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Hezbollah (Party of Allah) is an Islamic group that opposes the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


Al Qaeda[edit]


  • "If you want to call Hezbollah a terrorist organization, then you must call Israel a terrorist organization."
    • (David Duke’s radio show broadcast, 10 August 2006: The Israeli Invasion and Bombing of Lebanon)
    • [[1]]


  • "On the matter of political relations with Iran, the sheikh was absolutely clear. Hizbollah regards the Iranian supreme leader, in this case Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as its ultimate authority; all major political decisions regarding Hizbollah are referred to – when not actually taken in – Iran. He gave the example of the decision taken in 1992 to enter Lebanese national politics: Hizbollah set up a commission, which prepared a report, with various options; this report was sent to Iran; it was Ayatollah Khamenei himself who took the final decision, in favour of participation."

Resistance & terrorism[edit]

  • Some area Arabs and Muslims consider Hezbollah and Hamas resistance fighters, not terrorists, though groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations recognize the terrorist designations and urge Muslims not to support the groups.

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