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Get Real is a 1998 film by Simon Shore based on Patrick Wilde's play What's Wrong With Angry?

Steven Carter[edit]

  • I'm sick of feelin' totally alone. I want to have friends who like me for who I am. I want to have a family who loves me for who I am and not for someone I pretend to be to keep their love! I'm sick of hiding... of being sad and... scared.
  • It's only love. Why's everyone so scared of?


  • Jessica: I was right about one thing: you're different from other blokes.
  • Kevin: Am I right with it, Carter? You really are a queer!
  • Steven's Mother: He's my son and I'm very proud of him. And if you do something to hurt him, I'll have your bollocks for earrings.


Mark: So you're in the school magazine this year.
Wendy: Well, I am the school magazine. No one else can be fucked.
Mark: I can be fu— I'd like to help.

Mark: We want the magazine to be more radical, right? And what could be more radical than a gay story?
Jessica: It is not a gay story. It's a pervert story.
Kevin: What's the difference?
Wendy: You're not gay, you're a pervert.

Steven's Father: But all that stuff of this town having nothing for someone of your age — I thought you really catched how a young person sees life.
Steven: Life? What d'you know about my life?

Steven: John Dixon and me... We're lovers.
Linda: In your dreams.

John: I like her. I really like her.
Steven: Do you... do you love her?
John: Steven... I love you.

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