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Nothing proceeds from nothingness, as also nothing passes away into non-existence. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Nothingness denotes the nonexistence of something or of anything specifiable, the state of nothing, the property of having nothing, or of being no thing; in nontechnical uses, "nothing" denotes things lacking importance, interest, value, relevance, or significance.


I was in that ultimate moment of terror that is the beginning of life. It is nothing. Simple, hideous nothing. ~ Paddy Chayefsky
Nihilists are not kind;
They believe in nothing. ~ Dude De Ching
  • Nothing proceeds from nothingness, as also nothing passes away into non-existence.
  • Nothing is wholly obvious without becoming enigmatic. Reality itself is too obvious to be true.
    • Jean Baudrillard, in The Perfect Crime (1993), as translated by Ian Michel and William Sarah (1995)
  • Why and Wherefore set out one day,
    To hunt for a wild Negation.
    They agreed to meet at a cool retreat
    On the Point of Interrogation.
    • Oliver Herford, Metaphysics, as quoted in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 561
  • Nothing to do but work,
    Nothing to eat but food,
    Nothing to wear but clothes,
    To keep one from going nude.
  • Nil actum credens, dum quid superesset agendum.
    • Believing nothing done whilst there remained anything else to be done.
    • Marcus Annaeus Lucanus, Pharsalia, Book II. 657
  • Nil igitur fieri de nilo posse putandum es
    Semine quando opus est rebus.
    • We cannot conceive of matter being formed of nothing, since things require a seed to start from.
    • Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, Book I, line 206
  • Haud igitur redit ad Nihilum res ulla, sed omnes
    Discidio redeunt in corpora materiai.
    • Therefore there is not anything which returns to nothing, but all things return dissolved into their elements.
    • Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, Book I. 250
  • Nothing's new, and nothing's true, and nothing matters.
    • Attributed to Lady Morgan, in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 561
  • Gigni
    De nihilo nihil, in nihilum nil posse reverti.
    • Nothing can be born of nothing, nothing can be resolved into nothing.
  • Gratis anhelans, multa agendo nihil agens.
    Sibi molesta, et aliis odiosissima.
    • Out of breath to no purpose, in doing much doing nothing. A race (of busybodies) hurtful to itself and most hateful to all others.
    • Phædrus, Fables, Book II. 5. 3
  • It is, no doubt, an immense advantage to have done nothing, but one should not abuse it.
  • Operose nihil agunt.
    • They laboriously do nothing.
    • Seneca, De Brev, Vitæ, Book I. 13
  • A life of nothing's nothing worth,
    From that first nothing ere his birth,
    To that last nothing under earth.
  • When it comes to giving, some people stop at nothing.
    • Widely used anonymous saying, dating to at least The Catholic Digest, Vol. 27 (1963) where it is tenuously credited to Mary C. Dorsey, p. 141

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