I'll Be Home for Christmas (film)

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I'll Be Home for Christmas is a 1998 comedy film starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Jake Wilkinson, a college student at Palisades Academy in California, who was hardly ever been home for Christmas.


Nolan: I'm an elf!

Tracey: When did I become your slave?
Jake: The day you were born.

Jake: Say something romantic.
Max: Huh.
Jake: Say something apologetic.
Max: Huh.

Nolan: Oh, man. I went and killed Santa!

Eddie: Hey, jingle balls! Move your candycanes!

Max: [after Jake couldn't convince Marjorie to forgive Max] So, how'd it go?
Jake: You know what a swirlie is?
Max: You mean when somebody jams your head in a toilet bowl and flushes it?
Jake: Yeah, it was basically like that.
Max: Ah, man!


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