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Penny and Aggie is a webcomic written by T Campbell. Though the current artist is Jason Waltrip, it was previously drawn by Gisele Lagace. It deals mostly with the dramas and hardships of highschool life.

Number 1-99[edit]

  • Penny: The hardest part of being popular is keeping your distance from people.
Number 4
  • Penny: We'll be like on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!" Only, I won't be gay, and when we're done, you'll look female!
Number 33

Number 100-199[edit]

  • Stan: Ladies're lovely creatures, but they're not sensible! At...all! So we actually have a chance!
Number 126
  • Sara: Circle circle, dot dot, now you have your cootie shot.
Number 139
  • Aggie: Ever get the feeling you're flunking basic social awareness?
Number 170
  • Marshall: I like weights. If a weight is about to crush your heart, you can feel the pressure. You know it's coming. With people, you're never sure.
Number 185
  • Penny: Ohhh, grape! Whyfore must you be so tart? Wouldest thou be sweeter if I wrotest you showy poetry?
Number 187

Number 200-299[edit]

  • Helen: Maybe I want to be used! You ever think about that?
Number 216
  • Duane: I'm gettin' a ping on my grudge-dar.
Number 223
  • Penny: I thought she hated me because I'm thinner...or cooler...but no. I did something I don't think she'll ever forgive. I helped her.
Number 249

Number 300-399[edit]

  • Brandi: Everybody expects me to be all "solidarity, sister" 'bout Duane, but the man is unbuttered toast. A little spread of cruelty might make him passably interesting. Call it angst jam.
Number 327
  • Stan: Maybe I gotta take another look at this.
Jack: Or maybe you don't. Sometimes these "looks" give you perspective...and sometimes they're just puttin' things off. You tell yourself you're just taking a sec. And then another. And you feel like you're doin' somethin' by thinkin' ...even if you know better than you feel.
Number 335
  • Lisa: My anti-iTunes pamphlet is a PDF on iTunes. See Lisa subvert the monopolists. Subvert, Lisa, subvert!
Number 348

Number 400-499[edit]

  • Penny: His life is like a sitcom, only entertaining!
Number 454
  • Marshall: Humor's good! Means no serious brain damage.
Number 478

Number 500-599[edit]

  • Aggie: This sounds suspiciously like a misunderstanding-based comedy of errors? I don't do those any more.
Number 502
  • Katy-Ann: It's God's gift. I have a frock of mockery.
Number 556
  • Penny: I am no one's seed-pod. I am not a person-in-the-making, I am a person now.
Number 576

Number 600-699[edit]

  • Penny:!
Number 603
  • Lisa: What's the worst that could happen?
Aggie: We could diiiiiiiie!
Lisa: ...Without ever having lived!
Number 639
  • Aggie: Dear Mr. President: I have solved the world's energy needs. All you need to do is put two girls I know on a treadmill.
Number 644

Number 700-799[edit]

  • Brandi: I understand boys. Boys show what they feel. Boys' friends are their friends. Girls are the ones to watch out for.
Number 701
  • Duane: To be accepted in high school, you have to act as if you know everything already.
Number 734
  • Marshall: This is one of those hypothetical-except-not-reallys, isn't it?
Number 751
  • Penny: I don't really need the perfect shoes. It's just fun to pretend I do.
Number 759
  • Penny: Ready to save the world, you post-ironic post-yuppie?
Number 761
  • Lisa: Pete Townshend, your lyrics are not as relevant to my life as advertised!
Number 772

Number 800-899[edit]

  • Karen: Pretty people get to do what they want...
Number 817
  • Aggie: This...this is what it feels like.
Lisa: "It" what?
Aggie: Change.
Number 836
  • Penny: Everyone tries to change people. You do it with guilt and I do it with hawtness, because, y'know, that's what we're good at, but we all do it!
Number 846
  • Melody: What, you think I went to Hell? I wasn't that liberal.
Number 898

Number 900-999[edit]

  • Lynda: Maturity is hard to pin down, especially in these modern times. You can read all the books you like and still flirt at a kindergarten level. You can flirt at a kindergarten level, and still show kindness and thoughtfulness to others. You can put aside what you think are "childish" relationships, and take years to realize your error. You can discover that the best path to mature emotional balance is going out and getting crazy for a while.
Number 908
  • Lisa: I'm Whatev, you know? Screw labels.
Number 928
  • Stan: We just got history [exam] tomorrow, and then it's two weeks of eggnog and intellectual atrophy. What our Lord Santa died to give us.
Number 930

Number 1000-1099[edit]

  • Aggie: Some people measure good and evil based on convenience and comfort. Like heels and flats.
Number 1090

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