don't understand, how did the future Proto fal'Cie end up here?
Noel: This place must be like Void Beyond. A crossroads where the future and past intersect.
Serah: And that would enable time travel. Noel do you realized what this means? the Proto fal'Cie could have used this place to travel through time and infiltrate the artificial intellenigence. Then it could have manipulated the AI to kill all the humans into the tower...and build the fal'Cie of Academia's future
Noel: You're saying the Proto fal'Cie too control of AI and ordered it to to build...The Proto fal'Cie. It's a closed loop, a chicken-and-egg paradox.
Serah: Right. A paradox is exactly what it is. The Proto fal'Cie was trying to protect the distortion that gave birth to it.
Noel: And it knew all along that along it was part of the paradox.
Serah: Just a sec! If the Proto fal'Cie can manipulate the past, that means...
[Adam reappears.]
Noel: It can travel back in time and rebuilt itself.
Mog: As long as the crossroads exist, you can not defeat the Proto fal'Cie, kupo.
[As the fight continues, Adam uses his arms to attack from both sides with Serah's weapon knocked from her hands.]
Serah: Mog!
Noel: We gotta stop it!
Serah: Noel!

[Getting her weapon Serah, uses Mog as a lightning rod to asborb the arms' attack]

Noel: Serah, now!
[Fires a charged arrow into Adam, negating its arms.]
Noel: Perfect! Okay, my turn! See how you like...this!

[He stabs Adam before borrowing Mog.]

Noel: Time for you to part away--for good!
[Adam falls]
Noel: Thanks to Mog, huh?
Mog (shocked):Kupo! You guys play rough, kupo!
Noel: You saved the day.
Serah: Yeah, thank you. You did great
[Adam reforms.]
Serah: Not again?
Noel: This is Hope's fault.
Serah: Huh?
Noel: He was the one who tarted building these things. The Proto fal'Cie and AI both. Ah, will you listen me, looking for scapegoats. These fights are really starting to wear
Serah: I don't blame you.
Noel: It's not going to do us any good whining about the mistakes of the past. If we don't stop this thing from regenerating, we're never going to get out of here!
Serah (Thought): The machine is manipulating the past. But then..there's no reason we can't either
Serah: Please. I hope you're watching this. Hope! Can you hear!? I've got a bone to pick with you. These machines you built......are driving me nuts!

[Serah runs at Adam head-long. Only to for it fade as Noel grabs Serah before she falls off the ledge.]

Noel: You did it, Serah.
Serah: But, I didn't do anything. At least, I don't think I did.
[Serah gets a vision of Caius killing them.]
Noel: Serah? Are you all right? Can you hear me?
Serah: Noel...I'm alive?
Noel: Ah, what a relief.
Serah: You worry too much, Noel.
Serah (Narrator): Noel isn't himself these days. I wonder if it's because he can't remember the future. It's understandable. No one want to think they'll forget something...that's important to them.
[After fixing the gate...]
Noel: You know something, when you get mad, you sure do remind me of your sister.
Serah: Careful. She might be watching, you know. I hope we are returning to a better future.
Noel: I'm sure f it.


[They arrive to 4XX AF]
Noel: We did it. We actually did it
Serah: I think Yeul must be happy now.
Noel: This is what you wanted to see, was it?
Hope: Welcome to the future you saved.
Noel: Are they real?
[Mog looks at them.]
Hope: Now is that a polite way to greet old friends? I mean, we haven't seen each in, what, how many years?
Alyssa: It's been all of 390 years. I guess you guys have been busy, huh?


Serah (Narrator): Hope told us that he invented a machine called a time capsule. That's how they got here. Back in 13 AF, Hope devised a plan to build an artificial fal'Cie. It was called the Proto fal'Cie project. He wanted to use the new technology to re-leviatate Cocoon. But then one day, Hope saw a certain prophecy in the Oracle Drive...
Hope: So I activated the Oracle Drive and watched the prophecy. I saw you fighting the Proto fal'Cie. And I saw you screaming out at me. "Your machines are driving me nuts."
Serah: Well, I was getting pretty ticked by that time.
Hope: Well, exactly. So we were forced to reevaluate the project, and eventually abandoned it.
Noel Okay. You saw Serah getting mad at you, so you canceled your project, and then poof, the Proto fal'Cie disappeared. Is that about right? We didn't destroy it so much as it never existed in the first place.
Hope: We were following the wrong path to the future. If the Proto fal'Cie had managed to get control of would have made itself the second Eden, and we'd be back where we began.
Serah: Yeah. It would've been just like how it was on the old Cocoon.
Alyssa: We realized we couldn't let that happen. We had to levitatate Cocoon using
Noel Right. Not to mention that if you had kept with the original plan, your machines would have killed you.
Hope: Really? Then we owe you owe you our lives.
Alyssa: Funny, you lose your temper and the whole future changes.


Hope: Alyssa and I decide to come to the future to observe the Thirteenth Ark, a structure that appears in the sky of this time period.
Serah: That thing that's floating above us now?
Hope: Yes. In the end, we abandoned the idea of restoring the old Cocoon. Instead we planned to build an entirely new shell. Of course, there's still the problem f how to keep such a creation airborne.
Serah: A whole new Cocoon...That's an ambitious plan
Noel: Sure is. And that's why you're here to find out what keep the Ark afloat.
Hope: Exactly. When we learned of the Ark's appearance though the Oracle Drive, we had to come and see it for ourselves.

Noel It won't be long now. Hope and his team are close to raising the new Cocoon. It's hard to believe, but we really are changing.
Serah: Noel, are you worried at all? Caius has tried t interfere before. Maybe he will again.
Noel Remember, the Caius who caused the Cie'th incidient was just an imposter. I wonder why the real one didn't intervene.
Serah: I hope he lets us finish here.
Noel Maybe he will. If that's what it'll take to protect Yeul, then I know he will. I remember, we argued about that very thing, once, and... Did we argue? I-I don't remember...
Serah: Are you memories playing tricks on you again? Noel, something must have happened between you two.
Noel Dammit, I wish I could remember! Not being able to protect Yeul, and being the only one left alive on the planet. And then leaving that place, and traveling to Valhalla--I should know these things.
Serah: I wish there was some way to out. But I wonder, your memories disappearing--Does it have anything to do with the future changing?
[At the Time Gate...]
Hope: Leaving without even a farewell?
Noel What? No, of course not. We were going to drop by and see you before we left.
Alyssa: That's what we figured. Though we'd save you the trip.
Serah: I hope the future turns out like this. A place where we can be happy.
Alyssa: Something, when it looks like all hope is lost, people can turn against each other. They end up full of hate. But really, when they stop and think about it, they're making themselves sad for nothing (sees Hope looking her funny) Director? What are you looking at me like that for?
Hope: Sorry. I was just remembering something. There was a time when I almost lost myself because I had so much hate in me. And then some friends showed me a way out.
Serah: Right. You mean Lightning and Snow.
Hope: It all be back then. I remember, Serah. Weren't you the one who said you wanted to 'save Cocoon'? It was because Snow and Lightning vowed to carry your wishes that we all came together back then. And to this day, Vanille and Fang still keep Cocoon safe.
Noel And, maybe, Lightning does, too
Hope: Yes, but the old ark is almost finished. It will fall. It's going to be hard for many of us to abandon our old home.
Serah: But when you raise the new ark, maybe you can help our friends as well. They won't have to bear the burden of a world anymore. And just maybe, Vanille and Fang will be released from the crystal
Alyssa: That was always in the back of your mind, wasn't it, Director? If we abandon the old Cocoon, maybe you could free your friends. Or am I wrong?
Hope: Well, I...
Alyssa: It's okay. We all knew. We wanted to help anyway.
Hope: I've the great fortune to be helped by many people over the years. Serah and Noel, you are the ones who showed how the future should be. You have us all a motive. You helped make the Academy what it has become
Serah: Well, we got lost a lot. I don't know many time I almost gave up.
Noel Humanity is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. It's part of being human. But we also have the ability to build new future
Hope: Well, as you would say Noel, exactly. Once preparations are complete, we plan to journey ahead one hundred years. I want to be there. I want to see the raising of Cocoon with my own eyes.
Serah: I'm sure we'll meet again, Hope.
Noel And when we do, we'll have Lightning with us.
Alyssa: So, I guess this isn't really good-bye, is it?

[They all shake hands]

Hope: For a new future.

[Noel and Serah leave, with Mog following. But while in Crux...]

Serah: Noel!
Noel Serah!
Episode 5[edit]
Serah: Is this...The Void Beyond? Noel? Mog?
[Serah sees Mog in bow form]
Serah: Come on, Mog! What wrong? Why won't you answer?
[Mog fades]
Serah: This can't be...


Serah: You're Yeul, aren't you?
Yeul: Yes. I am one of many Yeuls. From your perspective, i am a Yeul from the ancient past.
Serah: But, where are we? Are we trapped in his place?
Yeul: I am not truly here. I only watch events from a distant time. This place? It is a shadow of Valhalla. In the depths of the Unseen Realm, I see you held prisoner.
Serah: You're a different Yeul, aren't you?
Yeul: Yes. You have not met me yet. I call your present age my home. You and I are same. We are blessed by Etro; her chosen servants.
Serah: Servants of the goddess?
Yeul: The power to step outside the timeline. The power to witness the future. These gifts come from Etro. Her servants are known by her blessings.
Serah: My sister is also somewhere in Valhalla. What's her part in all this?
Yeul: The warrior? She stands guard over Etro's temple. She is unable to leave the Unseen Realm. And so, she turned to you for aid.


Yeul: Once upon a time, there six an one l'Cie, and their story is a miracle. The destines of the six were bound--bound through the completion of a Focus that belonged to the one.
Serah: The six? That was Lightning and Snow and the others. And the one, that would
Yeul: The goddess Etro saw that the l'Cied fulfilled their tasks. She saw their courge and took pity on them. She blessed the six, and the one, and one other, a child. And so she released them from the prison of crystal.
Serah: You mean it was the goddess who saved us that day?
Yeul: Yes. But in doing so, she warped time itself. Etro was fading way, and she could not restore it. But perhaps you had the power to repair the distortion. And perhaps you did.
Serah: Perhaps I did? What do you mean? Is it too late now?
Yeul: The future. I can no longer see it.


Serah: You're Yeul, too. Which era are you from?
"Yeul": I am the one who lives in all the ages. I am the one who dies in all the ages.I am the one who suffers countless parting, again and again.
Serah: Have you come to tell me something?
"Yeul": You summoned me here. In this place, you can see all your heart's desires come true.
Serah: I don't understand.
"Yeul": Look. This is the place where al time flows. The dreams of humanity are here washed ashore. A world without beginning or end...A world closed upon itself...Why do you want to change time? Why do you try to stand in his way? Why do you continue on this journey? As you change the time, you come closer to death.
Serah: How?
"Yeul": But, now, you journey is over.
["Yeul" fades]
Serah: I don't understand!
Caius: You don't need to!
Caius: You fight bravely
[Slows time to dodge her attacks before ending on the crystal throne.]
Caius Noel have up much more quickly than this
Serah: What have you done to him?
Caius He is living in a time and place where he know only joy. He acknowledged his defeat, and now he is at peace.
[Blasts her to the ground.]
Serah: No, I don't believe you. Noel would never give in to you!
[She fires, but Caius slows time.]
Caius Child of miracles. Traveler of time, guided by the goddess. Listen to me. Each time you fulfill wish of your heart, someone else's dream is shattered. You conjure miracles, but when you do, the seeds tragedy are sown in other lives. Are you prepared to bear that burden? That responsibility?
[Attacks her.]
Serah: But why, Caius? Why fight us?
Caius To save her. Long ago, the goddess rescued you and your friends from your fate as l'Cie. For you, it a miracle. For Yeul, sentence of death. In that moment, immutable history was transformed. Time was twisted. With each distortion of the future, the life of the seeress was cut short. So often have I seen this...Seen her wilt before my eyes. When time is in flux, the future changes, and Yeul is consumed. So I will dam the river of time...and tear down the foundations of history. Only then will Yeul's suffering come to an end.
Serah: You're going to destroy history, just so you can save Yeul?
Caius Yes. You have interfered with my task at every turn. But your meddling is over. I will slay the goddess and return everything to Valalla. In a place withot time or future...Yeul will be free for eternity
Serah: Caius?
[Stabbed from behind]
Caius: Surrender now to your heart's desire.

Serah: Is it really you?
"Lightning": Welcome home, Serah.
Serah: Lightning. Why are you here?
"Lightning": Because you want me to be. You've changed history, you're back where you belong. his is it. Your adventure's over. Serah, come with me. your family's waiting.
Serah: Yes. My family...That's right. I'm home. My family are all here.
Serah (Narrator): Deep in my heart, the truth still glinted like a razor. This wasn't real. It was a dream.If I accepted it, my journey through time would end. But...My sister was here. snow was here. If I stayed, I would be with everyone I'd ever loved. This is what I'd been searching for, all this time. I'd found my home. I'd found happiness.
[Serah stopped.]
Serah: Lightning, I'm so sorry.
["Lightning"'s body begins to break up.]
Serah: No!
Vanille: Don't give up.
Serah: No. That's not my sister
Vanille: Serah.
[Following the voice, Serah finds Vanille.]
Serah: Vanille? Is that really you?
Vanille: Well, that's a good question. Hmm, put it this way It's the real me, but inside a dream. I'm still sleeping in the crystal pillar, you see. And you're dreaming away, too. So it's like we're meeting in each other's heads.
Serah: So this is a dream, after all But, why did you come?
Fang: Because you needed help.
Vanille: Oh, you never met Fang before, have you?
Fang: We've come to pull you out of this fantasy of yours.
Vanille: You're trapped in a dream that never ends, somewhere in the Void Beyond. If we don't help, you'll never wake up.
Fang: And that, my girl is why we're here
[Fang opens a portal.]
Vanille: Good one, Fang.
Serah: Thank you.
Fang: We're just showing you a way out. You're the one who made the decision to wake up and leave this world. If you hadn't rejected the fake Lightning, we would never have been able to reach you, and you'd still be stuck in you dream.
Vanille: Right.
Serah: I almost believed her--the fake Lightning, I mean. But then, I remembered my sister is fighting in Valhalla. Snow and Hope, they're fighting their own battles as well. Out of all of us, I was the only one

F: That's al right because now it's your turn to help someone. You're not the only one who's trapped in a dream they can't wake up from.

Serah: You mean Noel?
Vanille: You need yo go and find him. I reckon you can save him, Serah.
[They start to fade]
Serah: Fang? Vanille?
Fang: Guess our time's up, huh?
Vanille: Yes. We have to go back now.
Fang: See you around.
Vanille: Bye.
Serah: Noel, I'll save you..
[Serah enters the portal.]
Serah (Narrator): Guess what, Lightning? I met Vanille again. She saved me once three years ago, and today she came to help me. I owe her my life twice And I met Fang for the first time,too. We only talked a while, she she kind of reminded me of you. Even though they're still trapped in crystal, they reached out to me, showd me a way out of my dream. One day, I'm going to pay them back. I promise.


Serah (Narrator): Lightning. I've come a long way, and it's all thanks to Noel. That's why, when I reach Valhalla, I want him with me. So here I am, inside the memory of a lost future. I've come to lead Noel away from this cold, distant world.
[After following him...]
Serah: Noel!
Noel: Etro?
Serah: Noel, don't you remember me?
Noel: Serah!
Serah: You've been living in a dream, Noel. You're happy here, and you would be forever. But, I've come to take you away from it I'm sorry
Noel: All dreams have to end sometime. You've help me from mine.
[They are attacked by Gogmagog]
Serah: We have to stick together, Noel. I;ve got no one else I can count on but you.
Noel: We have the same hope, the same road to travel.
Both: We will change the future!
[They fight Gogmagog, after killing it...]
Serah: Let's go Noel. It's time to change
Noel: I can't
Serah: What?
Noel: Listen to me, Serah. The dream I've been having...reminded me of something The power to see the future, it's a curse.
Serah: But..
Noel: Yeul died when she was only fifteen. Seeing the time exacts the a terrible toll on the body. And can see the timeline, too.
Serah: You mean...I'm about to die?
Noel: You're okay right now. You haven't seen as much as Yuel. Not yet, anyway. But that could change, and soon. If we alter the past, you'll see a different future. You can't avoid that vision. The more we change the timeline, the more history changes... And the more you see, the sooner the visions will destroy you. I know that I wasn't able to protect Yeul. But try as I may, I can't remember what happened to her. It's like the memories f that moment have been erased from my mind, leaving an empty page. If only I'd known the truth earlier...
Serah: Will you take responsibility?
Noel: I don't know how to make it up to you.
Serah: No, I don't mean for what's happened. I mean for what will happen. Make sure I make it as far as Lightning. Please. From now on, that'll be your job. If we hurry, we just might do it in time. Then I wouldn't have any more visions. I'm going to believe that I get to Valhalla. What else can I do? Which means, this conversation is over.
Noel: Okay, I'm going to make sure you get there.
[The two find an Oracle Drive.]
Serah: Look!

[Images of Noel's adventure, stiring emotions in him..]

Serah (Narrator): Yeul saw the future that Noel fights to protect .She believed that someday, they would see each other once more.
Noel (regaining his composture): Yeul...I promise, I'll never say I regret knowing you. Not anymore. I'm not going to rest until I find him again.
Serah: That's right.
Noel: Come on. Let's change the future
Serah: The Oracle Drive!
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: He's back!
Noel: I think he got scared and was hiding here all the time.
Serah (N): The spirit of Mog had been sealed up somewhere inside the Void Beyond. Although he could see everything we did, he couldn't make us see him. He said Lightning came to rescue him, and that's how he got back to us. Then, Mog told us he had a message. A message from my sister. It was the truth about Caius.


Mog: We need to talk, kupo.
Serah: Mog, tell us what you know.
Mog: Kupo. I know all about Caius, kupo. The Farseer Guardians were given a mission. They had to protect the seeress. They were l'Cie, kupo.
Noel: The guardians were servants of the fal'Cie. Can that reallly be true? Does that mean Caius is a l'Cie?
Mog: Not anymore, kupo. He was saved by the goddess. Etro freed him, and he's not a l'Cie anymore,
Serah: That's exactly what happened to me and Lightning. We were l'Cie, and the goddess intervened to free us.
Mog: Kupo! But Caius became immortal. He's lived for centuries and centuries at the side of the seeress. He protects her always, the undying Guardan, kupp.
Noel: He's heard every prophecy that the seeress has seen. He knows the entire timeline. Those memories, and his immortality, give him tremendous power. Someone like him could easily move through history and bend and mold events as we wants.
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: So, he's been plotting for centuries!
Noel: Yes. He's been behind everything from the beginning. Now we know who the enemy is. It's up to us to stop him.
Serah: Where did my sister go? After you helped you I meam?
Mog: She's waiting for you, at the end of time, kupo.
Noel: So I guess...this is how dreams end.
Serah: No. This is just the beginning.
Mog: Kupo!
[They depart Noel's dream.]
Serah (Narrator): I've traveled the world of dreams, and at last I know the truth. It doesn't matter how tough the going gets now. I know I can face any challenge. I've found it, Lightning...Hope...In the midst of despair.

Serah: Is village?
Noel: It looks alot like my era.
[After looking around, they see a time vortex. Lightning appears]
Serah: Lightning? What are you doing here?
Lightning: This is a future that I could not save.
Serah: Is that you, Lightning?
Lightning: Do you doubt me? No, it's good to doubt. You're growing up.
Serah: I knew it. It is you, isn't it. I've been looking for you! Where have you been? What was that dream you made me see? Why did you make me come out here?
Lightning:Just listen, Serah. I'll explain everything. Everything that's happened to me in the past. And about the one who wants to destroy the future

Lightning (Narrator): More than one miracle took place that day. Cocoon was saved by Fang and Vanille's sacrifice We awoke from our crystal sleep and our brands were gone. It was Etro's blessing that was our salvation. A gate opened into the Unseen Realm, and through it the goddess gifted us with her mercy. I felt a whirlwind of emotion. A large part of it was happiness.. And relief was there, too .But somewhere inside, I still felt uneasy. Vanille and Fang were gone. And the world hung in silence. Our fight had just ended.....but couldn't relax. A new battle was about to begin.
[Lightning sees chaos manifesting.]
Lightning: What is that? Watch out!
[Suddenly, a rift opens under her as she attempts to fight it off before being dragged in with images of the events of Final Fantasy XIII flashing through he head.]
Lightning (Narrator): The events of that day tore open a portal to another world. And from the depths of the rift appeared a darkness that has no place in our world--an irresistible force that dragged me away to the edge of time. The screams of the dying has unlocked a gate--A door that led directly to the throne of the goddess. Etro waited beyond the gate, and sent her miracles to the human world. But a creeping darkness slopped through, and threatened to devour our reality. Etro closed the gate, and warped the timeline.Time's flow was altered, and existence itself was distorted. I was lost. The darkness caught me in its embrace and wrote me out from history.

Lighting: Where am I?

Lightning (Narrator): Valhalla. Beyond time. Beyond life and death. A netherworld of shifting gloom. The chaotic realm of the goddess Etro. What power had brought me this alien shore? From Valhalla's heart, I could track the entire span of time. I gazed upon the future of mankind and sense Etro's divine will.
[Lightning's attire changes.]
Lightning (Narrator): The goddess was fading away. If her spirit should cease to be, the world would descend into entrophy. I made my choice. I will fight. This man, Caius Ballad. He seeks to destroy all hope, and bring an end to the future. Though the battle might be endless, I will never give up. Etro has chosen us--her champions. And we cannot fail.

Noel: It all started with Valhalla, is that right? Whatever came from there created the paradoxes...caused the gates to appear, and twisted the timeline.
Serah: Lighning, what did you see?
Lightning: I don't know. It was an enormous power. Something that shouldn't exist in this world. Only Etro can control the power and keep it contained in Valhalla. If she were to disappear , there would be nothing to stop it. And that's what Caius wants. He plans to find Etro sleeping in her temple, kill her, and release the power. The chaos would be unleashed into the world of human. Into our world, though the Unseen Gate.
Serah: A gate.
Lightning: When a person dies, her soul flies to the otherworld, and pass through that portal. If a great many people die at once, the gate must open wide to let the through.
Noel: For example, if Cocoon should fall.
Lightning: Exactly, it would be unstoppable. The power of chaos would gush through the gate like floodwater through a broken dam.
Noel: What would happen to the world then?
Lightning: Chaos would infect everything. It would become pure entropy, without life, or death, or time.
Serah: No life or death? You mean like Valhalla? That's what Caius is after! If he can bring down Cocoon, millions of people would die, and the power of chaos...would turn this world into another Valhalla.
Lightning: Yes. Caius is trying to create a world where time does not exist. If he can erase time...
Serah: Yeul would be saved. And not just Yeul. All the seeresses down through the ages. They'd be released from their curse. He wants to sacrifice Cocoon to rebuild the world in Valhalla's image all for the sake of Yeul.
Serah: That's why you were fighting Caius in Valhalla. You're protecting Etro.
Lightning: We have to face Caius on two fronts: in Valhalla, and in the world of humans. If we don't...We won't be able to change the future. I can't do it on my own I need your help.
[Lighting reveals Caius's plot in 500 AF to wipe out the new Cocoon with the old one.]
Serah: So we have to travel 500 AF, and stop Caius from destroying Cocoon.
Noel: If we change change this prophecy, then the true timeline will finally be restored.
Lightning: Yes. Everything will depend on you. I have to go to Valhalla, and stop Caius there. Can you do it?
Noel: We can do it
Lightning: Right. Your good luck charm'll show the way.
Mog: Leave it to me, kupo!
[Mog conjures a Time Gate]
Serah: Hey Lightning. We'll be able to be together again, right? When this is all over?
Lightning: One thing at a time, Serah.

[Lightning turns to the portal, back to Valhalla.]

Serah (Narrator): The truth is, I didn't want to let her go. I'd come so far to find her, I was afraid to lose her again. But I had to be strong, for her sake. She had her own battles ahead of her. So I swallowed the words I wanted to say and hid my fear. It was the hardest thing I ever did.
Serah: I guess this it it, huh?
Noel :We've been given a second chance by the go
Serah: We're going to save the Cocoon that Hope built.
Noel: Yup. And save the future, too.
Mog: Kupo! Kupo-po-po.
Extra Episode[edit]
Sazh (Narrator): Heads...or Tails. Life or death. I'm stuck in this place where time stands still. All because of what happened that day...
[Time freezes with Sazh seeing one other unaffected]
Sazh: Hey, you there. What's going on? Where the heck am I? Am-am I alive? Is this what heaven looks like?
Owner: You are no longer alive. However, that does not mean you are dead. For example, take a look at the coin. In this brief moment before it lands n the floor, there are two possible outcomes: heads or tails. That is the situation you are in. There are two possibilities for your life: life or death
Sazh: What about my son? what about Dajh? Is he okay? Where is he?
Owner: Hm. It is quite possible he is here. But at the same is also possible he is not.
Sazh: Okay...So, then which is it?
Owner: That depends on you and your actions. You must gamble and win the possibility you wish to see manifest, whatever they may be. Your future lies in your hands. If you wish to see your your must win the possibility of a reunion.
[Time restores]
Sazh: Dajh...If I believe hard enough, I'll be able to see you again, right?
[Flips the coin]

Sazh: Right. (sees the coin) Hm? Whoa! What-! A Chocobo!?

[The Chocobo Chick appears]
Sazh: Hey! Never thought I'd see you again! Don't take it the wrong way...I'm glad to see you're doing well, bit I really wish you were Dajh instead--.
[The Chocobo chick attacks.]
Sazh: Stop-Stop that! I'm sorry, okay, I'm sorry! I take it back! I'm happy to see you! Really! Ow! What the 'fro! Watch the 'fro! All right, all right. Come on, let's go and find Dajh. You with me?

[The Chocobo Chick chirps in response.] Sazh(narrator): I don't know how or why, but I found myself gambling to win back the most important thing in my life. I'm a handsome man, but Lady Luck has never glanced my way. But you know, maybe this time, it'll be different. It has to be. Maybe this time, she'll show me some love. Dajh, I see you soon, I promise. ---

Chocolina: I've missed you oh so much! You and your hairdo haven't changed a single bit!
Sazh: Do I know you, miss?
Chocolina: You haven't forgotten me, have you? Oooh, I bet you're trying t ruffle my feather! Anywho, let moi tell you how we know each other! Ready for this?
Sazh: You know, I don't really have time for all of this right now--
Chocolina: People know me as the choco-mazing Chocolina! I'm the most chocoriffic time-traveling trade in the whole wide world! Have you really forgotten who I am? Hmph! Well, you, are at the intersection where events from the past lead into events from the future! To put it simply, I need your help and you can't say no. Something horrible as happened! I've decided to call it, 'A Horribly Unfortunate Event: The Case of the Missing Chocobo Chicks.' It's your duty to search the entire casino! Bring all those wayward little chickies back safetly. Chase them, negotiate with them soothe them, win them over, do whatever it takes! Bride them if you have to!
Sazh: So you want me to find the chocobo chicks and return them to safety. Why do you take so long to get to the
Chocolina: So how do you want to respond? 'Of course, my princess?' Of 'As you wish?'
Sazh: I think I'll go with 'If I really have to.' I have a soft spot for kids, and my son's missing, so I know how you feel.
Chocolina: You're still as kind as I remember.
Sazh: Huh?
Chocolina: Okey dokey do! Ready, set, search!
[After gathering the chicks...]
Chocolina: Look at all the chicks you've managed to round p! Color me impressed! I wasn't sure you had it in you, truth be told. Er, I mean, I knew you'd do it!
Sazh: All right, I did what you asked. Now will you please tell me who you are?
[Chocobo chick flies out of Sazh's afro and hovers around Chocolina.]
Chocolina: really don't know?
[Sazh puts two and two together...]
Sazh: Wait....Oh. Really? I knew there was something familiar about you!
Chocolina: You're not surprised.
Sazh: Well, this is a place where possibilities come together. All sorts of things can appear in different shapes or forms, but underneath it all, they're still the same. And besides...You're the only one I know with such a brazen attitude, that's loud, that bosses me around, orders me to do things...I had a pretty good idea of who you might be.
Chocolina: When I got washed away by the waves of time, I made a wish. I couldn't do anything as a tiny little chocobo. I was completely helpless. So I wished to be granted the power to help others. Like they've helped me. The goddess gave me this body that allow to exist everywhere. I realize this is just a costume. This body is merely a paradox born from a distortion in time.
[Starts to fade]
Sazh: Hey, hold up! Where you goin'? Don't disappear on me! Not you, too! Hey, wait! I said wait! Don't you leave me!
Chocolina (reapearing): Fooled ya! I'm Choclina, super time-traveling salesgirl. I should make myself, just like a real superhero!
Sazh: It's good to know the only thing that's changed is your appearance. You've always been a tough little thing, and I admire that.
Chocolina: Remember, I'll always be supporting you from afar. Your afro's bit too tight for me. And that's all for now, folks! Choco-Cobo-Lina! Kweh-kweh-kweh.
[After getting enough Fortune Medals...]
Owner: Congratulations sir. Your victories have freed you from the shackles of normality, and changed the rules of space time. Stand back and watch as the world conforms to your desires...
[The Choco]
Sazh: Dajh!
Dajh: Daddy!
Sazh: So glad to see you.
Dajh: I missed you.
Owner: The futures...has been determined.
Sazh: I don't understand. When you say, 'The possibilities have started to disappear...' What exactly do you mean by that?
Owner: Let me show you.
[Owner rains coins.]
Dajh: Cool...
Sazh: Yeah.
Dajh: Daddy. Look.
Sazh: : What...I am looking at?
Dajh: The coins. Look at all of them...
Sazh: They're all coming up tails.
[Owner summons more coins that land on tails.]
Dajh: All of them.
Sazh: Is this even possible?
Owner: Of course. Try it yourself, if you'd like. The outcome will always be the same. The possibility of the coins coming up heads has disappeared from this world.
Sazh: How...Why is that?
Owner: The future is gone; the possibility of change has disappeared. That's what these coins are telling you. Eventually, it will become apparent in everything around you. How disappointing. This will make gambling quite
Sazh: You just told me the world is going to end! You're downright crazy if you think people are gonna keep gambling at a time like this! There's gotta...There's gotta be something we can do!


Owner: It has already been decided. There is nothing we can do, but to let it happen.
Sazh: But...Okay, here's how it gonna go...I can't just sit still and do nothing. Even if my actions won't make a different, I have to at least try. Take me where I need to go to make a difference
Owner: What do you plan to do?
Sazh: To be honest, I have no idea. I'll think of something, though. I have to!You agree with me, don't you? I need to protect the future for my son, even if it means...even if it means putting my life on the line. Heads or tails. Life or death.
[Sazh flips a coin.]
Dajh: Daddy?
Sazh (Revealing his coin landed on heads.): There's still some hope left.
[Later, Sazh and Dajh appear become a time portal.]
Sazh: Hey, bad luck is still luck. Isn't that right, Dajh?
Dajh: Yeah
Sazh: Alright. Let's go.
Sazh (narrator): I might have no chance of saving the future. I might not even come back alive. Maybe I'm wasting my time.Maybe I'm grabbing straight for the short straw. But that doesn't faze me. Lets say I make the wrong choice. That just makes the odds better for someone else. And maybe that someone...maybe they can save the future.
Last Episode[edit]
Noel: Look. It's like it's turning into Valhalla.
Serah: We're at the time of the prophecy. The pillar is going to crumble any moment, and then the old Cocoon will fall.
Noel: I don't see of the any of the people. Do you think they've already been evacuated?
Serah: Yeah, everyone must be in the ark. Wait! I bet that's Caius's target!
Noel: Exactly. This must be the moment that Hope launches his new Cocoon. Right?
Mog: Kupo.
[They arrive to Caius's location.]
Caius: Yeul, are you watching? I shall fulfill my promise. Your suffering will end.
[Caius jumps off and becomes Chaos Bahamut]
Noel: It's him!
[Choas Bahamut's monster block Serah and Noel's way...However...]
Hope (intercom): Serah, get down!
[The Acdemy blasts the monsters]

Hope: Go!

Serah: Hope is here!
Hope: Good, you're okay
Noel: 'Course we are. Just took a little detour.
Hope: Get on board. He's the best pilot we have. Quickly.
Serah: We're on!
Sazh: Hang on up there, you kids! You're on the Sazh express to the sky!
Dajh: Take her up, dad!

[The airship takes flight.]

Serah: Sazh? Is that you?
Sazh: Hey, Serah! Dajh says he misses your classes.
Noel: A friend of yours?
Sazh: We can catch up lter. First, we've got a planet to save.
Serah: This is it. A fight for the future
[The airship caughts up to Chaos Bahamut.]
Noel: Let go, Caius. You want to see how well trained me? your chance!
[After a fight, Chaos Bahamut rams the ship.]
Serah: Noel!
[Landing, Caius]
Caius: You still don't know the truth, Serah. You are the same as Yeul. You can see the timeline. Even if save your future, you will not survive to see it.
Serah: I know the truth, Caius. I know that every time I change things, I lose a part of my life. But don't you see? I don't care. I'm here to protect the future. And I will.
Caius: How very noble of you. But you shall die first!

[Fight: Caius. Caius is about kill Serah, when Noel blocks his hit.]

Caius: You fight bravely to protect your friends. Like a true Guardian!
Noel: What about you, Caius? You swore the same oath to protect Yeul!
Caius: Everything I do is for Yeul. Her spirit is bound by a curse. I will save her.
Noel: What curse!?
Caius: How many Yeuls have you met on your journey? The jewel of the Farseers is reincarnated without end in every age. Think what that means! Her only purpose is to die over and over! Even though she can see the future, she's not allowed to escape her fate. She is born knowing that she will die before she has truly lived. Countless death, with a life to give them meaning.

[They clash]

Caius: I will break the cycle of despiar. No matter how great the sacrifice. I shall destroy time and fate itself. Then Yeul's spirit...shall be free!
Serah: No
'Sazh: Noel! Serah! Hang on!
[Taking adventage, they execute a double attack on Caius before a wormhole suddenly opens..]
Noel: Look at the sky! It's tearing apart.
Caius: Wings of Night!

[Bahamut flies into the wormhole as the Academy battles the monster emerging from it.]

Hope: We can catch him!
Serah: No, Hope, not you!
Hope: But, what about--
Serah: You have to protect Vanille and Fang!
Hope: You're right.. I'll see you on the new Cocoon--don't be late!
Noel: Count on it! This isn't good bye.
Serah: Yeah, we'll be there---and Lightning will be will us.
Hope: Take care!
Sazh: Okay kids! Let's do this!
Serah: Are you ready?
Noel: Yeah

[They jump in]

Sazh: Don't worry, Dajh. They'll be bac. Kay. And...Here we go.

[Ending up in Valhalla, they are falling until Odin arrives.]

Serah: This Odin. Is Lighting trying to help us?
Noel: I think she sent us a present. She's watching you try to save the future, nd lending you a hand.
Serah: Not just me. She's helping you too, Noel.
[Caius blasts Odin out of the sky.]
Caius: Here in Valhalla, the chaos is my ally. Now let us decide the true history.


Noel: Give it up, Caius!

Caius: You cannot kill me. Not now!

Serah: Ready?
Noel: Together now!
They double team him before it becomes a duel between Noel and Caius.[]
Noel: Do you think this will make Yeul happy?
Caius: Which Yeul are you talking about? I've known and protected hundreds of Yeuls. Although they had the same soul, every one of them was unique! A Yeul who dreamed of travel! A Yeul who loved to sing! A Yeul who collected flowers. They all died. All of them before my eyes!
[Caius strikes, but Noel blocks]
Noel: But despite that, she chose to live again...So she could be with you. I only ever know the one Yeul. That was enough. She was smiling when she died. She believed in the future. She knew we'd meet again. Think, Caius. Think. Was it really a curse? Was it forced on her by Etro. Do you really think that Yeul wanted to die, and not come back? Of course not. Yeul wanted to come back. Every time she died in your arms, she wanted to come back. She knew next life would be short. She knew! Because she wanted to see you! Again and again, without end!
Caius: Enough, no more! Lies
Noel: Why won't you believe me!?

[Noel defeats Caius. However...]

Serah: Noel?
[Absorbing the surrounding chaos, Caius transforms into Jet Bahamut. Jet Bahamut unleashes a blast of energy.]
Noel: Serah
Serah: Noel!
[The two are seen falling, Lightning arrives to take them up..]
Lightning: It's up to you to keep hope alive.
Serah: Lightning?
[Ending up on a platform, the two confront Jet Bahamut in the final battle. After, the two up back on Valhalla, along with a wounded Caius.]
Caius: Noel, you told me that Yeul is reborn because of me. Then I have to die. We must free Yeul. Kill me. You're the only one that can end this eternal torment.
Noel: Even if it were for Yeul's sake...I wouldn't want to kill you.
Caius: Lightning is dead. I killed her with my own hands. Will you allow me to go unpunished?
Noel: He's lying
Caius: In Vahalla, time does not flow as it should. Long before we began our battle, I had already faced her. Now she sleeps never to wake. Things that shall happen in you future have already been my own past. I know how it begins, and how it ends.
Noel: Then you should know you can't provoke matter how hard you try. I'm not going to kill you.
Caius: That's right You hate to kill anyone, don't you.. Noel, born at the end of days. You understand the true value of life. But know this. You will kill me, Noel.

[Tries to kill Serah, but Noel blocks the attack with one blade and attacks with the other.]

Caius: The moment I cease to be, Yeul shall be released from her fate.

[Noel stops at the last second.]

Noel: Give it up. I won't do it.
Caius: Impressive
[grabs the blade]
Caius: He who can change time, must choose between those who die, and those who live. You must bear the the burden. Of the eternal paradox!
[Caius thrusts Noel's blade into his chest.]
Noel: Caius!

[Caius emits an beam of light and then collapses, fading away.]

Serah: Noel...He always wanted to come back here, didn't her? He wanted to come back here to die.
Noel: He though if he did, he could end Yeul's cycle of rebirth. This way, all the Yeuls that are called back to Valhalla...They can be with him here. They don't have to rerurn to be born again.
Serah: He heard you. In the end, he believed what you told him.
Noel: This is a world that gives birth to infinite possibilities. But that's all they are, possiblies. There's no death here, but no real life, either. The Yeuls that returned to this place chose a different fate. They didn't need immortality.
Serah: They wanted reality.
Noel: But Caius wanted something different, something he thought was better than life. A dream where he could protect the spirits of all the Yeuls forever. But I'm no like him. I'm going to find her. Fine my Yeul. It doesn't have to be forever. I just...I want to be with her in the future.
Serah: Then, let's do it. Build a new future.
Noel: Yeah. I never wanted hurt anyone. I didn't want to lost my Yeul. I didn't want hurt anyone. No one deserves to die.. Not even you, friend. Farewell.


Mog: You've resolve the final paradox, kupo.
Serah: Then the timeline is back to how it was.
Noel: Serah, are you feeling okay? When the timeline changed, did you see anything? I mean, did feel any pain.
Serah: No, I feel great.
Noel: Good. Why don't we go and find Lightning?
Serah: Ok.
Mog: I don't think she's here, kupo.
Serah: Oh no, wait. You don't think that Caius really...
Noel: No, that was just a lie. Now that the timeline is fixed, she's back in her own world. I bet she's waiting with you, along with everyone else. The paradoxes are resolved. The gates will disappear soon. We better hurry on back.
Serah: Right! So this will take us to 500 AF. I guess that's where we'll be living now. 500 years in my future. Maybe Lighting will be there.
Noel: It was the future Lightning fought to protect. It's the start of a brand-new era.
Serah: What about Fang and Vanille?
Noel: They'll be there for sure. And don't forget, Hope is in that time as well. Once the gate disappear, everyone stays where they are. Every day we'll be able to look into the sky and see the new Cocoon above us.
Mog: I bet Snow will be waiting there, kupo!
Noel: Snow. Well, we'll. That'll be up to Lightning, I think.
Serah: Yeah. Let's go.
[They run to the Time Gate. Back on Gran Pulse...]
Hope: Come on, Sazh.
Sazh(Intercom): We've got Vanille and Fang. Their crystal is intact! Bringing them home.
Hope: Thank you, Sazh. Thank you for saving them. They've kept our world safe for centuries. But now they can rest, and join us on the new ark.

[As Cocoon falls, the new Cocoon rises.l]

Hope: (Voice): This is our ark--our haven. It will be called "Bhunivelze"……and it shall be the new home of the human race
[Serah and Noel emerge from the portal as Sazh's airship spots them.]
Sazh(Intercom): Hey! Look! The heroes are back!
Noel: It's Sazh.
[Noel lands on the airship.]
Noel: Nice catch!
Sazh(Intecom): Welcome home!
Noel: Thanks.

"[He grabs Serah as she lands.]

Noel: Are you feeling all right?

Serah: It'll be good to see everyone again

Noel: Yeah.

[The portal closes]

Noel: The gates are closed

Serah: It's the end of our journey. Hey, Noel. Thank you…

[Serah suddenly sees a vision.]
Noel: Serah…. no, not now, please! Serah! Snap of it! No!
[Serah dies in Noel's arms.]
Noel: Serah! SERAH!

[Hope arrives]

Mog: Kupo…
Hope: Noel?
[Noel nods his head, with Hope realizing Serah is dead.]
Hope: But why…? You were safe. everything was fine.
Noel: The future changed. It changed. 'If you can change the future, you change the past.' The effects ripple outwards, up and down the timeline. The seeress is forced to see it all.
Hope: You mean Serah…she saw this vision?
Noel: Yes. And it killed her. Serah.. She knew the risk. If we altered the future, she knew what would happen; that her life could be in danger. But she still chose to save it. I wanted to protect her...I thought had. I thought she was safe.
[Back in Valhalla…]
Caius (thought): The have seen history. They have seen of its possibilities. They have seen all the endings. But they must know that the goddess Etro is already dead. Her end is final. No man, woman, or god can bring her back now. Ignorant and blind to their true mission, they did exactly as I wanted. At the end of the journey to save the world, they stilled the goddess's power.
[Gets up from Etro's throne and walks to the center of the room.]
Caius: Yeul, let us begin. We are freed from our eternal curse. Embrace the new world…The Goddess is dead!
[Caius stabs the ground, unleashing Chaos. Back on Grand Pulse, skies darkened as Mog faints into Hope's arms.]
Mog: The goddess…She has gone, Kupo.
Noel: (remembering that Caius's words about the Heart of Chaos): I killed the goddess?
[The Chaos appears on Gran Pulse and unravels reality as Valhalla appears.]
Caius (Voice): When the goddess is dead, the chaos of Valhalla is unleashed. The chaos has the power to warp the timeline and destroy the past.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[edit]

See: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


(voice over): One day, the light touched me. I knew what it was. It was God himself, speaking to me. He told me what I had to do. I was chosen, to rescue lost souls and guide them pass the end of this world and into the next. I became the Savior.
(voice over): I'm more powerful than I ever was, but it came with a price. I'm not even sure if I'm human anymore.
(about Snow): The centuries have changed us, Snow and me. Once we fought together against our fates. Now he's a patron of a never-ending revel, presiding over a banquet at the end of the world. And I've become the "savior." I'm a servant of God, sent to a world being consumed by Chaos Tell me, Snow. Has ever a day passed...when you haven't thought about Serah? The girl you loved? My younger sister.? How long has she been gone now? She brought us together, and made us allies and friends. I can't give her back to you. But I can save your soul, and free you from your long torment. It'll be my first act, as savior.
You think can be forgiven?
Evil has a price.
Time can't be stopped.
This will be your last battle.
No looking back.
Now, redemption is yours.
The light belong to me.
I will fight evil
Judgement has been delivered.


It's an Oracle Drive. It records the future. Yup. Whatever they see in it, they know it's a future bound to happen.
The people who died in the past are going to be erased forever, like they never existed.


The gates are opened and Chaos has flooded through, consuming the world and everything in it Not even God can stop it. That's where you come in, Light. You're the last piece of the puzzle. You have to rescue as many as you can from this world and lead them to the new one.


Serah, I need to know. When I die, will I get see you again?
(thinking of the legend of the Savior): The legend had told of her coming... Banisher of darkness, bringer of light, redeemer of souls. She'd come at the end of guide our souls to salvation.


It is time to prove your worth as a goddesss.
Rejoice in the light!
This is your trial!
Wretched fool!
Come to me, my stars!
You have proven yourself. But the real battle is merely beginning! (second phase)
Resist no more! Come to your god, a new goddess is born! (third phase)
You dare raise your sword against God himself!? You shall burn in his light! (last phase)


Lightning (Narrator) When I awoke from my dream of sleep, I was just in time to witness the end of the world.
Hope (Voice): It's beginning. The feast at the end of time. The last revelry to say farewell. The people here know that it's almost over.
Lightning: Yeah. Only thirteen days to go.
[At a party, Lightning gathers souls from guests until Chaos manifests]
Hope (Voice): It's the Chaos. Do you want t turn back?
Lightning: Too late now.
Sentry: What are you doing?
[Take the sentry's soul]
Snow: The savior.
[A group of Anubys appears, one killing a waitress.]
Sentry: Sire!
Snow: Got it!
[Snow destroys one Anubys and takes its axe while seeing Lightning taking one another out.]
Lightning: Snow. It's been a long time. You know what I am. And you know what I want.
Snow: I can take a wild guess.. You wanna "save" me!
[Lightning proceeds to defeat the remaining Anubyses before Snow attacks her.]
Snow: Damn you, Lightning! [Clashes weapons] What it's gonna be? You gonna try to kill me, huh?
[Eventually, Lightning defeats Snow.]
Lightning: It's over.
Snow: You're a regular angel of death, Light. So, now what? This the bit where you "save my soul"?
Lightning: I could help you. If that's what you want.
Snow (Grabs Lightning by her collar): Dammit! What kind of answer is that!?
 ????: Now this isn't going to work.
[A girl appears out of nowhere and cracks Lightning's sword while breaking her and Snow up before teleporting to a chandelier.]
Snow: Lumina!?
Lumina: Now that's not right. You're not suppose to throw your life away.
[Lumina breaks the chandelier, Snow freezing it in place.]
Snow: I swear that kid is a demon.
Lightning: Angels of death and demons? You're attracting the wrong crowd, Snow.
[A disturbance occurs, causing Snow to generate a dark aura.]
Snow: No one is going to stop me? You hear? Not you. Definitely not her. If I have to fight the savior, then I will.
[Snow leaves as another Anubys appears.]
Lightning: All right, Mr. Hope Estheim. Any idea? What do I do next?
Hope (Voice): Light, come on. Just call me Hope, okay? Right now, your number one priority is Snow. Don't let him get away!
[After defeating the Anubys.]
Lightning: Damn, I'm trapped.
Hope (Voice): It's an an automated defense system. The doors should open once the area is deemed safe.
Lightning: "Deemed safe"? I guess that means clearing out all the monsters, right?
[After killing enough monsters...]
Hope (Voice): You did it! Now go and find Snow!
[Finding Snow, Lightning chases after him. However, she looses Snows and finds Lumina.]
Lightning: What the-!? Who are you? And what are you doing here? If you're playing around in the middle of this Chaos...I'm guessing you're not human.
Lumina: You can see when you're inside this stuff? Hm, then you can't be one of God's regular lackeys, can you? [Creates a Zaltys before teleporting away.]
Hope (Voice): Light, who are you talking too? The enemy! Focus on the enemy!
[After defeating Zaltys...Lightning finds a door.]
Lightning: It's locked. Can I force it?
Hope (Voice): That might be beyond even you. Hold on a second. I'll see what I can do from here.
Lightning: There's a lot of Chaos building up back there...
Hope (Voice): Yes, indeed. And Snow's inside. Or whatever's left of him.
Lightning: Well, he has been living without hope for centuries. Now the world's about to end. He might have lost his mind entirely. If it were anyone else, I'd say that was a give.
Hope (Voice): Do you think it could have gotten to him, though? Broken even his spirit?
Lightning: I hope not. But...
Sentry: There! It's her!
Hope (Voice): Light, you've been spotted! You've got to get out of there, now!
Lightning: After coming all this way!? I'm his last chance, dammit. I know what he's going though...the pain of losing Serah...
Hope (Voice): That's true. If there's anything left of Snow, as the savior, you're the only one who can rescue him. That's why you have to protect yourself! If you're killed, it really will mean the end of the world. And then who can save?
Lightning: ...All right, fine. Take me back to the Ark.
Hope (Voice): Hold on!
[Lightning is teleported away.]
Lumina: So she'll understands his pain? She thinks she's going to save his soul? Would you listen to this nonsense? God turns her into the savior and it all goes straight to her head!

Lightning: You're gonna fight me?
Noel: Yeah. That's right. That prophecy. It has to be true
Lightning: It would look like the Savior appears on the final day and she tries to destroy the world. But then a hero appears and puts an end to her sinister plan. You're telling me that you still think these prophecies mean a damn?
Noel: If you want the truth, I didn't until now. Who would believe you would actually show up again, after five hundred years. Here you are, just in time for the final act. Right on cue.

Lightning: Noel...
Noel: It's nothing personal, Lightning. I wish the prophecy didn't show you dying.

Oerba man: There she is boss. The new recruit with the crazy powers.
Fang: Glad you could make it

Lumina: A wind of sorrow, the lament of the dead. Can't you hear their voices?
Lightning: This the dead? If it ever got out...
Lumina: It would be the end of this world and the future as well.

Wild Lands[edit]
Caius: In this dying world, nothing is more precious than time. Why do you waste it on me? Does my victory still sting? Do you seek vindication?
Lightning: I'm not here to fight you. That won't out the past.
Caius: So you're here as the savior, to offer me salvation.
Lightning: It's for Yeul's sake. She asked me.
Caius: I refuse.
Lightning: I'm not asking for permission. The Chaos here needs to be brought under control. I'm going to do what Yeul asks.
[Caius grabs his sword and clashes]
Caius: You think you know what she want. Even if one Yeul prays for my salvation, another demands the opposite.
[Lightning refuses to back down.]
Caius: Very well. Do your best, hunter of souls. Cleave the evil from me, and save me--if you can. If you wish to have my must take it by force.
Caius: You are the hunter of souls. But you cannot claim mine. Behold!
[Caius: stabs himself with his sword, dissolving into Chaos yet reforms from the mist.]
Caius: Even if one Yuel desires my salvation, another demands my rebirth. With each death and life, Yeul's soul was splintered anew, the divided fragments melting into the ocean of Chaos. She is one, and many. A contradiction. When Yeul pleads for my salvation, she speaks the truth. But at the same time, Yeul cannot let me go. She must keep me here.
Lightning: So never gonna let you go.
Caius: She is but a child. And a child needs to be looked after. Especially when she is doomed to stay alone in the Chaos. Yeul is the unseen Chaos. And the Chaos will consume any world that it touches.
Lightning: She was always cursed, from the very beginning.
Caius: Her power is too great. Even if she wishes no harm...The very existence of the Chaos must distort and warp reality. So tell me, savior, in the world that God is building, can you welcome her with open arms? No. You cannot. It is a new future, and there is no place for her in it. We must stay here. The Chaos is where we belong.
Lightning: That's your plan? You'll stay here Yeul, and be destroyed along with the world?
Caius: I am an empty shell. My soul is rotted away. I shall cast this body into the Chaos. I shall be the shepherd of all the souls...destined to wander the darkness, never to be reborn in the new world.
Lightning: Is this how you hope to atone for what you did? Do you think you can wash away the sin of destroying a world?
[A Yeul appears.]
Lightning: Yeul...? You want to be with Caius?
Yeul: I stay.
Lightning: If you don't want salvation...I can do nothing.
Caius: Now leave us, savior. Do not confuse Yeul any longer.
[Lightning is about to leave when she sees another Yuel.]
Lightning: Got something to say?
Yeul: I made a promise. I told him that we'd meet again.
Lumina: There's a Yuel who loves someone else, too. I wonder what she wants. But you see now, right? Why time was distorted, why the world fell apart? Why you got dragged into Valhalla? It was all because of the power of the unseen Chaos. And the Chaos came from that girl, reborn and splintered, generation after generation. From Yeul. It's under control for now. But the Chaos could burst out again any time. So you won't save everyone, after all. Do you think you can live with that?
Lightning: I can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.
[Once outside the temple.]
Yeul: Savior. Can you hear my voice?
Lightning: Yeul. It was you I heard. You spoke to me when I arrived in the Wildlands.
Yeul: I could see everything. I could see what you had to do here. So I called out from within the Chaos. To all the people, past and future, I spoke to every person who would listen to me.
Lightning: Right. The doctor, and everyone else here. Bit by bit, you managed to tell the story. And that story turned into a legend about the Angel of Valhalla, shared by everyone here. Then I owe you my thanks. I don't think we'd have found each other if it wasn't for you, telling the story.
Yeul: I only pointed the way to your destiny. You and he have always been bound, by the strands of fate. Since long before you came to the Wildlands.
[The White Chocobo arrives.]
Yeul: See. He was always yours. Your steed, your knight, your champion.
[Lightning sees an image of Odin over the white chocobo.]
Lightning: You! It was you all along! A hell of a disguise. You had me fooled. Odin. My faithful friend. It's good to see you again.
Final Day[edit]
Hope: Light
Lightning: Hope.
Hope: I've come to say good-bye.
Lightning: How did--you?!
Hope: It's too late. I had a job. I was God's eyes and ears, made to watch over everything you did. But now the last day is here, and God doesn't need me anymore. I'll just...disappear. God just doesn't like leaving loose ends. This was always his plan.
Lightning: Bhunivelze... He's going to just cast you aside!?
Hope: It's his way. It's...harder than I thought it would be. But he still needs you, and you can help the others. Will you do that for me? Vanille intends to go through with the Soulsong, and throw her life away.
Lightning: But she won't be the only one who dies. That ceremony is gonna destroy all those souls. Yet she has the power to lead them to the new world.
Hope: Yes. She doesn't what she is, or what she can do. You have to tell her. I know her. As long as she knows the truth, she'll do the right thing. And then, you'll have choice to make, too. It'll be your only chance to save Serah.
Lightning: I've got to find her soul if I want to save her. And...the truth is, I just can't feel her anymore.
Hope: It'll be all right, trust me. She can see you, and she's been watching over you. When you make the right choice, you'll find her again.
Lightning: The right choice? Tough call, for someone who can't stop repeating past mistakes.
Hope: It'll be easy. You have to imagine what kind of world Serah would want. What kind of person she wants you to be. Do that, and the answer will be clear.
Lightning: But that's the problem, don't you see? Maybe once, I knew her well enough to know what she would want. Something's happened to my soul. I can't see people anymore--not even my sister.
Hope: You don't have to give up. Overcoming your mistakes, that's the key. It doesn't matter how many times you fail, if you succeed in the end. So keep trying, okay?
Lightning: I'm off to a bad start. I didn't make the effort to understand you. I didn't trust you, and instead hid things from you.
Hope: No, that was the right thing to do. That wasn't the real me and he was never someone you have trusted. He was just a pawn in God's game.
Lightning: I'm sorry.
Hope: Don't be. At least I've had this chance to be myself again here at the very end. After all that's happened, it's enough. Do you remember when we first met all those centuries ago? Do you remember what you told me then? "Keep your eyes. I'll watch the rear."
Lightning: But I didn't. I couldn't...
Hope: Oh, but you did! More times than you know. As long as you were with me, Light...I didn't have to fear anything. I'm not scared. Not even now. Because you're here.
Lightning: Hope!

[When Lightning arrives, Luxerion becomes infested with Anubyses as their slaughter any unable to reach the cathedral in time.]
Lumina: It's the beginning of the end. Time has run out on this world, and there won't be any more tomorrows. Life and death are one and the same now. These are the dying moments, and soon, life will just...come to a stop. They all have to die now. It's the only way they can reach the brave new world. But not everyone gets to take the journey. According to the Order, salvation is a privilege, reserved for a select few. The people who died in past are going to be erased forever, like they never existed. The trouble is though... The souls of the dead are bound to the memories of the living. Because we remember them, they can survive in the Chaos. We're custodians, and our job to keep the flame of memory burning.
Lightning: That's why the souls don't just melt into the Chaos. Because they're still remembered by us. They have an identity, that keeps them alive.
Lumina: But if we forget them, they're gone forever with no hope of coming back. And it works the other way, too. If the soul of a dead person is destroyed, then our memories of that person disappear, too. Gone from our minds, like they never were. Imagine forgetting everyone who once lived. It's more final than mass murder.
Lightning: But...that's exactly what the Order is going to do with the Soulsong.
Lumina: Vanille has the power to summon all the souls to her. When she does, the Order will use the clavis to destroy them. When it preaches purification, that's what the Order really means.
Lightning: But why would they wipe out the past.
Lumina: To get rid of all the sadness and uncertainty. All those regrets that hold us back and make us weak. They want us to start with a clean slate. So we can be strong in our bold new world. And you know what? That's what God wants, too.
Lightning: Does Vanille know all this?
Lumina: Not all of it. The Order's kept her in the dark. As far as she knows, she's just releasing the dead from their suffering She doesn't realized that when she does this, not only will the dead disappear, but so will our memories of them.
Lightning:(Remembering Serah's request) If this ritual happens as the Order wants, my memories of Serah will disappear. And when that happens, I'll lose any hope I had of bringing her back.
Lumina: Yep. She'll be gone forever.
Lightning: Then there's only one thing to do. I have to get into the cathedral, and stop that ritual.
[Lumina grabs her.]
Lightning: What are you doing?
Lumina: Don't go.
Lightning: I have to. I'm out of time.
Lumina: Don't take everyone with you! [Lighting force her to let go.] Don't leave me all alone.

[Lightning enters the Hall of Devotion, her way blocked by sentries and a chimera. Luckily Noel intervenes.]
Noel: This doesn't look right.
sentry: The Shadow Hunter? Here?
Noel: You're the servant of God. Aren't you supposed to be on the Order's side.
Lightning: I'm not a servant of these fanatics. They want to go through with their damned ritual, and I'm here to stop them. If that means a fight, so be it.
Noel: But the ritual is God's plan, right? You're going to defy him as well?
Lightning: Yeah, maybe I am.
Noel: That's a hell of an admission.
Lightning: Do you care?
Noel: God brought you back to save souls and show them the way to the new world. It's a sacred mission...and there's only one thing in the world that would make you turn your back on it. [assumes a fighting stance] Lightning. I know why you're going to betray God!
[Noel helps Lightning take down the guards.]
Noel: You think you can save Serah
sentry: Wait! They're together!
Noel: Run!
sentry: Don't let her escape
[Lightning escapes into the Temple of Light as another Chimera appears.]
Noel: Lightning! Save Serah.

Lightning: I should have guessed.
Fang: You all right, Lightning. Almost missed the party.
Lightning: What are you talking about? Looks like don't need my help.
Fang: Stop playing hard to get, and get you butt over here! I know you're dying to get in on this..
[After helping Fang kill a Chimera.]
Lightning: This ceremony that Vanille wants to carry out--how much do you know about it?
Fang: Just what I told you before. It's supposed to bring all the souls of the dead in one place, then make all disappear. The Order says it's the only way to end their suffering. But it's going to kill her.
Lightning: Yeah. And there's something else. They haven't told her what's really capable of. She has the power to guide those souls to the new world. If she guides them...they can be reborn.
Fang: They can!? Then what the hell is the Order doing? Those souls don't have to destroyed...and Vanille doesn't have to sacrificed to do it!
Lightning: The Soulsong was never about bringing peace to the dead. It was about making things easier for the survivors. If they suceed in destorying all those souls, then the living would forget they ever existed. The Order wants to cut them away like a tumor. Then we'll be free from the dead weight of the people we used to love. That was their plan from the beginning.
Fang: The bastards want to pretend their sins never happened, so they can breathe easier! And just for that, they're willing to kill Vanille--in the name of a lie!
[As they enter, the clavis is activated.]
Vanille: I'll save them all.
Fang:: Those lights... Are they the souls of the dead?
Lightning: They're gathering here because of Vanille. Come on, Fang.
Fang: Vanille! Open your eyes! You have to stop this, you hear me?
Vanille: Fang! Don't stop me.
High Priestess: The dead hear the sacred one sing, and gather about her in their mission, for they seek eternal rest and repose. The light of God shall rain down upon them! The light shall be his voice; his words become redemption! The dead shall be released from their pain.
Vanille: The souls have been trapped in the Chaos. They've been suffering without any hope of being reborn. I have to do something. I can't leave them like this
Lightning: That's right!! You can't forsake them, which is why you have to stop this. Vanille, this ritual is going to destory every one of these souls. They'll be forgotten, as if they never existed.
Fang: She's telling the truth. No one will know they ever lived. The Order has been lying to you, from the beginning!
Vanille: But the Soulsong is supposed to help them. If they end up being forgotten, they won't be saved!
High Priestess: Sacred one. God has spoken to us, and told his wishes. He demands pure souls, with hearts of light. Those who could not survive the long centuries are not part of God's great plan. Our minds must be unclouded, our hearts free of regret. God is wise and mighty. We shall be born in the new world, our shackles cast, blessed in the purity of his light.
Fang: Do you hear that, Vanille? That's what they really want. Salvation for themselves. Oblivion for the rest!
Lightning: Vanille, if you go through with this, your sacrifice won't mean a thing
Vanille: I don't care what happens to me. It doesn't matter. I just want a chance to make up for what I did. So many people died because of me. I can hear them, even now. They're crying out, all the time. Their grief and sorrow...I feel it all.
Fang: Dammit Vanille, you weren't responsible!
Vanille: I was!
Lightning: Vanille. I get it, You want to atone for something. You think Soulsong is your chance.. And if you purify the dead, and die with them, you've made everything right again. But listen! Not to me. Listen the dead. Yes, their pain is real...but do they really want your sacrifice?
[Two Sets appear.]
Vanille: I can hear them!
High Priestess: Behold sacred one! The dead are unclean; they conjure lies and hate! Tormented by grief, their hearts have grown twisted. Sacrifice yourself, and free them from their torment!
Fang: You're the one who's conjuring lies! The dead have spoken! You're going to destroy them for a convenience--and they want justice.

[After defeating the Sets...]
Lightning: So, did you listen to the dead?
Vanille: Yes. They spoke of sadness, and regret, but also...hope. They're begging for their suffering to end. But...No matter how much pain they feel, none of them asked to be destroyed. Not a single one. Being amongst them is like drowning in tears...But, there's hope, there too. They want a new future. They want to live again.
Lightning: The sound of true despair is silence. When all hope is gone, that's when people stop raging against their fate. But the dead...they're still crying out against it. It's because they haven't given in.
Vanille: And I didn't listen. Instead, I was gonna perform the Soulsong and destroy them forever.
Fang: It would have been a hell of a mistake. But there's still time to make it up to them.
Lightning: There is a better way, Vanille. You can lead them to safety. Show them the way up, into the Ark. Once they're there, they will be reborn into the new world...
Vanille: You think...I can do that?
Lightning: Someone told me you can. But it'll be dangerous.
Fang: She means you've got to risk your life. You and me both. We'll do it together.
Vanille: Yeah... I won't do the Soulsong. I'll try to guide them instead. All the souls... will be reborn in the new world!
High Priestess: You cannot. The Soulsong is the will of God! Who are you to deft him? He commands you
[Vanille is knocked down as the clavis forces her to continue.]
Fang: Vanille!
High Priestess: Finish the ritual!
Lightning: That light will destroy the souls. [A rumble on the glass roof is heard.] It's here.
Fang: Come on!
[Fang holds off the sentries while Lightning reaches Vanille]
High Priestess: God shall punish you!
Lightning: God doesn't know how powerful we are.
[Snow break through the glass ceiling as Fang throws him her lance. Snow uses the weapon staff to destroy the Clavis, the High Priestess consumed in the blast.]
Snow: Am I late?
Lightning: Nice entrance, hero
Snow: Only took five centuries.
Vanille: Look at the souls. It's beginning
Fang: I've made my peace.
Vanille: We'll still be together.
Fang (holding Vanille as she starts praying): Death won't keep us apart.
Vanille (with Fang reciting the final lines): Souls of the Chaos, listen to me. It's happening now. The world is about to disappear forever. When you hear the bell toll, you have to fly up, into the sky--find the Ark. You can be born, every last one of you! My soul will burn...Let the flames of my atonement be your guide. The light will answer your prayers...Living and dead, all of humanity, come together now. Look up to the sky...And discover the new world.
Lightning: The souls of the dead are saved--and yours, too
Vanille: Thank you, Lightning.
[Fang and Vanille's souls]
Snow: This is it. Final curtain. When the bell stops...
[Time freezes]
Yeul: Time will cease, and what was, will be no more.
Lumina: I think it's time. You should have her back. She's always been here, right
Yeul: You made Lumina. Do you remember? You made a tomb keep someone's memory safe.
Lightning: You mean Serah!
Yeul: When you awoke as the savior from your long sleep, she was't there


Lumina: She survived with you, all the time were were in the crystal. But then Bhunivelze cut her out. She was helpless--without you, her soul was going to melt into the Chaos.
Lightning: looked after her for me. You kept her safe.
Lumina: We're just particles of dust, brushed from the palm of a god. He didn't care what happened to her. But I did. I had to keep her
Lightning: But who are you, really?
Lumina: Someone who should never have existed! I was nothing more than a vessel. And now, I've done my part. My time is over.
[Lumina fades with Serah appearing]
Serah: Lightning!
Lightning: Serah...
[Time is restored as a portal opens.]
Fang: The world will end with the last chime
Vanille: awake.
Snow: Watch out!
[The three are knocked out by what appeared to be Hope.]
Lightning: It's the light of God...You? You're Bhunivelze?
"Hope": My savior. (takes her friends' souls) There are mine. Come with me, savior. Let us go together. We shall gaze upon the world that God has wrought.

Lightning: Bhunivelze, god of light. What is a human's strength, when measured against your power? It would be madness to fight you. But..I am more than a human now. Because I have been remade by gods. I will lead the dead...and drag you down into the Chaos. You're finished.

"Hope": He had a dream of eternity. It was always his desire that this world would last forever. He battled against all the forces that would bring about its end. But his dream was shattered. The world faced its death, and he couldn't stop it. Goddess Etro was destroyed, and nurturing flow of life no longer seeded the world. Entrophy advanced. But that's when he saw it. The swirling, invisible forces that breathed life into the universe, that gave form to raw matter. The life force that exists in all of us. The goddess took the souls of the dead and made them be reborn. She breathed life into each new generation. Yes. But when she destroyed, that cycle was broken. After that, the world was doomed. So, God decided to do it over.
Lightning: Right. Built a whole new world. It would be a simple matter for the mighty Bhunivelze...He has the power to shape matter and create any material thing.
"Hope": But what's in our hearts and souls, has no form. Great though his powers are, he cannot create souls, nor can he mold them. So he needed someone to help. A fisher of souls. A savior who would her net into the ocean of life...and gather those who were worthy of being born in the new world. She was God's servant.
Lightning: But not just that. God has bigger plans for me, doesn't her? Being the the savior was just the first step. If I could complete my task in the short time I had, then he would know. That I could carry out the real mission. And replace the lost goddess.
"Hope": Etro is gone, and she will never return. The new world needs a new goddess, one who can restore the cycle of death and rebirth. You must become the ruler of Chaos...The goddess who takes the souls of the dead, and places them
Lightning: I'll become a goddess of death, all right. But not the one you want. I'll be the goddess who kills you!

"Hope": Behold. The grandeur of a new world born before your very eyes. Millions of human souls, yearning for life, ready to be reborn. And yet... the moment of renewed life, recedes. My glorious new world must be destroyed.
Lightning: After you went to all that trouble.
"Hope": It is your doing. You stopped the sacred one from singing the Soulsong. The souls are poisoned, prisoners of their past and of their fates. What God has created, he can destroy. I shall burn it in an ocean of flame.
Lightning: Then you'll do it all over. Rebuild the world, the sky, even the people. But with no memories or feelings...and no past.
"Hope": The perfect people for my perfect world. Free. Knowing only joy. Unfettered by grief and grudges.
Lightning: What you're describing isn't human. They'll be puppets that look like people. Bhunivelze. You're a god, but you could never see into our hearts.
[Bhunivelze reveals himself, controlling Hope's body like a puppeteer.]
Bhunivelze: Yes, your souls are opaque to me. But that is precisely why that must be redone. What value can they have.. If your souls are not known to God? (proceeds to damage Hope's body) You flesh shall be returned to clay! Remade! Remolded! Made perfect! Purified, you can become a vessel for God himself, transcendent and supreme! Rejoice in the light of God's love! I shall descend and inhabit your frail bodies, to read your heart, and bring you joy. I shall be a god amongst you, almighty and all-knowing.
Lightning: Tell me this. You took that body, but what did you do with his soul?
Bhunivelze: (after crushing Hope's body) I do not know. Your souls are invisible to me.
Lightning: I wasn't sure. Not until now. I thought that if you really were trying to save humanity...maybe I should help you, instead of fighting you. But I'm sure now!
Bhunivelze: You think you can slay God?
Lightning: The goddess of death can. You've made me strong enough.
Bhunivelze: Yes, savior! You were to be my new goddess, and so I prepared you with many trials. Show me your new powers. Let this be your final Trial! Great and mighty Pulse! From far-flung reaches come to me! Radiant and shining Lindzei! From distant depths come to me! (The fal'Cie creators are then combined into a twin-bladed scythe.) Goddess-to-be-born. Bow thy head and open your heart to the benediction of God's light. Drink in the light and cleanse your soul. Surrender to the radiance...Divine love eternal!

Lightning: Bhunivelze!
Bhunivelze: It cannot be! The light...So brillant! Greater than God's!
[Lightning mortally wounds him.]
Bhunivelze: A new world.. A beautiful new world.
Lightning: It belongs to humanity now. There's no place for you there.
Bhunivelze: No! No! No ! I will accept it! I will not allow it! I feel it! I feel grief! And pain! I feel anger! (Starts gathering energy from an attack) Goddess of death! I cast you out! Into the Chaos! Into the shadows of death!
Lightning: Yes, that's what I plan to do. The goddess of death is gone, and there's no one to control the Chaos. Someone has to take Etro's place...and protect the cycle of light. That someone is going to be me.
[She conjures the Chaos as it sucks Bhunivelze in.]
Lightning: But before I do--I'm going to take you into the Chaos with me!
Bhunivelze: Never! Is that your last resort? Your final desperate ploy? Do you think you can survive me? The power of divine light is mine!
Lightning(Dodging Bhunivelze's attacks): It's too late for that. You have the power of a god, but you have the power of a human inside you as well. And now that human is going to destroy you. It's the final act in the death of a god. I bring you salvation! (Uses Last Resort) This is the last soul I'll save. Hope! I set you free!
[Hope appears.]
Hope: Lightning...
Lightning: Go.
Hope: Lightning!?
Lightning: Do you see it? Go. It's a new world. A world of hope. And it's waiting for be born again.
[Hope's parents appear.]
Lightning: You are their hope...
Hope: I can't see you! Where are you? Light, what's going to happen to you?
Lightning: No. You can't turn back, or you'll never leave. I have to stay behind. Someone has to control the Chaos. I have to keep it safe, forever. The new would...and you...and all of humanity. So go. And live.
[Lightning suddenly enters a metaphysical realm.]
"Serah": Don't leave me. I don't want to be alone.
Lightning: Serah...
"Serah": Not quite.
Lightning: You're not really her...?
"Serah": No. I'm just a fake, made by God. I'm missing something important. Just like you are
Lightning: Yes. It's true. God cut part of me away. When I woke as the savior--
"Serah": No. It wasn't God's doing. Do you want to who it was? You. It happened a long time ago. You wanted so much to be strong. You wanted to grow up so fast, you got rid of everything that made you weak. So you'd never have to back down...So no one could ever make you cry. You locked your heart away. Do you remember? What you tried to do? You tried to kill me.
[A construct of Lumina appears.]
Lightning: You! You're me. Young...weak...
"Serah": I'm Clare Farron. Her selfishness, her loneliness, her fear. That little bit of your soul that you couldn't accept. You look like you're at home. Like you belong to the Chaos.
Lightning: I have no choice. Someone has to stay behind, to keep the new world going.
"Serah" (absorbing the Lumina construct before flying off): And that's how you hide your true feelings. You convince yourself with logic. You make it sound rational to cut away parts of yourself. You deserve to be alone!
Lightning: Serah? Serah! No, wait! Don't go. Please...Dont...Don't leave me. I need you...Help me.
[Lightning's tear reaches "Serah", assuming her Lumina form to embrace Lightning while being reintregrated. By then, Lightning sees Hope grabbing her hand.]
Hope: It's okay. We could hear you, Light. Let's go. We'll be together
Lightning (thought): Serah. You came to save me. Even though you were never real.
"Serah": Yes, I was a fake. Serah's soul wasn't inside me. But I could imagine it. I could imagine what the real Serah would feel. That's how I did it. I tried to the think the same thoughts as she would, and I imagine the love that she must have felt for you. God hadn't given a heart, but even so. I could dream. I was just a lie, a fake. But the feelings became real. I love you. I always have.
[The fight with Bhunivelze resumes]
Lightning: The old world is dying... And your myths will die with! In the new world, we won't need God!
[Odin and Alexander appear]
Lightning: Odin!
[Bhunivelze unleashes an attack that destroys Nova Chrysalia, Lightning and Hope attempting to hold the attack from expanding further.]
Lightning: I'll never-
Snow: We'll never give up!
[Lightning sees Snow, Noel, Vanilla, and Fang and the Eidolons blocking the attack with her.]
Noel: That's right! Even if we die...
Vanille: Someone will take the torch!
Fang: Your reign is over!
Lightning: We hope in the face of despair-that makes us strong!
[The Eidolons charge Bhunivelze canceling his attack.,]
Lightning: You're here...
Snow (sees a glow in the distance.): What is that?
Hope: Those lights...are they the souls? Every one?
Lightning: All of humanity, going to be reborn.
Sazh: Hey, did I miss the reunion
Snow: Old man! You're late again!
Sazh: We were looking for something, but we found it!
Dajh: Yeah! We found hope!
Sazh: Hey! You gonna join us?
Serah: Yep!
Mog: Kupo
Lightning: Serah!
Serah: Lightning. I'm here. I can fight, too.
Lightning: Good. I need your help.
[The group turn their attention to Bhunivelze charging them.]
Lightning: Know this Bhunivelze: it wasn't just me that destroyed you. You've been defeated by a power that you never understood. A power that cannot see. It comes from the bonds of love that unites us. Together...We change the world.
[With her allies' souls entering her sword, Lightning unleashes an attack that kills Bhunivelze as his crystallized corpse is consumed in the Apocalyse. The group come to on a forming landmass with Bhunivelze's corpse lodged into it.]
Lightning: We don't need God anymore.
Caius: The living don't need a god, but the dead do. A god to protect them. A god of salvation.
Yeuls: We shall become that god. We will rule over the unseed realm, and from there, we will look over the cycle of death and rebirth. We will live...
Yeul: We will live in the shadows of death.
[Noel runs after Yuel as she and her past lives are swallowed by the erupting Chaos sucking all matter into it.]
Noel: I won't let you! Yuel!
Caius: You want to die with her?
Noel: No! I want her to live! She can't die, not after all this!
Caius: If it is your wish--you will die in her place!
Noel: Go ahead. Do your worst
Caius: Then swear on your life...(Suddenly throws Noel upward as he is consumed in the Chaos): Keep her safe.
[Finding himself with the others, Noel finds Yeul in his embrace as the new Unseen Realm is completed.]
Yeuls (voice over): She is the last of us. Only she can be free. Caius has released her from the fate of the seeress.
[The scene fades to black with the party in the middle of empty space with the crystal holding humanity's souls.]
Hope: Is it over? Is God really dead?
Lightning: He's fallen into the unseen realm. Does that mean he's destroyed, or merely sleeping? I do not know. Maybe, one day he'll return... But even if he does, it doesn't matter. We'll win again.
[The crystal shatter and the souls begin their journey.]
Serah: It's happening...
Hope: We can go.
Mog: I'm going with them, kupo.
[The Eidolons depart.]
Serah: We'll meet again.
Mog: Kupo.
[Odin fades, Lightning remembering everything she went through, the good and the bad, before shredding a tear that her adventure is finally at an end.]
Lightning: It's time.
[The group depart for the new world.]
Lightning (narrator): The time of crystals and gods is over, vanished into a past that no longer is. Humankind will be born afresh. Ours is a new future, bright with promise. Sometimes shadows will darken our path, we shall tremble in fear before the night. But we won't be alone. We will reach out out our hands...and in the warmth of another hand holding our own, we feel hope. We will survive, and prosper. The crystal age is just a legend, from before the world was born. And it ended when you were born.

Final Fantasy XIV[edit]

Gaius Van Bealsar: Eorzea, a blighted realm.

Raubahn : "Mad Snake!? Mad Snaaaaaake! Answer me!" (flashback cutscene, after Bahamut destroyed his prison, the lesser moon Dalamut, and went on a rampage above the battlefield of Carteneau Flats)

Final Fantasy XV[edit]

Driver: Prince Noctis. Prince Noctis! [Noctis wakes up.] Oh! That's a big sight over there.
Noctis: [notices a nearby city being surrounded by aircraft.] That...looks to be conquered.

Noctis: Goodbye, whoever you are.
Stella: Prince Noctis, can you see the light, too? So can I. When the Goddess of Death, Etro, opens the gate for the departed, the city of the dead will shine into the heavens. Occassionally, those who can see the light are granted power from the city. Prince Noctis, did you receive such powers?
Noctis: Whatever that "light" is, I don't want anything to do with it.
Stella: But why? There are those who can see it, and those who can't. I've been thinking that there must a reason.
Noctis: Reason..?
Stella: Yes, like what I have to do...and what I might do.

Noctis: It's been a long time. Too long...Not much longer.

Final Fantasy Type-0[edit]

Machina: Their own fate...
Rem: Decided by themselves?
Machina: Yes. Free from the fears of destiny...
Rem: Gazing death in the face. Undaunted.

[Byakko soldiers approach Izana after mortally wounded him and his Chobobo Chiciri. Izana tries to heal Chichiri with his magic]
Izana: Damn it! Ace... Ace..! ACEEEEEEE!!!
[The soldiers are assulted by a huge fireball from above. Izana can see Ace from distance.]
Ace: I'm here! I'm here!
[Izana collapses on Chichiri as Ace makes his way to the man in order to heal him. But it is to no avail as Queen arrives.]
Queen: It's pointless now.
Ace: I know.
[Ace gets off and joins Queen in facing the other soldiers pursuing Izana.]
Izana': Thank you...For everything. Chichiri... Let's rest... For a while. Your name may be goofy, but Machina was really fond of it. I don't get it.
[With Nine arriving to back them up, Ace and Queen proceed to fight the soldiers.]
Izana: Looks like our time's up. Look after yourself, Machina...I really see Rem one more time. At least, I got you for company, Chichiri. [Izana begins to cry] But still...I don't want it to end like this. I really don't want to die.
[By the time the others dealt with the Milites Soldiers, Izana is dead.]
Queen: You don't have to endure it. Let's go.
[Ace approaches Izana, shedding tears for him and Chichiri. Elsewhere...]
Rem: Machina!
Machina: Rem?
Rem: Let's go, Machina.

Cid: This is not the beginning of the end. It is the beginning of new hope we have created.

Arecia: Am I late?
Cadetmaster: With our current military strength, things here will be endangered.
Commandant: We can't just use l'Cie to fill the gaps in our military forces.
Provost: Do you think l'Cie will move the way parliament wishes?
Arecia: Suzaku's Military Project, considering the current situation, is much more appropriate
Commisser: Indeed. Shall we meet at the Chairman's dinner?

Khalia: I know that the Agito cadets do not exactly dislike fighting for Suzaku.

Machina: Our kingdom's... crystal was destroyed?!
King: Don't you dare us dogs of the crystal again.
Eight: Whatever happens, it's not a good idea to get caught.
Sice: Survey enemy territory? I've never hard such BS.
Ace: Does the parliment really think there are no flaws in the report?
Deuce: Why are there people form our intelligence in Byakko?
Nine: Not to brag but...I can name all four countries, dunce.
Queen: I won't get too smart, so I won't get sick easily.
Jack: If you look on the bright side, we got a good future going for us.
Rem: We vowed loyality to the crystal.
Seven: We are the chosen ones...But just what are we chosen for?

Mog: Call me Mog, Kupo. Nice to meet you, Kupo.

Kurasame: I've been assigned as your commander. I am Kurasame.
Nine: We only take orders from mother. You're not wanted here, yo-
[Kurasame knocks Nine down.]

Kurasame: Would it really matter if you I did die?
Cater: Of course it would! I may not like you but if I let you die, it looks bad on my part!

Eight: Everybody's lost a loved one. We all shared that pain.

Izana': I have a younger brother in the Vermilion Peristylium and, as you see, he's got a thing for Chocobos.

Andoria: I hope for your paths are filled with light.

Khalia: Which means, this is the will of the crystals...
Arecia: There probably a meaning to it.
Khalia: The meaning behind all this will be revealed.

Ace: Nothing's going to happen just by crying for them.
Eight: We just don't have to forget them. The fact they lived in this time.

Qator: It's time. Your actions will also face reprisals.

Commandant: It's about your brother. Seems that you were not debrief on the circumstances surrounding your brother's death. I have reports that you have been making enquiries about the manner in which he died.
Machina: No matter how hard I search, there don't seem to be any records of what my brother's duties were on that day.
Commandant: You've likely already realized this, but your brother died carrying out a top secret mission."
Machina: My brother... on a top secret mission?
Commandant: Class Zero's participation in the mission to liberate the capital city was so highly classified, I was not even aware of it until after. Therefore we needed a middle man between Class Zero and mission HQ, hence your brother.
Machina: So that's why Izana was on the front lines?!
Commandant: That's correct. Your brother died because of Doctor Arecia and Class Zero, that is how it happened. Your brother was originally assigned to another duty that day, dispatched by Class Zero towards his death for no reason.
Machina: They sent him...!
Commandant: The reason you were assigned to Class Zero was so that you could keep an eye on that Doctor and her students, with their mysterious background and objectives. But for there really to be such a connection between you and the other Class Zero members... Should you be unable to continue with this new bit of information, then I will make arrangements for your transfer to another class. I'm sure that Rem Tokimiya can complete the surveillance on Class Zero alone if need be."
Machina: W-wait, please! I can't leave Rem in that class all by herself! Rem would never spy on her own classmates like that. She's... too kind like that. I'll remain in Class Zero.
Commandant: Is that so? Excellent! You truly are Kunagiri's little brother...Report anything suspicious to me.
Machina: Yes sir! ...., I make this promise, brother: I'll become stronger than those in Class Zero who betrayed you. I may have lost you and my memories of you....but I will not lose Rem! I'll protect her to the end, no matter what.

Machina: You helping me out, right? Even though you went and killed my brother.
Deuce: Your brother?
Eight: Machina... what are you talking about?
Machina: Class Zero killed my big brother! If it wasn't for you, my brother wouldn't have died wandering the battlefield...
Cinque: Was that... during the mission to liberate Suzaku?
Machina: He might may have been some nameless nobody to you, but to me.... to me he was....!
Eight: You're wrong. We were just carrying out our orders for the mission.
Ace: Machina, it's fine if you wish to think like that. You can blame us all you want but that will not bring Izana back.
Machina: Why... why do you know my brother's name?

Ace: You need to forget our memories of the dead.
Machina: Shut up! That's the excuse you used to sacrifice my brother?
Seven: You gotta calm down, Machina.
Queen: You're like a spoiled child. If you want to play the tragic hero, then stay here and pull a one-man show!
Machina: What the hell do YOU even know?
Rem: Machina. Please stop it. Let's get some rest.
Machina: Damn it! (storms off)
Rem: Machina, where are you going?

Ace: Our crying won't help anything.

Gilgamesh: ...Where am I? Who am I? I don't know. No idea. NOT A CLUE AT ALLLL!!
[Boss fight]
Gilgamesh: Hmph, this is as far as you'll go. Now for better opponents...
[He walks off]
Cater: Just what is that guy's problem?!
Seven: Just drop it. We're falling back!

Celestia: You have to choose, too! With your lives! On your free will! And then, die without fear!

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit]

See: Final Fantasy Tactics.
See: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[edit]

See: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers[edit]

See: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.
  • Keiss: Layle, report in.
  • Layle: There's nothing here to report. All quiet out out here, Keiss. What a dull gig....
  • Keiss: Well good. the smoother my road to success is, the better. Take good care of the Alexis, you hear? And don't go starting any trouble. You cause enough just by existing.
  • Layle: (closes pipe) Stop using me then. ...Huh?
[A Zu appears]
  • Kiess: What was that? Another airship? what is this? What's going on?
[More Zus appear and attack]
  • Kiess: Monsters here? I've never seen so many at once!
  • [The ship is outmanuvering the monsters]
  • Kiess: We can't take this many? Layle, we're pulling back! Hey Layle? Layle!
[Another Zu appears, but Layle blasts it]
  • Layle: Leave it to me!
  • Kiess: Layle! Hey, Layle! Repond, Layle!
(jumps out)
  • Kiess: Crystal Bearer!
  • Layle(to Zus as he decends to the Alexis III): How's that! Alright! Yes! Why you!


  • Jegran: Where's the escort craft?
  • Belle: Ka-chin! There it is!
  • Jegran: Someone saw... You there! What are you doing?
  • Belle: Huh? I'm taking pictures. I'm a photographer.
  • Jegran: No photographers were invited on this flight.
[Layle lands on the deck]
  • Jegran: A problem after another...Who are you then?!
  • Layle: I'm the escort. You called for me.
[A portal appears]
  • Belle: Whoa! What's gonna pop out now?
  • Layle: I'll just have to drag it out!
[Layle uses his power to drag the hand out]
  • Jegran: Crystal bearer...
[Amidatelion emerges from the portal]
  • Jegran Yuke Tribe? Impossible!
[Amidatelion takes out a crystal]
  • Jegran: The crytal idol?
[Amidatelion causes the shard to fly out of the ship and instad his crystal as Layle fights the Yuke.]
  • Layle:: You saw that? Phase through?
  • Layle: Alright...Well then, Let's get serious!
[fight gets intense]
  • Amidatelion: I do not have time to play with you.
  • Layle: Ahh, don't say that, golden rod. I still have some energy to burn!
  • Amidatelion: Good day to you. (jumps on a roc and escapes)
  • Jegran You call yourself an escort?!
  • Layle It wasn't a complete lost, at least.
[Ship shakes]
  • Jergan We're decending!
[Jegran and Belle run to the navigation room as Layle eventually joins them]
  • Layle Going away present? This is getting interesting.
  • Keiss: Alexis respond, You're losing altitude
  • Layle: Sorry for the wait, Kiess.
  • Keiss: Layle, learn to be a team player. So what's our status?
  • Jegran: The crystal reactor's been hit.
  • Keiss: High commander Jegran. I 'm relieve that you're safe.
  • Jegran: The ship is going down. Retrieve me at once!
  • Keiss: The other passangers?
  • Jegran: Never mine them, your pay won't be affected.
  • Belle: Wait. What are you saying?
  • Jegran: The shards have been taken from the reactor. You saw the hostile, did you not?
  • Belle: That's not what I'm asking about!
  • Layle: Just came down. Leave this to me. I can fly this ship
  • Keiss: Huh? That's a little heavy, even for you.
  • Jegran: You fools, have you not been listening? The ship has no power. It can no longer fly.
  • Layle: Oh no, I got power...RIGHT HERE!
  • [Layle uses his power to keep the Airship afloat as he steers it towards the capital.]
  • Layle: Don't worry. I'm about to apply the breaks. Everyone hold on?
  • Belle: What are you doing now?
  • [Layle uses a building to slow down the Alexis' speed to no avail.]
  • Belle: Breaks, huh? It's all your fault, Crystal Bearer!
  • [It stops in time as it touches the capital.]
  • Keiss:: Nice landing


  • Keiss: Yo, flying ace. Had you even flown an airship before?
  • Layle: First time. But it was eaiser than riding a Chocobo.
  • Keiss: Crystal bearer...Hey what is that thing?
  • Layle: This thing aborbed all the shards in the Alexis
  • Keiss: Seriously? I bet we can get a good price
  • Layle: Can't do that. This thing is my only lead on Golden rod
  • Keiss: Golden rod?
  • Layle: The werid looking hostile who attacked us. We have unfinished business
  • Keiss: You really are addicted to trouble. It's High Commander Jegran
  • Jegran:(sees Belle) Trouble should be nipped in the bud.
  • Keiss: Wouldn't you say I came in pretty hand again, Sir? You were saying something about hostiles? Another job for me maybe? Oh sir, if you don't mind could we get the money for the last job?
  • Jegran: 30 million gil. If you get the hostile that attacked us, you get 30 million gil.
  • Keiss: Oh, 30 million gil? That's alot of coin. But sir, there are things I want more than money...You see...
  • Jegran: Very well..
  • Keiss: Right. Layle. I'm getting our money and a new gig so wait over by the fountian. Oh and Layle, just try to behave yourself around town.


  • Althea: Heey! Come back here! Ugh. Where did she go?
  • Layle: What is up wth this girl?...
[ferret jumps on his face]
  • Layle: Little pest! Why you!
  • [notices the naughty ferret stole his crystal]
  • Layle: Very clever...
[chases after ferret, causing damages in the process.]
  • Layle: Gotcha! Now what to do with you...?
  • Althea: Erm...Her name is Mia, she's my pet ferret.Thanks for catching her for me.
  • Layle: It needs to be trained...
  • Althea: You're right. I'm sorry. I'll be more careful.
  • Lility guy: Hey look, that giy's a bearer!
  • woman: A crystal bearer?! How horrid!
  • Lilty kid: Magic! That man just used magic, mommy!
  • Lility mom: Shh! You shouldn't point! Come on, let' go!
  • Layle: Are crystal bearers that rare in the city?
  • Althea: Oh. how rude of me! Hey, can I buy you some tea?
  • Layle: Nah. I'm not a tea drinker.
  • Althea: Come on, one cup. Let's go.


  • Althea: You were very bad! You have to behave yourself inside town! Same for you, Mister Crystal Bearer...It's not as strict as it was before, but the law is the law. You can't use your crystal bearer powers inside town. Crystal Bearers are abombination. That's what everyone believes
  • Layle: And is that what you thin, little miss?
  • Althea: Me? I'm not afriad of you
  • guard1: Arrest that woman!
  • Belle: What did I do?
  • guard2: Out of the way!
[Layle knocks them down with his power]
  • guard3: This guy's a Bearer!
  • Layle: So what if I am?
  • guard2: Use of arcane arts! Obstruction of justice! Arrest this one too!
  • Althea: Run!
[break through the window]


  • guard1: Quickly! After them!
  • Belle: Enough already!
[She notices a Chocobo carrage and jumps on it for a getaway while ditching Layle]
  • Belle: Ah. Perfect! Well it's been fun, but-uggh!
[Layle uses his power to drag her back so he can hop on.]
  • Belle: Huh? What's going on here?!
  • Layle: Misery loves company, right?
  • Belle: Huh! Can't you even be a decoy?
  • Blaze: Heey!!


  • Belle: Ohh..I smell treasure.
  • Layle: Ruins of a city. Doesn't look like Lilty culture. What is this feeling?
  • Layle: In the begining, there were the four crystals. And together, they form one principle. Thus the world was created. A creation myth...The four crystals next created humanity in their own image, and presided over their destinies.
  • Belle: Bingo!
  • Layle: Thus the Four tribes were born: Lility, Clavat, Selkie, and we...
  • Layle: Belle! Belle, look out!
[Saves her from falling]
  • Layle: Come on! Grab on to something!
[She moves herself to a ledge]
  • Layle: I think we both benefit if you went on a diet. No offense.
  • Belle: How dare you say that about my slender figure?!


  • Belle: Hey!
  • Layle: Well hello there. Fancy meeting you here...
  • Amidatelion: Those that should be together are drawn. Those that should be apart, repelled. The world is governed by the Crystal principle. You have that which you need to be in this place
  • Layle: You talking about this?
  • Amidatelion: We are the rightful owners of that. Please return it.
  • Layle: Sure. I'll return it After all, I do owe you one!
[Sucker punches Amidatelion with a pillar]
  • Layle: This one in the bag!
[The two battle and it ends in a stalemate]
  • Layle: Not too shabby...
  • Keiss: Layle get'em now!
[Keiss drives Amidatelion and Layle takes adventage to get the Yuke in close range of his attack.]
  • Layle: This is the end for you.
  • Amidatelion: No...It is the begining.
[the crystal idol reacts to the crystal shard]
  • Belle: The shard, it gonna get sucked in!
[Instead of asborbing, the crystal augments the shard with the pieces it absorbed.]
  • Belle: There's more?
  • Keiss: what happened just now?
  • Layle: First taking shards, now creating shards. So, what is it you're after?
  • Amidatelion: The resurrection, Layle.
[The area starts to break up.]
  • Amidatelion: There are two left.
  • Layle: Well then...Fun times ahead.


  • Belle: I guess it's good bye, then.
  • Layle: Hey, Belle, aren't you on the run from the law?
  • Belle: Oh, am I? Well Don't worry about me. I'm used to being chased around. I'm a Selkie, I can handle it solo.Well, see you later Layle.


  • Cid: This is a crystal Idol


  • Layle: So Lilties shoot first and ask questions later?
  • Cid: If I was up against you, I would so the same thing.
  • Layle: The steam engine, it's pretty impressive. Cid the genuis can stilll get it done.
[walks out to pulverise the Lilty soldiers waiting outside to arrest him.]
  • Cid: To think the Crystal Idol fell into his hands...Perhaps crystals really do attract one another. So what did you think of him, Princess Althea?
  • Althea: I know now that he is very powerful. However, the survival of the Kingdom is at stake here. Cid, can he be trusted?
  • Cid: I trust him, certainly. But he is a crystal bearer after all...He attracts danger.


  • Keiss: Hey, Layle, I'm counting on you!
  • Layle: All right, Leave it to me.
  • Amidatelion: Don't get too overconfident.
  • Layle: Same to you!
  • Layle: Directly, then! How about this?
  • Layle: Slipped through again. Thought so...
  • Amidatelion: Young man, you didn't happen to find the Crystal Idol? Well, this isn't it...Then perhaps, your female companion has it?
  • Layle: Give it back!
  • Keiss: The rat's getting away
[Layle pursues with Kiess trying to keep up with him.]
  • Keiss: Crystal Bearer, come on, seriously?
  • Keiss: What..? What's this?
  • Amidatelion: It is said this was the cradle of our civilization...Legend spoke of a beautiful forest. Sunlight streaming through the trees, gentle winds, the sound of water...It was my hope that I could get one glimpse of it...The Crystal Principle has been disrupted, and the world is changing. Take a look at this.
  • Layle: A crystal shard? The color's strange...
  • Amidatelion: How can you, a crystal bearer, not feel the wave? The wave that harms the Principle. Layle, your role has been fulfilled. Please stop pursuing me.
  • Layle: You don't expect me to back down now, do you?
  • Amidatelion: If you insist on interfering, I will be forced to use the full extent of my power/
  • Layle: Go ahead.
  • Amidatelion: Then I will show you, Layle. I shall show you the Crystal's will, and its power. Yes, for your future reference, my power is...Summoning!
(After Bahamut fight)
  • Layle: That was pretty entertaining I say.


  • Keiss: Hey, Layle...The Lilty say their proseperity was promised to them by their Tribal Crystal. What do you think? Do you believe it?
  • Layle: The Clavat will always be poor. Crystal or no Crystal. Makes no difference.
  • Keiss: Okay, byt then what are those Crystals?
  • Layle: They sat they preside over the destiny of each tribe, and form the principle of the world but it's just a myth.
  • Keiss: Well, then what do you think crystal bearers are?
  • Layle: Agents of Light or Children of the Dark? In reality, we're neither, nothing special.
  • Keiss: It's unlike you to talk about yourself that way, Layle.
  • Layle: You made me say it, Colonel! Pondering your own existrence is a waste of time.


  • Althea: It's about by father. He is very ill, and it is no ordinary illness. Where medicine fails, magic may suceed...Perhaps there are those with healing powers. Do you know of any bearers like that?
  • Layle: Althea, all bears have some degree of power. But because of that, they're distrusted by the public. Do you really think that such outcasts would use their powers righteously, for the benefit of humanity? To this day, I've never seen a bearer with healing powers.
  • Althea: They may not be righteous, but do you think bearers with healing powers may exist?
  • Layle: It's better if they did'nt exist. You have to be willing to sacrfrice an entire city to get the cooperation of a crystal bearer like that.
  • Althea: A kingdom. That's what I'm ready to sacrifice.
  • Layle: Hahaha! That's some big, little miss. I'm hungry. Let's grab a bite. What do you want?
  • Althea:I am being completely serious, Layle.
  • Layle: Yeah. I'll be right back o hear more. An entire kingdom? Interesting.
[After he leaves, Jegran arrives.]
  • Jegran: His Majesty the King has fallen ill, but you sit here drinking afternood tea?
  • Althea: I am trying to find a cure...
  • Jegran: Please tell me what his symptoms are. I can be of assistance.
  • Althea: This is a Royal Family matter. You need not get involved.
  • Jegran: Well then, I implore to fulfill your duties as his proxy, Princess. We must go before the Elder Council. where you will give me full authority to deal with the Yuke threat.
  • Althea: That goes against my father's policies. He wants military authority to be decreased.
  • Jegran: Why then, does His Majesty not say say so himself in front of the Elder Council?
  • Althea: Very well.. Let us the Council
[Jegran smiles evilly as Althea takes her leave.]


  • Blaze: You better stop getting my way. Layle!
  • Layle: Uh, sorry. I'm drawing a blank. Who are you again?
  • Blaze: What, you forgot your oartner...I mean, your mentor's face? I taught you everything you know about the business!
  • Layle: Taught me? More like you made me clean up after the messes you left behind. I remember you noew, Blaze. You were the worst partner ever.
  • Blaze: That's some big talk there, boy. But come on, let's work togther on this one. With you around it'll be a breeze. We just have to keep an eye on the Selkie woman.
  • Layle: I don't need your mentoring. My days of working with you are over.
  • Blaze: Is that right? Well then, you'd better stay out of my way!


  • Blaze: Come on out here, Jegran! I'll teach you what it means to mess with a bearer! You've got a lot to guts. But come on! What can you a normal person do in this situation?
  • Jergan: Crystal reactors harmonize with Crystal Bearers. They make a bearer's powers stronger.
  • Blaze: That's good news for me! It means I'lll be more powerful than ever!
  • Jergan: This crystal reactor has shut down, yet it still responded. It is a testament to the great power of the crystal bearer. I finally understand...
  • Blaze: Begging for your life? It's too late for that now!
  • Jergan: The crystal reactor, and my powers...This is not coincence, it is destiny. Now I shall prove it of you!
  • Blaze: Huh? Hello? I'm the bearer and you're about to be toast!
[Jegran reveals his Crystal Bearer powers, crystalizing his Chocobo before cornering him.]
  • Jergan: You were useless when you were alive. So at least be of use in death.
[crystalizes Blaze]


  • Jergan: You'll serve in place of the Yuke Crystal shards. It will be a fitting end. You're all lowly Selkie scum. There will be none to mourn your loss.
(he crystalizes a Selkie as Layle watched)
  • Layle: So he's a crystal bearer, too! I get it, it all makes sense now.
  • Belle: Layle! You have to help them!


  • Layle: Jegran! The King's state is your doing, isn't it?
  • Jergan: A man who fears the power of crystals has no business being a king. He trembled before its might, then sought to shut all the reactors down.
  • Layle: He's right. It was the right decision. Fueling battleships with human lives? You must be out of your mind, Jegran!


  • Layle: Are you trying to take over the kingdom?
  • Jergan: Take over? I am High Commander. I always serve the Kingdom's best interests. But of course, a traitorous criminal like you would not understand that.
  • Layle: Don't make me laugh, Jegran. You serve only youself!

  • Jergan: Keiss, the hostile, eliminate him.
  • Keiss: Hostile? Ah, that's the fugitive crystal bearer we were looking for. Very well, sir. However, I have a more pressing errand at hand.
  • Jergan: An errand?
  • Keiss: High Commander, I have orders from Princess Althea. She decrees that you release the Selkies that you have unlawfilly detained at once.
  • Jergan: What?!
  • Keiss: Oh, and one more thing. All crystal shards in the Aerial Prison are to be collected and returned to the captial immediately.This is a joint order from the Princess and the Elder Council. You have offically been notified, High Commander Jegran.
  • Jergan: Such petty trickery...oy know that I could have you terminated easily.
  • Keiss: Maybe you should worry more about yourself. The High Commander a crystal bearer? I don't think that's gonna go over well back home.
  • Jergan: Humph, you have no proof. All witnesses will be erased. I don't intend for any of you to escape alive!

[Jegran attempts to cut Keiss down, but Layle knocks him down.]

  • Layle: It's too late. Your time is up, High Commander!
[Amidatelion suddently opens her portal.]
  • Layle: Amidatelion! Not now! Keiss, deal with Jegran.
  • Keiss: What? Seriously?
[As Keiss battle Jegran, Layle brings Amidatelion back to this side]
  • Amidatelion: Did I come at a bad time?
  • Keiss: Man, did you ever!
  • Jergan: My thanks, Yuke
  • Layle: Hurry, Amidatelion!
(Amidatelion uses his Crystal Idol to absorb the prison's crystal shards, causing the prison to decend as Belle jumps off the ledge)
  • Belle: It's falling again! Layle, do something!
  • Layle: I'm trying! It's too damn big.
  • Jergan:(Turn his attention towards Belle) You, Selkie. You must be eliminated at once!
  • Belle: That's a negatory.
[She attempts to run, but floor collapses under her as Jegran jumps after her.]
  • Keiss: What's going on here!?
[Keiss pursues Jegran]
  • Layle: Summon some monsters and get the Selkies out!
[Amidatelion summons a Zu that he uses to get Vaigali and the other surviving Selkie prisoners.]
  • Amidatelion: Not everyone is out yet. Please slow down the rate of descent.
  • Layle: Easier said than done!
  • Amidatelion: Don't worry. I know you can do it.
  • Layle: Keiss. Belle, it's about time we left!
[Layle sees Keiss fighting Jegran on his own]
  • Layle: Keiss! Damn, Not enough. You're a Selkie, handle it solo.
  • Vagali: That stupid kid!
[He chucks Belle over for Layle to catch]
  • Layle: Belle!
  • Belle: Layle!

[Vagali then knocks Keiss out of the way.]

  • Keiss: Vagali, what are you doing!? Run!
  • Jergan: A noble sacriifce, I must say.
  • Layle: Vagali!
[Dispite his attempts, Vagali is crystalized.]
  • Vagali: Keiss. See your ambition through, you hear? Drag this joker down!
  • Jergan: But alas, mone of you will leave this place alive!

  • Layle: I though you'd be waiting.
  • Amidatelion: I wanted us to see the resurrection together. The second resurrection, that is.
  • Layle: I told you before. The spell targeting the Lilty Crystal. If that promblem isn't resolved, you can cound me out.
  • Amidatelion: That issue again? I thought I had your understanding on the matter. It is true, that final spell cast by the Yukes was meant to destroy the Lilty Crystal. However, we cannot be certain how that spell will react to the resurrection.
  • Layle: That's pretty irresponsible.
  • Amidatelion: The ressurection is warranted by the Crystal Princple. The Principle is what made me a crystal bearer. The ressurection is inexorable. Therefore, the fate of the Lilty Crystal, the fate of the Lilty Tribe, will be determined by the Crystal Principle. It is possible that nothing will happen, or perhaps the Lilty will be erased from this world.
  • Layle: I don't like it. You're just using the Crystal Principle to justify your actions. Are you saying bearers are born of the Principle, so they can do whatyever they like?
  • Amidatelion: That is just semantics, Layle. All I am trying to do is save my people, save my family. That is all I

want. I hope you are not so cruel as to call me melodramatic.

  • Layle: I can appreciate your stance, but Althea's concerns are just as legitimate.
  • Amidatelion: Do not worry. I have taken some measures to... (sees Jegran behind Layle)
  • Layle: What?
[Amidatelion uses his powers to take the hit meant for Layle]
  • Amidatelion: Just in time...
[Jegran is driven off]
  • Layle: : Amidatelion!
[Adds the Crystal Idol's contains to the Yuke Crystal.]
  • Amidatelion: There's one more.
  • Layle: : Yeah, I know...
  • Amidatelion: Layle, you owe me one...
  • Layle: : I know.
  • Amidatelion: (Crystalizing) Layle, I fell gravity within you. I am so glad it was you. I am glad I chose you.


  • Jegran: I would have preferred to eliminate you, but no matter. A paroah like you can be easily disposed of.
[summons soldiers that block all escape routes]
  • Jegran: I knew that you would here. Did you really think I would leave this site unguarded? Begin administrative punishment!
  • Jegran: What are you doing!? Punish the criminal!
  • Althea: It is you must be punished, Jegran.
  • Jegran: Surely you jest.
  • Althea: High Commander Jegran, you are a crystal bearer, are you not?
  • Jegran: Supposing that I am, would that be a crime?
  • Althea: No, but you must apear before an inquiry held by the Elder Council in regards to incidents at the Aerial Prison, aboard the Alexis...and various other incidents we believed to be involved with. You have much to answer to. You do you understand what I am saying, don't you, Jegran?
  • Keiss: If it was up to me, I would carry our your punishment myself. In any case, do as the Princess orders. You'll pay for your crimes.
  • Jegran: You would call me a criminal...? I, who have devoted my life to serving the Kingdom, a criminal? It was I, it was my power, that made this Kingdom...and its king more prosperous than ever! While you fools are just idling about your daily lives...I am devoting my life to serving the Kingdom! How dare you! How dare you call me a criminal!
[Discarding his gauntlet, grabs Keiss by the neck with his right arm.]
  • Jegran: Die!
[Before he could crystalize Keiss, Jegran is forced down by Layle who uses his crystal bearer powers to kill Jegran.
  • Althea: Wait, Layle! There are questions that I still need him to answer! Layle! Stop it!
[Seeing her words can't reach him, Althea fires a warning to stop Layle.]


  • Keiss: This is the big finale. Are you all set?
  • Layle: The finale could just be the begining.
  • Keiss: Now you're starting to sound like a Yuke.


  • Jegran: That day, the King was removing all the crystal shards from the Alexis.
  • Althea: "Why use the shards for a battleship, when they can be used for the people?"...that is whay father had said.
  • Jegran: With my powers, we had an unlimited suppy of shards. The King knew that as well.
  • Althea: That can't be...
  • Jegran: It was the King who wanted to weaponize crystal power in the first place. Many lives were lost in the effort, and I myself lost an arm. But in return, I gained the power of crystallization. If that is not destiny, what is? But then he said...The ship named after his late wife should not be powered by tainted shards. He trembled before this awesome power, and hid in his wife's shadow, this useless coward! Did you know? Crystal reactors enhance the abilities of bearers. I did not realized at the time, but it was the Alexis who granted be this power
[Alexis starts up]
  • Jegran: The power to vanish this fool!
[In spite of Althea's attempts to stop him, Jegran smashes the king before her eyes]
  • Althea: Father!
  • Jegran: Will you accept the power? The power to rule the wotld?
[The Crystal idol reacts, taking the Yuke shards surrounding the reactor in the kingdom.]
  • Keiss: What the..? What's just happened?
  • Layle: The reactor shut down.. Was that the Crystal Idol activating. Altha's in trouble
[The train starts to decend]
  • Keiss: Hey, we're the ones in trouble! We're falling!
[While Layle safely lands the train, Jegran crystallizes the guards outside the battleship.]
  • Jegran: Take in my power. Let us rule the world togther.
  • Althea: Your twisted powers have no place in the Lilty Kingdom or this world, for that matter. I am one with the Crystal Principle.
  • Jegran: The Principle made me what I am. If you will not accept the truth, then you too shall be punished!

[He tries to crystallize her, but no effect. Knocking her down, he uncovers her mark as a Crystal Bearer.]

  • Jegran: This..? Then you too are...?
[He starts laughing manically as he begins to rise the Alexis.]


  • Jegran: So you are here. Well, take a look! The Princess has been hiding the fact that she too is a crystal bearer! You and I, as well as Keiss and the Elder Council, we have all been manipulated by this fraud, but all for naught!
  • Layle: And I care why? I'm not here to rescue the Princess. My only objective is to beat you down, and that's all.
  • Jegran: Tell me, haven't you ever thought about the reason behind your powers? My power, the power of crystallization, can provide unlimited energy when used with a crystal reactor. Neither the King nor the Princess understood this. There was a time when I sought to destroy the Royal Family, and rule in their place. But when I saw the crystal on the Princess, it became clear to me. There is a greater power seeking to change the world. The Crystal Principle gives birth to bearers. That Yuke, thus, you, and I. We are bearers, but I stand above all of you! The Principle gave birth to me, and I give birth to crystals. Thus, it is in my power to create a new Principle. This is the power of gods!
  • Layle: Give it a rest. You and I are just human beings, with a little bit of power. Get over yourself.
  • Jegran: You fool! The Crystal truly made the right choice. I am the chosen one, not you. And now, you will witness the power of gods!


(As Althea protects the crystal, Layle confront Jegran as the final battle begins)
  • Layle: If the Lilty Crystal is destroyed, you'll vanish from this world, too.
  • Jegran: Humph, then all I need to do is create a new Crystal annd a new Principle. The fair Princess is kindly buring me some time...
  • Layle: So it's all according to your master plan, huh? But will you suceed?
  • Jegran: Of course I will succeed. This is the last touch!
[Jegran fuses unto the Alexis, turning into a monsterous vessel]
  • Jegran: Do you think can stop it? Do you think you can stop this power? What?
  • Layle: Bad news, Jergan. It looks like you're not the only one whose powers been enhanced.
  • Jegran: You have been an eyesore from the begining!
  • Layle: You're the one who hired me!

[They have a long-lasting battle, Layle winning in the end]

  • Jegran: Heheh... My principle has been lost... The victory goes to that Yuke... The Lilty Crystal will perish...

[Layle turns to the Lilty Crystal, realizing that it is failing.]

  • Layle: Althea!
  • Althea: It's... too late...

[Althea collapses unconsious onto her Zu. Then the newly ressurected Yukes guard the crystal and undo the curse they placed upon it.]

  • Layle: So these are the measures you took, eh, Ameditellion?

[Meanwhile, since Layle wasn't looking, Jegran grabs the Clavat's neck and they plummet downward.]

  • Layle: Jegran! The four crystals stand together, as they should! There's no room for your principle here!
  • Jegran: The same can be said of you. There is no place for you in the new world.

[Yelling out, Layle's crystal sends out waves of brilliant white lights.]

Final Fantasy Unlimited[edit]

See: Final Fantasy Unlimited.

(As Kaze is firing his pistol at Makenshi in the Comodeen hideout)

  • Lisa Pacifist - Don't include these people's ideals in your war!
  • Kaze - I know nothing of ideals. As long as I get to finish things, I could care less what happens to this world. Or who dies.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy[edit]

See: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy[edit]

See: Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy
Cid of the Lufaine: Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony. Chaos--God of Discord…Two divine powers locked in an endless struggle, each seeking to reign supreme Long has the world played stage to their violent conflict, now at peace, now teetering on the verge of annihilation but never for a moment striking a balance between the two. The scars of war run deep across the realm, and still these battles rage on, a tempest the eons can not quell. However…
Cecil: The Crystals are the power Cosmos has entrued to us. Therefore, to protect everyone is carrying out the will of Cosmos.
Onion Knight: I can barely keep from yelling in frustration
Emperor: Among these Warriors of Cosmos who have suffered defeat so many, there is none among them who truly remembers this conflict.
Cecil: A knight is made by that which he protects. Remember?
Vaan: No-one knows what'll happen if we defeat Chaos."
Bartz:(to Warrior of Light) "You know, we could give you a great name!"
Laguna: You're still as closemouthed as usual...
Squall: This is a battlefield. Why do I need to "make friends"?
Laguna: Listen.. Even if we lived in the same world, there'd come a time when life'd pull us apart. S'not a reason to avoid people.
Squall: I have no interest in being lectured. Don't get in my way.
Zidane: Well, we have to finish off Chaos. I don't know what will happen after that.
Emperor: Now I see, he plans to deliberately invite that defeat.
Firion:(to Lightning) However, when I heard the name of the flower spoken, I felt a connection.
Firion: Nothing's impossible! I'll see this to the end no matter what!
Onion Knight: Not gonna give up... Gotta get stronger.
Cloud of Darkness: Such fragile fools. We will crush your hopes.
Bartz: Oh yeah! I'm excited! I'm getting fired
Exdeath: Pitiful lion who know solitude. I shall take both your love and friendship from you.
Gabranth: I shall not fail again. This I swear as Judge Magister
Cosmos: The first blow in this new war has let to be struck.

The Emperor[edit]

Serve me, Dragon-less knight. (Open, Kain)

Kain Highwind[edit]

(To Manikins) Abominations! Can you hear me? You best rue the day you came here. I'm about to teach you pathetic mockeries the difference between you...and a real man.
Embrace! Dragon's Fang! (Rising)
The Heavens plow down!/Cross the heavens! (Sky Rave)
Dragon's gift to me! (Ex-Mode)


Can you... Overcome me? (to Cecil)


You shall wander within the Rift forever! (Open, Gilgamesh)

Tifa Lockhart[edit]

We're not just a bunch of faceless soldiers.We're friends, and we've been through a lot together.
It's been awhile since I've fought anything but manikins.
(to Cloud): Hey. Thanks for helping me out back there.
(to Kain): You know I trust you.
I just have to get stronger than you!
Don't think I'm gonna let my guard down for you. (Open, Vaan)


All you know could be an illusion. (Cloud)

Die laughing (to Kefka)

Laguna Loire[edit]

(to Squall): There'd come a time when life'd pull us apart. S'not a reason to avoid people.
Leg cramp!
That's what I meant to say.
Alright, fight me! (Open)
Time to unload!
Look out!
This will be a blast! (Split Laser)
Bomb's Away!
Now it's a party! Go, Go, Go! The greatest attack..EVER! (Desparado, Rangarok Cannon)
Oh Yeah! (win)


I am not fool enough to surrender my will to some nebulous deity.
(to Tifa): This ends now!
Fall into eternal slumber.
Over so soon? (Open, Laguna)


A flash in the sky without resorting...can not escape his impending case.


I will give it all I have. (Open)
Release! (Energy Burst)
Ascend! (Sonic Wings)
Guide us with your light. (Energy Ray)
Fists of Hellfire. (Meteor Strike)
Show your flames. (Hellfire)
Lightning, strike. (Aerospark)
Here's the Darkness. (Thor's Hammer)
Strike Down! (Heavenly Strike)
Freeze them now! (Diamond Dust)
Cascading strength. (Impulse)
Burn everything in sight. (Mega Flare)
For the Hope of the World. (EX Mode)
I will end the spiral of conflict. Sins of time, eternal. (Into the Farplane)
I will cast them away. (Into the Farplane ending)
I will do it, without false hope (Into the Farplane ending (Secret Voice))


"You're dust". I think you'll find I'm rather robust.


Let's see...Wait! Yes! I got it! (to Warrior of Light) I'm gonna name you...
Not an enemy. But not exactly a friend either.
(to Warrior of Light)Those Chaos creeps are a different story
(to Garland) If you value your miserable hide, now is the time to tuck tail and run.
The struggles we go through---it's our experiences that teach us stength.
Nice to meetcha! (Open, Tifa/Yuna)


(To Onion Knight) Hey what's wrong? You don't seem like yourself today.
Keep trying!
Rain down! (Torrent)
No holding back! Here. Rupture! Burn! How's this?! Stings, huh? (Quickening)
Thought you knew I would win. (Win)

Lightning Farron[edit]

Why even fight? What in the world are we doing here?
(Before being jumped by Manikins.) No matter how many you take down, more show up...This is bad. Doubt they could've gotten past this many.
(to Firion) So like I said, you hole onto. Keep it safe for me will you, Firion?
I was the one who wanted to fight until the end. I dragged you all into this. I'm sorry.
Face forward. We can't go back.
You want me to finish you off, just say the word!
You're nothing but empty threats, we're not turning back now!
Some things in life you just do. (Open)
Nothing to do but do it. (Open, Laguna)
Dodge this!
You're toast!
Try this on!
Watch this!
Who are you watching? (Crushing Blow)
This is gonna sting! (Lightning Strike)
Have some more! (Razor Gale)
Enjoy the View! (Thunderfall)
Not your lucky day (Ex Mode)
I control my fate! Let's finish this! Bull's eye! (Ex Burst)
That wasn't too bad of a fight./By the skin of my teeth... (win)

Sorry, it's not my bedtime! (To Warrior of Light upon fighting him)

Treachery of the Gods[edit]


Lightning (Voice over): An entire world turned into nothing more than a battlefield for the gods...Harmony, Discord: two armies of hand-chosen soldiers, summoned to this universe to fight as their tools. We arrive in this place with no memories of our past and no means of returning home--helpless servants to the powers that brought us here. That's what I found myself, when the goddess of harmony called on me. Fighting is the only thing that this world knows. The only hope that any of us have lies in finding a way to win. So that's what I meant to do. That's why I kept fighting, even though it wasn't my battle to begin with.
Jecht: Hey, um...uh...Lightning, was it?
Lightning: What?
Jecht: No need to get your belts in a bunch. None of us are here 'cause we wanna be.
Lightning: None of us are here 'cause we wanna be? No, really? So you'd say that's a good enough reason for some stranger to go putting their nose in my business?
Jecht: Well, ya know, it's not really wrong what he's sayin'.
Lightning: Jecht, wasn't it? So you want to say that I'm wrong, is that it, Jecht?
Jecht: Whoa, let's not go throwin' folks into the fire now! Right, err...?
Kain: Kain.
Jecht: Right, I mean tell her Kain, we can't be gettin' off to a start like this, can we?
Kain: Lightning...I agree with what you said. To a point. We do not know each others' strengths. How, then, could we trust one another enough to join sides? So how is this: we travel alongside him, and judge his ability with our own eyes.
Lightning: What?
Jecht: That's, well, I mean that's an interesting idea, but, uh--
Kain: Should anything happen, we'll be there to intervene. If that proves to be the decisive battle, well, the victor will be decided then.
Jecht: This "we" of yours...I take it you're including me?
Lightning: Don't be getting ahead of yourself. I don't remember anyone putting you in charge.
Kain: You fear to face the challenge? Is that it?
[Lightning does not answer.]
Kain: I've seen nothing to tell me if you've the skill to match that arrogance or if it's simply a bluff. Give me a reason to believe.
[The Warrior runs in.]
Warrior of Light: On your guard! The enemy comes!


Garland: You warriors of Cosmos must be confident, to forget your mission assoon as you wake--
Lightning:Huh? I take it you're warriors of Chaos...
Garland: Hmph, to wait until attacked--it seems Cosmos has summoned a group of cowards.
Emperor: So Cosmos can only summon insects...Garland, I'll allow you to dispatch them. But do feel free to call if you require assistance. I shall gladly lend a hand.
Warrior of Light: Lightning, he is not our only concern. Leave him to me and you take--
Lightning: Hmph, I don't plan to take orders from you. Why don't you just leave them to me?
Warrior of Light: What are you--
Garland: Cosmos' chosen bicker with one another? How pitiful, I shall take on both of you!
Garland: Hmph, is that all? 'Tis far too little to pleasure my lust for battle... But I'll depart now. I'm sure we'll meet again. The battle has only begun.
[Teleports away.]
Warrior of Light: He's gone... Yet there should be others. Lightning, let us go.


Kefka Hahahaha! Now I've found you! My precious, late-rising toys!
Lightning: What's... with this guy?
Kefka Hm? You shouldn't get your hands dirty, Ultimecia. I'll dispose of these runts myself.
Ultimecia: Do as you wish, Kefka. As you're offering to handle this, I'll let you do as you please. But do invite me before you torture them. I would thoroughly enjoy aiding you then.
Kefka Ow ow ow!
[Teleports away.]
Warrior of Light: Are you alright, Lightning?
Lightning: I'm fine. Worry about yourself. We still have company.


Warrior of Light: This feeling...
Lightning: So we got more creeps to deal with.
Sephiroth: Well, you noticed...Impressive.
Lightning: Who are--never mind, it's a waste of time asking. Let's get this over with!
Cloud of Darkness: You seem to be enjoying yourself. Monopolizing the prey, Sephiroth?
Sephiroth: Cloud of Darkness, was it? Don't get in my way. I found them first. But, I am interested in your powers. Hm, why don't you lend me a hand--
Sephiroth: Surely, that isn't the extent of your power. Try to put up a fight next time we meet. --Or our purpose in this realm would be pointless.
[Sephiroth teleports.]
Warrior of Light: I sense more enemies...Lightning, stay on alert.
Lightning: You don't need to tell me that.

Lightning: ...They're close. Get ready. Hey! Why don't you just come out!
Cloud: Shouldn't you be near Sanctuary? You have been invaded, haven't you? If the goddess of harmony were to fall, you'd just disappear.
Lightning: Hmph, an enemy worrying about me...I don't remember asking for any sympathy!
Golbez: Worrying about others, Cloud. Is there someone you know with them?
Cloud: None of you business. Shut up and fight if you came to provide assistance, Golbez.
Golbez: Not bad for having just awoken. Perfect practice. I shall leave first...
[Golbez teleports.]
Cloud: You probably fought some of the others, but they held back. You'll get hurt if you underestimate them, and...your allies--
Lightning: Huh? What about our allies?
Cloud: Nothing. You best prepare yourselves. The true conflict is just getting started.
[Cloud walks away]
Warrior of Light: Chaos's presence finally fades. It seems we were able to drive them back.
Warrior of Light: We are victorious thanks to you. My pardons.
Lightning: For what? You would've been just fine without me. You didn't need my help.
Warrior of Light: Having you to guard my back was the reason I could fight the way I did. Still, being able to fight together is a luxury we may not always have. We must stay vigilant even you. As long as we remember focused on our goal, each of victorious will bring us one step closer. You must never forget that. I fear there may still be enemies lurking near. I will scout the perimeter. You wait here for Kain and the others.
Lightning: Who died and made you Primarch?
Warrior of Light: It may not be long before we're forced to fight again. You should rest a little, while you can.
Jecht: Still haven't figured out if you're trying to be thoughtful or just run the show, but...guess that's just how you are.
Lightning: Jecht, Kain. Guess you're alright, then.
Kain: Learn anything?
Lightning: The whole righteous act doesn't sit right. But, uh...he does have the skill to back up his talk.
Kain: So your impression has... turned favorable?
Lightning: Hmm. Wouldn't go that far. He's not the kind of person I can see myself liking. But, at least I got to see what he's capable of, and you guys too. So, for your suggestion... you have my thanks.
Kain: Hmph. I wanted to know as well. Just exactly what you were capable of.
Jecht: And I take it ya weren't let down by what you saw then, were ya?
Kain: If I have been, I wouldn't be here.
Cid(Narrator): Now the very seems that bind this world have begun to come undone. It is a matter of time before the curtain falls. Yet there are some on our stage who possess the strength to defy divine destiny. Who can say how this final act will unfold?
Report Cutscenes[edit]
Laguna: Oh, hey. Flowers are still blooming, even in a place like this.
Squall: In a "place like this?" It was probably put there. Could be some kind of trap.
Laguna: Then it's a pretty clever one. Look, it's perfectly safe
Firion: A flower, hm? Certainly a rare sight. That bloom-what is it called?
Laguna:The name of the flower, you mean? Um, I'm no expert, but I think that's a wild rose.
Firion: Wild rose?
Laguna: Yeah, so I thought. Why? What is it?
Firion: Nothing. It's just...I just feel like I've heard those words somewhere before. So frustrating. As if the memory is floating out of reach...
Laguna:Hmm. I tell you what, why don't you hold onto it, Firion?
Firion: Uh...may I?
Laguna: Sure, maybe it'll pull some memories outta hiding. Here, don't drop it now!
Firion: Thank you, Laguna
Laguna: Yeah, don't expect dinner and and date. Okay, let's rest up here and...where is everyone anyway?
Firion: A good question. They can't be far. I'll see what's keeping them
Laguna: Thanks. Don't forget to come back! Yeah, he's pretty interesting
Squall: Interesting?
Laguna: All of them are. Don't you think so? These guys carry weapons right out of a fairy tale, not to mention the magic they can use. They've got armor like I've never seen, and one of 'em even has a tail! Oh yea, the tail guy? He sure wasn't happy when I yanked on it. That thing is real.
Squall: {You yank on it...?}
Laguna: Think about it, we'd never'd met these people if this hadn't happened. Gotta take the chance to get to know em. Yep, expand our horizontals.
Squall: (horizontals? I think he means horizons?)
Laguna: Well, you're kind of a mystery yourself. Especially since you barely string more'n three words together. How'd you expect to make any friends?
Squall: This is a battlefield. Why do I need to "make friends"? Why get to know each other when we're all headed back to our own worlds anyway?
Laguna: Oh please, you can't be serious? For a grown man, that's kind of naive. (mimicking Squall)If it's not forever, there's no point getting close to anyone.
Squall: (That's not what I meant.)
Laguna: Listen. Even if we lived in the same world, there'd come a time when life'd pull us apart. S'not a reason to avoid people. Even if it's someone you love move than life itself, that time'll come. There's no guarantee you'll even get to say good bye. But before that happens, you get to be together, right? You can't just waste all that potential for a rewarding relationship. Squall! Do you see what I'm saying? You gotta forget the stuff you can't change and enjoy the now! I guess what I mean is, let's try to get along!
Squall: (This guy's got serious problems)
Firion: I suppose...I suppose I should just let it go.
Cecil: Firion? Something wrong?
Firion: Ah, Cecil. No, I...It's nothing.
Cecil: Your expression tells a different tale. You were staring Light. Is it about her?
Firion: No, not exactly. I...
Cecil: Too shy to start a conversation?
Firion: This has nothing to do with bring shy.
Cecil: Light!
Firion: No, don't call her over!
Cecil: Seems young Firion wants a word with you. Would you be so kind?
Lightning: With me? What is it, Firion?
Firion: I...that is to say...
Lightning: Yes?
Firion: I would prefer to discuss this with Lightning alone. Ah! Oh dear. It's not what you think...
Cecil: Oh! Of course, of course. I shall take my leave.
Firion: You're taking this the wrong way. Forget it. There's nothing to talk about.
Cecil: Firion?
Firion: Light? May I speak with you?
Lightning: You know, I'm starting to wonder if you ever will. Spit it out already.
Firion: You's a thing of mine you picked up.
Lightning: Something of yours? You mean this?
Firion: Uh yes! I'm so glad you haven't thrown it away!
Lightning: So it was yours, huh? Why didn't you just tell me?
Firion: You're right, of course. I wasn't sure how to ask. I mean, a grown man asking for his flower back...feels a little silly.
Lightning: Never would've guessed it belonged to you. Here, take it then.
Firion: Thank you. Thank goodness!
Lightning: That flower. It's important to you, huh?
Firion: Yes. Well, I couldn't say for certain. Roses are not exactly my field of expertise. However, when I heard the name of the flower spoken, I felt a connection. Like hearing the name of a long lost friend. I've been unable to forget about it since...Hah! Listen to me. The great warrior and his precious rose.
Lightning: You should hang on to it. It might be the key you need. Who cares what other people think.
Firion: Light...
Lightning: Just promise me one thing; one you have all your memories back, can you give it back to me?
Firion: Huh?
Lightning: That flower...I think it means something to me too. I keep seeing an image of its petals dancing in the air. That's why I couldn't throw it. away Just like you, I feel the connection but don't have the memories to explain it.
Firion: It is the key...for us both.
Lightning: So like I said, you hold onto it. Keep it safe for me will you, Firion?
Firion: I will. I promise you.

Chapters 0-1[edit]

Cid(Narrator): The divine conflict between harmony and discord rages on, the fate of the world its promised prize. Fighting to secure it are brave souls summoned for that solitary purpose. Champions, cut from a cloth different from those which form the fabric of our world. These warriors from afar are helpless but to do as bid, waging battle after endless battle for the gods who called them here, granted neither respite nor reprieve. Relying on what fragments of their shattered memories remain, they fight to end the conflict, and for a chance to return home, to the worlds they each once know. What they cannot know is that they fight in vain. This was is one with end, and it is their fate to serve forever, until, at last, their ebbing strength gives way...
Vaan: Hey, uh, Tifa...You figure they all made it to Cosmos by now?
Tifa: Hmm, I guess they could have. You must be tired, huh?
Vaan: Of course I am. Laguna let us down the scenic road. I don't know what you were thinking.
Laguna: Yeah, I, uh, could sworn this was the quick route. Guess not.
Vaan: Yeah, guess not.
Yuna: Well, it can't really be that much farther from here, can it? I think I've seen this place before.
Laguna: Right!? See there? Yuna knows what's up. We went a little out of our way, but we're still on track, no need to complain.
Vaan: Yuna? You oughta let him know what you really think. It's for his own good.
Kain: Lightning, time to stop sulking.
Lightning: Who's sulking?
Kain: Had Laguna not taken charge, we might well never have made it this far. Perhaps his words were mostly false. But even so, they moved us and that's why we're here.
Lightning: I know that. Thanks for the refresher. Kain. Cosmos called us again. Why do you suppose that is?
Kain: Who knows?
Lightning: I want..I intend to win this fight. I win, and I get my memory back. I get to go back home. I keep telling myself that, just like everyone else. But you that I've been here awhile...Sometimes I have to wonder if winning really means we'll get to go back home at all. If it might be that winning...won't change a thing. I just...I can't help but wonder?
Laguna: What's this? Is it really possible our Lightning's as human as the rest of us.
Lightning: What-
Laguna: Look, we've all got our worries, but we're trying to do what we can. You gonna lead us now? Or you leavin' that up to me?
Lightning: Anything but that.
Laguna: Don't sweat it. We'll figure something out. Long as we stay alive, things are bound to work out, right?
Kain: I'd trust our once wayward guide. He speaks from experience.
Laguna: ...Thanks?
Kain: Shall we then? Relax. Our battles will not be ended so easily.
Lightning: No. That it won't.


Kuja: Hello? Back so soon from your travels, Cloud Did you go battle your nemesis, and claim glorious victory?
Cloud: No. Not yet.
Kuja: Hmm. Still tip-toeing around the idea of committing yourself to the fight? All of a sudden, you find yourself dragged to this sorry place. And all of a sudden, a familiar face appears before you. Not a friend. No, an enemy whim you have no choice but to fight. A misguided prank of fickle gods. The person doesn't matter, only the connection. Even if that person is not the enemy you once hated
Cloud: Even if that person was never an enemy to begin. Right?
Kuja: But f you do nothing, you "enemy" fall prey to one of the others. Can you live with that?
Cloud: And what about you, Kuja. You're decided? You're not going to fight anyone?
Kuja: Why fight when the outcome is so obvious. We warriors are simply singing the same tune over and over. Even without my voice, the hymn praising Chaos will not skip the smallest note.
Cloud: But still...Isn't there here one you once called an enemy?
Kuja: Him? Oh, it no longer what happens to that one. All the encounters and memories in this world--none of it counts for a thing. If I'm to treasure any memories at all, I shall content myself with those I brought with me. Well, Cloud, I believe it's time I was going. Who know when some eager hero will appear and start clamoring for a duel Perhaps you should be on your way as well. If someone sets their sight on you, then quiet time is over.
Cloud: Yeah, you're probably right And Kuja?
Kuja: Yes
Cloud: Those memories you have, I hope you manage to keep them
Kuja: We are far from being friends, but I suppose it does no harm for me to wish the same for you.
[As the two part ways, they had no idea that Kefka overheard their talk.]
Kefka: What's this? The brooder and narcissist having a heart-to-heart? Oh this is rich--so rich it gives me gas! Gives me gas, I say! And I give it back. This. Won't. Do. These pitiful little poppets. Letting precious past prevent them from properly participating. Memories are never meaningful. And to fall captive to such a thing. Such a waste! Ah! I am furnished with a thought. For these irretrievably, pathetically wretched excuses of intelligent beings. I shall extend a favor. Or. Ahahaha!


Kain: We're arrived.
Yuna: The others must be here already. Let's go.
Vaan: Hope they didn't get tired of waiting.
Laguna: A little distance can be good for a relationship, you know?
Tifa: Let's hope they see it that way.
Lightning: Come on.
[They join the other Warriors as Cosmos creates the means for them to end the cycle.]
Cosmos: You must defeat the god of discord. Stop Chaos. and end the conflict.
Lightning(Voice over): Cosmos, the goddess of harmony, imbued us with the power she said we would need in order to fight Chaos. What she gave us was something we had no way of using on our own--divine energy that would rest inside us, awaiting the proper catalysr. According to her, it was a strength that would be tempered through battle--by our own will--and would eventually coalesce to form a crystal. As she told it, that crystal would than grant us, her soldiers, power to rival that of the gods themselves. So, simple as that. Fight the armies of Chaos, collect your crystal, and go take down the god of discord. At least that was the plan, as we all headed back to the field of battle once gain. What we found when we got there was something else entirely: opposition of a form we never could have expected.


Zidane: Kuja! You're in time. I was just telling these guys--
Kuja: Zidane. I can't stay and chat, so let me get to straight to the point.
Zidane: What's going on?
Kuja I need to scout out things on my own for a while. Something nefarious is afoot. I our opponents are up to something.
Zidane: Are you gonna be okay by yourself?
Kuja Once I've discovered their plans, I will return.
Bartz: So, Zidane. This is the Cosmos warrior we'll heard so much about but never seen?
Kuja You gentlemen should really be on the move. Think I'll take my own advice.
Squall: Hold on. Not so fast. How do we know for sire
Zidane: Come on, Squall...
Emperor: My, my, what a formidable gathering. Hoping to ambush one of your enemies, perhaps?
Kuja Zidane, take your companions and go---
Emperor: You're the one know as Kuja? Hero of harmony, and chosen of Cosmos.
Kuja What are you...?
Ultimecia: There is no escape. You will not leave this place alive.
Kefka: Preepaare to meet your doom! But wait, I count one, two, three versus fair. We seem to be outnumbered. Not fair, not fair! Call in the reinforcements! Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear a warm round of applause for the awe-inspiring manikins! Come on in then, don't be shy! Now then, my beauties! Don't forget tomorrow's payday, let's earn those coins. Beat those Cosmos cronies into a bloody pulp!
Zidane: Kuja! look out!
[The manikins pass Kuja.]
Kefka: What's this? How deliciously odd. These manikins were born to bash on Cosmos's cohorts. They would never thing of harming we comrades on chaos, but should be chomping at the bit to take a bite out out of any hero of harmony. Why, pray tell, did they choose to pass you by? But, no. Could it be? Surely you not...
Squall: A traitor. I knew it.
Kuja: Quite the performance. Have you been rehearing that all day? Such a shame. It seems you'll perish here after all.
Zidane: Kuja...?
Kuja: Ready your weapons if you don't want to die. Or perhaps you prefer to tuck your tail and scamper away into the shadows?
Zidane: What're you talking about? You were lying to us the whole time?
Kuja: Yes. I believes that's the term. The plan began with deceit, then came entrapment, and now finally merciless slaughter. It's going well, don't you think. I appreciate the thought, Kefka. But you can pack up your little puppets. I am more than a match for these three fools.
Zidane: You can't be serious about this!
Kuja: You should probably run--before you no longer can.
[After Kuja defeats all three Warriors of Cosmos on his own...]
Emperor': That certainly was a interesting show. However, your antics go too far.
Ultimecia: It was not beneficial for us to cooperate with your plan. You endangered your fellow warriors, and risked the destruction of divine master--such fatal flaws in your design. Seemed like you underestimated that annoying harlequin.
Emperor': This time you escape with a warning. I would advise against making enemies within our ranks if you wish to survive. If you as much as think of dragging me into such a foolish scheme again, I will use all the power at my disposal--to crush you like a bug.
[The Emperor and Ultimecia leave.]
Kefka: Don't pay any mind to those blabbering old villains.I was most impressed with your mischievous machinations. The fact that you...LET THEM GET most regrettable. I'm sure next time will prove the charm. We'll make a demigod of discord of you yet.
Kuja: Oh, don't patronize me.
Kefka: Oh, relax would you, I'm not being patronizing. I'm merely suggesting you take a more active role in this conflict. If you don't want to fight, then that's up to you. Your original plan is still stunning. It can still work! Take a dash of nostalgic memories mixed with dollop of half-dead Kuja, and I'm sure those emotional monkeys can be fooled into believing you again.
Kuja: Sounds like you have it all figured out to me. Were you really so upset? You think I let them slip through my fingers? If that's the case, then you can simply force me to battle until you're satifified. After all, I'v lost any reason to stay out of this conflict thanks to you. Oh yes, I meant to ask you, Kefka. Your little puppet--Terra, wasn't it?--how is she doing?
Kuja: Oh never mind, it's unlikely your enhancement will have faded How silly of me to worry for you. Ridiculous.
Kefka: Hmph. You've perfected the bad loser act at least. But don't think this is over. The real show? That will come after you lose to a Cosmos crony. And I will be there the while, watching while you fail.


[After Lightning's group fight through mysterious beings: the Manikins...]
Vaan: What...what are those things?
Laguna: Hmm...they look like carbon copies of us to me.
Vaan: Thanks for the inside perspective.
Tifa: This is getting us nowhere. They just keep coming and coming!
Lightning: Manikins...A never-ending pool of reinforcements. What good is having Cosmos' power, if we can't even make it out of here to use it?
[Kuja and Kefka arrive.]
Kuja: Well, well..if it isn't Cosmos's warriors, marching straight into my arms of their own accord!
Lightning: Been a while since anything but puppets.
Kefka: Really? Could it be you're...out of steam? Oh you poor dears, I mean turn around! You still have more Manikins for a chance to play!
Vaan: Oh no. Not again!
Lightning: I'll take care of these. You guys deal with the others behind us. Do not let them surround you!
Laguna: Yes, ma'am! You just leave your escape route to me!
Tifa: Light...if things look bad, get out.
[They head off the fight the Manikins]
Kefka: Well, Kujie-coo. It looks like now's the time for you to show us what you can do. There's only one of them too, you know. This is your chance to shine!
Kuja: Will you not stop talking? It gives me a headache everything you open that mouth of yours.
Kefka: Now?!
Kuja: I do not take orders or cues from you, Kefka. I will engage them when I choose, and how I choose.
Kefka: Fine, fine, fine, fine, whatever. I'll, just shut up and watch you do your thing, okay? Just get on the showing-me-that-you-can-actually-put-up-a-fight part already!
Kuja: Lightning with no sky in which to hide...No choice now but to fulfill your destiny...and fall.
[After Lightning defeats Kuja, he starts to fade.]
Kefka: Oopsie! Someone went and lost, didn't he? You know what they say about second place: completely pathetic! Meh. Don't sweat it, a little thing like that's not gonna be the end of you. Should be the end of that rebellious phase of yours though!
[Kuja fades away.]
Kefka: The next time you fight, it'll be study time! All over again! Oh, what kind of delicious depraved memories should I fill you up with this time around? (sees Lightning) What!? You're still here?
Lightning: You'd let you friend die? You're not very different from the Manikins.
Kefka: And this is the reason you're still standing now. Shouldn't you be kissing my boots in appreciation?
Lightning:How dare you...
Kefka: Besides, it's not like he's really gonna die from that. Let him be, he'll be back.
Lightning: He's not dead?
Kefka: Now now, don't you go prying into it. Even if I went to trouble of explaining, you'd just forget! Well, it's been lovely, but being me doesn't mean I'm free...Good-Byeee!
[Kefka teleports away.]
Lightning:What in the world was that about?


Golbez: I see the manikins have begun to take their toll
Kain: Golbez...
Golbez: Fear not, I have not come to fight you. My purpose this day. is merely one of observation. To see how you fare, against the endless horde you face.
Kain: I trust you've seen. Who could have imagined I'd greet the end here, in this foreign world. Tell me one thing. If Chaos triumphs, this place will be destroyed. Is that truly what you seek to bring about?
Golbez: What victory will bring about is the end of fighting. Not of the wold itself. What purpose is there in explaining the truth to people doomed to disappear?
Kain: Disappear? You know something
Golbez: This war of the gods is endless. It has been repeated countless time already. Let me be clear: the safety of this world is assured. It must go on--because the war will. You do not believe me, do you?
Kain: Had you expected otherwise
Golbez: I suppose not. With no memories, it would seem absurd
Kain: Explain.
Golbez: You were bested in battle and revived to fight anew. The process of your revival required your memories be purged. You've forgotten that the cycle repeats itself, and this you mistrust my words. Look to your deeper memories, and you will see the proof of what I say.
Kain: What deeper memories?
Golbez: Those who were summoned to this world arrive with almost no recollection of their past. But you--you remember Cecil and I. You have memories of our homeworld. The more that you fight, the more those memories return. That you have already remember so much...that is proof that--
[Cecil run in]
Cecil: Kain!
Kain: Cecil?
Golbez: My brother, Cecil, is the same as you. When we are first called here, we do not even remember those closest to us.
Cecil: Kain, are you all right?
Golbez: See for yourself. The truth is there if you seek it.
[Cecil attacks Golbez, who teleports away.]
Cecil: Missed...Kain! Are you hurt?
Kain: No...I'm fine.
Cecil: Good. We should go. It's best we all stay together.
Kain: Cecil..Have you--Your memory. It hasn't returned, had it?
Cecil: No. But I have began remembering you...bit by bit., the more we fight. It's the same for you, right? The more you fight, the more pieces fit themselves together? Don't worry. As long as we keep fighting, our memories will come back eventually. We'll be all right.
[Cecil walks ahead as Kain is uneased.]


Warrior of Light: Kain!
Kain: My friend. You're unscathed.
Warrior of Light: Yes...But breaks in the fighting are few and far between. I can only hope the others have fared as well.
Kain: Manikins...Hm.
Warrior of Light: What of them?
Kain: I wonder. How do you place our odds? Against numbers like these, do you think we actually stand to win?
Warrior of Light: I cannot speak for the outcome, but we can as long as we have strength
Kain: That's one answer. You are correct. We can fight for as long as we have strength, and almost certainly lose. But IF! IF there were a way to make winning possible by accepting that loss as inevitable...Would you be able to commit yourself to such a purpose?
Warrior of Light: What do you mean?
Kain: We are trapped. This war is a cycle with no proper end. We fight and fall, we are revived, and the process repeats. I realized it's not easy to believe. But consider. If what I've said to you is true, then so is this: We'll have another chance. As long as some of our strength remains, we will be brought back and provided with a chance to fight again.


[Arriving to the Temple of Chaos, Lightning finds Kain]
Lightning: Kain? You made it out. What about the rest of 'em? Vaan, Tifa...?
[Lightning sees Bartz]
Lightning: Bartz! Someone got him?
Kain: Yes.
Lightning: Bartz, stay with us!
Bartz: Kain... You...why did you...?
Lightning: What-
[Kain attacks her.]
Kain: Forgive me, I have no choice.
Lightning: Kain? What are you doing?
[In the middle of their fight, Garland and Exdeath appear.]
Exdeath: Oh-ho, if it isn't our double-crossing young disturber of the peace. Tell me, how many friends whom you've betrayed does that now make?
Lightning: What?
[Kain runs off with Bartz]
Lightning: Kain!
Exdeath: Mwa-ha-ha-ha. This may be well worth hunting. I shall pursue him for the time being.
Garland: Suit yourself.
[Exdeth teleports as Lightning confronts Garland.]
Garland: A manikin army will soon sweep across the very place we stand. I needn't bother lifting my blade against the likes of you. The dolls have served their purpose better than you could know. They may have their... imperfections...but they are more than capable of defeating you.
Lightning: Says who?
Garland: Most of your friends have already departed. You'd best enjoy what precious time you have left.
[Garland walks off]
Lightning: Departed? What's that suppose to mean?!
Garland: Manikins are merciless. They know only how to deliver death and destruction, from which there can be no return. I suspect that we shall not see one another again. Fare thee well, soldier of Cosmos.

Chapters 2-5[edit]

Vaan: Someone's over there---
Terra: Destroy...Destroy all foes...Enemy...Destroy! Soldier of Cosmos...Enemy.
Vaan: Am I really supose to fight this girl?
[After defeating her...]
Terra: Arg...Must destroy...
Vaan: Stop it already. I don't plan to be beat-
Terra: No. Destroy...Graaahhhhh
[She flies off.]
Vaan: Agh She flew away.
Kefka: Oh, you crack me up! "Don't want to fight..." she says! Who are you and what did you do to the girl who was having such a blast beating the pulp out of people?
Terra: I didn't...I don't...
Vaan: Huh? That's that girl
Kefka: Listen, you're a vicious beast. With vicious power, meant for mayhem and destruction! Now tell me, how is a person like that going to decide she "doesn't want to fight"? You better straighten up, missy, or I'll hafta teach you a lesson
Terra: Please don't...
Vaan: It seems like they're arguing with each other. Yeah...I think I better keep out of it.
[Vaan is about to walk away when..]
Kefka: Alright...So much for Mr. Nice Kefka. Sorry, babe. I only hurt you because you make me!
[Seeing Kefka torturing Terra, Vaan chooses to help her.]
Vaan: Hey, leave 'er alone!
Kefka: Who? What? When-where-why? Can't you see when someone's busy? Run along and play now!
Van:I'll say it again, just in case you didn't hear me the first time: Leave that girl alone!
Kefka: Right. In that case, play DEAD!
[After the fight.]
Kefka: And here I though you were just another prepubescent pretty boy...Incredible! That's the most fun I've had in minutes!
[With Kefka distracted by his giddiness, Vaan grabs Terra.]
Terra: Huh?
Vaan: Hey, snap out of it! We gotta go!
Kefka:(seeing Vaan running off with Terra) Hm?
Vaan: We'll finish this next time! For now, I'm just gonna take the girl Catch ya later.
Kefka: Yeah, it's been a pleasure! ...Wait, you're--WHAT?!
[Kefka regains his composure.]
Kefka: Well fine, you just go on and take her with her then! After all, she always comes running straight back into my arms anyway. What do I care. Go on! Scram! Cheeky brat, that one...Thinks he can just waltz in and grab any girl he pleases. Who does he think he is? I didn't even a chance to say I was sorry...
Vaan: Phew...This should be far enough away they won't find us. Oh, hey. I'm Vaan. And you are...?
Terra: ...
Vaan: Okay...
Terra: You' of Cosmos's warriors.
Vaan: Hm? Ah, yeah, I am
Terra: Then, please...kill me. I don't want to fight anymore. I don't want to hurt people, or destroy thing anymore. So please!
Vaan: Couldn't you just stop fighting, and not use your powers? I mean, that's gotta be better than the alternative.
Terra: What do you mean? I'm...You're my enemy. Aren't you?
Vaan: People are people aren't they? It doesn't matter what "side" you are on. Back there, it looked like you were in trouble. So I did what I thought was right and got you out. I mean, I knew you were on the other side, but...What difference does that make, ya know?
Terra: You...don't care?
Vaan: Nah, not really. It doesn't change anything, does it? What does you being in trouble have to do with Chaos or Cosmos?
Terra: Well, I mean we're both soldiers and we were summoned here to fight.
Vaan: Okay. Sure, we were summoned here to fight. Bt that doesn't mean I'm just gonna throw away what I believe in. I decided to help because that's what I wanted to do And I have no intention of hurting you. That's not me. Listen...don't think about things so hard, alright? You don't wanna end up just doing whatever people tell you to, do you?
Terra: You're different from me. You're strong.
Vaan: You can make your own decisions. You already have. You don't want to fight.
Terra: My own..decisions.
Vaan: This battle's gonna be over before you know it. And I can already tell you Cosmos is gonna be the winner. Once Chaos is outta the picture, things oughta settle down a little bit. And then we'll be able to go home, right? Go somewhere safe and hide out until all this is over. Somewhere where you won't have to fight.
Terra: What?
Vaan: I'll come and find you before we go to fight Chaos. Then you can come back to Cosmos with the rest of us.
Terra: To see...Cosmos?
Vaan: Yeah. If you become one of her warriors, you should be able to go back to wherever your came from too. Anyway, I better get going. I've still got some fighting left to do. Find somewhere to lay low. I'll be back for you.
[Vaan is about to run off when...]
Terra: Vaan..
Vaan: Yeah? What is it?
Terra: My name's...Terra
Vaan: Terra... Nice to meet you, Terra!


Laguna Well now...Is this my first time through here, or my second?
???????????????: The only thing we can tell you is that it is your last.
Laguna: Who's there?
[The figure, the Cloud of Darkness, appears]
Cloud of Darkness: A warrior of Cosmos are we? Come with foolish thoughts of slaying us?
Laguna: Hey...uh, no need to get upset. No offense meant, I'll be on my way!
Cloud of Darkness: So soon? We've not had a guest in some time. At least allow us to bid you a proper farewell. Come. We will drown you in darkness.
Laguna: Yeah. 'fraid I have to pass on that.
[The two battle]
Cloud of Darkness: It is time we but an end to this game. (she notices Laguna looking at her funny.) What's wrong? Frozen with fear's icy grip?
Laguna: Of course not. Not..not at all. Just, I, um..I was just admiring your uh, appearance is all. (the Cloud of Darkness's tentacles take offense) Not..not any particular PART of your appearance, much--
[Laguna falls over]
Laguna: Leg cramp!
Cloud of Darkness: Unbelievable. Cosmos must ret well with brave defenders of your like.
Laguna: Hey, don't look at me. I couldn't believe it either. Somebody oughta tell her how to pick 'em better,
Cloud of Darkness: So, you disrespect even the goddess whom you serve? We would pity her, did we not oppose her.
Laguna: Ma'am...I don't exactly "serve" anyone. I'm just working with her, that's it. If the world comes to an end, that's bad news, right? So the only choice that leaves is to try and protect Then again, you know, it could be a little tough the way things are. What with these are--Munchkins?
Cloud of Darkness: ..Manikins?
Laguna: Yeah them, that's what I meant..Those things are gettin' real old, real fast. It's ridiculous! Where do they all come from? Anyway, I plan on findin' a way to get back home, munchkin infestation or not. I'm just doin' what I gotta do. I'm not "serving" anyone, or anything like that. Sure, I might not be a god, but I figure I have some HOPE. I mean, that's all a soldier like me really's got.
Cloud of Darkness: Manikins have no place in this world. They are a foreign presences that unbalances a most delicate equilibrium.
Laguna: Huh?
Cloud of Darkness: Know this, human. Manikins are cursed mockeries of men that crawled forth from the Rift, and now befoul this realm. Their masters do no more than pull the puppets' strings
Laguna: Really. So you aren't making 'em, then
Cloud of Darkness: There exist a portal which connects this plan to theirs. Seal that door. and no more of the puppets will be ale to emerge.
Laguna:Meaning, they won't keep multiplying?
Cloud of Darkness: A great of their taint has already split forth from the fate and into this realm. If desire to stem its flow, follow the trail and seek out the source
Laguna: Closin' a door sounds easy enough. But if that's really all it takes, why would you tell me?
Cloud of Darkness: Did you not listen? These beings surge though the portal as we speak. Should you choose to seek it out, all you will find is endless battle, and certain doom. As for us..we are but curious to see what manner of death you select for yourself.
[The Cloud of Darkness takes her leave.]
Laguna:First things first. Better let everyone know what's up.


[After losing Jecht]
Yuna: Sir Jecht? Sir Jecht, where are you? He's gone. Guess I'm alone. Better try and find him. Right?
Yuna: Wonder if a whistle would work here. Maybe in this world, he might really come running. Oh well. Wishful thinking.
[She is about to walk off when Tidus runs in.]
Tidus: Sorry! You alright? You, uh, shouldn't hang around here. This place is kinda dangerous.
Yuna: Tidus!
Tidus: Did somewhere before? Anyway. Sorry. Really gotta get going.
[Tidus runs off.]
Yuna: That's him. No mistaking it. That's really him. Tidus, wait.
[Tidus eventually finds Jecht.]
Jecht: You...What're you doin' in a place like this?
Tidus: Taking you down, old man. What else would I be doin' here?
Jecht: Heh, is that it? They call you here to try and beat me, did they? You just can't get enough of followin' in my footsteps, can ya, boy?
Tidus: Can the talk, already. Bring it on. Or are you
Jecht: Stupid kid...Gone and gotten yourself brainwashed. Well, you asked for it, ya good-fer-nothing punk!
Yuna:Sir Jecht
Jecht: Yuna!?
Yuna: Please, just wait!
Jecht: Don't worry, I can handle this brat on my own. You hang back and watch.
Yuna: No! I won't let you. He'll understand if I explain. He'll remember. Please...just give me a little time!
Jecht: You sure?
Yuna: Hey...It's me, Yuna. The summoner, remember?
Tidus: I don't know any Yunas. Now get outta my way! This is
Yuna: Yes it does! It had a lot to do with me. You...remember our journey, don't you? Even I don't remember everything. But.. I do remember you. I'd never forget you.
Tidus: I don't--
Yuna: You fought to keep me safe. You told all kinds of stories.
Tidus: I don't know what you're taking abut, okay? I told you--get outta my way! Don't make me go through you!
Yuna: I'm not moving. I know you won't hurt me.
Tidus:What are you talking about?
Yuna: Tidus...I've wanted to see you for so long. If you just remember, there won't have to be any more fighting. I'll stay with you, and keep you safe until you do. So please...come with us.
Tidus: Look, I--
[He seens the Emperor who tries to hit her with a flare.]
Tidus:Look out!
Yuna: Tidus!
Jecht: Hey! Hey, stay with us!
Emperor: You seasoned ones are a troublesome lot. Awakening memories in others better left forgotten.
Yuna: You...You're for Chaos
Emperor: Amusing, is it not, that the boys summoned hereto slay Jecht would fall defending another of his own enemies. if not for your meddling, we may have borne witness to a more ironic tragedy here.
Yuna:Sir Jecht...Take Tidus someplace safe. You'll pay for this! I will take you down myself!
Emperor: You do not wish to be with him as he dies?
Yuna: He won't. I'll make sure of that!
[During Yuna's fight with the Emperor.]
Jecht: Hey! Come on! This is the real deal! Don't go dying on me here, boy!
Tidus: Dad...Take care of...Yuna...
Jecht: None'a that now! ...Damn kid! Why dont'cha take this!?
[He transfers Cosmos' power into Tidus, collapsing on his back.]
Jecht: Tellin' do stuff for ya...when you're gone...Like I'm gonna let you die..and take care of people for ya...Pfah. And no more savin' ya skin...Pull some punk stunt again, don't look at me...Next time, it's on you...
[By then, the Emperor notices the action.]
Emperor: Oh! it seems that events have taken a rather interesting turn.
Yuna: Sir Jecht!?
Emperor: He has given his own strength to his son. The man's body is now byt an empty vessel! I've acquired quite the unexpected boon. It is time we part ways, my lady.
Yuna: But, our battle isn't over!
Emperor: No, but the way may as be. What are you? Your hands will be full enough fighting manikins. Let that one fall before them just the same, if that is what he wishes.
[The Emperor spirits Jecht away.]
Yuna: Sir Jecht!
[Yun runs to Tidus.]
Yuna:Tidus! your eyes! Sir Jecht...What now? Think. What do I do?
Laguna: Yuna!
Yuna': Vann...Laguna...
Vaan: Hey, are you okay? What happened
Yuna: ...
Vaan: Yuna?
Yuna: Where do I even start?
Laguna: How 'bout with a deep breath? Take your time and fill us in?
[After Yuna explains.]
Laguna: Alright, I get the gist. Nothing to gettin' upset over, though. Hear me out, will ya? If he got taken away, that mean he's still alive, right? And Tidus is over there, sleepin' like a log.
Vaan: I bet a good punch'd wake him right up.
Laguna: Tactful as a freight train, aren'tcha, kid? So, Yuna. Kicking and punching aside for the moment...
Vaan: I didn't say we should kick him.
Laguna: Well whatever we d with, the three of us still have some fighting to do with all of Chaos's other warriors. So what we probably shouldn't be doing right now is sitting around here and getting all glassy-eyed and glum about things.
Yuna:Yes...I suppose you're right.
Laguna: Well then! We're agreed! The only thing we can do is keep moving forward. Right?
Yuna: Right.


Chaos: A powerless pawn, drained of its former strength...This is your offering?
Emperor: It is.. This pawn once sat on Harmony's board. But, he is but an empty vessel. Chaos, my lord and master! Will you not grant unto this man a pittance of your own divine power?
Garland: What?
Emperor: You need but fill this vessel, and we gain for ourselves a mighty new ally to serve your will in this campaign.
Garland: Insolence! At what do you plot?
Emperor: Is that jealously or contempt I hear in your voice? I thought we both wished for one thing, Garland: victory for the god of discord. What else could I desire?
Chaos: Very well. I shall give this pawn a taste of the power of discord. Let us see him returned to the board


Cosmos: Lightning...
Lightning: I guess the rest of 'em still haven't made it back here yet. The fighting out's something else. Those thing, those manikins...they just keep coming. And every one of'em wants us dead And Kain...I don't know what he's after, but he's turned on us, and now he's attacking his own allies. I got separated from the others. I'm not sure they even managed to get out.
Warrior of Light: Cosmos?
Cosmos: It's Jecht...I felt his spirit growing weaker, and vanished.
Warrior of Light: Vanished? So he was slain by one of Chaos's themes
Lightning: I wouldn't bet on it. They have someone on the inside doing their work for 'em.
Cosmos: You think...Kain did it?
Lightning: Jecht's not the only one he's gotten to. I saw him with my own eyes I saw the friend he'd already betrayed, and I saw him try to claim his next victim too.
Cosmos: You must be mistaken. I can sense all the other warriors are still--
Lightning: The other warriors Listen to me. Two of us made it out of that mess alive, and you're looking right at 'em! We keep taking orders from you, and we can forget about the crystals. We won't last that long! Of all the stupid things to die for...
Warrior of Light: You are absolutely right, we cannot win.
[Lightning and Cosmos turn to see the Warrior raising his sword on the former.]
Cosmos: No...
Lightning: You too...Just like Kain, huh?
[She takes out her Blaze Edge as she and the Warrior stare down.]
Lightning: Another traitor! What do you even want?
Warrior of Light: I am afraid that does not concern you at present
[During the fight...]
Cosmos: Stop! You mustn't fight! Hear me, warriors, Stay your blades.
[Lightning and the Warrior obey, ending their fight.]
Cosmos: Speak. You know more than you reveal.
Warrior of Light: ...My pardons. I meant to speak to you about Kain later. This fight, you see...Kain and I...We've yielded.
Lightning: What does that mean?
[After the Warrior revealed his meeting with Kain.]
Lightning: You're taking down your own allies and putting them to sleep so they'll get revived? You expect me to but into that? You don't think we can win, so you think we should lose on purpose!?
Warrior of Light: I do. It is our only hope of success.
Lightning: Where do you even dream up a fairy tale like that!? Look...Even if what you're saying wasn't completely crazy, what's the point in getting revived so we can keep fighting an endless war? I mean...if this war isn't gonna end...why even fight? What in the world are we doing here?
Warrior of Light: Making the war end. We are here to use the power Cosmos has granted us, our crystals, to bring the cycle grinding to a halt. But as matters stand, we are doomed to fail before we can even obtain them. If we do not embrace the cycle, the crystals will never be ours to wield.
[Vaan, Laguna, and Yuna arrive, overhearing the entire thing.]
Laguna: Not exactly uplifting.
Yuna: We don't even have the time to consider our options.
Warrior of Light: It was my hope that you would journey onward, to face the next battle.
Yuna: And you? What are you going to do?
Warrior of Light: I've sworn an oath to Kain. While he puts the other warriors to sleep, I am to serve as his shield.
Laguna: Are you guys, like, brothers in arms, to the bitter end
Warrior of Light: Whatever hope we have rests upon you ad the next fight. Sometimes you must lose a battle to win a war. Please try to accept this. The crystals are only hope
Lightning: You're wrong. The two of you can do whatever you want. But don't asking asking me to believe in this crap. Me...I make my own fate. I'll keep looking for hope until I find some.
Warrior of Light: Lightning...
Lightning: Say your "next battle" were to start now. There wouldn't be any fewer enemies out there. And starting over fresh doesn't guarantee we'd get our crystals any faster either. At the very least, we might as well cut their numbers down first. It sure can't hurt, can it? And it might give us a shot.
Laguna: Guess now's good a time as any.Just happens I've got some intel that might change the whole game. You wanna even our odds? Try this on: I know where the manikins are coming from. Well, more "how to find where they come from." But if you wanna go look, I'm up for in.
Lightning: You are?
Vaan: You know..I'm in too. I promised to help end this thing and that's what I'm gonna do. I'm not givin' up now. I'm finishing what I started. We've got better things to do than napping
Lightning: Van
Yuna: I'm coming too. I can't sleep here while you're all out fighting. I can't turn my back on people like that. If I can help, then I'll fight
Cosmos: Yuna...
Warrior of Light: The road you choose is no easy one. You would still walk it, knowing what you face? (Sees everyone determined) Very well. Then I shall place my hope and trust in you
Laguna: Well then. Guess it's a date! Looks like we've got some manikins to disassemble.

Chapters 6-8[edit]

[After knocking Firion out.]
Firion: Kain! But...why--?
Kain: Firion..Forgive me. Our hope must live on, for the next battle.
Exdeath: You feel your friends, and yet you refuse to sell yourself to their enemies.
Kain: You again.
Exdeath: Tell me now...Where do you mean to take that warrior?
Kain: What it is to you? You wish to deliver the felling stroke for me? I've no intention of revealing my allies' location. Follow me as you will. You'll learn nothing.
Exdeath: So, you offer your life for their's?
Kain: Of course not. I offer yours.
[after the fight]
Exdeath: Impressive. You fight well. I almost wish we could continue.
[A Delusionary Dragoon appears]
Exdeath: To leave your friend behind, or to stay and perish with him...
Kain: I had other plans. You're mistake if you think doll
Exdeath (as more Manikins appear): So you choose to fight.You will not endure for long. Then again, perhaps you will find some peace when you are gone It far too late for you yo win.
[Exdeath leaves]
Kain: Do you take me for a fool? I'm well aware of our position
[He faces his Manikin dopplgangers.]
Kain: Abominations! Can you hear me? Do you even have minds of your own? If you aware of the world around you, you best rue the day you came here. I'm about to teach you pathetic mockeries the difference between you and a real man!


Ultimecia: Oh my. It appears there are survivors
Tifa: Ultimecia.
Ultimecia: How wonderful! I'd just been searching for someone to fight. There are so few of you left.
Tifa: Really? Same problem here. I guess this is our lucky day. It's been a while since I fought anything bu mankins
Ultimecia: You wish to challenge me? You are quite the curious girl, aren't you? Interesting.. I'd thought Cosmos's stragglers would be deep in despair, having lost so many of their friends. Yet here you are defiant. I can remedy that. You'll be rejoining your allies soon.
Tifa: Yeah, soon as I am done with you!
[After the fight, Tifa finds Ultimecia used a manikin of herself to evade the deathblow. The sorceress appears behind Tifa.]
Ultimecia: This ends now!
[Kain intervenes]
Ultimecia: It seems we are not alone!
Tifa: Kain!
Kain: You're safe
Tifa: I'm fine--thank goodness, you are too!
Ultimecia: Delighted to see the traitor to your cause? Oh you poor child.
Tifa: Traitor?
Ultimecia: Oh I'm sorry, had you thought him your savior? If I were you, I'd be more worried about him than me? Isn't that so?
Tifa: What're you talking about? You're
Ultimecia: Look at that fallen warrior behind you. Surely even you won't dismiss evidence of that,
Tifa: Behind him? Ziddane!
Ultimecia: Do you want to know what befall him? Ask your knight in shining armor.
[Ultimecia laughs as she leaves]
Tifa: Zidane!
Kain: Wait!
Tifa: Wait!? He's hurt, we have t help him!
Kain: No!
Tifa: What!?
[Kain runs ff with Zidane]
Tifa: Kain! Zidane! What..what just happened? What's going on? Just...hafta find Kain to talk.
Tifa: Kain! Oh good. I found you!
[Kain makes a fighting pose]
Tifa: What are you-
[He suddently collapses]
Tifa: Kain? What's wrong, are you hurt?
Kain: The manikins will be upon soon. Return to Cosmos
Tifa: What about you?
Kain: Sparing thoughts for a traitor?
Tifa: (splashes her potion on Kain) Stop it! You know I trust you. All this time you've been helping us, and then you just up and change side? Yeah, right! I mean...even if you hadn't helped me out before, I still wouldn't fall for that. We're friends. Aren't we? Just tell me. What happened? Where's Zidane? Have you found anyone else? Why... Why did you... point your weapon at me?
Kain: Forgive me, that's not for you to know.
Tifa: Well, I guess I'll just have to tag along.
Kain: What?
Tifa: No choice. I used my potion. Girl like me... who knows if I could make it back to Cosmos alone. But as long as I have a friend along, I'll be ok. Right?
Kain: Tifa...
Tifa: Listen. I trust you. We're friends.
[After Kain reveals his intentions to Tifa...]
Tifa: So no matter how hard we fight, we can't win. Getting these crystals sure is a pain. I wish they'd just show up already. Then we might've had a chance at actually ending things this time around.
Kain: Don't dwell on it. When you wake, you won't remember the things we've had to endured. And when you have your crystal, you'll have no more reason to despair
Tifa: I guess not. Well then, I guess we better go find everyone else!
Kain: What?
Tifa: You though I'd let you go alone? I mean, come on! You look like you're ready to fall over. I'm still not really sure what you're doing is right, putting everyone to sleep and all. But you do, and you're going to keep on doing it, right? You believe in yourself, and you're gonna go as far as you can. Well then..I am too. I don't...I don't want anyone else to get hurt. I wanna help you fight, so I can help keep everyone safe. It's not fair. I mean getting summoned here...forced to fight...disappearing...everything...We're not just a bunch of faceless soldiers. We're friends, and we've been through a lot together.
Kain: We could well fall along the way, and never see an end to this war. You'd still go?
Tifa: You're still going. You know what we're up against, but you're not backing down.
Kain: I can make no promise you'll survive
Tifa: I know.


Laguna: Hmmmm... Guess we go this way?
Yuna: No. I don't think so. We came from over there, so we should be headed this way.
Laguna: Ahh, Right! That's what I meant to say.
Vaan: You really are hopeless, aren't you?
Laguna: I've been called worse. Well then, shall we? Light--hm? What's wrong?
Vaan: C'mon. That's not the right. We'll end up going in circles listening to Laguna.
Lightning: We've got company.
Tifa: They're here!
Vaan: Tifa? Kain?
Laguna: You two came all this way to catch up with us? Would I be right in guessing you're here to send us off to dreamland?
Kain: Ahh.. So you've caught wind of my plan.
Tifa: So you're going to stop the manikins?
Yuna: Yes. We have to something. If we don't stop them now, they'll be more to fight.
Kain: I trust you know that you may well meet your ends?
Laguna: Just as well as you do.
Vaan: We all want to win this thing. We're just going about it in different ways.
Tifa: Guess so. Well, ya know what...I'll help too. We're trying to do the same thing
Kain: Then let us go. The longer we talk, the greater their numbers grow.
Vaan: Us? Meaning, you too?
Kain: If you fail your lives are wasted. It's best I add to your numbers.
Laguna: Well, not gonna argue with that. Better to have more help than less. But still...
Lightning: Do what you want.


Kain: Lightning.
Lightning: What?
Kain: I will not ask for your forgiveness, but I apologize
Lightning: When you turn your weapon on someone, apologies don't cut it.
Kain: You're right.
Lightning: The others, they're really all right?
Kain: Yes. Of that you can be sure
Lightning: Right. If you hadn't started tracking down the truth, I don't think any of us would have ever made it out of here. You've got my thanks for that much. That's it. Don't expect me to forgive for dragging other people down with you.
Kain: Understood.
Lightning: We've got a long, hard fight up ahead of us. If you're coming, I wanna see you fight harder than you ever have.
Kain: Then you've nothing to fear.


Tifa: We must be getting close.
Yuna: You can almost feel the evil here.
Vaan: Manikin headquarters, huh? I wonder what's it like inside?
Tifa: Someone's sure relaxed.
Vaan: Well it's not like I'm worried. Just...You know...we've never been there.
Tifa: Well, I guess there's something.
Yuna: I suppose...
Vaan: There ya go!
Tifa: It doesn't seem as scary if there's something to look forward to. Right, Yuna?
Yuna: Well...I guess. I'll just pretend to forwards to this too then
Laguna: There's not alot to really be looking forward to now, is there?
Kain: This from Sir High Spirits?
Laguna: Ah, touche! But see, I'm trying to keep everyone positve. It's calculated. Come on, it was just a joke! No need to glare at me.
Lightning: Nobody's glaring
Kain: She's just concerned.
Laguna: Concerned. Oh, about all the manikins, right!
[Exdeath arrives]
Exdeath: Searching for something Continue down this path, and there will be no return for you.
Tifa: Great, thanks for the tip. We'll be sure to keep that in mind.
Exdeath: Assuming you should survive
Golbez: For the time being, you may indulge us in battle here. By the time we're done, all will be over.
Kain: What?
Golbez: Surely you sensed something amiss? The manikins are all but gone from this place.
Lightning: What's going on?
Golbez: The manikin horde should be arriving at its destination as we speak.
Yuna: It's destination?
Vaan: Where's that?
Kain: So this is your game.
Vaan: What do you mean?
Golbez: Even a goddess could not hope to defeat such overwhelming odds. But she will have to o her best. The manikins march on Cosmos' throne.
Lightning: They what!?
Golbez: Have you forgotten? Warriors robbed o their master disappear into the darkness. A true demise from which there is no hope of rescue or return.
Kain: The rest of you go ahead!
Tifa: Kain?
Vaan: What about Cosmos?
Kain: It's too late.
Vaan: Too late?
Laguna: Even if we went back now we'd never make it in time. Only thing we can is trust our last line of defense to hold
Kain: There's a limit to what one man can do. Every moment we waste is a blow against him. I'll hold them here while you destroy the portal. If you don't hurry, we'll fail at even that.
Yuna: But..are you sure?
Kain: I can hold my own. When I've finised with them, I'll follow behind.
Lightning: See ya on the other side. Come on, let's go!
Exdeath: Quite the kind-hearted soul, aren't we, Golbez?
Golbez: It matters little what they know now. They have no means stopping that which is to come.
Exdeath: Truly?
[After Kain defeats Exdeath, he feels exhaughted]
Exdeath:(fading) Fight until you are bloodied an battered. The manikins will not be stopped. If you go onward, know you shall not return alive. You shall die knowing how powerless you are.
[Kain is about to leave when Golbez appears]
Golbez: Kain...
Kain: Heh. Surely you do not mean to stop me...not now, that the end so near.
Golbez: I believe...I owe you my thanks. I had begun to abandon hope. I had though the cycle endless, and Cecil, beyong saving.
Kain: Our work is not yet finished. If we fail, it was all for nothing.
Golbez: Should you go on, your undoing is assured. You are certain you do not wish to see the next battle?
Kain: Not all roads have a future waiting at their end. But this is mine.
Golbez: Then far be it from me to stop you from walking it to the end.
Kain: There will be an end to this. A true end. I promise you that.


[After Terra arrives to Order's Sanctuary and loses consciousness]
Warrior of Light': Could it be she was sparring with manikins?
Cosmos: It may well be so. Perhaps she was wounded and wandered here unknowingly.
Warrior of Light': But...why?
Cosmos: I sense a strong conviction in her. She no longer wishes to fight. She wants peace.
Warrior of Light': Cosmos...You realize this girl is a warrior of Chaos?
Cosmos: Yes. But even so, she is also a warrior who longs to bring an end to this long war. I do not wish that dream to be extinguished. Rest child, until you are well.
[Terra is converted into a Warrior of Cosmos.]
Cosmos:When you awaken, you can chose a new path...of your own free will.


Vaan: That's it, the door to the Rift.
Yuna: We made it
Tifa: Now all that's is destroying it.
Yuna: I wonder if Kain and Cosmos are still alright.
Laguna: Don't worry, they're fine! We've gotta believe in them. They're counting on, ya know.
Vaan:Well, let's do this
Lightning: Wait.
[The Warriors of Chaos emerge]
Garland: At last you've reached the end of the line.
Lightning: Step aside!
Kefka: Hahaha "Step aide," she says. Do we look sidesteppers? Your little game ends here, kids
Vaan: What are you, crazy? All we have to do is go through you.
Ultimecia: Through us, and through the new manikins preparing to emerge at this very moment? You believe you can defeat us all?
Tifa: We'll do fine.. Just stay out of my business
Emperor: Ahh. The vitality of youth! Let us see how it takes to bring that to heel.
Yuna: This time, there's no getting away
Cloud of Darkness: You came.
Laguna: Yeah. Can't stay, though…Got plans
Garland: There is nothing ahead that will change your situation. The only thing that awaits you is your inevitable doom.
Lightning: So, what's your point? You can sprout threats all day, we're not turning back now!
Kefka: Whaddaya say ya give me back that thing of mine you borrowed?:
Vaan: Why don't you try and take it?
[Vaan vs. Kefka]
Ultimecia: Throwing away a life once spared...
Tifa: Who said I was?
[Tifa vs. Ultimecia]
Emperor: I am looking forward to seeing this tragedy unfold.
Yuna: This is my story, it has a happy ending!
[Yuna vs. the Emperor]
Cloud of Darkness: You choose death. Now, let us see it.
Laguna: Sure. I got your death right here
[Laguna vs. the Cloud of Darkness]
Garland: I'll grant true and utter annihilation.
Lightning: Bring it on! I don't need a second chance!
[Lightning vs. Garland. After the fights...]
Garland: Are you still trying to win?
Lightning: You want me to finish you off, just say the word.
Garland: I think you should be having this conversation with the manikins. We're leaving. Forget the puppets, they're expandable. This is farewell, Warriors of Cosmos. The manikins will keep you company until the sky falls upon your heads.
[The five evil warriors leave.]
Lightning: I'm sure you all understand our…situation. We came here to destroy the portal that connects this world to the Rift. It's the last thing for us to But once we charge into the middle of those manikins, there's no coming back.
Yuna: But there's no other way. I've come to accept that.
Vaan: Yeah. I think I'm just gonna have to accept it as well. It that's what it takes to win.
Tifa: It'll give us a chance the next time around.
Lightning: I was the one who wanted to fight until the end. I dragged you all into this. I'm sorry.
Tifa: Light…
Laguna: Wait, wait, wait, wait? Did I just sneak another glimpse of Lightning's softer side?
Lightning: Laguna…
Laguna: We all knew how this would end from the start. No one here was stupid enough to expect otherwise.
Vaan: Actually, this is news to me.
Laguna: Okay, maybe one of us…
Vaan: Hey, I thought it might come to this. But even then, I still stuck with you.
Yuna: Nothing we do here is in vain. Our efforts with save someone in the next battle.
Tifa: Too late for doubts. And nobody blames you. We're already involved in this.
Lightning: Guys…
Laguna: Alrighty then. Let's do it!
Tifa: Okay!
Yuna: Ready!
Vaan: Count me in!
[They race towards the Manikns as Lightning sees Kain.]
Lightning: Kain! Are you hurt!?
Kain: It's nothing. I can still stand. Come, let us see this thing done. Heh, I told you I'm fine. It's not over…not by a long shot.
Lightning: Right.
Kain: When the next battle begins, we will surely be on the road to victory. Forget the past. Do not torment yourself with looking back. Now is the time, Lightning. I'm at your side We must face forward.
[Kain runs to join the fray.]
Lightning: Face forward. We can't go back.
[As Lightning charges, the Manikins arrive to Order's Sanctuary]
Warrior of Light: They have come. Cosmos. At this moment, I can but lead you towards certain defeat. You wished for victory. You wished for an end to this conflict. As things stand, I regret there is nothing more I can do.
Cosmos: It is I who should have done more. I wanted...I wanted to save you all from this nightmare
Warrior of Light: Your divine power exists to protect this world. If you wasted it on your servants, and allowed the world to fall, what purpose. We are warriors--the chosen few who were summoned to this land to secure victory for the goddess of harmony. Cosmos. There will come a future in which that victory shall be won. And so I ask you: believe in that future. Stand by your heroes as they look to the next battle. Though I once fought in the name of light, that honor may now be lost to me. However...The light I hold within my breast, never once has it flickered or faded. This I swear: I shall do my utmost to protect you until the very end.
Cosmos: I cannot--
Warrior of Light: Cosmos. Though I cannot join you in future battles, I pray you forgive me.
[As Lightning and her group succeed at the cost of their lives, the Warrior of Light is nearly killed by the Manikins when Cosmos sacrifices herself to destroy the horde.]
Warrior of Light: Cosmos!
[Coming to, the Warrior finds Lightning and her group fading before Shinryu claims him, his surviving allies, Tidus, Cloud and Terra.]
Cid (Narrator): The stability of this is ensured by the goddess of harmony. Her divine power flows outwards in an endless stream--a soothing current to suppress the violent and destructive energy of the god of discord. But in this battle, the long-stnding rules were shattered. In defiance of fate, the goddess of harmony chose to divert her power from its eternal task. She sought to protect the lives of her chosen heroes and invited her own demise. As a result of this act, the energies of chaos were set free to rage, unrestrained. the very fabric of the world was irrevocably unspun. Barely a fragment of this reality emerged from the destruction. But still the dragon performed its purifying ritual, setting the stage for the conflict to begin anew. With even the memories of their fallen companion scoured away, the warriors are restored to life alongside the goddess of harmony. Once again the heroes of Cosmos set forth, and fight to seize victory.
[Comos reappears]
Cosmos: Has my power waned so greatly? No,I can still sense it somehow. What could this mean?
Golbez: Goddess of harmony, I see you have awoken.
Cosmos: And you are?
Golbez: I am an ally of Chaos. However, I have come bearing you a message, and nothing more.
Cosmos: A message? Very well. Let us hear your words
Golbez: You do not doubt my intentions?
Cosmos: My warriors have yet to rise from their slumber. The first blow in this new war has no yet been struck. You have been deliberate in the timing of your arrival. I assume that before my chosen awaken, and the battle begins, there is something you feel that I should know.
Golbez: In the previous battle, you fell before your minions were defeated. By the rules of this conflict, the heros f harmony should have been destroyed. However, they remained upon this world, and received purification.
Cosmos: They did?
Golbez: With the divine energy that maintains this realm. You unleashed your power---set it free for the sake of your chosen.
Cosmos: Ah...This explains much--Why I feel so weakened.
Golbez: You are weakened, and the reason why is that your minions yet bear the power you surrendered
Cosmos: Yes, I sense it. I fell my energy burning brightly within them as well as its purpose.
Golbez: However, have you considered the consequences should you again decide to share your divine strength in this diminished state...
Cosmos: I choose my path, knowing what may come. Knowing what the future may hold, and what is at stake.
Golbez: If you have indeed embarked willingly upon this course, then I shall depart--there is nothing left for me to say. The depth of your admirable
Cosmos: My resolve...If only I had discovered it so much sooner.


Cid of the Lufaine: Thus the long battle came to an end. Or perhaps I should say it was a rather unexpected ending.
[Cosmos reforms.]
Cosmos: It is the result of the world opting for another choice.
Cid of the Lufaine: But as long as the world exists, there will be no end to conflict. Even harmony and discord are concepts born of the human mind, after all.
Cosmos: Are you saying...that nothing changes?
Cid of the Lufaine: There is mystery that even we Lufenians cannot solve. For the truth can only be known--
Cosmos: to the future itself.
Cid of the Lufaine: So let us set out. Now that you have been chosen to reign over the living world, we shall journey on the road that continues to the final fantasy...
Cosmos: No. My place is here. And here, I shall remain.
Cid of the Lufaine: This world is now bereft of balance. In time, it will sink back into the Rift whence it came. Knowing this, do you till elect to remain?
Cosmos: Yes.
Cid of the Lufaine: I must...beg your forgiveness for the endless cycle of violence into which I thrust you and your companions.
Cosmos: Forgiveness? You need not seek it. Every memory born of this world is, without exception, a priceless treasure to me.
Cid of the Lufaine: Cosmos...
Cosmos: And so, my divine creator. Be at peace. We must follow our chosen paths. Farewell, Cid.
[Cosmos walks off.]

Shade Impulse[edit]

Cloud of Darkness: You dismiss us as mere pawns in this conflict. Yet you yourself struggle; fret over your plans. We are amused.
Ultimecia: I am not fool enough to surrender my will to some nebulous deity. That and nothing more
Cloud of Darkness: Perhaps bowing our heads and accepting our fate, as our opponents have done, is by far the wiser
Ultimecia: How you choose to embrace your fate is none of my concern. Unless you choose to interfere
Cloud of Darkness: With your "time magic"? And what do you hope to accomplish with this power of yours?
Ultimecia: Time compression. I shall freeze the hands of time on this petty squabble, and extinguish all other lives in this world but my own. That is what I plan to do with this "power of mine" Do you believe me, I wonder?
Cloud of Darkness: Believe you? Perhaps we do. But for the Void, time and divine will are of no consequence. No matter your plans, they mean less than nothing to us.
[Cloud of Darkness takes her leave]
Ultimecia: I do not doubt it. They will mean nothing to those that fade into oblivion. However, this world? It already creeps towards the edge of destruction.


Shantotto: Well, well, what do we have here? Has one of our dastardly opponents finally deigned to appear? Such reckless behavior to charge in here alone--I admire your heart, but your head must be of solid bone. Since a fight you cannot win, is a fight you should avoid. I would've feigned ignorance had you stayed trembling in the shadows, but you're just begging to be destroyed.
Gabranth: Stay out of my way. Putting an end to pointless conflict is the only reason I'm here. There is no future for the bystander. As there is naught he can defend.
Shantotto: Ohohohohoho! Of course! The future for one to take by brute force!
Gabranth: So you are the last line of defense?
Shantotto: The last and best.
Gabranth: You put on a brave face. But it is time to quit the field, little one.
Shantotto: Ohohoho! You underestimate a lady--care to put me to the test?
Gabranth: You mean to stand and fight?
Shantotto: I do. And I might put the same question to you.
Gabranth: Ah, now I see. You are a wielder of magicks. Very well. You shall have mercy from me. Prepare yourself. Your journey to the afterlife will be swift.
Shantotto: Yes, yes. Do your worst, and all that. Strong words will count for naught once I've crushed you flatter than flat. Hmm, so striking and tall--I think I'll incinerate you, pretty armor and all!
[After the fight]
Shantotto: I must say, this is quite a disgrace. The nerve of those Chaos losers just strolling in like they own the place. And where is that troublesome waif? There's no need to patrol the ends of the Earth to keep the perimeter safe.
[Prishe runs in]
Prishe: Hey, I'm back! You miss me, Doc? Er, I mean, Doctor Shantotto? Thanks for holding down the fort.
Shantotto:A little politeness can go a long way. But honesty, Prishe, where exactly did you patrol take you today?
Prishe: Wait, nautral I was...uh..making rounds. Around and about.
Shantotto: The rounds? Aho ho ho. How simple that sounds. While you were out around and about, I enjoyed a visit from some armored lout. I don't know how in an area you fail to notice that walking steel wall. Let me ask you once more? Did it just strike your fancy to explore.
[Prishe is speechless as she is found out.]
Shantotto: I don't make threats! If there's no result by the time I'm done researching the ultimate spell, it's too lare for regrets. Are you listening, Prishe, I be happy to fry you along with the Chaos fish.
[Prishe prepares to leave]
Prishe: Wow, keep your tunic on, will ya? Next time I'll bring some nice. You like souvenirs, right?
[Prishe runs off to Shantotto's dismay.]
Shantotto: Mark my words, you insolent pup, shirk your duty again and your time is up.


Gilgamesh: I know that presence. It must be him! Long have I waited for this, Bart..z...
Vaan: Who are you?
Gilgamesh: That's my line!
Squall: Never seen this guy before.
Zidane: Let's see, he's only got...two arms. Nope, me either.
Gilgamesh: Whatchaa mean "only"? Like, if I had extra limbs you'd suddenly recognize me as somebody else? Never mind. It appears I have misjudged my exit point. Good day.
[Walks off]
Vaan: What's up with that guy?
Bartz: Hey! Sorry for the wait! Di I miss something?
Zidane: Hey, Bartz. There was a big scary guy here. Red hood. You know him?
Bartz: Doesn't ring a bell!
Zidane: Then I guess that means no one knew him.
Vaan: C'mon, let's get a move on. That guy is long gone.
Bartz: Where am I?
[A portal opens behind Bartz.]
Gilgamesh: Well, well, Bartz. We meet again.
[Gilgamesh jumps out with a thundering crash.]
Bartz: Who're you?
[Gilgamesh makes a kabuki-pose]
Bartz: Okay...Weird.
[Bartz walks off]
Gilgamesh: Something's wrong? Can't believe you own eyes, is that it? Don't tell me you've forgotten my name, you sniveling worm.
[Bartz stops and turns around]
Gilgamesh: I should not be surpised to find you speechless. The last time we met, I was banished to the Rift as you looked on slack-jawed. But as you can see, it could not hold me...Oh no. I have returned! My exile is at an end!
Bartz: Er...well, good for you!
Gilgamesh: No, this has not been an easy journey. I have crossed blades with strange opponents more times than I can count. I almost surrendered myself to a life in the Rift, but there was one who awaited my return to the living. The fragile though sustained me as I drifted in darkness! Many were the trails I faced, and the battles I fought. And now at last I stand here before you! I have dreamed of this moment! There is no turning away from this,our fated duel.
Bartz: I'm not sure I followed all that rambling but I guess that mean he...wants to fight me? Alright! Sounds like fun. Challenge accepted!
Gilgamesh: I expected no less from my chosen rival. Steel yourself. For I am not the Gilgamesh you remember?
Bartz(Gilgamesh impersonation): It's one-on-one!
Gilgamesh: Let us finished this!
[After their fight.]
Gilgamesh:I see you, too, have been honing your skills. It matters not. Now you shall witness my true
Bartz: Whoa, Hey! I'm witnessing something! Look at yourself!
Gilgamesh: Hm? You think to distract me with a simple trick? My dear Bartz, you have much to--
Bartz: I'm dead serious! Take a look. You're starting to fade out, or something.
Gilgamesh: F-fade out?! Huh? What? No! Some sinister effect of the Rift? (Tries to escape the portal's pull) No...not again! I'm not going back there! Stop! Wait! I beg you!
[Gilgamesh gets sucked in with Bartz powerless to save him.]
Gilgamesh: Bartz! I'll be back! I promise you, I shall return! Baaartz!


Jecht: Hey there, Sir Stands-alone
Kain: Was there something?
Jecht: Nah, nothing in particular. Just saw you over here by your lonesome, thought you might need some company.
Kain: How touching.
Jecht: I wouldn't go that far. But since I'm here anyway...We need to chat about a thing or two.
Kain: More of your memories have returned?
Jecht: Ah no, nothin' like that. It has to do with right now. With allies. With trust. With you. Now don't go gettin' all grim on me. It ain't that serious. To put it bluntly,choosin' to spend all this time by yourself aoin't making' you popula
Kain: I wasn't trying--
Jecht: It's not so much what you're tryin' or not tryin' to do. It's more how it looks to all the others. Especially the younger ones---they take you actions the wrong way. If you let' em shimmer for too long, there'll be trouble
Kain: There's been talk?
Jecht: The things I've heard man, you have no idea.
Kain: Is this..some king of jest?
Jecht: Too obvious, huh? Okay, so that last bit was a joke. Nothing's really happened yet, but still...that doesn't change the fact that everyone's worried.
Kain: Worried? For me?
Jecht: I don't have all the answers. Though It'd hep if you tried to fit in a little more. Maybe add to the banter;join in the laughter. That's all it'd take to put their Well, I said I came here to say. Guess I'll be off.
Kain: Jecht?
Jecht: Yeah?
Kain: Your concern...I appreciate it.
Jecht: Anytime.


Sephiroth: I finally found you.
Tifa: Who are you?
Sephiroth: Your enemy. That is all you need to know.
Tifa: So, you're a warrior for Chaos.
[The two battle.]
Sephiroth: Thanks to you, I seem to have regained much of what I'd forgotten. And yet, there must be more. What would happen if I cut you down? Would your fall serve to unlock even deeper memories? It's worth a try, don't you think?
Cloud: Sephiroth! Stop!
Sephiroth: A little late to the party, aren't you, Cloud?
[Cloud raises his sword to Sephiroth when he tries to kill Tifa.]
Sephiroth: Raising a blade against me? Very well, you leave me little choice.
Sephiroth: That's enough for now. There will be time later to take your life for this betrayal.
[Sephiroth teleports.]
Tifa: Hey...Thanks for helping me out back there.
Cloud: It's no big deal.
Tifa: No, really, I thought I was a goner. So, hey, my name's Tifa. You're one of Cosmos's warriors too, huh?
Cloud: Actually, no. I'm on the other side.
Tifa: Wait, so you fought one of your allies? Why?
Cloud: I felt like it.
Tifa: You felt like it?
Cloud: Yeah.
Tifa: Lemme get this straight. You rescue your enemies when the mood strikes you?
Cloud: Something like that.
Tifa: Guess it would make sense for warriors of Chaos to be a little unpredictable. Still surprises me, though. Speaking of which, you haven't told me your name.
Cloud: I'm Cloud.
Tifa: Cloud...Oh Sorry. So, Cloud. are you--I mean---do we know each other? I can't remember much of anything before...all of this. But when I herd your name, I thought we might--
Cloud: No, I've never met you before.
Tifa: No, huh? Sorry, but a girl's gotta ask. Anyway, thanks again for saving my skin. The way you showed up and fought that guy off. It was pretty cool thing to watch. You were like a hero, charging in to save the girl. Chaos and Cosmos...Since you're one of Chaos's chosen warriors, I guess that means we'll have to fight each other eventually. I don't know if I can bring myself to think of you as an enemy.
Cloud: Well, you sure better try. Once you start second-guessing, you're done for. We're enemies, no matter how you look t it. We have to fight. But now, you should head back and join your friends--before I have another change of heart. I'm not in a fighting mood today. Go--you should leave while you have the chance.
Tifa:Before you...change your mind?
Cloud: Yes.
Tifa: Cloud? Will I see you again?
Cloud: You will. But the next time we meet, will be as enemies. I won't go easy on you.
Tifa: Thanks for the warning.


[After Cloud fights Chaos]
Chaos: This is the extent of your stength?
Cloud: How...?
Chaos: Tremble in the presence of pure chaos!
[Knocks Cloud out]
Chaos: Well? Lowly pawn, has your vaunted blade altered fate's course? Your own obliteration---that is the greatest change you can ever hope to accomplish in this world. Now surrender to the inexorable grasp of deepest, darkest pandemonium, and lose yourself to oblivion!
Cloud (though): Is this it? s this the end? Cosmos, goddess of harmony. If you can hear me, listen to my plea. I beg you. Save her. Save my friend.)
[At Order's Sanctuary]
Cosmos: The voice of...a warrior? An end to this conflict, and a life spared? This is your heart's desire? If your will remains unchanged, I shall bring you here when the battle draws to a close. Cloud. My chosen.

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