M&M's: The Lost Formulas

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M&M's: The Lost Formulas is the first M&M's video game. It was released in 2000 for computers.


Red M&M[edit]

  • Well, my little fellow, it's time these M&M's had a little R&R!
  • One last thing before we arrividerci, who did you leave in charge of the candy factory? (His phone beeps.) Hello? It's what? They what? And WHAT?
  • Repeat after me: I did not leave the M&M's Minis in charge of the candy factory! (Yellow keeps grinning. Red growls.) Has your chocolate melted? Have you gone completely nuts?!
  • All you need is a brain donor! Get to the factory, pronto! (Yellow dives into his SUV) There's a Minis mutiny going on! They stole all the formulas for all the M&M's candies! Stop those Minis! Find those formulas! Go! Go! Go! (Yellow drives off alone.) There goes my partner. (He sighs.) There goes my career.
  • Wait, my friend! Maybe it's time to ask who's the best candy for job. Maybe this calls for the ringer. The top gun, the goto guy! Nah, you're right! You go.
  • Miracles happen! Every single day! They do! Yeah! We're dead.
  • The Minis have messed with milk chocolate! You are in big trouble!
  • (Red opens the manhole and Yellow breathes out. A camera flies past them.)Oh, no! It's Big Boss Cam!!
  • He delegated. The hallmark of a cofidenta manager.
  • A chance to review our emergency plans.
  • Eh hehehe... Today's manager can admit that he doesn't have the answers.
  • And the... he's a big, huge, yellow goofball! So... ahh... hot enough for you?
  • I'll say, this factory's full of them. While, you're shooting the chutes, I'll be in the... napping... mapping... our new offensive strategy! (Red speaks to camera) Or hiding in broom closet. Whatever!
  • (Red slides down from conveyor belt and bumps Yellow) Urgent memo from upstairs!
  • Chill out, Romero! If Green comes to finish the job, guess who gets all the credit? All the kudos? All the job well done?
  • Green, that's who! Green! Green! Green!
  • Ay-yi-yi!
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah! Thanks for that do-se-do memory lane. (Red handprints blue paint on Yellow)
  • So, heh, heh, here to learn a thing or two about disaster management?
  • Yeah, I left my hat in the executive lounge.
  • When I want comments from the peanut gallery, I'll fill out a purchase order!!
  • (with Yellow) That was HIM!!

Yellow M&M[edit]

  • R&R? Is that a new candy are we being phased out?
  • You're turning red.
  • Well, the Minis aren't that bad. All they need is a chance.
  • (Yellow is about to enter factory) Here goes nuttin'!
  • Oh, no! The Minis are messed with milk chocolate! We're in big trouble!
  • Sir, I did a terrible thing I left the Minis in charge of the factory.
  • They're turning the whole place upside down!
  • I don't know what to do! Please help me! Oh, please!
  • I'm a big huge yellow goofball!
  • Oh, chute!
  • (Yellow reads the note upside down) Owao? (Red rotates the note) Memo. Get things under control now or we're sending in Green to finish the job. Green, aw how do I look?
  • Wait. Don't tell me. I know this one.
  • Where? Where? Where?
  • Hey, Red. This reminds me of the time we were shooting that commercial outside that paint store and the pink can, blew up few mile and the garbage truck and the--
  • Uh, I have unusually hard shell.
  • While you were collecting the trash?

Green M&M[edit]

  • (the elevator beeps, the door opens to reveal to be Green M&M wearing a hard hat on her head) Gentlemen!
  • Where are your hard hats?
  • That reminds me. Which of you ordered the inflatable power nap sofa with dual cup holders and miracle foot massage?
  • Uhh... Margaret, cancel my other appointment. Gonna be a long one...

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