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Following is a collection of last words from Doctor Who media.

The Doctors[edit]

The Doctor is a Time Lord, and is therefore able to 'regenerate' into a new form upon dying; however, it has been established in the series that the regeneration process is still a death, with the personality and many characteristics of the previous Doctor being permanently destroyed, thus effectively 'killing' the previous version of the character.

  • No! Stop, you're making me giddy! No, you can't do this to me! No, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!
  • It's the end. But the moment has been prepared for.
    • Who: The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Logopolis', 1981)
    • Note: The Doctor, having been fatally wounded after falling from a great height, then 'regenerates' into another form. Character reappears, albeit very briefly, in later episodes.
  • Local...Tractor beam....
    • Who: The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('w:Spiral Scratch', 2005)
    • Note: Colin Baker was replaced by the BBC in the subsequent serial by Sylvester McCoy; the cause of his regeneration was never fully explained, though its implied the Rani shot him in the start of the next serial.
  • Timing malfunction! The Master! He's out there......I've got to stop... him...
    • Who: The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
    • Source: Doctor Who (1996)
    • Note: The Doctor, has been mortally poisoned by anaesthetic in a botched operation due to surgeons being unfamiliar with his alien anatomy.
  • Physician, heal thyself.
    • Who: The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Night of the Doctor', 2013)
    • Note: In the midst of the Time War, the Doctor crashes on Karn and, briefly resurrected from death by The sisterhood of Karn, triggers his regeneration with the help of a particular brew of the elixir of life.
  • I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time.
    • Who: The War Doctor (John Hurt)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Day of the Doctor', 2013)
    • Note: After growing remarkably old and grizzled, the War Doctor had not discovered how frail his body had turned, focusing nearly all his attention on the Time War. By the conclusion of the Time War, his regeneration was triggered automatically.
  • Rose! Before I go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!
    • Who: The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Parting of the Ways', 2005)
    • Note: The Doctor has absorbed an overdose of energy from the heart of the TARDIS from Rose Tyler, who had used it to defeat the Dalek Emperor.
  • I will always remember when the Doctor was me. (Clara: No! No!) Hey.... (Clara: Please don't change!)


  • Oh, you're stupid. You still think that your puny minds can survive against us? You're decadent, weak. Do you know that? Weak!
    [The Doctor: All right. Go ahead, kill us.]
    No. I have a better idea. Much better idea. I shall leave you to the Cybermen. I'm sure they'll have some use for you. Or parts of you.
    • Who: Eric Klieg (George Pastell)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Tomb of the Cybermen' episode 4, 1967)
    • Note: Klieg says this line before being beaten to death by a Cyberman.
  • It was not power in the engines, Zondal, it was heat. The heat from the ioniser.
    • Who: Varga (Bernard Bresslaw)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Ice Warriors' episode 6, 1967)
    • Note: Varga says this line before he and the other Ice Warriors are killed when their spaceship is destroyed by the ioniser.
  • Slaar! We are passing between Earth and Moon! The signal has not led us into the Moon's gravitational field!
    [Slaar: Have you lost my signal?]
    Your signal is being received clearly, but we're off course!
    [Slaar: Are you sure your calculations are correct?]
    Our calculations have been checked! You have sent us into an orbit close to the sun!
    [Slaar: Use your retro-active rockets to change course!]
    It is too late! We have insufficient fuel for manoeuvre! You have failed us, Slaar! We shall all die! We are being drawn into the orbit of the sun!
    • Who: Grand Marshall (Graham Leaman)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Seeds of Death' episode 6, 1969)
    • Note: The Grand Marshall and his fleet of Ice Warrior ships prepare to invade Earth, but, since the Doctor has hijacked Slaar's signal, The fleet is accidentally lured too close to the sun and pulled in, along with the Grand Marshall. Before the communication ends, the Grand Marshall says this line.
  • Kill him!
    • Who: Slaar (Alan Bennion)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Seeds of Death' episode 6, 1969)
    • Note: After his Fleet has crashed into the sun, Slaar orders an Ice Warrior to kill the Doctor. However, Jamie shows up and the Doctor diverts the Ice Warrior's blast so that Slaar dies instead of him or Jamie.
  • [The Master: You choose to question me, do you? Very well, I'll give you another choice. Obey me or I shall destroy you!]
    Well, if that's your brave new world, you can keep it! I'm getting out of here and if the rest of you have got any sense, you'll come with me.
    • Who: Winstanley (Rollo Gamble)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Dæmons' episode 3, 1971)
    • Note: When the Master tells the villagers to join him or be destroyed, Winstanley tries to leave along with anyone else who doesn't believe the Master but he is killed when the Master summons Bok.
  • This action does not relate. There is no data. It does not relate. Go! Leave me, all of you!
    • Who: Azal (Stephen Thorne)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Dæmons' episode 5, 1971)
    • Note: Azal offers his power to the Third Doctor, who refuses it, then he decides to kill him. But Jo Grant offers to take his place, causing Azal to Self-Destruct because he cannot comprehend this seemingly irrational act of self-sacrifice.
  • Who knows? I may have helped to exterminate you!
    • Who: The Controller (Aubrey Woods)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Day of the Daleks' episode 4, 1972)
    • Note: Having betrayed the Daleks, the Controller lets the Doctor and Jo escape from the Ogrons and then goes to falsify his report to the Daleks. However, the Gold Dalek knows the truth because the head guard told him and exterminates him.
  • Oh, no, not this time. This time it's going to be different!
    • Who: Shura (Jimmy Winston)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Day of the Daleks' episode 4, 1972)
    • Note: In the cellar of Auderly house, Shura is planning to use a Dalekanium bomb to destroy the peace conference that will be held there. The Doctor, however, convinces him to use the bomb to destroy the Daleks (Who have travelled back in time to stop the Doctor). Shura does so, but at the cost of his own life.
  • Doctor! You've destroyed my dreams! I'll destroy you!
    • Who: The Marshal of Solos (Paul-Whitsun Jones)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Mutants' episode 6, 1972)
    • Note: The Marshal's plans to kill the mutated Solonians have failed because the machine he was going to use blew up. He then tries to kill the Doctor and the investigator, but Ky, who is an advanced Solonian, enters and kills him using a ray from his hand.
  • It's back this way.
    • Who: Vaber (Prentis Hancock)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Planet of the Daleks' episode 5, 1973)
    • Note: After being captured by the Spiridons, Vaber pretends to comply with the Daleks' orders to lead them to the plain of stones and makes a break for freedom, but the Daleks exterminate him.
  • He ordered an immediate report.
    • Who: Wester (Roy Skelton)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Planet of the Daleks' episode 5, 1973)
    • Note: Wester, who is against the Daleks, releases the bacteria which the Daleks plan to use to kill all life on Spiridon, which almost immediately kills him.
  • Who would have thought it would come to this? Stevens, my friend, my sentimental friend. My friiiiiiiiieeeeeeEEEEEE-
    • Who: BOSS (John Dearth)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Green Death' episode 6, 1973)
    • Note: Stevens, whose conditioning has been broken by the Doctor's crystal from Metabelis III, starts a chain reaction which destroys BOSS.
  • You superstitious fools!
    [Queen Spider: Be silent, Lupton.]
    I will not be silent! I've listened to you for too long! To think that I've lost my chance of power through a spider!
    [Eight Legs: (murmer angrily)]
    A spider that I could crush underfoot without a second thought! A spider!
    • Who: Lupton (John Dearth)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Planet of the Spiders' episode 6, 1974)
    • Note: Lupton has tried to take the crystal from the Doctor so he can hand it to the Great One, but when the Queen Spider stops him, he turns against the Eight Legs for costing him his chance of power and tries to kill the Queen Spider, only for her to electrocute him. The Eight Legs are infuriated by the use of the word "Spiders".
    • Who: The Great One (Maureen Morris)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Planet of the Spiders' episode 6, 1974)
    • Note: The Great One has completed her crystal web so it would feed infinite power and knowledge into her mind. But since there is no way to vent it, radiation from the crystals builds up in the web and the crystals burn her mind.
  • You know what'll happen when you cut that lock?
    [The Doctor: There's no point in both of us being killed by the blast. Get into the Ark, man.]
    You don't want trouble with the Space Technicians' Union, Doctor.
    [The Doctor: What?] (Rogin knocks him out)
    That's my job.
    • Who: Rogin (Richardson Morgan)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Ark In Space' episode 4, 1975)
    • Note: Character sacrifices himself by removing the final lock in the shuttle the Wirrn attempt to use to leave. He is killed by the exhaust blast as it takes off.
  • Goodbye, Vira...
    • Who: Noah (Kenton Moore)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Ark In Space' episode 4, 1975)
    • Note: After being mutated into an insectoid Wirrn and nearly dooming humanity, Noah leads the swarm onto a ship set to self-destruct. His last words are a transmission to the woman he was to marry.
  • You are insane, Davros!
    • Who: Gharman (Dennis Chinnery)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Genesis of the Daleks' episode 6, 1975)
    • Note: After leading an uprising against Davros in an attempt to stop the creation of the Daleks, he and those who sided with him are exterminated by Daleks on their creator's orders.
  • Stop this, Davros! You must stop them!
    • Who: Kravos (Andrew Johns)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Genesis of the Daleks' episode 6, 1975)
    • Note: Although Davros had once saved this Kaled's life by implanting a device that kept his heart beating, Kravos sees the madness of Davros' plans and joins those opposing him. When the Daleks are unleashed upon them, Kravos begs for mercy, only for Davros' henchman Nyder to throw him into the path of a Dalek gun.
  • Yes, Davros.
    • Who: Nyder (Peter Miles)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Genesis of the Daleks' episode 6, 1975)
    • Note: When a Dalek starts automated Dalek production without Davros' permission and refuses to halt it, Davros orders Nyder to do so instead. The Daleks promptly exterminate him before he can.
  • My Skystriker! My glory!
    • Who: Vorus (David Collings)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Revenge of the Cybermen' episode 4, 1975)
    • Note: When Vorus sees the beacon had been placed on a collision course with Voga, He launches the rocket he calls Skystriker, despite being fatally injured by Tyrum.
  • Who dares to interfere?
    [The Doctor: You're caught in a temporal trap, Sutekh!]
    Time Lord! I shall destroy you! I shall destroy you!
    [The Doctor: How long do Osirans live, Sutekh?]
    Release me!
    [The Doctor: Never! You're caught in the corridor of eternity!]
    Release me, insect, or I shall destroy the cosmos!
    [The Doctor: You're a thousand years beyond the 20th century, Sutekh! Go on for another ten thousand!]
    I'll spare the planet Earth! I'll give it to you as a plaything! Release me!
    [The Doctor: No, Sutekh! The time of the Osirans has long passed!]
    • Who: Sutekh (Gabriel Woolf)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Pyramids of Mars' episode 4, 1976)
    • Note: Sutekh has been trapped in the time tunnel by the Doctor and is sent forward into the future, aging him to death. Before he dies, he says this line.
  • We're as dead as mutton, you realise? RIP. It's ridiculous isn't it?
    • Who: Scorby (John Challis)
    • Source Doctor Who ('The Seeds of Doom' episode 6, 1976)
    • Note: As the Krynoid is destroying the mansion where the Doctor, Sarah and Scorby are hiding, Scorby reflects on how he feels about death. He tries to escape the Krynoid but falls into a small pond. He tries to swim across but the plants, being controlled by the Krynoid, pull Scorby under the surface, drowning him.
  • I've become part... of a life that I've always admired for its beauty, colours and sensitivity. I have the Krynoid to thank, as it thanks me for an opportunity to exist here on Earth. Soon the Krynoids will dominate everywhere... and your foul species will disappear.
    [Sarah Jane Smith: And you'll all flower happily ever after]
    You and your kind are nothing but parasites. You're dependent upon us with the air you breathe and the food you eat. We have only one use for you!
    • Who: Harrison Chase (Tony Beckley)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Seeds of Doom' episode 6, 1976)
    • Note: After Chase tells Sarah Jane what his plan is, he tries to kill her in his compost machine just like he did with Sergeant Henderson but the Doctor saves Sarah. In the following struggle, Chase is sucked into his shredder and killed.
  • Not me, you fool! Him! I am your master! Taren Capel!
    • Who: Taren Capel (David Bailie)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Robots of Death' episode 4, 1977)
    • Note: While Taren Capel is trying to burn out the Doctor's brain, Leela has released helium into the atmosphere because it will change his voice so the robots won't recognise him. SV7 then throttles his former master to death.
  • You're finished, Doctor.
    [The Doctor: Not quite.]
    There is no escape for you now. You are destined to become part of the purpose!
    [The Doctor: Well, it depends on how long it's going to take you to get out of there.]
    Fool! Do you think a metal barrier can contain the Swarm?!
    • Who: The Nucleus of the Swarm (John Scott Martin and John Leeson)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Invisible Enemy' episode 4, 1977)
    • Note: The Doctor has released explosive gas into the base on Titan IV and has put a blaster next to the door to the cubicle in which the Nucleus is contained. After the Doctor leaves with Leela and K9, the Nucleus opens the door, triggering the blaster and destroying the base.
  • If we cannot control the power of the Time Lords, then we shall destroy it. Goodbye, Doctor!
    • Who: Stor (Derek Deadman)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Invasion of Time' episode 6, 1978)
    • Note: Stor tries to destroy the TARDIS, but the Doctor shoots him with the De-Mat gun before he can plant his grenade.
  • Romana!
    • Who: Lexa (Jacqueline Hill)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Meglos' episode 4, 1980)
    • Note: Before the Doctor, Romana, Deedrix and Caris can go to Zolfa-Thura to stop Meglos and General Grugger, A dying Gaztak tries to shoot Romana. Lexa pushes her out of the way but is hit by the beam.
  • Stop the countdown! Stop the Clock!
    [General Grugger: Right, it must be this one.]
    Fool! Stop!
    • Who: Meglos (Tom Baker)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Meglos' episode 4, 1980)
    • Note: After Meglos escapes the Security hold where he was locked up with the Doctor, he hurries back to the control room to tell General Grugger and Lieutenant Brotadac that the Doctor has reverted the controls for the dodecahedron so that it destroys Zolfa-Thura instead of Tigella. He tries to tell the two to stop the countdown but he's too late and Zolfa-Thura is destroyed along with Meglos, General Grugger and Lieutenant Brotadac.
  • Now I'll never know if I was right.
    • Who: Adric (Matthew Waterhouse)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Earthshock' episode 4, 1982)
    • Note: Adric is attempting to stop a spaceship from crashing into Earth, and a Cyberman makes the computer blow up just before he succeeds.
  • Salateen, hold me...
    • Who: Sharaz Jek (Christopher Gable)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Caves of Androzani' episode 4, 1984)
    • Note: After being fired upon by Stotz, Jek pushes his enemy, Morgus, into a laser beam and then dies from his wounds in the arms of his most developed android, Salateen.
  • What is happening?
    [Azmael: You are lost, Mestor.]
    What are you doing?!
    • Who: Mestor (Edwin Richfield)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Twin Dilemma' episode 4, 1984)
    • Note: After Mestor jumps into Azmael's body, the Doctor destroys his former body with a beaker of acid he picked up in the laboratory while Azmael triggers his own regeneration, effectively killing Mestor.
  • My only regret is leaving Jaconda. Gave me a good life. Many great moments. One of the best, my friend, was that time by the fountain.
    • Who: Azmael (Maurice Denham)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Twin Dilemma' episode 4, 1984)
    • Note: With Mestor's spirit in his body, Azmael forces himself to die by inducing his last regeneration, killing them both.
  • The drug is affecting my brain... Irreversible damage...
    [The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, I'll tell you if it's irreversible or not, now just hang on--]
    I did my best... I kept my word...
    [The Doctor: I know.]
    Please, Doctor... kill me...
    • Who: Gustave Lytton (Maurice Colbourne)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Attack of the Cybermen' episode 2, 1985)
    • Note: Lytton is undergoing the Cyber-conversion process. He tells the Doctor to kill him, but the Cyber Controller enters. Lytton forces a sonic lance into his arm, and is then killed.
  • It is our duty to eradicate all those who wish to pollute the purity of the Dalek race!... If you ever loved me, Natasha, kill me! Kill me!... It is vital that the Daleks are supreme in all things!...
    • Who: Arthur Stengos (Alec Linstead)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Revelation of the Daleks' episode 1, 1985)
    • Note: Character is being mutated into a Dalek, shifting in and out of their mindset. He begs his daughter to kill him, and she reluctantly does.
  • Well?
    [The Doctor: Well, now, Kroagnon, how nice of you to drop in. I am so glad. I wanted to have a few words with you about the shoddy design of this building. I mean, take this door for instance. Look at it.]
    There was nothing wrong with it when I built it - unless humanoid creatures have damaged it.
    • Who: Kroagnon (Richard Briers)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Paradise Towers' episode 4, 1987)
    • Note: In the Chief Caretaker's body, Kroagnon is led by Pex to the Doctor's trap. After the Doctor fails to push him down a lift shaft filled with explosive tripwires, Pex takes a stick of Dynamite and throws himself at Kroagnon. The resulting explosion kills them both.
  • Now!
    • Who: George Ratcliffe (George Sewell)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Remembrance of the Daleks' episode 4, 1988)
    • Note: After assisting in the killings of the Imperial Daleks, he tries to escape with the Renegade Daleks' time controller, only for the girl, named Judith Winters, to blast him with lightning like force blasts.
  • You stay there.
    [Ace: It might be the Doctor. Put the gun down, Mike, it's too late for that. Come on Mike, who are you going to shoot with it anyway?]
    Just stay there.
    • Who: Mike Smith (Dursley McLinden)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Remembrance of the Daleks' episode 4, 1988)
    • Note: After failing to convince Ace to join his crusade, Mike holds Ace at gunpoint. Before he can shoot her however, the girl, who the Black Dalek has enslaved to the Dalek Battle computer rings his doorbell. Mike goes to answer the door, only for the girl to attack and kill him with lightning-like bursts of force from her hands.
  • It's true. Everything I've read. All those stories, it's all true!
    • Who: Clive Finch
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Rose', 2005)
    • Note: When the Nestene Consciousness awakens the Autons, Clive refers to the stories he's read about the Doctor before getting blasted by an Auton.
    • Who: The Steward
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The End of the World')
    • Note: The Steward is in a spaceship in front of the sun, which has been protected from the sun's harmful rays by the sun-filter aka force-field he mentioned in his last words, after he realizes it had been sabotaged by one of Cassandra's Robot Spiders. He desperately commands his computer to get the sun filter up and running again, to no avail.
  • We're going to die!
    • Who: The Moxx of Balhoon
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The End of the World')
    • Note: The Moxx of Balhoon is incinerated by the sun.
  • [The Doctor: The heat's gonna vent through this place.]
    I know.
    [The Doctor: Jabe, you're made of wood!]
    Then stop wasting time... Time Lord.
    • Who: Jabe the Tree
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The End of the World')
    • Note: The intense heat the Doctor mentioned causes Jabe to later burst into flames and be reduced to ashes. Being an alien, she was made of wood-she stayed in the room in order to help the Doctor rescue endangered lives.
  • I'm...too...young...! (apparent)
  • I just wanted to say... you look beautiful.
    [Past Cassandra: Well, that's very kind, you strange little thing. Thank you very much.]
    I mean it. You look... so beautiful. (actual)
    • Who: Cassandra
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The End of the World', 'New Earth')
    • Note: First line said before she dries out and explodes after going too long without being moistuirized. Her brain endured, however, and her actual last words were said while her mind had been transferred to her dying servant, Chip. The Doctor had taken her to meet her past self.
  • Now Gwyneth, stop this, there's a good girl. Listen to your master! This has gone far enough! Stop dabbing, child, and leave these things alone, I beg of you--
    • Who: Gabriel Sneed
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Unquiet Dead')
    • Note: Character tries to stop his servant girl, who is being used by gaseous aliens called Gelth to invade the Earth. At that moment, a body possessed by a Gelth strangles him to death, and a Gelth possesses his body.
  • Sir, under section 5 of the Emergency Protocols, it's my duty to relieve you of command. My God, I'll put this country under martial law if I have to!
    • Who: General Asquith
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Aliens of London')
    • Note: Character tries to remove acting Prime Minister Joseph Green from office. At that moment, Green and his two siblings reveal themselves as Slitheen, killing Asquith and later using his skin as a disguise to control the army.
  • Mrs. Tyler!
    • Who: Sip Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen
    • Source: Doctor Who ('World War Three')
    • Note: Disguised as a policeman, the character infiltrates Mickey Smith's home to kill Jackie Tyler. Jackie manages to kill him by pouring vinegar containing foods upon him (being composed of calcium, this caused him to explode).
  • Oh, boll--
    • Who: Jorcrassa Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen
    • Source: Doctor Who ('World War Three', 2005)
    • Note: Character is interrupted by a missile impacting before he can finish the word.
  • What are you gonna do? Sucker me to death?
    • Who: Simmons
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Dalek', 2005)
    • Note: Character has tortured an imprisoned Dalek. Upon escaping, the Dalek aims its suction-arm at him. He asks the question before it suddenly grasps his face and generates a powerful vacuum, crushing his skull.
  • Cover the north wall! Red Division, maintain suppressing fire along the perimeter! Blue Division--
    • Who: Bywater
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Dalek', 2005)
    • Note: Character is shouting commands to soldiers before he is shot down by a Dalek.
  • [Rose: "You can't stop it!"]
    Someone's gotta try. Now get out! Don't look back, just run!
    • Who: De Maggio
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Dalek', 2005)
    • Note: Character tries to stop a Dalek. She fails, and is killed.
  • Are you... frightened, Rose Tyler?
    [Rose: Yes.]
    So am I. Exterminate.
    • Who: A Dalek
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Dalek', 2005)
    • Note: Character commits suicide, unable to cope with the prospect of mutating into something else.
  • Let go of me!!!
    • Who: The Editor (Simon Pegg)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Long Game')
    • Note: Character is strained by one of the murdered victims whose corpses he used to manipulate mankind's media. His boss, the Jagrafess, soon explodes, taking him with it.
  • Thank goodness we've got you. Our esteemed leader--
    • Who: Mr Cleaver
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Boom Town')
    • Note: Character is murdered by a Slitheen.
  • Oh, my masters... You can kill me. For I have brought your destruction!
    • Who: The Controller
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Bad Wolf')
    • Note: Character is speaking to the Daleks after being freed from their control. They promptly exterminate her.
  • You lied to me! The bullets don't work!
    • Who: Female Floor Manager
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Parting of the Ways', 2005)
    • Note: Character is yelling at Captain Jack through a communicator, when the bastic bullets he gave her to use against the Daleks have no effect. She is exterminated immediately afterwards.
  • You don't exist! You can't, you don't exist! It's not fair! I won the game! I should be rich! I'm a winner! You can't do this to me!
    • Who: Rodrick (Paterson Joseph)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Parting of the Ways', 2005)
    • Note: Character - who has previously won a futuristic version of The Weakest Link - is trapped aboard a space station invaded by Daleks, who were previously thought to be mere legends. The Daleks are busy exterminating the helpless civilians, and his last words are drowned out by panic.
  • Hope so. You know what they say about Earth workmanship.
    • Who: Lynda
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Parting of the Ways', 2005)
    • Note: Character has been reassured by the Doctor that an iron door will protect her from the Daleks. They then appear in a window behind her and blast throught it, exposing Lynda to the vaccum of space and killing her.
  • I kinda figured that.
    • Who: Captain Jack Harkness
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Parting of the Ways', 2005)
    • Note: Character is responding to the Daleks' catchphrase "Exterminate". The Daleks kill him immediately after. He is resurrected soon afterwards by Rose Tyler using the power of the time vortex.
  • I will not die! I CANNOT DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
    • Who: The Dalek Emperor
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Parting of the Ways', 2005)
    • Note: Character believed itself to be a God, and thus invulnerable. Was not only killed but torn apart at an atomic level, along with his entire fleet, and finally removed from Time.
  • [Mr. Finch: You bad dog...]
    • Who: K-9 Mark III (Voiced by John Leeson)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('School Reunion', 2006)
    • Note: Character - a robot dog - has just triggered an explosion which levels a school. He is later rebuilt as K-9 Mark IV.
  • No! I told you... I will upgrade only with my last breath!
    [Cyberman: Then breathe no more.]
    No! Stop! I command you! No!!!
    • Who: John Lumic {Roger Lloyd Pack}
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Age of Steel', 2006)
    • Note: Character is 'upgraded' by his Cybermen into their Cyber-Controller, who is later killed.
  • No more of this! You promised me peace!!
    [The Wire: And peace you shall have.]
    • Who: Mr. Magpie
    • Doctor Who ('The Idiot's Lantern', 2006)
    • Note: Character was forced to help the evil alien Wire by selling TV sets that would allow her to steal people's faces. When unable to help anymore, the Wire killed him, disintegrating his body.
    • Who: The Beast
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Satan Pit', 2006)
    • Note: Character is sucked into a black hole.
    • Who: Victor Kennedy / The Abzorbaloff {Peter Kay}
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Love & Monsters')
    • Note: Character is interrupted as he is absorbed by the Earth. Yelled at Elton Pope, who had just broken a cane that had created a limitation field that stopped precisely that from happening.
  • I have seen so much - perhaps too much. I am the last of my kind, as you are the last of yours, Doctor.
    [The Doctor: "That's why we have to survive, both of us. Don't go."]
    I must. But know this, Time Lord: You are not alone.
    • Who: The Face of Boe
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Gridlock', 2007)
    • Note: Character is giving the Doctor a final message before dying of old age.
  • I'm told that I'm addressin' the Daleks, is that right? From what I hear, you're outcasts too.
    [The Doctor: Solomon, don't--]
    Doctor, this is my township, you will respect my authority. Just let me try... Daleks... ain't we the same? Underneath, ain't we all kin? 'Cause, see, I've just discovered, this past day, God's universe is a thousand times the size I thought it was. And that scares me - oh yeah, terrifies me, right down to the bone. But it's got to give me hope! Hope that maybe, together, we can make a better tomorrow. So I beg you now - if you have any compassion in your hearts, then you'll meet with us and stop this fight!... Well? What do you say?
    • Who: Solomon
    • Source: Doctor Who (Evolution of the Daleks', 2007)
    • Note: Character attempts to reason with the Daleks to defend the residents of Hooverville. Although they initially appear to hesitate, they then exterminate him on the spot.
  • No! I beg you, don't!
    • Who: Dalek Sec
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Evolution of the Daleks', 2007)
    • Note: Said to the Daleks, after trying to convince them to spare the Doctor, before jumping in the way of their rays, killing himself.
    • Who: Daleks Jast and Thay
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Evolution of the Daleks', 2007)
    • Note: Line said by both while angrily massacring members of a species they had created for refusing to obey their orders; the species fights back and destroys them.
  • Oh! Richard! Is it some sort of seizure? What should I do? I don't understand what's happening! Richard!
    • Who: Lady Sylvia Thaw
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Lazarus Experiment', 2007)
    • Note: Line said while watching the rejuvenated Professor Lazarus start to spasm and mutate. He proceeds to drain her of her life energy, which he needs to stabilize.
  • I will feed soon.
    [The Doctor: I'm not gonna let that happen.]
    You've not been able to stop me so far...
    • Who: Richard Lazarus
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Lazarus Experiment', 2007)
    • Note: Character has repeatedly been mutating into an evolutionary throwback to drain the youth out of others. He eventually falls to a permanent end inside the Southwark Cathedral.
  • The Master - reborn!
  • The drumming, Doctor... The drumming... Will it stop?
  • You did this to me! All my life!!! YOU MADE ME!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!! FOOOOOOOUUUUUUUR!!! (apparent)
    • Who: The Master
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Utopia', 2007) and ('Last of the Time Lords', 2007)
    • Note: The first quote is stated when the Master, having been fatally wounded, 'regenerates' into another form, thus effectively 'killing' this version of the character. The second quote is uttered when the Master refuses to regenerate after being shot and then abstaining from regenerating. He is later resurrected, and eventually vanishes while attacking Time Lord President Rassilon.
  • I'm Nanny - to all these children!
    • Who: Mrs. Foster / Matron Cofelia
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Partners in Crime', 2008)
    • Note: Character has illegally bred Adipose children on Earth. The Doctor then points out that now that they have the children, the parents don't need the Nanny. Immediately afterwards, her clients drop her to her death.
  • Tell the Doctor it’s that Cordolaine signal. He's the only one who can stop them.
    • Who: Ross Jenkins
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Poison Sky', 2008)
    • Note: Character is shot down by Sontaran Commander Skorr.
  • Wonderful...
    • Who: Commander Skorr, a Sontaran
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Poison Sky', 2008)
    • Note: Character relishes being shot down in battle - the deepest desire of all Sontarans.
  • Sontar - Ha!
    • Who: Luke Rattigan
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Poison Sky', 2008)
    • Note: Character makes fun of the Sontaran battle cry before destroying their ship, sacrificing himself.
  • And you, Agatha Christie, with your railway station bookstall romancezzzzzz - what'zzzzzz to stop me killing you? What'zzzzzz to stop me killing you all?!
    • Who:Vespiform/Reverend Golightly
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Unicorn and the Wasp')
    • Note: Angry at being exposed as a shape-shifting alien, the character transforms to his giant wasp form and chases Agatha Christie. She lures him to the Silent Pool, where Donna Noble throws his telepathic recorder into the water; he dives in after it and drowns.
  • One, two, three, four, five, six...!
    • Who: The Air Hostess
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Midnight', 2008)
    • Note: As Biff and Professor Hobbes are trying to throw the Doctor out (thinking the Midnight Entity has possessed him), Sky Silvestry (Possessed by the midnight entity) makes the fatal mistake of saying the Doctor's French phrases, causing the Air Hostess to realize that Sky Silvestry is the real body for the Midnight Entity. She proceeds to open the door that will throw her out of the Crusader Vehicle, where the Xtonic Sunlight of the planet Midnight will destroy her. To make sure she doesn't escape, the Hostess holds Sky near the door and counts to six before they are both cast out of the vehicle and vaporized.
  • [While flashing her ID card] Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister. [Dalek: "Yes. We know who you are."] Oh, you know nothing of any human. And that will be your downfall.
    • Who: Harriet Jones
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Stolen Earth')
    • Note: Said to a small group of Daleks before the camera cuts out, she is presumed dead.
  • The Vault will be purged! You will all be exterminated!
    • Who: Supreme Dalek
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Journey's End')
    • Note: Character is about to kill every character in the scene when he is blown up by Jack Harkness.
  • For the last time, I am your creator! You must-- YOU WILL OBEY ME!!! (apparent)
  • The Daleks are dead. Long live the new Daleks!... What's happening?... No! No! It cannot be! I AM NOT A DALEK! I CANNOT DIE! I... AM... DAVROS!!! (apparent)
  • Never forget, Doctor! YOU DID THIS!!! I NAME YOU FOREVER: YOU ARE THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!! (apparent)
    • Who: Davros
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Genesis of the Daleks', 'Resurrection of the Daleks' and 'Journey's End')
    • Note: The first one is as his creations, the Daleks, attack him and leave him for dead. The second one is for when he released a virus to wipe them out, only to find himself affected too. The third is screamed at the Doctor before he is seemingly destroyed along with the Crucible and its fleet of Daleks (this was caused by a duplicate of the Doctor).
  • One will still die!
    • Who: Dalek Caan
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Journey's End')
    • Note: Having looked into time itself - and realised how evil his race is - Caan manipulates them towards their destruction. He presumably dies with them - but not before reminding the Doctor of his prophecy that his most loyal companion will die.
  • [The Doctor: I'm so sorry, Donna Noble. But we had the best of times...]
    No! Don't make me go back...!
    • Who: Donna Noble
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Journey's End')
    • Note: Donna's brain is part-human and part-Timelord, which is slowly killing her. The Doctor has to wipe her memory of everything to do with him to save her life. This effectively "kills" her as his companion.
  • Well, then, what are we waiting for?
    [The Doctor: No, no, don't.]
    I'm going home, mate!
    • Who: Bus Driver (Keith Perry)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Planet of the Dead')
    • Note: When the bus driver hears that his bus came through a wormhole that is connected to Earth, he tries to go through it. The Doctor tries to stop him, saying "The bus came through, but we can't." However, it's too late; the Driver tries to run through. As he does, his body catches fire and when he reaches Earth, his body is nothing more than a burning skeleton.
  • You die with me, Doctor! (apparent)
    • Who: Rassilon
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The End of Time'(Part II), 2010)
    • Note: Character says this as he is pulled back into the Time War. However, the Master - a pawn in Rassilon's plans - follows and attacks him, and may have killed him in the war.
  • [The Doctor: I wish I had known you better.]
    I think, sir, you knew me at my best.
    • Who: Father Octavian
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Flesh and Stone', 2010)
    • Note: Character is trapped in the grasp of a Weeping Angel, which will kill him as soon as the Doctor looks away. He and the Doctor exchange the above quotes after he gives a small speech saying, "I will die in the knowledge that my courage did not desert me in the end. For that I thank God. Bless the path that takes you to safety." The Angel snaps his neck moments later.
  • Sir, the Angels need you to sacrifice yourself now.
    • Who: "Angel Bob" (a Weeping Angel speaking through the stolen larynx of a human called Bob)
    • Source: Doctor Who ('Flesh and Stone', 2010)
    • Note: The Weeping Angels seek to use the Doctor to close a crack in time. The Doctor outwits them, turning off the ship's gravity field and sending the Angels themselves tumbling into the crack (successfully closing it).
  • They're all around me! ... They bite! ...
    • Who: Isabella
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Vampires of Venice', 2010)
    • Note: Character is devoured for trying to desert a horde of alien vampires.
  • WE... ARE... VENETIANS!!!
    • Who: Guido
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Vampires of Venice', 2010)
    • Note: Character blows himself up to help defeat a horde of alien vampires.
  • [Rory: "Oh, you stink of fish!"]
    Well, I'm hardly going to smell of cheese and biscuits.
    • Who: Francesco
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Vampires of Venice, 2010)
    • Note: Character was a vampiric Saturnynian. While trying to kill Rory Williams, he was killed by Amy Pond using concentrated sunlight from a compact mirror.
  • Tell me, Doctor... can your conscience carry the weight of another dead race? Remember us. Dream of us.
    • Who: Signora Rosanna Calvierri
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Vampires of Venice, 2010)
    • Note: Character was the matriarch of the last of the Saturnynians, a aquatic, vampiric race. The Doctor stopped her plans to flood Venice and create a new home for her kind. She sacrificed herself to her male offspring - denied any females converted from the population - after bitterly reminding the Doctor of how this is just one genocide he has caused.
  • ... Mercy?
    [River Song: "Say it again?"]
    [River Song: "One. More. Time."]
    MERCYYYYYYYYY!!! (apparent)
    • Who: Stone Dalek
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Big Bang', 2010)
    • Note: Character is apparently killed off-screen by River Song, who later merely tells the Doctor and his companions that "it died". However, when the Doctor "reboots" the universe - preventing the cracks in time from ever happening - these events were technically reversed.
  • Hush, now — spoilers!
  • Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, Every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives..
  • I was mentally linked with Clara. If she’s really dead, then how can I still be here?
    [The Doctor: Okay. How?]
    Spoilers! Goodbye...sweetie.
    • Who: River Song, to The Doctor
    • Source: Forest of the Dead [4.9] (7 June 2008), The Name of the Doctor [7.14] (18 May 2013)
    • Note: The first were her last words as a living person; further words were spoken by a "saved" version of her mind which was transferred into the CAL computer of "the Library", which later appeared to the Doctor at his tomb on Trenzalore.
  • Rory... I'm a nurse.
    • Who: Commander Strax
    • Source: A Good Man Goes to War (4 June 2010)
    • Note: Apparently killed in battle against the headless monks. The character is later resurrected.
  • There's a gravestone here for someone with the same name as me.
  • I love you dad, I miss you.
    • Who: Rory Williams
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Angels Take Manhattan', 2012)
    • Note: Final words said on-screen by character in a cemetary, immediately before being sent back in time by a Weeping Angel. This creates a time loop that will inevitably lead to him being buried in that same grave. The second phrase does in fact belong to a scene that was never shot, but BBC released it soon after the episode as a sketch scene, with Arthur Darvill voiceover.
  • Raggedy Man... goodbye!
  • Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond, and this is how it ends.
  • Raggedy Man... goodnight.
    • Who: Amelia Pond
    • Source: Doctor Who ('The Angels Take Manhattan', 2012), ('The Time of the Doctor', 2013)
    • Note: First line is the final words said on-screen before character allows herself to be sent permanently back in time to be with her husband, Rory. The line is tearfully addressed to the Doctor, using the nickname she gave him when she was a little girl. The Doctor later reads a farewell letter from her, asking that he go back and comfort that little girl by telling her of the adventures she will one day have with him. Character later appears in the Eleventh Doctor's final moments, as he hallucinates her presence just before his death.
  • Run. Run, you clever boy...and remember (me).
    • Who: Clara Oswald
    • Source: Asylum of the Daleks [7.1] (1 September 2012), The Snowmen [7.6] (25 December 2012), The Name of the Doctor (18 May 2013)
    • Note: The same final words are said by the same character who appears to be reincarnated throughout time and space; first when killed in the Dalek Asylum, second when falling to her death in Victorian London, and third when entering the Doctor's timestream to save him from the Great Intelligence. It is this act that causes her to appear in so many different places, each time to die to save the Doctor's life.

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