Mrs. Kamali Would Like to Speak to You About Cloud

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Mrs. Kamali Would Like to Speak to You About Cloud (1980) by Melody Martin is a collection of autobiographical essays about teaching high school in 1970s California.

  • I didn't mean to say shine it bitch when I walked out.
    I mean to say catch you on the late freight.
  • I'm still waiting for feminism to flee your body so you'll break down and have a kid.
  • I tried Bartleby’s approach
    to peaceful refusal.
    My mom told me to clear
    the table and I said
      “I would prefer
      not to” just like he did
    all calm and polite
    Well she threw mash potatoes
    in my face so I’m switching
    to Girls’ Chorus where it’s safer.
  • Martinski,
      Women's Lib drives me up the wall. I'll believe it when a girl I take out for the second time buys.
      When your poor you need womens lib by when it comes down to it only one out of 100 are believers.
      If your husband ever doesn't want to go our, call me up.
      You can buy.
      555-1818 Ask for Tony
    • Chapter: Notes from the Underground