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Legend of the Seeker is a television series based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind.

Season 1[edit]

Prophecy [1.1][edit]

Darken Rahl: The Seeker.....he lives.

Destiny [1.2][edit]

Bounty [1.3][edit]

Brennidon [1.4][edit]

Listener [1.5][edit]

Elixir [1.6][edit]

Identity [1.7][edit]

Denna [1.8][edit]

Denna: Pain is the one experience common to every living thing. It unites us.

Puppeteer [1.9][edit]

Sacrifice [1.10][edit]

Confession [1.11][edit]

Home [1.12][edit]

Revenant [1.13][edit]

Hartland [1.14][edit]

Conversion [1.15][edit]

Kahlan: [to Darken Rahl] What do you know about love....except that you will never feel it from any one?

Bloodline [1.16][edit]

Deception [1.17][edit]

Mirror [1.18][edit]

Cursed [1.19][edit]

Sanctuary [1.20][edit]

Fever [1.21][edit]

Reckoning [1.22][edit]

Richard: [to Kahlan] You loved me across time.

Season 2[edit]

Marked [2.1][edit]

Baneling [2.2][edit]

Broken [2.3][edit]

Touched [2.4][edit]

Wizard [2.5][edit]

Fury [2.6][edit]

Resurrection [2.7][edit]

Light [2.8][edit]

Dark [2.9][edit]

Cara: Mord-Sith believe emotions must be governed. Sadness, remorse, love, these feelings make you weak. But anger, loyalty, pride, these feelings make you powerful.

Perdition [2.10][edit]

Torn [2.11][edit]

Hunger [2.12][edit]

Princess [2.13][edit]

Bound [2.14][edit]

Creator [2.15][edit]

Desecrated [2.16][edit]

Vengeance [2.17][edit]

Walter [2.18][edit]

Extinction [2.19][edit]

Darken Rahl: [to Richard] I am going to join your little quest, and when you find the stone of tears, you will give it to me and I will follow the instructions on the scroll and heal the rift.

Cara:: Can we speed this up? She loves you, you love her. I should protect her as if she were you. Did I miss anything?

Darken Rahl: [to Richard] It must be difficult; being so close to the confessor but unable to bed her. No wonder you invited Cara on your little quest. The mord-siths have a long history of serving the house of Rahl in every way, and as I recall, Cara was always so eager to please.

Darken Rahl: How I missed the simplest pleasures of life.
Richard: Enjoy them while you can. Someday, whether in a week or fifty years, you will be dead again, and you will face the keeper's wrath.
Darken Rahl: You are mistaken. When the veil is repaired and the natural order of the underworld is restored, I will bask in the Creator's light, along with you and the Mother Confessor.
Richard: You have killed countless innocent people. How do you possibly believe that the Creator is going to reward you?
Darken Rahl: When I seal the rift, not only will I be protecting the lives today, I will be ensuring the lives of future generations.

Richard: [to Rahl] The only reason you wanna save the world is to save yourself.

Darken Rahl: [after fighting the sisters of the dark] I always knew we would make a great team, brother.

Eternity [2.20][edit]

Unbroken [2.21][edit]

Tears [2.22][edit]

Nicci: And you won't be very happy when the seeker fails and your former master gets his hands on you again. He is not known for forgiving those who betray him.
Darken Rahl: And the seeker is not known for failure.

Darken Rahl: If there is one thing I have learned it is never to wager against my brother. Prophecy or not, he will succeed.

Nicci: So the great Darken Rahl is just going to wait for his little brother to save the world?
Darken Rahl: Oh, waiting is not so bad.

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