Goofy and Wilbur

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Goofy and Wilbur is a cartoon produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures on March 17, 1939. It was the first cartoon which featured Goofy in his first solo role without Mickey Mouse and/or Donald Duck.

Directed by Dick Huemer.

Goofy and Wilbur[edit]

Goofy: [shaking glove as he mistakens it for the frog that swallowed Wilbur] Cough up Wilbur! Cough him up!

Goofy: [on top of a bird's nest] I got to cheer up! There'll be lots of grasshoppers in the weeds. [sniffling and blubbering; covers eyes with hands] Ohhhhhh! But not like Wilbur! [wails] [eggs hatches and out comes Wilbur] Wilbur! Gosh, Wilbur, thought you was a goner! [Wilbur kisses him]