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"Gay" redirects here; for the English writer and poet, see John Gay.

Quotes about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.


  • With homosexuality added, it would be sparkling, unassimilable.
  • I realize that gay people have put me on a pedestal, and I love it. Of all the oppressed minorities, they have to be the most oppressed.
    • disco artist Sylvester, quoted in Saturday Night Forever: The Story of Disco
  • It's only gay if you push back.
    • James Dixon, The Demon (de Montfort University Students' Union newspaper), circa 2006
  • Sorry. I'd much rather be gay than sleep with you just to prove I wasn't.

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  • Jones, Alan and Kantonen, Jussi (1999), Saturday Night Forever: The Story of Disco, p. 110. Chicago, Illinois: A Cappella Books. ISBN 1556524110.

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