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Hell's Kitchen Season 11 started airing on FOX on March 12, 2013 featuring 20 new chefs.

Episode One [11.1][edit]

[Signature dishes before a live audience at Caesar's Palace]

Gordon: [Looking at Dan's dish] Seriously, did you throw up on that plate? Let's go back 45 minutes.
Dan: Okay.
Gordon: What is it supposed to be?
Dan: Eggs Benedict with a champagne hollandaise sauce and sourdough bread, heirloom tomatoes and sautéed spinach.
Gordon: And how did you make the hollandaise?
Dan: I used whole butter. If it's good enough for Julia Child, it's good enough for me.
Gordon: Julia Child would be turning in her grave right now if she saw that. (tastes) It's fitting that you made this in Vegas because whoever eats that is sure to get the craps. Let me tell you. That is a joke. Now piss off, you wanker.

Episode Two [11.2][edit]

Michael Langdon: Come on guys, let's go.
Sebastian: Okay Mikey-Wikey. (interview) I messed up a few times but I'm getting into the groove. I'm playing around. I'm trying to make the environment a little looser.
Sebastian: Zacky, talk to me. Zacky-Wacky?
Gordon: Hey you, hey come here you. Zacky-Wacky?
Sebastian: Chef Zach!
Gordon: Hey, look at me. Is this a (bleep) joke?
Sebastian: No chef!
Gordon: Zacky-Wacky.
Sebastian: Sorry, I apologize chef.
Gordon: Yeah, do me a favor. Get out!
Sebastian: Yes chef.
Gordon: (Bleep) off, will you? Upstairs, get out!
Anthony: (interview) So Sebastian gets kicked out. Didn't see that coming.
Gordon: Zacky-Wacky?
[Sebastian runs back into the kitchen]
Dan: What are you doing?
Anthony: (interview) Where are you going Sebastian? Okay, you can come back.
Gordon: Second time! Get out!
Anthony: (interview) God, are you kidding me?
Gordon: (Bleep) off, wacky!

[Gordon sees the lamb was raw]
Barret: Oh god. (interview) (Bleep), it's coming back.
Gordon: Time out! Stop!
Michael Langdon: (Bleep)!
Gordon: The bone thicker than the (bleep) meat.
Dan: (interview) There needs to be meat on there. This is not a (bleep) dog's chew toy, this is lamb!
Gordon: And if that is not bad enough. [Shows the wellington which is cremated]
Barret: (Bleep)!
Gordon: They are way overcooked.
Barret: (Bleep)!
Zach: (interview) Michael and Barret, Dumb and dumber!
Gordon: You don't slice the wellington until the lamb is ready.
Barret: Yes chef.
Gordon: [Sebastian returns to the kitchen once again] And when it's together like-- oh you!
Sebastian: Can I please come back chef?
Jon: (interview) Dude really, what are you doing? Perfect (bleep) timing.
Gordon: You, come here you. You're making me look stupid.
Sebastian: No chef.
Gordon: The blue team, one hour into service and not one entrée out. You (Sebastian) for the last time, take him (Barret) and him (Michael) and get out! And let me tell you something, you come back downstairs again, you'll be leaving through the front door. Now GET OUT! Three of you! You (Ray) on meat. You (Anthony) on meat. [Barret doesn't want to leave] Oy, GET OUT!!
Barret: (interview) Now, I'm pissed off. I didn't do anything to get kicked out of this dinner service. (angrily throws his apron)

Gordon: [After checking Susan's undercooked potatoes] Who cooked them?
Susan: I did chef.
Gordon: Yeah you, get out! Get out!
Susan: [under her breath] You're kidding me.
Gordon: Hey madam, you think it's funny?
Susan: No, no, no!
Gordon: Yeah, take that (bleep) with you.
Susan: (interview) I know that this is not funny. I don't deserve to be kicked out of the kitchen. Danielle was. She was the one bringing the station down.
Gordon: Danielle, don't stop the refire, hurry up! After that, two chicken, two wellington.
Danielle Boorn: Two chicken, two wellington. Yes chef. Sorry chef, I'm confused. Do you need the one for the redo and the two chicken and two wellington or do you just want the two chicken and two wellington?
[brief pause]
Gordon: GET OUT!
Danielle Boorn: (Bleep)!
Gordon: GET OUT!

Gordon: Three halibut, one bass, one chicken. Come on guys!
Ray, Jeremy and Zach: Yes chef.
[Jeremy's kale catches fire]
Zach: (interview) I'm looking at Jeremy sautéing that kale. I can see the kale nearly catching fire getting burnt!
Zach: Chef, turn that down.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah.
Zach: Don't even serve that.
Jeremy: I'm not. Worry about your side, let me do my side! Yeah?
Zach: (interview) (Bleep) what?!
Dan: Hey, no territory (bleep)!
Jeremy: (interview) It's my station and I don't need his help. So shut up and do what you're supposed to be doing.
Zach: Un(bleep)believable.
Gordon: Can we go with three halibut, one bass, one chicken?
Anthony: Seven minutes to the window.
Gordon: (to Jeremy) What are we going with?
Jeremy: Two halibut, one chicken chef.
Dan: Three halibut!
Jeremy: Three halibut, one chicken chef.
Gordon: Three halibut, one bass, one chicken! What are we going with?
Jeremy: (starts stuttering) The three, three, the three halibut, the two, uhh...
[Gordon pounds the workstation]
Anthony: (interview) Jeremy, he's telling it to you. Just say it right back man! I'm pretty sure birds can do that!
Gordon: Three halibut, one bass, one chicken. What's going?
Jeremy: The three halibut, two f..., two uh...
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Zach: (interview) Bye, bye Jeremy. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Gordon: [sees Jacqueline drinking water] What are you doing?
Jacqueline: I had to get my water chef.
Gordon: Get out! Get out!

Gordon: Raymond, taste that. [Ray uses his fingers to taste the risotto] Fingers! Spoons are everywhere.
Ray: Bland chef!
Anthony: (interview) Ray, you just stuck your finger into a risotto in front of Chef Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen. That's just stupid.
Gordon: You may be the oldest but out of respect, (bleep) off!
Ray: Yes sir.

(Gordon explains why he eliminated Sebastian)

Gordon: Sebastian tried to be funny, but it was his cooking that was the joke.

Episode Three [11.3][edit]

Nedra: (Knocks on counter in the dorm) Let's press the bell bitch cause we can argue!
Susan: Ding!
Gina: Don't call me bitch!
Nedra: Don't mess with a heavyweight and you a lightweight.
Gina: You're dealing with the wrong person!
Nedra: Yes I'm dealing with a crazy, deranged person!
Gina: What a (bleep) baby.
Nedra: You need to watch your stuff.
Gina: (Mockingly as she walks into the bedroom) Eah, she pointed her finger at me about the risotto, (bleep) off! (Slams the door shut which causes a roof title to come loose and hang over the door.
Amanda: Oh my god she just broke the ceiling!

(Women laugh)

Cyndi: (interview) Ha Ha Ha You Didn't Win (bleep)! The Guys May Have Won The Physical Part But I Know I Know That They Cant Cook For (bleep) Theres No Way Were Gonna Lose The Second Part Of This Challange.

Episode Four [11.4][edit]

[Jacqueline brings up chicken to the pass]

Jacqueline: Where would you like it chef?
Gordon: Put it there.
Jacqueline: Thank you chef.
Gordon: [Checks the chicken and sees that it's raw] pick (bleep) chicken. [Brings it back to the red kitchen] Ladies!
Women: Yes Chef.
Gordon: Pink Chicken!
Jacqueline: Oh (bleep)
Mary: (Interview) Raw chicken, like seriously?
Gordon: Pink Chicken. Undercooked, and pink.
Jacqueline: Sorry Chef.
Gordon: [Tosses spoon on the counter, as everyone stands around unresponsive] WAKE UP! Come on Jacqueline!
Jacqueline: Yes Chef, yes Chef.
Amanda: Bounce back guys, leave it in the water longer.
Gordon: Jacqueline.
Jacqueline: Get me a pan.
Gordon: Jacqueline!
Jacqueline: Yes Chef!
Gordon: There are some things you can't do in a kitchen...
Jacqueline: Yes Chef!
Gordon: ...and that's serve raw chicken!

Gordon: [After Danielle's Wellingtons were overcooked] The red team that loves taking the piss because they've flown on a private jet. They've been on a (bleep) mega super yacht and they think they're king (bleep) because they've kissed Celine Dion's arse in (bleep) Vegas!

[At elimination the Red Team has lost and have put Jessica and Danielle up for elimination]

Gordon: Okay, Danielle, Jessica step forward please. You know what? There's one more chef I'd like to hear from.
Narrator: With their dinner service loss, the red team was forced to nominate two chefs for elimination. They put up Danielle and Jessica, but Chef Ramsay has his eye on a third.
Gordon: Because she could've killed someone tonight: (Points to Jacqueline) Jacqueline! Get your arse up here. I mean honestly? Ms. Pink Chicken? Unacceptable!

[After Danielle has been eliminated]

Gordon: Ladies, you are not the same outfit that opened this competition, let me tell you. (Members of the blue team that won exchange smiles and grins amongst each other) If you think what you've been through is challenging so far...I...I'm gonna turn up the heat. Because I need to start separating the chefs, from the cooks. Got it?
Red Team: Yes Chef!
Gordon: Piss off!

(Gordon explains why he eliminated Danielle)

Gordon: Every dinner service, Danielle looked like a deer in the headlights, and that's why she ended up as dead meat.

Episode Five [11.5][edit]

Episode Six [11.6][edit]

Narrator: Over two hours into dinner service, and Ray has failed for the third time on the same order.
Gordon: THIS IS RAW!
Narrator: As a result, the blue team has failed to serve a single entree, and Chef Ramsay, not surprisingly...
Gordon: I'M DONE!
Ray: Yes Chef.
Narrator: ...has had enough.
Gordon: GET OUT! GET THE (bleep) OUT OF HERE!
Anthony : (interview) I was doing good Damnit!

James: (Storms into the blue teams dorm with overcooked halibut) Hey where are you guys!
Jon: Right here, Chef!
James: I spent 18 hours with you guys today, I give you everything I got, and that's the (bleep) you're gonna give me in front of Chef Ramsay?! Make me look like an (bleep) in a dining room full of people. I'm beside myself right now with that! I can't look at you guys anymore.

[Gordon slices a pork brought up by Nedra]

Gordon: That's raw. (returns to the workstation and throws his spoon away; shows the raw pork to the Red team)
Amanda Giblin: Oh, my (bleep) god!
Gordon: COME HERE, ALL OF YOU! Yeah, you kept me waiting 28 minutes for raw pork. (points to Mary, Nedra, Cyndi, Ja'Nel, Susan, Amanda and Jacqueline) You, you, you, you, you, you, you (slams the tray on the workstation) GET OUT!! DISASTER!! GET OUT!!

[Gordon calls both teams from the dorms back into the kitchen. He intercepts them on the way down the stairs.]
Gordon: Stay there! Stay there! We're not done yet. Sous chefs and I are still cooking in there. There's no winning team, you both lost! Think of two individuals from each team that you want rid of! Now (bleep) off upstairs! Unbelievable.

[After a dinner service which both teams lost badly, the teams had to nominate two for elimination, Mary and Nedra from the red team and Ray and Dan from the blue team, Ramsay makes his decision]

Gordon: Ray, give me your jacket. (Ray walks up to Ramsay taking off his jacket and hands it to Ramsay, Ramsay then looks back to the rest of the nominated chefs, points to Dan) Dan! (Dan looks up stunned as does the blue team) Give me your jacket please! (Dan walks up, takes his jacket off and hands it too to Ramsay, Ramsay then points to Nedra) Nedra, give me your jacket please! (Nedra walks up taking off her jacket, as the red team looks amongst each other stunned. Nedra hands her jacket as well to Ramsay, and Ramsay points to Mary as well) Mary give me your jacket please. (She repeats what the other three have done, and joins them in front of Ramsay) Tonight! Was such a (bleep) disaster, I have decided to something that I have never ever, ever done before! ALL FOUR OF YOU...

(A 'To Be Continued' appears on the screen)

Episode Seven [11.7][edit]

[Episode picks up where the last episode left off at an elimination where four chiefs have given Chef Ramsay their jackets, but haven't been sent out the door as Ramsay has about to do something he's never done before]

Gordon: ALL FOUR OF YOU, are now, on probation! Go, BACK in line!
Ray: Thank you Chef.
Mary: Thank you Chef.
Gordon: Don't thank me yet, and here's why: Each and everyone of you, will have to earn your jacket back by the end of the next dinner service, and if you don't: (Gordon makes a swipe motion with his hand under his head) you're history! Piss off!

(Both the red and blue teams leave to head back to the dorms, as Chef Ramsay looks on, shaking his head)

[After the Blue team finally won a challenge]

Dan: (Interview) About time! And the best part is: Look what I got! (Holds up his chef jacket up as he is now off probation, and heckles)

Gordon: When Jessica first arrived, I had high expectations for her. Unfortunately, she let us both down.

Episode Eight [11.8][edit]

Episode Nine [11.9][edit]

Gordon: I Need Both Kitchens To Be in sync!
Chefs: Yes Chef!
Gordon: What Do We Need To Be?
Chefs: IN SYNC!
Gordon: And I'm Not Talking About The (bleep) Boy Band When I Say in sync I Mean in sync! Right?
Chefs: Yes Chef!

[Gordon slices a filet brought up by Amanda]

Gordon: That's raw done. Now they're taking the piss. (returns to the workstation and throws his spoon away; pounds on the workstation with his hand, then holds up the raw filet) What is it for the second (bleep) time!?
Amanda: It's (bleep) raw chef!
Gordon: That's right it's (bleep) RAW! (Slams the filet on the workstation)
Amanda: I have two more in the oven!
Gordon: YOU!(Points to Cyndi) YOU!(Points to Jacqueline) YOU!(Points to Nedra) YOU!(Points to Amanda) (bleep) OFF! All four of you! GET OUT! GET OUT!

Episode Ten [11.10][edit]

Episode Eleven [11.11][edit]

Episode Twelve [11.12][edit]

Episode Thirteen [11.13][edit]

[Continuing from the last episode, the red team drew a name out of a hat for which member to move to the blue team instead of deliberating.]

Gordon: All of you, head back to the red (bleep) kitchen and spend two minutes and decide amongst you! Hurry up! I didn't ask you to stick it in a (bleep) hat like some (bleep) game show! What is this?!

[Ja'Nel's Halibit comes up to the pass raw]

Mary: There's gonna be
Gordon: (interupting Mary) no it's not four minutes, come here! It's sushi time! Just touch that. I don't know what you're doing now. Do you know who this is for?
Cyndi: The VIP chef.
Ja'Nel: (Interview) The one VIP in the house and I'm (bleep) ruining it. Sorry chef. (Interview) I hope this is a bad dream. I mean someone pinch me, slap me, shake me out of this hell hole that I'm in right now.
Gordon: I'm done! (Points to all four women) YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! (Bleep) off out of here!
Cyndi: (bleep) me.
Gordon: Get out! (To Cyndi) Hey! Excuse me Madame!
Cyndi: Yes Chef.
Gordon: (bleep) me! How bout (bleep) YOU!

Episode Fourteen [11.14][edit]

Episode Fifteen [11.15][edit]

[After Anthony has been eliminated]

Gordon: Zach, come here! (Zach walks up to Chef Ramsay as the women and Jon look on in awe)(Pause) Do your jacket up! I'm watching you closely, Back in line!

Episode Sixteen [11.16][edit]

Episode Seventeen [11.17][edit]

Episode Eighteen [11.18][edit]

Episode Nineteen [11.19][edit]

Gordon: Here we go. Two covers, Table 21: two mussels, entrée: one halibut, one New York Strip.
Final Five: Yes, Chef!
Susan: Two minutes on this order: one halibut, one New York!
Jon: Three minutes, heard.
Gordon: Who called? What's she yelling about? Susan called out halibut, New York steak and we haven't sent out the appetizers. What's going Susan?
Susan: Right now, we have one halibut, and one New York!
Gordon: Hey, all of you, come here! Stop what you're doing, all of you. She's firing entrees, one halibut, one New York Strip. FYI dumbo, we haven't even sent the appetizers!
Mary: (interview) What is Susan thinking right now? Like, what are you thinking Susan?
Gordon: Is the ticket crossed out?
Final Five: No, Chef.
Gordon: What are you doing to them?
Susan: We fired that ticket, Chef.
Gordon: Who's we?! I didn't!
Antonio Sabato Jr.: She's screwed.
Gordon: All of a sudden, you're the chef, right?
Susan: No, Chef! No!
Gordon: Step up. Here you go. (takes off his apron and gives it to Susan) Here you go. You (bleep) run it then. Here you go. Andi, leave her alone.
Jon: (interview) Susan can't even give correct times on her own station. She's running the kitchen? (sighs) We're (bleep).
Susan: Sorry.
Gordon: You run it! (Bleep) it, there you go, run it! (tosses his tongs on the hotplate) (Bleep) good luck. Off you go. This is a (bleep) joke. Andi, (bleep) 'em. Leave 'em. (Gordon and Andi walk out of the kitchen) Pathetic.

Episode Twenty [11.20][edit]

Episode Twenty One (Two Hour Finale) [11.21][edit]