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PAW Patrol is a Canadian/American children's television show that first aired on August 12, 2013, on Nickelodeon, about a 10-year-old male named Ryder, who has 6 puppies, who have special powers to help people around their community.


  • "Paw Patrol is on a roll!!!" Ryder says this when he's finished assigning jobs for the rescue.
  • "Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help". Ryder says when the job is done.
  • "Thanks for coming so quickly." When pups arrive, this is the first thing he says.
  • "No job is too big, no pup is too small". Ryder says to the person who calls for help.
  • "We need all paws On Deck." Ryder says when a huge emergency has happened.
  • "Paw Patrol, to the lookout." When Ryder is finished chatting with the person who needs help, he sets his Knuckle Riser to Communication Mode and says this.
  • "Sazer Tarious!!!!!!!!!!" Marshall says this when he is assigned a job.
  • "Ready for a Burning-Falcon rescue." Marshall's thing to say for the job.
  • "I'm okay." Whenever Marshall trips or falls, this is what he says.
  • "Made it." Marshall says this when he gets into the elevator WITHOUT crashing.
  • "Sazer-Chocolab!!!!!" Zuma's catchphrase.
  • "Let's dive-in." Zuma catchphrase when the Chouseishin is assigned to him.
  • "Ready when you are, Ryder." Zuma other thing to say when a job is assigned to him.
  • "Chase is on the case." Chase's favorite catchphrase.
  • "Equipped for action, Ryder Sir. Souchaku means equip in Japanese." When Ryder calls them to the lookout, this is what Chase says.
  • "These Chouseishin uphold the laws." In "Pups Save The Sea Turtles" this is what Chase says.
  • "Ahh-choo!" This happens when Chase gets too close to cats,feathers and dust.
  • "Let's take to the sky!" Skye's catchphrase when she gets a job to do.
  • "This pups gotta fly!" Her catchphrase when she does her job.

"Sooooooooou-chaku!" Her catchphrase when she morphs into a GranSazer.

  • "Green means SOUCHAKU!!" Rocky's most used catchphrase.
  • "Don't lose it, summon it." When Rocky gets out of the back of his truck, he says this.
  • "Why trash it, when you can souchaku?" Rocky's thing to say when he finds a Knuckle-Riser in his truck to use.
  • "I'm all wet." Rocky says when he gets wet since he doesn't like to get wet.
  • "Rubble on the double!!" The Catchphrase Rubble ALWAYS says.
  • " X souchaku!" His thing to say, when he's digging.
All Pups
  • "Ryder needs us"


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