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Fredy Miler is a Slovene singer who became a fad sensation in 2004 when his video[1] for Vedno si sanjala njega (You've always dreamt of him) spread across the internet. Besides his enthusiastic but deficient singing, Fredy is recognized for his fluorescent green vest, his electro boogie dancing and his monobrow.


  • I don't know who is more dumb, those which came to see me, which make a fool out of myself and they've paid for that, or me, which i sing to them and i'm paid for that.
    • Ne vem kdo je bolj neumen, unile ki so me prišli gledat, se delajo norca iz mene in so za to plačali, ali jaz, ki jim pojem in sem za to plačan.
  • Those which don't like my music should turn theirselves for 360° and get lost.
    • Kdor ne mara moje glasbe naj se obrne za 360° in gre.

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