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Linwood Vrooman (Lin) Carter (June 9, 1930 – February 7, 1988) was a prolific American author of science fiction and fantasy, as well as an editor, poet and critic.


Tower at the Edge of Time (1968)[edit]

All page numbers from the mass market paperback third edition published by Belmont Tower (#40126)
  • “And how do you feel?” the Prince asked in a smooth voice.
    “Better than you look,” Thane grunted.
    • Chapter 9, “Slaves of Chan” (p. 85)
  • Yes, a woman makes a fine weapon in capable hands...slim and supple as a sword blade...and a blade to which no man’s armor is completely proof.
    • Chapter 9, “Slaves of Chan” (p. 86)
  • What use to covet loot, when even stars must die?
    • Chapter 13, “The Scarlet Tower” (p. 124)
  • Chan’s heart knew only greed, but there was within him enough intelligence to wonder before a man who could see all the uselessness of life, and still exult in the possessing of it.
    • Chapter 13, “The Scarlet Tower” (p. 125)

Under the Green Star (1972)[edit]

All page numbers from the mass market paperback first edition published by Daw Books (#30)
  • “I don’t understand what you mean,” I confessed in a baffled tone. Niamh gave me a long, cool, faintly amused glance.
    “Don’t you? No, I can see that you do not,” she said. And with that she rolled over, her face turned from me, and fell asleep...leaving me staring at the ceiling, completely mystified, pondering the inexplicable perversities of the female mind.
    • Chapter 17, “A Knife in the Dark” (pp. 112-113)

Time War (1974)[edit]

All page numbers from the mass market paperback first edition published by Dell (#8625)
  • He was reluctantly forced to conclude that his sanity was unshaken.
    • Chapter 2, “The Lady Lis” (p. 27)
  • Lux forced grief from his mind, thinking grimly of revenge.
    • Chapter 3, “The Silver Men” (p. 41)
  • Knowing that you possess a talent is half the battle in mastering it.
    • Chapter 12, “The Metal Brain” (p. 128)
  • The past has lost, as it always loses; the future has won, as it always wins.
    • Chapter 15, “The Crisis Point” (p. 155)

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