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Johnny Test is the Cartoon Network TV show following the adventures of a boy named Johnny Test, who is used as a lab rat for his brilliant sisters, Susan and Mary. Together with his talking dog Dukey, Johnny goes on wild and wacky adventures that always end up with Johnny being changed back from whatever his sisters' latest invention has made him.

Johnny to the Center of the Earth / Johnny X[edit]

Bling-Bling Boy: Johnny, your sisters-
Dukey: Don't get me started with his sisters. They use their only brother as their personal test tube, and they turned me into a canine freak!
Bling-Bling Boy: -gave me this. [holds out the Gender Salt]

SUV Salesman: Now don't think of it as an SUV. Think of it as an insult you drive.

Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy / Johnny Impossible[edit]

Neighbor: I'll call your mother, the police, and Santa!

Dukey: Johnny, do you even know what you're doing?
Johnny: Yes. I'm pushing colourful buttons.

Dukey: Okay, here's the plan: You check out that menacing-looking fake volcano, and I'll check out that forest full of fresh trees!

Bling-Bling Boy's Mom: Son, what are you doing up there?
Bling-Bling Boy: [finishing up an evil plan] Mother, I'm studying.

Johnny Test: Party Monster / Johnny Test: Extreme Crime Stopper[edit]

Dukey: If you were a booger, I'd pick you first.
Johnny: If you were a finger, I'd pick you a booger.

Deep Sea Johnny/ Johnny and the Amazing Turbo-Action Backpack[edit]

Johnny: Dad, why are we here so early? The water's not even awake yet!
Mr. Test: If you want to get a good spot on the beach, you have to get there- [the beach completely fills up with people] -early.

Susan: Interesting. Your skin seems to change colour with different moods. Try calming down.
[Mary calms down and turns blue.]
Susan: You're blue! I've invented a mood lotion! [Mary gets mad and turns red again] Oh, now you're red again...