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Matthew Arnold Thiessen (born August 12, 1980) is the lead singer of the American rock band, Relient K.


  • Ouch... A Skittle just hit my eye.
    • After being hit in the head with Skittles at a concert in Dallas, TX during the 2006 Nintendo Fusion Tour.
  • Hey, anyone who was just crowd surfing better check themself. One of you guy's fly was wide open.
    • After the completion of a song at a Detroit, MI concert during the 2007 relient k tour with mae and sherwood.
  • Yah, Moma J's birthday is tomorrow; I'm not gonna say how old she is turning but let's just say its the half-a-century kinda birthday.
    • Talking about his girlfriend's mom's birthday right before they sang happy birthday to her; at a concert in Detroit, MI during the 2007 relient k tour with mae and sherwood.
  • You smell that? Smells like world cup. Sittin' in my livin' room.
    • Says after shooting a soccer ball between two construction barrels in the making of "Must Have Done Something Right" video

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