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Gunslinger Girl (2003–2008) is a Japanese anime based off of the manga by Yu Aida. Set in a future Italy, the series focuses on young cybernetic girls and their adult male handlers who use them as assassins under the directions of a government organization.

Season 1[edit]


  • Jose: She's my sister. We're always together so we're known on the inside as Fratello. Fratello. Means siblings. Brother and sister. Some people crack jokes about it, but what are you going to do. It's as close to the truth as you can get.


Henrietta: Jose?
Jose: Hmm?
Henrietta: You know everything don't you?
Jose: Yeah, yeah I do.


Rico: (runs out of the room, where she just shot two people)
Emilio: Hello - what are you doing here?
Rico: (embarrassed, because she has been caught)
Emilio: Do you have a room here? Wait that's an uniform of ours. What's going on Rico?
Rico: (talking in her mind) What do I do now? Jean told me to kill anybody that recognises me.
Emilio: Rico?
Rico: (still talking in her mind) I have to kill him! (to Emilio) I'm sorry Emilio.

(she points the gun at him) Please forgive me. (smiles)

Marco: If somebody recognises you during a mission, you'll have to shoot him!
Rico: (sad, thinking about Emilio) I understand.

Jose: (to Henrietta in the outdoor shooting gallery) If you fall like that on a mission, you're dead!
Henrietta: That's true.


Triela: [voice-over] Jose sees Henrietta as his little sister, and Jean sees Rico as his little work dog. Which makes me... what does he want me to be?

Triela: (to Bossi) The next time I'll shoot you without mercy!

Hilshire: If we get lucky, we'll be home for Christmas.
Triela: Such wishes never come true.

Triela: The pain is the only evidence that I'm still alive



Enrico: Turn off the lights! Don't get to close to the windows.
Rico: (reports) The lights have been turned off in the southern part of the third floor.
Jean: Enrico must be there!

Franka: Camouflage to keep the public away?
Franko: Possible.

Enzo: Is one fratello enough for this? I want to capture the bomb-maker alive!
José: Capturing people makes things always so difficult. (sigh). I'll see what I can do.


Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta[edit]

Lycoris Radiata Herb[edit]


Febbre Alta[edit]

[Henrietta takes Jose, Pietro, and Elenora outside for an unknown reason. Elenora is holding Henrietta's sidearm.]
Henrietta: Can I please hold my gun?
Jose: Wait, explain yourself first.
Henrietta: Pietro, would you say Elsa loved Lauro?
Pietra: I'd say so.
Henrietta: Jose, did you ever see Lauro be nice to Elsa?
Jose: Not really. With him, everything was always business.
Henrietta: That's how it all started. What would happen if you loved someone, loved them with all your heart like you never thought you could, but you realized one day that they would never ever feel that way for you? [Shows flashback of Elsa and Lauro in the park they were found dead in. Elsa is walking behind Lauro.] If it were me, [Elsa points a gun at Lauro while he is walking away.] I would kill that person...and then... [Lauro is dead on the ground.] I would do this. [Henrietta steals her gun from Elenora and aims it at herself as Jose tries to stop her. Flashback shows Elsa aiming her gun at herself. She pulls the trigger and a gunshot is heard, killing Elsa. Henrietta is tackled by Jose.] You can calm down now. I wouldn't shoot. How could I kill myself while you're this wonderful to me, Jose? You know that no one has ever been this good to me. [Pietro is on the ground after he took back Henrietta's gun to find that the magazine was empty.]
Elenora: I had no idea. She was serious when she said she knew.

[Henrietta dreams of how she thought Elsa's and Lauro's deaths went. Elsa and Lauro are in the park where they were found dead in.]
Lauro: What is it you wanted to show me out here again?
Elsa: But...Lauro, don't you remember this park? You brought me here, to this park. This is where you named me: Elsa de Sica.
Lauro: Oh. You're serious? I can't believe you would remember something like that.
Elsa: It's such an important day. I'd never forget it. I'll never forget the beautiful gift you've given me.
Lauro: [Turns around and walks away from Elsa] Are you done? Let's go. We've got an early morning. Can't believe you dragged me out here.
Elsa: This is...where you gave me life...[Elsa turns around to face Lauro walking away with her walking behind him. She then pulls out a pistol and shoots him.]


Stella Cadente[edit]

Season 2: Il Teatrino[edit]

Distance Between Two: Brother and Sister[edit]


[Pinocchio is walking back home with food and wine. He runs into Aurora.]
Aurora: Buonasera, Pino! Been shopping?
Pinocchio: Yeah.
Aurora: [Looks at his basket of food and wine.] That's a lot of food for one person. And I didn't know you drank wine.
Pinocchio: I have guests.
Aurora: Oh, that's nice! Then I can just ask my mom to make some food for them, too!
Pinocchio: I'll pass. Sorry.
Aurora: Okay.
Pinocchio: Aurora?
Aurora: Yeah?
Pinocchio: You need to stop hanging around me.
Aurora: What?
Pinocchio: You're a nuisance, you know that? And you'll only end up in trouble or worse if you keep this crap up.
Aurora: Why, Pino?
Pinocchio: Because I'm the long-nosed trouble-maker. That's all I know how to be.


[Triela and Hilshire are in Montalcino at a restaurant discussing their assignment.]
Triela: So, about this Public Safety official...since his car is still in the parking lot, does that mean we look for him in town? And who was this Pinocchio person he was looking for?
Hilshire: These are all good questions, but let's start out by looking for the hotel Cohen was staying at.
Triela: I got one more. Why are we the ones they sent out to track down this guy?
Hilshire: Beats me. Section Two isn't the most respected division of the Agency, so I guess this could be some sort of conspiracy. Oh well. Nothing to worry about.
Triela: Understood. We're always surrounded by enemies, aren't we?
Hilshire: It doesn't bother me. I have an ally I can trust above all others.
Triela: Please don't say you're talking about me?
Hilshire: What if I am? I promise I will never betray you, Triela. You can count on that.
[Triela blushes, takes a sip of her wine without thinking, and coughs it up in disgust of its taste.]

Angelica's Return[edit]

Marco: Priscilla, grab a stun grenade from the violin case.
Priscilla: You're walking around with something like that?
Marco: Of course! I told you, this isn't a game.

Evanescence and Reminiscence[edit]

Retirement of the Tibetan Terrier[edit]

Caterina and the Circle of Revenge[edit]

A Day in the Life of Claes[edit]

Clever Snake, Simple Pigeon[edit]

Flowers of Good Will[edit]

Budding Feelings[edit]

The Fighting Puppet[edit]

And So Pinocchio Becomes Human[edit]

Triela: I'm obligated to fighting trash like you!
Pinocchio: Likewise, little girl.

The Light of Venice, The Darkness of the Heart[edit]