Parker Lewis Can't Lose

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Parker Lewis Can't Lose is an early 1990s television comedy series that was strongly influenced by the film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Catch phrases[edit]

PLCL established several catch phrases:

  • "Coolness, Park."
  • "...Gentlemen, we have achieved coolness!..."
  • "Synchronize Swatches!" (In one episode, Parker's father reunites with his high school buddies at a class reunion, and they "synchronize Bulovas.")
  • "Not a problem."
  • "Eat now?"
  • "It's a power thing..."
  • "Mental note ..."
  • "But, in a bad way." (E.g., when Kube states "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse! But, in a bad way.")
  • "Gentelmen, it's operation ..." (E.g. it's operation "low-fat Larry", it changes with each episode")
  • "Eeeeeck!!" (said by Jerry every time he meets Ms.Musso or Larry Kubiac, in one episode he sentence "I hate when I do that")
  • "My brother is a dead man!" (Shelly)