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Scott R. Kurtz is an American cartoonist who began his career with his daily strip, Captain Amazing, which appeared for four semesters in the University of North Texas college paper. His first work to appear on the internet was Wedlock and Samwise, which he began in 1998. His latest and longest running project, PvP has been appearing daily since May 4th 1998.


Brent Sienna[edit]


  • "Yeah, humans are pretty cool, but if you hang out with them too long, they start treating you like a mascot."
  • "Despite the fact that my weapons and armor are in desperate need of repair, I blow the entire reward on ale and whores."


  • "I would, but I'm going to be busy all day converting beer into pee."
  • "Cole, would it be okay if I crapped myself right now?"

Francis Ottoman[edit]

  • "It's like watching lemmings run off the cliff."

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