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Joseph Black.

Joseph Black (1728-1799) was a Scottish physician and chemist, known for his discoveries of latent heat, specific heat, and carbon dioxide.

About Joseph Black[edit]

  • He had discovered that a cubic inch of marble consisted of about half its weight of pure lime, and as much air as would fill a vessel holding six wine gallons. ... What could be more singular than to find so subtle a substance as air existing in the form of a hard stone, and its presence accompanied by such a change in the properties of that stone? ... It is surely a dull mind that will not be animated by such a prospect.
    • John Robison, in the preface to Joseph Black, Lectures on the Elements of Chemistry Mundell and Son, Edinburgh, UK, 1803. Vol. 1, p. xxvi-xxix.
    • This quote is paraphrased in several introductory science texts. I went to the special collections library of Case Western Reserve University to look at the original volume to make sure I got it right.

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