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Gnomeo and Juliet is a 2011 computer-animated family film. It is about two gnomes, the brave Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and the beautiful Juliet (Emily Blunt), who fall in love, only to discover that their "teams" are against each other and that their love must be a secret. Here is a list of quotes from the movie, by character.

An epic tale on a tiny scale. (taglines)


  • [Practicing flirting with Juliet] Nice name. It really goes with your...eyes.
  • Well, I grabbed it first, but if you want it, come get it.
  • Who's your gnomie?
  • Well, this isn't my greenhouse.
  • Nice greenhouse, eh?
  • Tybalt, you just crossed the line!
  • [To Juliet, after she tells him to leave] I'm not going anywhere.


  • "Who's your gnomie"? [grabs the flower] Who's your gnomie now?
  • [While Paris serenades her badly; sarcastically] Oh, my dad sure knows how to choose 'em.
  • Why does his hat have to be blue? Why not red, like my father? Or green, like a leprachaun? Or purple, like weird guy. But blue!
  • I saw it first!
  • What's in a gnome?
  • (Shouts) I'm not delicate!


  • A cheat! A cheat, that's what you are!
  • (not seen, but voice heard) Well, you don't get much stealthier than this. (Camera turns to reveal Benny wearing a flower costume) Hello!
  • I love going Commando!
  • [After seeing Ms. Montague order the Kitten Clipper instead of the Terrafirminator] No! Not the Kitten Clipper!


  • Tell me something I don't already know.
  • We are going to track down whoever did it!
  • Oh, yeah? I crossed the finish line.
  • Thank you. (Cuts Benny's hat clean off)
  • What wall?
  • [last words] Oh, that wall. (Lawn mower crashes into the wall, smashing Tybalt to pieces)


  • [when Juliet leaves for the flower] TAKE CARE! I'LL TELL YOUR DAD YOU'RE DOING YOUR HAIR!


  • I may not be a smart parrot, but I know what love is.
  • Oh, I'm sure scared!
  • Chocolate's in stranger, chocolate's in stranger...


  • Dolly Gnome: Now, I know you know the rules and I don't have to repeat them, but I'm gonna 'cause I wanna, and here they are.
  • Bill Shakespeare: [Upon noticing the huge explosion in the background; smug] Told you so!


Lady Bluebury: [To Lord Redbrick; about his prized tulips] Your tulips are looking a little limp this year, aren't they?
Lord Redbrick: [Offended] Oh! I don't like what you're incinerating.
Lady Bluebury: The proper word is "insinuating", illiterate.
Lord Redbrick: [Angry] I am not illiterate! My parents were married!

Lord Redbrick: When will you realize you're delicate?
Juliet: [Turns and faces her father; angry] I'm not delicate! [kicks her plastic rose off her pedestal]
Lord Redbrick': [Walks away; annoyed] Stubborn girl.
Nanette: [Removes the rose from her mouth] She's definitely not delicate!

Fawn: You're the greatest boss, the greatest by far! (nudges the little red gnomes)
Little Red Gnomes: The greatest, the greatest by far.
Benny: A cheat, a cheat, that's what you are!
Little Red Gnomes: A cheat, a cheat, that's what you are! [Get kicked by Fawn]

[After Juliet returns to the Red Garden after meeting Gnomeo]
Nanette: What happened to that very important, life changing orchid?
Juliet: [Walking away] Um. Uh. Wha-What orchid?

Juliet: Oh, Gnomeo, Gnomeo, are we really doomed to never see each other again? Why must you wear a blue hat? Why couldn't it be red like my father, or green like... like a leprechaun... or purple like, ummm, like some weird guy - I mean what's in a gnome? Because you are blue, my father sees red, and because I am red, I am feeling blue. Oh, at any rate that shouldn't be the thing to keep us apart, should it?
Gnomeo: No, no, it shouldn't! I couldn't have said it better myself!
Juliet: Oh, my giddy aunt, did you just hear all that? What are you doing here?
Gnomeo: I don't know! I just wanted to, uh [chuckles nervously], I just wanted to see you again!
Juliet: Are you crazy? If my dad finds you he'll bury you under the patio!
Gnomeo: 'Finds me', are you joking? 'Stealth' is my middle name!
[Steps on the button which sets off a display of bright lights]

Lord Redbrick: [About Gnomeo, who infiltrated the Red garden; angry] When I find him, he'll be sleeping with the fishes!
[Cut to Gnomeo and Shroom sitting at the bottom of the pond]

Fawn: [About Tybalt's well being vandalized by spray paint] Why would anyone ever do this to Tybalt?
Little Red Gnomes: Because nobody likes him.

Juliet: He's a blue.
Gnomeo: And she's a red.
Featherstone: And I'm pink! Who cares?

Fawn: [About Tybalt's well being vandalized by spray paint] Why would anyone ever do this to Tybalt?
Little Red Gnomes: Because nobody likes him.

[Juliet is worried someone may have heard the collapse of a log pile]
Gnomeo: [Whispering] There's nobody here.
Juliet: [Also whispering] Then why are you whispering?
Gnomeo: [Flirtatiously] Why are you whispering?
Juliet: [Giggles, then spots something behind Gnomeo; excited] Wow - look at that! [Runs towards it]
Gnomeo: [Disappointed] I guess we're finished with the whispering thing!


  • An epic tale on a tiny scale.
  • Every day they sit and wait. But when we're away their adventure begins.
  • A timeless feud. A forbidden love. An epic battle.
  • A little adventure goes a lawn way.


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