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Pac-Man World 3 is a video game that was released on November 15, 2005 in North America.


  • [Turn your robot hands and explodes noise.] Who dumps it giant busted robot, who made all this weird junk?
  • [Prevent the shifting and platforms repeat.] It look like this, weird busted machinery sort still of works.
  • [Close up the fan it's manual.] E-yeow! No, not while is spinning!
  • (actor) Hm, another one of Rev Roll plates.
  • [falling from the sky.] Oh well. At least this birthday is still better than my 20th.


  • [first lines - to Pac-Man faces suddenly pops into view] Pac-Man, can you hear me?! Outpost on the yellow fella, repeat, can you hear me?!
  • Oh, you down there. Ew, Rather than me.


Pac-Man: [while your robot hand by build bridge and drops down will slam] Orson, who made these robots?
Orson: A nasty creep named, Erwin. Typical megamonical, hates chocolates and kittens. Ha-ha, an only child I think.
Pac-Man: I know the type! Well, at least I can try across the goo now!

Pac-Man: Orson, why am I here?
Orson: Who you like to believe when if I said whole world but the danger?
Pac-Man: Lemme get back to you on that, buddy.

Pac-Man: (stances) I live in a sort a landfill pit there's green goo some thrashing junk and it smell really bad here... really!
Orson: Oh you down there, eww! Rather than me, make me upwards.

Ms. Pac-Man: [after Pac-Man gets teloported for the first time] Pac, get down from there! Your not 24 anymore you know?
Pac-Man: But I'm not doing anything!

Blinky: [referring to Pac-Man] The yellow fella? He'll munch us all! Were doomed I tell you! Doomed!
Inky: [sobbing] I don't want to be doomed, I just want to go home!

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