Jiang Yi-huah

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Jiang Yi-huah

Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺; Jiāng Yīhuá; born 11 November 1960) is a politician in the Republic of China (ROC). He currently serves as the ROC Premier since 18 February 2013.


  • We will not change what we have already announced to the public (regarding minimum wage hike). This is something that the workers have been waiting many months for, and the government should respect the efforts they put into their daily duties.
  • Many government officials have very high moral standards at the beginning of their duties, but after a while some officials sway from the right path and easily fall into the temptation of bribery and fraud.
  • The then-Japanese empire suppressed the people of the Republic of China and took over the authority against our will, and so ‘Japanese occupation’ should be a proper term to describe the period.
  • A democratic country has zero tolerance for all illegal monitoring operations.

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