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Necessary Roughness (2011–2013) is a USA Network drama series about a tough Long Island divorcee who, in order to make ends meet, gets a job as a therapist for a professional football team.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Dani Santino: I don't scare easily and I do not give up.

Coach Purnell: Are you always this pigheaded?!
Dani Santino: Only when it comes to protecting my clients and my children. [her cell phone rings] Now, I got to take this 'cause it's my daughter's guidance counselor!

Coach Purnell: [to Dani] Good luck, Doc. You're our Hail Mary.

Dani Santino: [to Terrance] I am your therapist, I'm not part of your posse.

Dani Santino [to Ray]: You try to take my kids and I will kill you.

Terrance "T.K." King: I will trash my career if I want to!

Spinning Out [1.02][edit]

Dani: I look like a refugee backup dancer from a Madonna video.

Coach Purnell(about TK): If he can walk, he can run, if he can run, he can play. Make him walk by Sunday.

Janet: You want to know what the new protein is? Earthworms. The guys a worm farmer. The night was destined to end with battery-operated machinery.

Anchor Management [1.03][edit]

Dani: When a person spins out, you often can't tell until after they hit the wall.

Dani: Vodka and painkillers, statistically, deadlier than auto racing.

Habit Forming [1.04][edit]

Poker Face [1.05][edit]


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