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Flora Jane Thompson (December 5 1876May 21 1947) was an English author and poet, most well-known for her semi-autobiographical trilogy, Lark Rise to Candleford and her posthumously published novel Still Glides the Stream.


Still Glides the Stream[edit]

  • And so with us ,we come, we go, and , as individuals,we are forgotten. But the stream of human life goes on, ever changing, but ever the same.
  • As that stream is fed by well-springs hoarded by Nature so the stream of humanity is fed by the store of accumulated wisdom and effort and hard-won experiences of past generations.
    • Concluding paragraph to novel

Lark Rise[edit]

  • 'Thank God for my good dinner. Thank Father and Mother. Amen' was the grace used in one family, and it certainly had the merit of giving credit where credit was due. — (ch. 1, Poor People's Houses)
  • 'Poverty's no disgrace, but 'tis a great inconvenience' was a common saying among the Lark Rise peole. — (ch. 1, Poor People's Houses)
  • Other days, other ways; and, although they have now been greatly improved upon, the old country midwives did at least succeed in bringing into the world many generations of our forefathers, or where should we be now? — (ch. 8, 'The Box' )
  • There was no Victoria in the school...That great name was sacred to the Queen and was not copied by her subjects to the extent imagined by perioid novelists of today. — (ch. 11, School)
  • The human eye loves to rest upon wide expances of pure colour: the moors in the purple heyday of heather, miles of green downland, and the sea when it lies calm and blue and boundless, all delight it; but to some none of these, lovely though they all are, can give the same satisfaction of spirit as acres upon acres of golden corn. There is both beauty and bread and the seeds of bread for future generations. — (ch. 15, Harvest Home)

Bog Myrtle & Peat (1921)[edit]

  • and so the shadows ripple on
    until it's time to part
    • Shallows- a poem in the anthology Bog Myrtle & Peat (1921)

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