Inherit the Wind

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Inherit the Wind is a play written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee. It is a fictionalized version of a famous 1925 evolution case (the Scopes Trial also known as the "The Scopes Monkey Trial") caused by a high school teacher teaching his students about Darwin's theory of evolution. The play first debuted on Broadway in Janauary of 1955. Four movies of the play have been made, three of which were made for television.

  • Melinda:It's the Devil!

Hornbeck: Hello Devil, welcome to Hell.

  • Drummond: I'm getting damn tired of you, Hornbeck.

Hornbeck: Why?

  • Hornbeck: Cynical? That's my fascination.

Hornbeck: I'm both poles and the equator with no temperate zone in between.

  • Mrs Blair: Would you care to finish off the prickled apricots?

  • Howard (to a worm): What do you wanna be when you grow up?

  • Drummond: The individual human mind. In a child’s power to master the multiplication table there is more sanctity than in all your shouted “Amens!”, “Holy, Holies!” and “Hosannahs!” An idea is a greater monument than a cathedral. And the advance of man’s knowledge is more of a miracle than any sticks turned to snakes, or the parting of waters!

  • Drummond: All shine, and no substance! [Turning to Cates] Bert, whenever you see something bright, shining, perfect-seeming—all gold, with purple spots—look behind the paint! And if it’s a lie—show it up for what it really is!