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My Bloody Valentine 3D is a 2009 horror film about a killer who returns on Valentine's day to seek revenge on the survivors on the massacre years ago. It is a remake of the 1981 Canadian horror film of the same name.

Directed by Patrick Lussier. Written by Todd Farmer and Zane Smith
Get your heart broken. taglines

Tom Hanniger[edit]

  • Axel, I know you hate me and I don't really give a shit but this is your wife. Stop lying to her!
  • No, listen to me! The words that Megan wrote in her Valentine, "Be mine forever"? Those are the same words written in blood above her dead body. Isn't that right, Axel?

Axel Palmer[edit]

  • [after Deputy Martin stops him from fighting Tom.] That's great. That's fucking wonderful... Fuck!
  • [to Tom] I'm going to rip your fucking head off.


Burke: [to a crime scene corpse] Happy fucking Valentine's Day.

Officer Hinch: [looking at a candy box with a human heart inside] Think I waited too long to retire.
Burke: You and me both, Hinch. Who did this?
Officer Hinch: Harry Warden.
Burke: Harry Warden's in a coma.
Officer Hinch: Guess he woke up.

[Jason scares Sarah in the mine]
Jason: What, you think I was Harry Warden or something? Hey, Michael, check this out.
[Harry Warden strikes Jason from behind, killing him with a pick axe.]

Michael: Jason, is that you?

Ben Foley: Eloquent, Sheriff. You make us look like an inbred mining community.
Axel Palmer: We are an inbred mining community, Ben.

Axel Palmer: Hey, you missed me on TV.
Sarah Palmer: Oh, yes! That's right! How was he?
Ben Foley: When you gonna dump this bum and run away with me?
Sarah Palmer: I get off work at 8.
Ben Foley: Well, I'll be sure to tuck the top down the top on my Cadillac.

Irene: I am no hooker.
Frank the Trucker: [tosses her a $20 bill] You are now.

Tom Hanniger: What were you doing at the mine earlier?
Deputy Martin: I was doing my job.
Tom Hanniger: Oh.
Deputy Martin: You're the suspect. Not me.

Axel Palmer: What did you just say to me?
Tom Hanniger: Sarah settled for---
[Axel punches Tom and lunges at him.]
Axel Palmer: [lunges.] Stay the fuck away from my wife! You hear me?!
[Deputy Martin arrives and begins separates both Axel and Tom from the fight.]
Axel Palmer: [lunges.] Stay the fuck away from my wife!
[Martin finally separates the two.]
Deputy Martin: Calm down! Axel! Axel, calm down.
Axel Palmer: Lock him up, Martin! Lock him up!
Deputy Martin: I can't do that! The mine foreman confirmed that Tom was stuck in that cage when they came down. Somebody else was down there.
Axel Palmer: That's great. That's fucking wonderful.
[Axel leaves the room.]
Axel Palmer: Fuck!

Deputy Ferris: You wanna take point?
Burke: [pauses] I'm retired.

Ben Foley: [intoxicated] Damn Harry Warden. Got me aiming at shadows.

Tom Hanniger: I know my job, Harry.
Harry Warden: Like fuck you do, Hanniger. Just 'cause your daddy owns the mine doesn't mean you know shit.

Megan: Wait! I'm kinda pussy sometimes.
Sarah Palmer: [anxioused] Welcome to the club.

[A noise is heard in the shop.]
Sarah Palmer: [disturbed] Did you lock the front?
[Megan doesn't respond.]
Megan: Yes...

[After Sarah pushes Axel, She held him gunpoint.]
Axel Palmer: Jesus.
Sarah Palmer: Don't move, Axel.
Axel Palmer: Sarah, What are you doing?
Sarah Palmer: I found your hearts.
[Axel gets up.]
Axel Palmer: Hearts? What are you saying?
Sarah Palmer: Up in the house. Your fucking Valentine's hearts!
Axel Palmer: The Valentine from Megan? Look, I'm sorry. All right? It meant nothing---
Sarah Palmer: I'm not talking about fucking Megan!! The hearts, Axel! The 300 fucking candy boxes you used to put the hearts in!
Axel Palmer: I-it-it's Tom, Sarah... Tom must have---
Sarah Palmer: Stop it! It's your house, Axel! The picture of me and Tom, you took it! It was there!
Axel Palmer: Tom must have put it there. Sarah, I've been working the past 72 hours! When would I have time to play psycho?!
Tom Hanniger: You're the sheriff, Axel.
[Tom appears to Sarah and Axel.]
Tom Hanniger: I mean, you come and go as you please.
Sarah Palmer: [anxioused; turns gunpoint to Tom.] All right, Tom, stay back.
[Tom and Axel began stumbling to Sarah.]
Tom Hanniger: It's okay, Sarah.
Axel Palmer: All right.---
Sarah Palmer: The both of you, stop fucking moving!
[Tom and Axel stop.; Sarah gets anxioused.]
Axel Palmer: Sarah, look at me. Shoot him, and he Won't move.
Tom Hanniger: [turns to Axel.] What? Axel We're gonna get you help.---
Axel Palmer: [to Tom.] You are so full of shit! [turns to Sarah.] Sarah, stop it! You don't fucking believe this guy?!
Tom Hanniger: Axel, I know you hate me and I don't really give a shit [points to Sarah.] but this is your wife. Stop lying to her!
Axel Palmer: Shut up! [to Sarah.] He's crazy! He was in an institution.
Tom Hanniger: Oh, that's really nice. Nice try.
[Sarah gets anxioused.; Axel is ceasing.]
Axel Palmer: Fuck it. Just shoot us both.
Sarah Palmer: What?
Tom Hanniger: What?
Axel Palmer: Yeah, just shoot us both. Do it. Come on, it's your only choice. If you just shoot me, Sarah you'd still be down here with the killer.
Tom Hanniger: What are you talking about? [to Sarah.] Sarah, don't listen to him.
Axel Palmer: Sarah, do it.
Tom Hanniger: He needs help, Sarah.
Axel Palmer: Do it. You have to do it, Sarah. Shoot us!
Tom Hanniger: Nobody's shooting anyone, Axel.
Axel Palmer: Shoot us!
Tom Hanniger: Sarah, listen to me!
Axel Palmer: Shoot us!
[Sarah gets very anxioused.]
Sarah Palmer: Will you stop it!
Tom Hanniger: No Sarah, listen to me! The words that Megan wrote in her Valentine, "Be mine forever"? Those are the same words written in blood above her dead body! Isn't that right, Axel?
Axel Palmer: I'm gonna rip your fucking head off.
[Sarah overhears and realizes this.]
Sarah Palmer: [realized.] How did you know that Megan was dead?
Tom Hanniger: You told me?
Sarah Palmer: [held gunpoint to Tom.] No, I didn't.
[Tom and Axel notice this.]
Sarah Palmer: And how'd you know about the words written on the wall?


  • On January 16, Get Your Heart Broken.
  • Nothing says 'date movie' like a 3D ride to hell!
  • You can't get closer than this.
  • He's gonna break your heart.
  • Are you ready for your heart to be broken? He's going to do it.


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