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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA:SA) is a sandbox-style action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North. It is the third 3D game in the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise and fifth original game overall.

Carl "CJ" Johnson[edit]

  • Are you a professional moron or just a gifted amateur?


Eddie Pulaski: well, what do we got here?
Tenpenny: this is a weapon, Officer Pulaski, that was used to gun down a police officer not 10 minutes ago, Officer Pendelbury, a fine man, I might add. You work fast, nigga.

Big Smoke: YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL! (comes out of the kitchen with a baseball bat)
Carl Johnson: Woah woah woah, hey, Big Smoke, it's me, Carl, chill, chill

Big Smoke: All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ

Tenpenny: Morning, boys.
Ryder: Man, who you calling a boy, fool?
Tenpenny: What should i call you? Midget?
Eddie Pulaski: How about prick?
Tenpenny: Prick...
Eddie Pulaski: Yeah, prick works.
Ryder: Man, fuck you.
Tenpenny: Bitch, get outta here. Mmm... Smells good. What's cooking? Where's mine?
Ryder: Man, just chill out, a'ight. Move. Here. (gives Tenpenny a bottle of PCP) Don't be sweating me, motherfucker.
Tenpenny: Mmm, my wife loves this stuff, man.

Tenpenny: Where you running off to, Carl? I thought we were friends!
Carl: Yeah, whatever.
Tenpenny: As an officer in charge of putting an end to gang violence, I find myself in a difficult moral position, Carl.
Carl: Yeah, right.
Tenpenny: Carl, I'm hurt, I truly am. And I was just about to help those poor Grove Street boys.
Carl: Oh, yeah? How?
Tenpenny: I like your status quo, Carl. I like having you dumb bastards doing your job for me — blowing each other's guts all over the sidewalk.
Carl: Dumb bastards?
Tenpenny: Now, if it's brought to my attention that one tribe gets an unfair advantage over another, that truly troubles me, Carl.

OG Loc: Hey hey hey, it's OG Loc, homie, and I'm gonna kick it a little something like this, Hey yo, when I come through up in the place, You don't want me to call with a gun in your face, I feel it harder, Than anybody in the world could do, just like a...
Man on toilet: Yo! That shit sucks! Damn!
OG Loc: Damn - my shit was whack!

Jizzy B.: See, baby, I got everything... Mink sheets... Mink coats... Mink curtains in the window. When I walk down the stairs, I'm walking down on... mink carpet. [sees Carl] Now, who's this trick? I don't need no more friends, baby. All they try to do is peel me from my hoes.
Carl: No, no, it ain't about them. It's all about you, playa. I heard you was the man with the hook up, and you was the man I needed to see. I'm offering my services.
Jizzy B.: Say what?
Carl: Yes, sir. See, I'm new in town. Anything you want, I can do. For a guy like me, to work with, to work for a guy like Jizzy B... well...
Jizzy B.: Now that you mention it, I do have a slight problem. Something a little dumb muscle like yourself might be able to fix. 'Cause you see me, I'm an intellectual. [to the girls] Bitches, y'all walk down to the bar and fix a pimp a drink. [to Carl] See, I only got two eyes, and on these streets you got to have more than that. You got to be like a fly on shit, you know? A hundred eyes, everywhere.

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