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Jack & Bobby is an American television show about two brothers, one who is destined to become president in 2040.


Jack McCallister[edit]

  • The point is, it's not what you wanted. It's what she wanted. And you agreed. Just like you always do...
  • (about Courtney) I hear a lot of people talkin' about her; I don't see anyone talkin' to her
  • My mom's insane. Certifiable. She's the most popular professor on campus and the weirdest mom on the earth.
  • Could Chemistry be any more useless?

Bobby McCallister[edit]

  • It's mainly the news we're interested in Mom.
  • Don't worry, I'm only hanging out with you Dork-a-saurs until Warren comes.

Peter Benedict[edit]

  • Hi, I'm (clears throat) I am Peter...Benedict. But, my friends, all call me the money-grubbing whore. Goodnight, Grace.

Grace McCallister[edit]

  • It was always "Grace and Bobby" wasn't it? You were somewhere else, growing up on your own. Well it may be too late, but it's not going to be, it needs to be...it needs to be "Jack and Bobby" now.

Courtney Benedict[edit]

  • (Older Courtney) Grace used to say Jack and Bobby were like two sides of a coin. Without Bobby, Jack might never have learned compassion. Without Jack, Bobby might never have gained strength

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Victor Sable: (first lines) The greatest of American presidents were inarguably people of extraordinary strengths and weaknesses. Complicated individuals undertaking an impossible task. Could a single image ever be expected to tell their story? Ever since the first presidential photograph was taken of James K. Polk in 1848, each president has had one defining image associated with him or her.

Justin: Do you want me to carry this out to your car?
Grace: No, my son can carry it.
Justin: It's pretty heavy, I don't think he can...
Grace: No, my other son. See you at home Jack!

Bobby: That's where the new college president lives. They're moving in soon. Mom says he's a money-grubbing whore.
Jack: Shut up!

Older Marcus: Well, I guess with the names Jack and Bobby, the political career wasn't entirely unexpected.

Jack: Man, don't you ever get tired of it?
Bobby: Of what?
Jack: Of not being like anybody else.
(Bobby turns back to playing his game)
Jack: (sighs) Get ready. I'll take you to the thing.
Bobby: Really?
Jack: Yeah
Bobby: (excitedly) So what do they burn at this thing anyway?
Jack: (from the hallway) Eighth graders.

Grace: I don't care about you? All I do every single day is care about you. You have no idea what I've given up for you. For both of you.
Jack: That's a lie! You didn't do any of it for us, or for him! You're just a lonely, pathetic, middle-aged woman hiding behind your books and your words and your freak of a teenage son!
Grace: (slaps Jack) Shut up!
Jack One day, I'll be gone, and he'll see things for what they are, and hate you for the lies you told him.

Bobby: Do you think, because we're hanging out more, that I could become cool?
Jack: No
Bobby: Eventually?
Jack: Probably not.

Better Days[edit]