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The faith that I love the best, says God, is hope.

Charles Péguy (January 7, 1873September 4, 1914) was a French poet, socialist activist and essayist.


  • There will be things that I do that no one will be left to understand.
    • Le Mystère des saints Innocents [The Mystery of the Holy Innocents] (1912)

The Portal of the Mystery of Hope (1912)[edit]

Le Porche du mystère de la deuxième vertu, trans. David Louis Schindler Jr., 1929
  • In my servant the ant, my tiny servant, who hoards greedily like a miser.
    Who works like one unhappy and who has no break and who has no rest.
  • I am so resplendent in my creation.
    That in order really not to see me these poor people would have to be blind.
  • Faith is a loyal Wife.
    Charity is a Mother.
    An ardent mother, noble-hearted.
    Or an older sister who is like a mother.
    Hope is a little girl, nothing at all.

Basic Verities, Prose and Poetry (1943)[edit]

Charles Péguy: Basic Verities, Prose and Poetry, trans. Ann and Julien Green (1943)
  • He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.
    • "Lettre du Provincial" (21 December 1899)
  • The sinner is at the heart of Christianity. No one is as competent as the sinner in matters of Christianity. No one, except a saint.
    • "Un Nouveau théologien" (1911)

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