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Mutant X (created by Marvel Studios, a division of Marvel comics) is a television series that first aired October 6, 2001.

Season 2 "Understudy" [2.10] Shalimar: Excuse me? Nicky: Shalimar. Shalimar: What's going on here? Brennan: Nothing. Shalimar: Stay outta this Brennan. [to nicky]I think you overstayed your wellcome. Nicky: I'm sorry? Shalimar: No, I'm sorry. Time for you to get your things and get outta here. You are wearing my clothes in my room trying to take over my life. Now, get the hell out! {others run to Shalimar and Nicky] Adam: Shalimar....get ahold of yoursekf.

Nicky: This is useless. Just give it up. Shalimar: You're right, Nicky. Nicky: Smart girl. Shalimar: I'd like to think so. [they fight and Shalimar wins] Adam: Shalimar? Shalimar: I had to. She tried to kill me. Brennan: It's okay. We believe you. You okay? Shalimar: Yeah. Emma: It's okay, Shal.

[last lines of the episode] Shalimar:Guess I was lucky. Adam:Yeah. Good night. Shalimar: Good night.

Lest He Become [2.22][edit]

Brennan: We should have taken them.
Shalimar: Were you unconscious when they were beating the crap out of the rest of us?

Season 3 "The Assault" [3.22] [last lines of the series] Jesse: Where the hell do we go now? Lexa: We need to find Adam The only way to cure Jessie is with an antidote. Shalimar: Yeah, but sanctuary is gone. The helix is gone. The Dominion... Brennan: No, they think they won. It's not over yet. [the building explodes] Jesse: We'll be if we don't move. Come on. [Shalimar, Brennan, Lexa, and Jesse escapes from the exploding building] @Copyright 2001-2004 by CPS, Marvel Studios, Global, Fireworks Entertainment, and Tribune Entertainment.


Victoria Pratt-Shalimar Fox Victor Webster-Brennan Mulray Forbes March-Jesse Kilomartin Karen Cliche-Lexa Pierce[Season 3] Lauren Lee Smith-Emma DeLauro[Seasons 1-2] John Shea-Adam Kane

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